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Trump Signs Order Closing Border With Mexico, Authorizing Lethal Force


Yesterday we reported that president Trump had authorized troops stationed at the border to act in a law enforcement capacity to “perform those military protective activities that the Secretary of Defense determines are reasonably necessary” to protect border agents, including “a show or use of force (including lethal force, where necessary), crowd control, temporary detention. and cursory search.”

That wasn’t all: speaking to reporters at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, the president said on Thursday that he also signed an order to close the U.S. border with Mexico, adding that he’s authorized troops to use lethal force against migrants who attempt to enter the U.S.

“If they have to,” Trump told reporters at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, claiming that at least 500 criminals are among migrants trying to enter the U.S. “So I’m not going to let the military be taken advantage of. I have no choice. Do I want that to happen? Absolutely not. But you’re dealing with rough people.”

Trump also said that he would welcome a partial shutdown of the government over “border security.”

According to Bloomberg, Trump signed the order two days ago and that “I’ve already shutdown parts of the border” warning that the entire border may be closed if conflict with migrants escalates.

“If we find that its uncontrollable,” he said, “if we find that it gets to a level where we are going to lose control or people are going to start getting hurt, we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control.”

“The whole border,” he clarified. “I mean the whole border. And Mexico will not be able to sell their cars into the United States where they make so many cars at great benefit to them, not at great benefit to us.”

Still, details were missing as the White House hasn’t released the order and Trump wasn’t clear about his directive.

Before the midterm elections Trump ordered the military to reinforce the southern border, repeatedly warning voters about a so-called “caravan” of migrants making its way from Central America to the U.S. His critics called the deployment a political stunt.

As Bloomberg reminds us, next week Congress returns for its post-election “lame duck” session in which a top priority will be to authorize full fiscal 2019 spending plans for several agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, the IRS and the National Park Service. Temporary funding for the agencies expires Dec. 7. Congress already approved full-year spending for most of the U.S. government, meaning any shutdown would be limited.

Trump has repeatedly threatened to veto spending bills if Congress continues to refuse to fund the wall, and with Democrats poised to take over the House in January, the president could force the issue in the lame-duck session.

In its analysis of the midterm election consequences, Goldman predicted that under a divided Congress, there will be a substantial risk of shutdown at the next spending deadline in 2019, though whether it happens will depend on the political environment at that point. The debt limit will be reinstated March 1, 2019 Congress will need to raise it by August. As a further reminder, the two most disruptive debt limit debates in recent memory, in 2011 and 2013, both occurred in a divided Congress.

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    • Well jim, Obama had NO balls…the dirt bag fag was a fake and fraud from the word go…Its amazing this country survived as well as it did for the 8 miserable years he was in office…or should I say on vacation…

  1. Fred and Jim, wholeheartedly agree. Also, if Congress doesn’t fund our border wall in the lame duck session, shut down the government. The Repubs in the House and Senate brought on the lost seats, not the Prez. Traitor Ryan sat on his hands, doing absolutely NOTHING to help this Prez, but all he could to obstruct him. The idiots who followed him and now have elected Traitor Ryan 2 McCarthy are no better.

  2. ASYLUM IS FOR POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS REFUGEES !! It takes about 31 billion dollars to care for/support illegals, get them food, clothing, homes, medical care on the backs of the American taxpayers! Build the wall !! Reports in interviewing those in the caravan state they want to be taken care of and also the men left thier families behind. If it’s so dangerous why were they left behind ? There’s only 5 are 10 % women and children in the caravan. Don’t let them elimate our middle class, deplete our resources and programs, worsen our standards of living !! America has victims of disasters, those with job losses and no compensation, homeless, and veterans ! CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME !!

  3. President Trump’s duty is to protect our country from “invasion” and he is doing his very best to do it, despite opposition from those who for some unknown reason do not understand the “requirements of our “elected” representatives. At the least those people “failed Civics class”, or else never chose to inform themselves of the “necessary” functions of government to remain a “sovereign nation”. It is our duty as the informed and educated portion of the population to support our “legally elected” and determined President in his efforts

  4. Good job Mr. President!! It’s about time some president did what was right! There has never been any excuse for allowing people to break our laws and invade our country simply because they want to come here. I have written my congressional delegation demanding they support the president and secure our borders. Sent another message to them earlier this week. I encourage others to do the same.

