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Mueller Says Manafort Told “Multiple Lies” About Contacts With Trump Officials, Russian Intel Operative


One week after a “stunning turnaround” in the special counsel’s probe of Russian collusion, in which Mueller accused Trump’s former campaign chairman Manafort of lying and violating his plea agreement, late on Friday a filing by special counsel Robert Mueller’s office detailed that Manafort lied to prosecutors about his contacts with an associate who has Russian intelligence ties and his contacts with the White House while he was under investigation

According to the heavily redacted report filed in the criminal case against Manafort in Washington, D.C., Manafort lied during debriefings in recent weeks about communications and a meeting with his longtime translator and fixer, Konstantin Kilimnik, who is alleged to have ties to Russian intelligence, and who was charged along with Manafort earlier this year with conspiracy and obstruction of justice in an alleged attempt to influence other testimonies in the investigation. Manafort at first denied that Kilimnik was involved in witness tampering, but later conceded that he was.

Manafort also allegedly lied to investigators when he told prosecutors that he never tried to communicate a message to anyone in the Trump administration. In fact, prosecutors wrote, Manafort authorized someone to speak to an administration official on his behalf on May 26.

“Manafort told multiple discernible lies – these were not instances of mere memory lapses,” Mueller’s prosecutors wrote.

The report detailing those lies on Friday had been highly anticipated for its potential to shed light on Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign, a investigation has been kept tightly under wraps.

According to the filing, Manfort’s principal lies relate to:

  • Manafort’s interactions with Konstantin Klimnik
  • a $125,000 wire-transfer to a firm that was working for Manafort
  • information pertinent to another DOJ investigation
  • Manafort’s contact with administration officials.

On the last point, Mueller alleges that despite claiming the contrary, Manafort had contacts with Administration officials, including a text from May 26, 2018 which authorized a person to speak with an Administration official on Manafort’s behalf. Separately, quoting another Manafort colleague, Manafort said in February 2018 that he had been in communication with a senior Admin official up through February 2018. Additional contacts with admin officials were also recovered from a search of Manafort’s electronic documents.

Additionally, Mueller’s prosecutors filed a portion of the document under seal – arguably the parts that are directly related to the ongoing probe of Trump’s “Russian collusion”, and redacted other key points from view.

In summary, Mueller’s office concludes that Manafort “told multiple discernible lies – these were not instances of mere memory lapses” and adds that “to the extent that the defendant contests specific false statements that implicate ongoing investigations, the government is available to provide relevant evidence to the Court” including “testimonial evidence,” as well as “electronic communications” and “travel records” in what may be a warning to Trump not to lie, especially after submitting a written statement to Mueller’s team.

The full filing is below (pdf link).

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  1. What a curious prosecution. All these people are being prosecuted because They knew/know Trump. That is their real crime. Who exactly “decides” these people are lying. In Gen Flynn’s prosecution for lying , the actual people that interviewed him did not think he lied. Only when Mueller and his corrupt investigators. Where is the persecution of the Podesto Brothers..they were partners of Manafort. And if Mueller was really interested in wrong doing… follow the $$$$$$$$$ to the Clinton Foundation. Might start looking into the Obumo Foundation now… doing the same thing.


    • Muel-ear is an ambulance chasing shyster (Sorry all you other shysters in the world but I don’t know what else to call him) Mueller obviously has a knack for playing with words. He asks one question and gets an honest answer. Later he asks the same question but words it differently and is given an answer but the person he’s after gives what he thinks is another honest answer but the shyster says, “Got ya because you gave the wrong answer. Muel-ear should be told not to let the door knob hit him on the ass on his way out. And another thing. I wonder how much George Soros pays him to perform his dirt.

  2. Anything other than “I conspired directly with Vladimir Putin to help Trump steal the election from the heiress apparent, Her Wonderfulness, Hillary Clinton” is considered a lie by Mueller and his band of assassins.

  3. Ok, so let’s say Manafort was colluding with a Russian operative, and communicating with people in the trump campaign. Let’s say he even suggested the Russians help Trump get elected, by funneling data they had stolen from the democrats to Wikileaks, in exchange for a better relationship. What is the specific crime? Who can be charged? Where is the proof?
    What specific crime is mentioned in the Rosenstien documents enabling Meuller to even begin investigating? If no crime is listed, the fishing expedition Mueller is on will produce evidence that is of the poison tree variety. Warrentless investigation. No crime here. Mueller is wasting taxpayer dollars doing campaign research for the democrats, and I am angry. I thing he is perpetrating a fraudulent investigation and he should be prosecuted after he has written his report outlining just how fraudulent it is. If he can’t prove anything, he is likely lying as his history shows is actually a pattern of behavior.

  4. This is a 40 million dollar mess. Muller is bleeding the US public all because Hillary did not win. If she had won – there would be no prosecuting happening – they would have accomplished their goal to win over Trump. Of course, if they had not paid for a dossier – then this two would have been dead a long time ago. Let’s move all folks and retire Mr Muller.

  5. We have our eyes removed from the real criminals. The Hillcapone gang and the Obama mob. Mueller is another criminal orchestrating a false flag.

  6. At least Manafort’s family will e spared the expense of burying him.
    He’s so crooked they can just screw him into the ground!

    • How do you know how crooked Manafort is? Do you know him? Have you done business with him? Are you on George Soros’s payroll so you can write your dirt and perhaps lies?

  7. Maybe Manafort should take a page from Comey’s testimony and claim he didn’t know or can’t remember. If Mueller whines about that refer him to his buddy Comey. Screw Mueller.


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