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Another Court Nixes Trump Push to Cut ‘Sanctuary City’ Funds


A federal judge says the Trump administration can’t withhold over $29 million from six states and New York City in a clash over their immigration policies as so-called “sanctuary” jurisdictions.

Friday’s decision involves Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington state, and the state and city of New York.

Other federal courts have issued similar rulings.

The government imposed new conditions last year on a public safety grant. The new requirements included telling federal agents when immigrants in the country illegally are getting out of custody.

U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos says the conditions are unconstitutional.

The federal Department of Justice declined to comment. Democratic New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood says withholding the money was “a political attack at the expense of our public safety.”

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  1. BS!!!! I’m tired of supporting immigrants and illegal aliens, criminals and drug cartels and I’m tired of protecting them from being deported! Those judges need to GO!!!!!

  2. Ok, a Federal Judge says “U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos says the conditions are unconstitutional”. If this is in fact true then could you Please explain how and why its “unconstitutional”?

  3. Are these judges even reading the laws or they just jump like a puppy to please the democracts. Trump has every right to defend the sanctuary City there has never been one until the democracts made it that way. Judge stop being a pansy and do your job or are you scared the cities that are making them safe for illegals the citizens should be suing them for making it unsafe. These judges are becoming pain in the ass they either do their jobs right or resign corrupt judges all about the money

  4. Well, This time we can see why this Judge made this Order. He is U. S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos, clearly one of those Hispanic Judges that doe not want any of his Relatives , Short Changed , by the American Tax Payers. They should immediately check all of his Personal Files and see if he really has a Law License and/or a Green Card. Too bad he even got on the Lists for the Job as a Judge to start with.

  5. Calling Trump’s action to stop sanctuary city funding “an attack on public safety” is underlying proof that sheltering illegals poses a threat to pubic safety. It’s my understanding that funding for sanctuary city status came in the form of grants from the Federal Government. Any grant that is applied for comes with strings attached and criteria to be met. Grants have been suspended or renewed because of lack of required data reporting or effective outcomes. Instead of using the money for extended measures of public safety, the cities are refusing to cooperate with ICE to remove illegals from their population.

  6. what liberal /globalist nonsense .What law or president are these decisions based on exactly? None I’d be willing to bet . The republicans must fight these appointments the way the democrats do , but they won’t . They seem to be lacking somehow which is why the democrats won the house. Had the republicans built the wall and repealed Obama care as promised , the democrats wouldn’t be taking charge in january . The republicans could push it through now but that lack of intestinal fortitude rises again to stop them dead , instead they are farting around with taxes again , which isn’t giving the voters what they wanted , if it was the republicans would have kept the house.

  7. These sanctuary cities and liberal judges are intent on ruining our country by letting these illegals run rampant in our country and making citizens unsafe. I resent having my hard earned tax dollars support these people who have come here illegally, we don’t know who they are or whether they are in gangs or are drug dealers or exploit children for sex. And all so the democrats can increase their vote during elections and win. How low can you go when you turn your back on the american citizen in order to have power and control.

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