  5. An OUTSTANDING PRESIDENT, one that REALLY gives a damn, not a sham like the many past presidents (in name only, and one who is the most prominent hater of the USA, (bho).
    We stand behind you Mr. President, if you wish we can stand before you, at the border.

  6. Don’t raise the debt ceiling, stop the useless spending. Don’t fund useless research. Get rid of some of the Dem Pet Projects.
    “BUILD THE WALL”, Stop illegal entry. Deport Illegal Criminals. Stop funding Sanctuary Cities. Stop Funding the Murder of American Babies thru Planned Parenthood.
    WOW!!! I just saved us a cpl trillion!!!

  7. I have signed many petitions (sp) regarding this. I back the President, and I am a Republican! But, it would seem that the criminal element that resides within the Democratic party is severe and seems to be bullet proof! My point is, I want to believe that my vote matters, and I vote and sign things constantly, buty I wonder, does it really make any difference? The Democratic party needs to be dealt with, they have, with some success, been attempting to overthrow OUR government! Sorry about rambling, I’m done!

  8. I support the President. For too long Congress has dodged immigration issues, thank you McConnell and Ryan/Boehner. Legal immigration is very good, but when people disregard our country and feel they can just walk in they must be stopped. And, yes if we can assist countries so people don’t feel they must flee we should and I don’t mean just throwing money at it.

  9. Trump Signs Order Closing Border With Mexico, Authorizing Lethal Force

    If this is true
    then Hallelujah, it’s about TRUMPing time, it’s better no US Border Wall Immigration protection!!!

  10. I support the president on the issue of ILLEGAL immigration, they should use the process that everyone else has used. If the liberals are so driven to allow illegal immigration, (increased voter numbers) each one of them should write a check to the US Treasury for $10,000 to support all of the additional services that the illegals demand, Build The Wall.

  11. Mr. president ;we are with you on this border thing .It needed to be done long ago. I am an old man , but i can still stand a post if need be . We are all tired of this crap .We have enough people who ignore our laws already. It is very clear that all they want is a free ride in life . Make them return to their own country and change it into what they want.We have enough problems of our own.

  12. President Trump belongs on Mt. Rushmore. He will go down as one of our greatest presidents. About time we had a leader with backbone and common sense. Protect our borders at all costs, even lethal. Do everything to protect our elections. The Dems want to overwhelm the country with allowing illegals to vote. VOTER ID is essential. State legislators, ACT to require voter. iD befire it is too late.

  13. It sure looks like, rather ,sounds like Mr. Trump is not going to take the “Lame Duck” title that the Democrats are trying to put on him. Instead of sitting and preening his tailfeathers as other presidents have done he is going to show his pinfeathers and go ahead in his way of business.
    Hooray for you Mr. President, keep your “flights” ( Full growth flying feathers) and show them how to conduct your job when it gets downright tough. They can be “Lame Ducks” also.

  14. Just get Governor Abbott to invite about 7K of its 100K+ Licensed to Carry Citizens to volunteer to go to the border pursuant to Possee Comitatus, which he can do, and the Democrats will immediately withdraw their objection to troops being able to defend themselves. Everyone knows you do not Mess With Texas!

  15. Agreed, but I wish it did not have to come to this at the border, or with the opposition in Congress. I recall the days when I lived in El Paso, and going back and forth to Juarez was simply a matter of walking across a bridge, or driving across with a short stop to tell them we were US citizens. Simpler times, too bad they are gone.

  16. ‘looks like alot of us are on the same track, and we’re all heading in the the right direction! I only hope all of us can convince our friends and families to vote in 2020, and to convince them all how important it is for them to vote American(Republican), and NOT SOCIALIST(Democrat)! Agree?

  17. Isn’t it refreshing to have a man in office in Washington who puts the best interest of this country first and politics second? You would think the rest of the Washington crowd would get the message but they don’t seem to. All, of which, proves just how self-serving they are and how very little they care about this country and the people who put their sorry butts in office.

  18. It sounds like the Mexican government -our friends?- leaves a lot to be desired too. Apparently, King GEORGY and Vice King Mikey have been busy buying -oh sorry, giving campaign contributions- politicians everywhere, not just the US Democraps and repubicans as well, now!
    When the Mexican government actually escorts and provides aid and comfort, they are certainly not doing it, to assist the US with the very real problem!

