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It Begins: Maxine Waters Vows To Examine Trump Ties To Deutsche Bank


Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) told Bloomberg Television on Wednesday that she will investigate President Trump’s ties to Deutsche Bank if she is elected chair of the House Financial Services Committee.


President Trump’s relationship with Deutsche Bank has long been in Waters’ crosshairs – as the 80-year-old Congresswoman has made repeated calls on the German financial institution to provide documents concerning any ties that Trump might have to Russia. As the ranking minority leader on the House Financial Services Committee she has thus far only been able to sabre-rattle, however she will now be able to subpoena records connected to a President whose impeachment she has repeatedly promised constituents since his election in 2016.

Waters also told Bloomberg that she would also investigate changes made at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under the direction of acting director Mick Mulvaney, as well as Wells Fargo – which she has urged the Federal Reserve to come down hard on in the wake of several scandals.

The CFPB has not faced much Congressional oversight since Mick Mulvaney, President Trump’s budget director and acting director of the CFPB, took over. Trump has nominated Kathy Kraninger, who worked under Mulvaney in the Office of Management and Budget, to be the next permanent director of the Bureau. If she is confirmed, which is likely since Republicans currently have a majority in the Senate and extended their gains in Tuesday’s election, any moves she and the Bureau make will likely come under increased scrutiny of Waters’ committee. –Chicago Sun Times

Waters has other plans as well:

But Waters does have a list of policy priorities; she told CNBC in July that if she became committee chair, she would address affordable housing and the conservatorship of the two government-sponsored enterprises — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. She also pledged to “undo that harm” that Trump-cabinet member Mick Mulvaney has done at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the agency created in the aftermath of the crisis that was tasked with policing financial services products.

Speaking to MSNBC on Tuesday, Waters also expressed strong thoughts on banking regulation and lashed out at Republicans for using the last two years to enact revisions to the post-crisis Dodd-Frank financial regulatory framework. -Yahoo!

For everything that we have tried to do to bring about some fairness and justice for these financial services companies and etcetera, we have absolutely been fought against by Republicans,” said Waters.

In a pre-midterm note, JPMorgan Chase predicted “There will be more oversight and subpoena with committees headed by Democrats.”

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  1. That’s Rich! “Corrupt Maxine,” known as the most corrupt politician in Washington and she wants to investigate Trump? A restaffing of the DOJ and an investigation into Water’s long unscrupulous history might prove to be terrifying for Maxine!

    • So when is congress going to investigate her lies, her attempts to incite the lunies, her corruption in reality? It is time to take people like this corrupt big mouth abuser down.

    • Mad max is so corrupt it makes the mind go in circles. From her daughter to her self.. I hope Trump goes after her like a pit bull and never lets go. Of course she will call it being mean to her.

    • Mr. Gary, sir, some Excellent Questions, I wonder how many Servants, Butlers, Two Mansions and how many Cars she does have to stroll around her own US Congressional District that she does NOT live in!?!

    • she won’t be investigated just like polsi and her husband have never been investigated for his ties to sweet govt deals he gets do to his wife…

  2. This Country’s Is Genuine Peril When It Puts Criminal Traitors Like Rabid Mad Maxine Waters In An Chairmanship Of An Congressional Committee When she Is Unfit To Be Dogcatcher In Watts. Matter Of Fact Perhaps She Needs To Be Hauled Off To The Dog Pound Her Damn Self. The Bitch Looks Like An Dangerous Stray Dog Always Foaming At The Mouth. Somebody Needs To Throw An Net Over That Rabid Bitch And Lock Her Up Before She Can Really Do Some Harm To Our Beloved Country And It’s Exceptional People.

  3. Mrs. Waters, how about “We The Legal Citizens And The Legal Immigrants [who did go through the US Immigration Process {Which Dose Take A Long Time}, to become Legal Citizens Of The USA] Of The USA, Check Into Why You Do NOT Live Inside Your Own US Congressional District, Like You Are Supposed To!?!

  4. No this will be the real beginning of the end of this bunch of dem wits in congress. Let their attempts be their ends. With a decent AG, Big Mouth will be among the first to try and retreat. This is going to be worth a front seat in that slaughter because it is known who has done what in the dark and it will come to light. Big Mouth and any dem wit in the house will regret their attempts probably with a well deserved jail sentence and loss of their seats. Go get her!


  6. I was reading that Bank of America and Wells Fargo along with a lot of other banks are Liberals. Do you really think this jerk is going to do much to them? I find it hard to believe that she will bite the hand that feeds her and her party.


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