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Jeff Sessions Resigns As Attorney General; Whitaker To Take Over Mueller Probe


Just one day after Republicans expanded their majority in the Senate, President Trump revealed in a tweet that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resigned. Matthew G. Whitaker, Sessions’ chief of staff, will become acting Attorney General until Trump can win a confirmation for Sessions’ replacement from the Senate. Whitaker is expected to be sworn in by end of day Wednesday.

Sessions reportedly said in a letter to Trump that he is resigning at the president’s request.

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As speculation turns to the fate of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, the White House has confirmed that Rosenstein will remain in his role (for now, at least). This is key, because Rosenstein, who oversees the Mueller probe, was reportedly on the cusp of resigning back in September after a NYT story which alleged that Rosenstein had tried to corral members of Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump, even reportedly suggesting that senior officials surreptitiously record their conversations with Trump.

Immediately after Trump announced Sessions’ resignation, Chuck Schumer, the top Democrat in the Senate, said in a statement of his own that protecting the Mueller probe would be paramount. Since Whitaker hasn’t recused himself from the probe, he will become the senior DOJ official overseeing the Mueller, whose investigation is said to be winding down after a handful of departures from his team of prosecutors. This could be a problem for the veteran prosecutor, because Whitaker, a former US attorney for the Southern District of Iowa, said during a stint as a conservative commentator that the Mueller probe was a “witch hunt” and that he believes Mueller has violated the law by looking into Trump’s finances and venturing beyond the original scope of the investigation.

In July 2017, Whitaker said during an interview on CNN that he could envision a scenario where the AG doesn’t fire Mueller, but instead “just reduces his budget to so low that his investigations grinds to almost a halt.”

Schumer added that the timing of Sessions’ firing is “extremely suspect” – though most of Washington probably inferred that Sessions’ days were numbered once it became clear Tuesday that Republicans would expand their majority in the Senate.

Incoming House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler demanded that Trump offer an explanation for why he fired Sessions. Apparently, Nadler doesn’t follow the president on twitter.

It seems Rep. Nadler had a change of heart…

Speculation has been mounting for months that Trump would fire Sessions – whom Trump has publicly criticized in interviews and tweets over Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Mueller probe. Many believe South Carolina Lindsey Graham will be tapped to replace Sessions, speculation that has only intensified following Nikki Haley’s decision to resign as UN Ambassador, which some believe she did to set herself up to succeed Graham (Haley previously served as governor of South Carolina) should he be tapped for Trump’s cabinet.

Sessions’ being forced out comes after Trump effectively dared House Democrats to use their subpoena power to investigate him, tweeting that “two can play that game” and saying during a press conference on Wednesday that he wouldn’t work with Democrats on legislation if they tried to subpoena him.

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  1. To Matthew Whitaker: Ignore Cryin’ Chuck Schumer’s “demand” (that is really laughable, Chuck) to recuse yourself, as Jeff Sessions did. Jeff made a mistake. He let his good conscience rule over practicality. As Attorney General, one does not have to recuse himself to still avoid being like Eric Holder. I am certain Jeff could have handled situations from escalating without behaving as Obama’s SS man did. We thank Jeff for his wonderful job on immigration. He is a fine man. One that could have brought civility and proper discourse to the situation that could have prevented escalation into a full-blown out-of-control hoax investigation.

  2. Jeff Sessions is an honorable man. He was just put in the right place at the wrong time. As a result Trump lost a Senate Seat in AL, that would have taken RINO TRAITOR McCain out of the equation to block the repeal of the horriific Obamacare and of course the politically-motivated Meuller whichhunt to slow down or stop the Trump presidency.

    Maybe Jeff will go back to AL and recoup his Senate seat for the Republicans which will come up again in 2020. Now that Trump has a solid Senate in place and the Dems have no Mandate in the House but do have responsibility to get something done, Trump will be able to negotiate and get some results with the Dems. He will also now begin to put his agenda on full throttle and bring the Republican Russian Hoax to an end and redirect the investigation to the Russian Conspiracy with Obame, Clinton and the flunkies that perpetuated this terrible act against the USA. He will also put these fake news agencies in check and stop this endless array of non-professional behavior when they come to press conferences. While the Dems bought the House with the help of millions of dollars from the Communists, the people they added will offer no value and just follow Nancy Pelosi’s lead. But Nancy will have to work with Trump rather than against him to try to keep the small majority in the House. If she does not deliver any results which is quite possible with any further attmepts to discredit Trump, in 2020, the Republicans will win back the House with a Manadate. Then, as much as a one-party system is not a good idea in the long run for the country, for the short run through 2024 Trump will have total ability with the Executive Branch, the bLegislature, and the Supreme Court to efficiently return the USA to being the greatest country in the world and serve as an example for all other countries to strive to achieve.
    I do believe that the God we trust in delivered Donald J. Trump to this country as the 2nd attempt to save the world. If you recall his first attempt to send a savior was with a Carpenter who was crucified. The second attempt is with a Builder who has escaped his crucifiction and will move forward in the best interests of this country and humanity. Thank you God!

    • Sessions did nothing to help preserve The Republic. He is a scumbag who obviosuly did nothing because the Democrap Leadership and the RINOS HAVE SOMETHING ON HIM.

  3. Jeff Sessions Resigns As Attorney General; Whitaker To Take Over Mueller Probe

    👍👍👍👍🇺🇸I can TRUMPing live with that🇺🇸👍👍👍👍
    Now I also want rosenstein and mueller eliminated as immediately as possible
    Amen & Amen!!!

  4. First of all whether Whitaker “takes over” the Mueller investigation remains to be seen. He may do nothing about that. Time will tell. Whitaker is the temporary AG. I refer people to an excellent article by attorney Gregg Jarrett on the Fox News website re. Sessions and the various scandals including the silly and destructive Mueller probe.

  5. This means Mueller will now report to Whitaker. One of the first things he should do is call in Mueller and ask him what he has got on Trump? If Mueller says nothing or we are “still looking” then Whitaker should tell him to wrap it up. And he needs to tell Rosenstein to recuse himself. The guy signed off on an FISA app that he had to know was not vetted. And the release of docs requested by Congress must be done promptly. Consideration should be given to appointing a special prosecutor to root out those who participated in the attempt to prevent Trump from being elected and to bring him down afterwards.

  6. Wonderful informative post …Allen.
    Further, I feel that Whitaker should redirect Mueller’s investigation into looking into the Clintons Foundation and misuse of those funds…then an additional look into Maxine Waters and possible recall because of her hatred towards the President….Two can play the game, as President Trump so eloquently put it….


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