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Veritas Bombshell: Election Official Admits Non-Citizens Voting in Texas


Many non-citizens are apparently voting in Texas for the 2018 midterm elections, according to an election official captured on undercover video by Project Veritas.

A Project Veritas journalist approached election official Deborah Brooks-Wims, claiming her boyfriend is a non-citizen who has a driver’s license.

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“So let’s just say that my boyfriend is a DREAMer, but he’s registered to vote. He just needs his ID, right?” she asks the official.

“If he has his ID, that’s all he needs. If he’s registered,” Brooks-Wims responds.

“Right. It doesn’t matter if he’s not a citizen?” the PV journalist asks.

“No! No…if he’s registered, he has a…honey, it might not be that he’s registered. If he’s giving you all this trouble it may not be that he’s registered,” the official says.

The PV journalist then explains the “boyfriend” was able to obtain a driver’s license because he was a DACA recipient.

The Brooks-Wims assured the PV journalist that if the non-citizen showed up with his Texas ID that he would be able to vote.

“Bring it up here, that’s his ID, show it to them, and then he can vote,” she said.

Another poll worker named Pam Nash told the PV journalist, “We got tons of ’em.”

“Go get him, bring him in,” Nash told her.

According to Texas Election Code 63.012, the Code “makes it illegal for a poll worker to permit an ineligible voter to vote.”

Last week, Project Veritas also captured Beto O’Rourke campaign workers discussing how they funnel campaign funds to the migrant caravans, a criminal FEC violation punishable by up to five years imprisonment.


  1. So how do we get the lawbreakers stopped and what can be done to weed out the illegal votes short of taking out all of the Democrats?

  2. It should be illegal to vote without having American citizenship. Name a country that allows one to vote without citizenship. In Mexico one cannot vote in elections nor hold office without having been born there, citizenship or not.


    • If polling stations are not free from corrupt voting practices then elections will never be free. If leftist do not pay for their crimes then they will never stop committing election fraud! Voter ID’s now.

      • In my state one has to register to vote. A photo ID is required for voting BUT the person showing up to vote has to match a name and address on the official voter list. I’m a US Citizen born in the USA but every time I go to vote the poll workers match my ID to my name and address on the registration list. So how can someone LEGALLY vote with only an ID when the ID DOES NOT MATCH UP WITH A REGISTERED VOTER ID ON THE VOTER LIST???? HMMM?
        It’s illegal. IT IS VOTER FRAUD!

    • Right now they are falling on their faces. But you and I both know that once this catches on and the democrats can figure out how to make it work in every state, we will see a big change here. The race in Texas was very tight. Tighter than it should have been. This may have been the reason. You can’t tell me that the dems have not been scheming and working a plan to get these illegal votes and while it may have taken some time to make it work, it is working. When they start whining and screaming racism and discrimination, it only means that they are lying and rigging the ballot box. A federally issued ID is needed. Something that will clearly define the voter as legal and registered. Outside of that, we are looking at illegals voting wholesale. And for the most part, they vote Democratic.

  4. The crooked politicians don’t want true voter ID; yet they find no problem using such for check cashing, work place identification, right of entrance to government places, etc, etc! Now that the Demo . gained control of the house, we’ll never get true and honest elections!

  5. BETO still DID NOT win in spite of all this dishonesty and the illegal acts of folks who are in this country illegally. Ice needs to remove them now that they have addresses for them. If they are DACA–remove them and never give them citizenship.

  6. I personally am tired of hearing about this. Illegals who vote need prosecution, removal from the USA or shot in a firing squad…I volunteer to pull the trigger. They are invaders trying to change our government! No mercy…get tough…get real!

  7. So why arent the so called conservatives in Congress listening….Why isnt something being done…..Why do you continually just ask us this question election after election when you already know the answers? Maybe the same reason why Fox called the election early when they couldnt possibly have known the outcome?

  8. When will the RePublican s grow a spine, and assigne SOME ACCOUNTability? Doubtful, it is pretty clear it is Government s vs the SERFS!!!!?

  9. NON-CITIZENS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO VOTE! WHO’S THE IDIOT THAT SAYS THEY CAN. Somebody needs to to prison for this!!!!!!!!!!!!! When will a Republican get their thumb out their exhaust pipe and put a stop to this!

  10. Veritas thank you for posting this problem. From ’87 to 06, I was an examiner in WA, in 93 the Motor Voter took effect, then in 95 we started inputting SSAN. Then came conflict what is they did not have a SSAN? We issued a waiver and registered them to vote if they wanted. Who doesn’t have a soc #? Basically illegal aliens cannot get SSAN. So here are a group of people who are registered but not citizens. But wait there’s more, how about the legal alien, they can have SSAN, but are not citizens. Well if they get a license they will be asked if they want to register to vote and IF they do they will be registered. Now it has been my experience that resident aliens do not register to vote since it will impact their status if caught. However, I personally have and know most examiners have registered people to vote who do not have SSAN. Just like in the report, they got a license and registered so now they can and do vote.

  11. This needs to be investigated. Especially in Texas and Arizona. McSally in tight race and now in trouble since as of early Tues afternoon. they just announced “they” had 50,000 “missing” Phoenix votes “they” had “just found.” CORRUPTION OF DEMS

  12. a BOMBSHELL is something that causes some remedial action will be taken-none will be taken, so this is a dud firecracker. We are well past the point of no return.

  13. If we merely prosecuted all of the voter fraud we can uncover, it will go away, and just reverse the wins when fraud is found, that will ALSO make it go away. It WILL be one-sided in nature, and we DID come out in a landslide vote on the Red side, no question AT ALL.

  14. There isn’t one dem who is behind every case of voter, that will ever go to jail. It will be smaller fish….local election workers and commissioners are all that will ever be punished.

    If the clintons, obama, pelosi, waters and other democraps haven’t gone to jail, none of them will. In the big picture of what these criminals have done, voter fraud is small.
    We’ve all have seen this time and time again.

    They way we fight this corruption is cutting off their funds.
    If conservatives and republicans had taken these steps in the 40’s and 60’s we wouldn’t be dealing with the criminals and freaks we see everyday now.

    Yoiu have to know where your money is going, when you buy a latte, pair of shoes, see a movie, subscribe to an online or streaming service, eat ben and jerry’s, buy NFL ticket/swag or even sign up with AARP.

    These examples and hundreds more, funnel money to the dems, socialist, liberal and radical groups committing crimes daily…in the name of free speech. They also support the fake media and all those idiot “journalists” we love to hate.

    Arguing with liberals or those who hate America, will only keep you distracted and allow them to continue moving forward behind the scenes.
    It’s not enough to just stop watching CNN, not go to a a few football games or cancel an ESPN subscription. You have to hit the sponsors…and let them know why you no longer will buy their products or services.

    Those companies who stick to their radical positions should be put out of business, since they openly are working to destroy our country.
    nike, levi, netflix and ben and jerry’s should all be out of business by now.

    If people had thought this way 70 years ago, things would look very different now.


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