    • You got that right! Mexico doesn’t want them in their country so they’re giving the assistance they need to get to our border. According to the recent articles that stated how this “caravan” easily defeated the Mexican authorities when they broke down their barriers and invaded, oh sorry, “immigrated” into their country, so they decided to bus them to our border to get them out of their country. How very nice of them.

  19. Fantastic President Trump, Good for you. I’m absolutely in support of what you have done and Accomplished during your two years in Office. Too bad these Damned Federal Judges and I include our United States Supreme Court Judges, have such a ” lovey Duck Feely ” Attitude towards all of these Illegal Immigrants. It is my feeling , and the feeling of others in my Neighborhood , that all of these Federal ” Quack ” Judges must have Relatives in these South American Countries and that is why they seem to absolutely, HATE , these Immigration Laws , you are trying to get passed , to help preserve America’s Sovereignty and keep us Free and Safe from Trespassers. It is well known that, in these Caravans , there are MS-13 Gang Members, Rapists, Robbers, Killers and other Mis-Fits that we DO NOT want in our Country. If these Federal Judges and that includes Chief Justice Roberts, love these Illegal Immigrants so much , move them, all Federal Judges , back South across our Southern Border with the Immigrants. TSgt., USAF Systems Analyst, Retired.

    • I agree with you, PO2. How anyone who understands our constitution and the issues of the day can be a dImocrat (misspelled intentionally) escapes understanding. It’s as if they have “drunk the Kool-Aid” so long that they are now immune to good reasoning.

  20. I believe that God selected Donald Trump to take over as leader of this country because HE heard the prayers of HIS children asking for a strong man who was not ashamed to ask HIM for the WISDOM to straighten out the world that is attempting to erase GOD from everything. We are “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”… and I believe President Trump knows that as long as he keeps GOD in the equation, HE will work it out for the good of HIS children. President Trump is not after FAME AND FORTUNE. He had that already and he gained that status by working for it. Prophesy is being fulfilled at a rapid pace now. GOD is not going to allow anyone to destroy the United States of America thus preventing HIS WORD from being spread around the world. Our love for our Lord Jesus Christ is why the USA is a SUPER POWER. I believe that We are living at the end of the 5th Trump. ANTICHRIST (satan) will come to earth at the 6th Trump. GOD is only going to allow him (satan) to do his damage for 5 months, our calendar (Rev. 9: the whole chapter) and then HE (GOD) is going to come at the 7th Trump,or the fartherest one out, (Rev. 11: the whole chapter) at which time all of GOD’S creation will be changed into their spirit bodies in the twinkling of an eye. That day is known (In the Holy Bible) as THE LORD’S DAY. It is also the first day of the Millennium. I am not a Bible Teacher. I am a Bible Student. I am a Christian and Christianity is not a religion, it is a REALITY. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP and GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  21. What concerns me is, if we put armed troops on the border what will be their orders? What if those people keep coming and don’t stop? Will we force them to stop? Will that force be physical or will deadly force be ordered? I hope our generals have a good workable plan. If you bluff be prepared to have your bluff called. We all saw how they got violent and forced their way into Mexico. They will, most likely, use the same tactic when they reach our border. In some of the videos I have seen, they are putting children ahead of them to use as shields.

    I can’t help but suspect there are those who are hoping for a shooting incident. How will it look to the rest of the country and the world if we fire on unarmed people? Think of what will happen if some of those shots also kill children. The United Nations, Democrats, the media, useful idiot liberals and the countries that hate us will have a field day. They will play that up as wholesale slaughter of innocent migrants and children. I don’t think anyone wants that. Perhaps there could be a solution that can be accomplished on our terms. In any case let’s just hope that cooler heads prevail.

    • Once they reach our border the world will see how much they care about their women and children and the other people with them. Of course they will use them as shields when they decide to cross the border. They will force the most innocent ones to the front and use them as a bridge over the razor wire. Their true colors will come to light for all to see. They want the women and children to be harmed to try and put the USA in a bad image. I’m afraid our border guards and military are going to be forced into violent action intentionally to paint us in a bad picture. All you have to do is remember Viet Nam and how the VC used women and children as human bombs to kill our soldiers. It’s not going to be pretty for sure. What the caravan is doing is intentionally forcing our border security into conflict. It would sure be interesting to know who started this caravan on it’s way here. When someone gets hurt or killed, I hope they can sleep well in the aftermath of it. They know it is illegal to come here like they are doing but they don’t care about our laws or us. They are forcing our hand and it shouldn’t be so. There are always consequences for actions good or bad. I just hope they decide it isn’t worth it to invade our country. I say invade because when we close our border and they decide to cross it anyway knowing what’s waiting on the other side you can’t call it immigration anymore.

