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Comey Frustrates House GOP During Closed Door Testimony


Former FBI Director James Comey frustrated GOP lawmakers on Friday, during his last testimony before the House Intelligence Committee before Democrats take over control of the panel in January, according to AP.

Speaking to the press outside of the proceedings, House Republicans indicated to reporters that they were unhappy with Comey’s answers and may attempt to bring him back another day.

After the questioning was underway, some Republicans signaled they were unhappy with Comey’s level of cooperation. California Rep. Darrell Issa said Comey had two lawyers in the room, his personal lawyer and a lawyer from the Justice Department. He said the department lawyer repeatedly instructed Comey not to answer “a great many questions that are clearly items at the core of our investigation.”

Issa suggested the committee might bring Comey back because he wasn’t answering questions. Two other Republicans, Reps. Andy Biggs of Arizona and Mark Meadows of North Carolina, also suggested they might need a second session with Comey if they didn’t finish their interview by a late afternoon deadline. –AP

Democrats disagreed, with Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (IL) stating “He answered the questions he had to answer,” though he also admitted “we got nowhere today.”

Other Democrats were upset that the Republicans on the Committee were distracting from the special counsel’s Russia probe by asking questions about bias within the FBI when it came to investigating Donald Trump’s alleged Russian ties as well as Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Democrats have said the investigations by the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committees are merely a way to distract from and undermine the special counsel’s Russia probe. Mueller took over the department’s investigation when he was appointed in May 2017.

Florida Rep. Ted Deutsch said the Republican majority “wishes to only ask questions still about Hillary Clinton’s emails, all to distract from the big news today, which is what’s happening in court.” –AP

Mueller is set to reveal more details regarding his Russia investigation in a Friday court deadline. According to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, Mueller believes that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort lied about Trump not knowing of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

“This is a waste of time to start with,” said Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY) regarding Comey’s testimony. “The entire purpose of this investigation is to cast aspersions on the real investigation … there is no evidence whatsoever of bias at the FBI or any of this other nonsense.”

(Apparently Nadler missed the entire “F Trump”-themed trove of text messages discovered between lead FBI counterintelligence investigator Peter Strzok and his Trump-hating lover Lisa Page)

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  1. It is grievous that the American people have too put up with all the lies coming from other Americans because they are out to destroy our country with their lies. If these people were real smart like they think they are they would know there will be no liars in Heaven. That fact alone tells you these liars do not have a clue about what they are doing. THOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS. That is not my law, not your law, not man’s law. It is God’s law. They thumb their noses at God’s law now but that thumb will be their pass port to Hell. Wise up liar, you are not getting by with anything. Liars beware. John

    • Comey is a back stabber, as he has always been a BFF of the Clintons……Which was evident in the 30,000 hillary emails that he questioned her about for 15 min. …….he is part of the sewer and recognized for his hatred of the USA, and his treason against the USA legal citizens for his lack of justice………

  2. I believe that Comey should be put on trial in federal court shere he would not have the option to refuse to answer under penalty of prison.
    He has committed crimes against the American people by covering the crimes of Hillary Clinton. American justice has been subverted again.

  3. Just another dirty cop that you won’t get anything out of. Trump needs to declassify everything he can against the deep state. The whole DOJ and FBI are all a bunch of dirty cops. Obama at the head of them still.

  4. Unless i missed something, I am unaware of any criminal indictments against Comey, so why would he be subject to a trial – for what?

  5. It shows Comey is as crooked as they come when he doesn’t answer the questions.
    He’s hiding a LOT.
    I hope they get that whole crew, Hillary included.

  6. he ( comey) is just your very day demo-communist LYING BASTARD, he should be out on a real deal trial, not one held by the washington d.c. swamp creatures , for the convenience of a washington d.c. swamp creature, he has been floating around getting people on his side and working out all of his LIES to the USA CITIZENS. And he is deathly afraid of the clintons arkicide crew. He speaks the wrong way, they will come for him.

  7. The Republicans in government constantly show exactly how stupid they are. They assume they’re dealing with honorable people who’ll tell the truth and nothing could be farther from reality. That traitorous Socialist (Communist) Comey should be hooked up to a polygraph every time he opens his lying mouth That goes for so many others, too. People like ‘Queen’ Hillary and so many others, including RINO traitors like Jeff Flake

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