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Student Groups Slam Thanksgiving As A “Celebration Of Genocide”


Authored by Kenneth Nelson via Campus Reform,

Student groups at the University of Oregon are hosting an event this week to “decolonize” Thanksgiving.

The UO’s Native American Law Students Association and the Native American Student Union are hosting an event, titled, “Thanks But No Thanks-giving: Decolonizing an American Holiday.”

The event will focus on how people can continue to give thanks, while at the same time “raising [their] critical consciousness and identifying ways to decolonize the holiday.”

“Millions of families gather together every year to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. Many Americans do not grow up thinking much of the history behind the holiday,” the event description states.

“The main messages are that of gratitude, food, and family; however, Thanksgiving is, foundationally speaking, a celebration of the ongoing genocide against native peoples and cultures across the globe.”

Several departments at the university are sponsoring the event, including the Division of Student Life, University Counseling Center, Division of Equity and Inclusion, and Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence.

Brianna Kotka, who graduated from UO, told Campus Reform that “while it’s important for universities to acknowledge the bad parts of American history, UO often bashes or overlooks the great things about our country in the process.”

“Despite not being perfect, there are a lot of great things about America and its traditions, and OU has to acknowledge that to become as inclusive as it likes to think it is,” Kotka added.

UO did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.

Campus Reform report revealed that, from Jan. 1, 2017 to Oct. 22, 2018, 201 UO faculty members donated $35.17 to Republican politicians or organizations and $65,597.74 to Democrat politicians and groups.

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  1. I hope all you parents are happy to see what you are paying for in your child’s education!! The madness just goes on and on. It’s time to overhaul the entire education system, and a good start would be getting rid of all the leftwing libtards that are teaching today!

  2. The genocide you are referring to was caused by every nation who sent explorers to claim new lands and inadvertently spread a variety of diseases that the First Americans had no resistance to. Europe suffered thru the Plague, Measles and Smallpox which killed millions of them along with millions of First Americans. So it was the accidental spread of disease and not a white racist scheme to commit genocide on anybody.

  3. ‘Can’t blame the kiddies for believing all the B.S. & lies being preached & tought to them by a bunch of pro- socialist/anti-American, teachers & “professors that apparently dominate our education system, which has obviously become an anti-American indoctrination system! If these anti-American brainwashers hate America so much, why the hell don’t they just leave the USA, and move to one of thier “Socialist Utopias”? Just make sure it’s a one way ticket! Oh, and take all those Hollywood “idiots” with you! Wouldn’t it be great to live amongst fellow “AMREICANS” again?

  4. I don’t know what to say about UO’s, primarily the law department, effort to decolonize Thanksgiving other than to say how ridiculous, childish, and immature they are! As we all know, students are not being taught in depth about any subjects the way we were. Chances are great that these UO students don’t even know and understand the chain of events as they unfolded and the how and why the first Thanksgiving “feast” was done and why.
    As far as America being in a continuing genocide of Natve Americans and others around the world, that is a flat lie. America has fought and our military has died to stop genocides.
    What is this about biased against Native Americans? At this time in America practically all of us have that blood mixed in and flowing in our bodies and are happy to state so publicly. It is my understanding we have reservations because the tribal elders want them. There is emphatically no bias against them!

  5. De-colonize all you want. Please do not delay. Meanwhile, I say:

    Miles Standish stood in prescient laughter
    Thinking of the Irish who’d come after.

  6. Do these so called professors even know what they are talking about or do they just make stuff up as they go? I’m really not sure anymore. I would really like to know what they base they’re “facts” on? Can anyone tell me?

  7. Genocide … since when did it STOP meaning the DELIBERATE attempt to exterminate a people, or their culture? These folks go to a university, right? You would think they would know the actual definition of genocide.

    Technically, there are more people alive today with Native American DNA between Panama and the North Pole than ever before. Sure, most of them are ‘mixed-race’, but the genetic heritage remains and is growing – not shrinking thus the opposite of a genocide.

    If you want to talk about the cultural genocide … yeah, you are somewhat right. The Reservation system did, for a time, work to annihilate the various Native American languages and cultures. Ya got us. In most places such systems were dismantled in the late 1950’s to the early 1980’s. The fact remains learning and using English (as opposed to any Native American tongue) is far more advantageous today … almost anywhere around the globe, not just here in North America.

    By all means – cling to languages and cultures which virtually guarantee your economic insignificance. It is your call to make. Just stop blaming us for your poverty if you do so.

    Furthermore, Thanksgiving wasn’t about slaughtering the Aboriginal inhabitants of New England. It was, among other things, White men thanking them for their assistance against a hostile environment and hostile neighbors. We should thank Native Americans to this day for that assistance … but some knuckleheads would rather decolonize this day of remembrance and thanks instead … and this from a student group who want to become lawyers? How pathetic really.

    Lastly, perhaps this student group should take a step back and read their history. The first Native group the Pilgrims went to war with was at the insistence of their Native allies who wanted the power of their firearms against a stronger foe. The Pilgrims didn’t show up wanting to wage war, much less genocide, against anyone. The Natives were locked in bloody struggles ~ alliances and confederations warring against one another ~ long before the Pilgrims arrived. The Native Americans they gave thanks to those first falls in the early 17th century were at war with other tribes and, as loyal neighbors & true friends, the Pilgrims joined their Native allies in their struggles to prosper and survive. The Pilgrims risked their own lives and their settlement in a fight which really wasn’t theirs … except they felt the owed their native allies and behaved accordingly.

    The Natives gave up part of their harvest plus some deer, quail and turkey and what they got in return were warrior-farmers with firearms to stand at their sides. I imagine those early Native allies were thankful for that.


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