  22. SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT, SHUT DOWN THE BORDER AND BUILD THE DAM WALL. We the people are getting really tired of how our government dictates how we live our lives and who we can let into our country and how many. When do we get to decide what is best for us. Our Representatives and Senators ignore us once they get elected and concentrate only on raising money for their next election cycle and giving favors to lobbyist’s so they get kickbacks. They don’t care about us or this country, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY AND POWER!

  23. This is one great president! Wished he had been elected 30 years ago before the Democrats and RINOs have put every other country first.

  24. About time!
    America’s survival depends on this-and deportation of all illegals

    come here legally
    become a citizen


  25. Word on the street by informed reliable sources claim that Chucky Schumer has finally come out of the closet by “Declaring himself – wait for it…, …, a stark raving homosexual”. Who knew? Then next, Nancy Pelosi came out of her closet hiding space to declare her-damn-self a, …, …, you guessed it, a homosexual like Chucky. Then Adam Sniff declared his-damn-self homosexual and Bloomberg came half-way out of the close by his declaration of just south of the border of being your guessed it, a “Flaming Faggot”. Who in hell knew all of our finest Dem-O-Rats, including Hillary RODENT Clinton have said they’ve had enough and all turned to gay madness! Well how unfortunate is that?

    • I agree. Shut down the border and bring all back where they came from. Then start paperwork for proper entry into the USA.

  26. It’s definitely about the globalists/progressives/leftists attaining power over this President, and no sacrifice is too great. Follow the money back to the billionaire who is bankrolling these caravans. That person has got to be hoping the women and children in these caravans will become the cannon fodder that blows the Trump administration out of the water. This whole scenario, of creating, supplying and transporting these illegals, is a chess game in which the globalists will readily and eagerly sacrifice pawns. In this case, the pawns are real lives. Bottom line, globalists/progressives/leftists don’t give a damn about people. As long as the majority of the general populations are nothing more than useful idiots, the globalists will win the “game”. In the long run, conservatives {that’s us, along with Trump} could lose. Keep in mind, the Tea Party movement was a spontaneous grass roots movement to prevent what is happening today. Also keep in mind, the “swamp” {both the GOP and the Jackasses} were dead set against them. President Trump is as close to being a grass roots movement as we’re going to get, and draining the swamp is going to be a huge task requiring new conservative individuals in Congress who will support him.


  28. With all the turmoil at the border, Trump needs to declare that those non USA citizens who enter our country at points other than through our designated ports of entry are INVADERS. That would properly activate our military. He mustn’t make the border violation at matter of illegal entry because that would bring POSSE COMITATUS into play and thusly neuter our military … the Left knows this.

    Furthermore, if Soros aids and abets the INVADERS, he would immediately be guilty of TREASON … punishable by death! Couldn’t happen to a nicer ba$tard.

  29. What happened to “GIVE US YOUR TIRED, YOUR POOR, YOUR HUDDLED MASSES LONGING TO BE FREE.” You all forget that this country was built on immigration and Trump’s 500 criminals is total bullshit!

  30. A million thanks to our great President Trump and to our great troops for securing our border. If people refuse to respect our laws and refuse to be civilized, then force is necessary to protect our nation.

  31. 1). Build the wall.
    2). NO to asylum t o any of THIS caravan/invasion.
    3). NO to DACA and any form of amnesty (Teddy Kennedy said his in 1986 was the last one).
    4). Penalize employers of illegal aliens and arrest the freeloaders and criminals so we clear out the illegal aliens who are already HERE.

  32. To Mr. Hilton’s comment. I will go to any site to tell the truth about President Trump. He is protecting our nation against invaders, freeloaders, criminals, drug cartels and more than likely Middle Eastern terrorists who are likely in the mix to get in to do their Jihad. Whether its through a border wall, border security personnel, our military troops, or all of the above, he is the President who’s getting it done to protect our country. Right now drug cartels are pissed with President Trump in office because he is blocking their drug trafficking from Mexico into the United States. Think and open up your eyes, brother, about what this President is doing for me and you and for every citizen in our country!

    • Mr. Clement, If you think Trump’s policies have even slowed down drug trafficking across the border you are extremely naïve, and building a wall is the most ridiculous waste of money I can imagine.


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