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8 Easy Ways Seniors Can Save A Lot Of Money


Few of us are eager to be senior citizens, but starting at age 50, seniors can cash in on numerous deals just for being born on or before the date required for the bargain.

This list will help you find easy and fast ways you can save big time… Many seniors were shocked to find out that they could save as much as $6,000 by using these online discounts and little-known government programs.

1. Ease Your Mortgage Burden By As Much As $4,467 (See here if you qualify)

If you are a homeowner, you’d better get on this quickly as this program expires on the 31st of December 2018. The Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP) was passed to help American homeowners reduce their monthly mortgage payments by as much as $4,467 each year. If you qualify and get on board fast, next year you may well have a couple of thousand more dollars to spend on the things that make your retirement brighter!

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2. Slash Your Credit Card Debt With No Strings Attached!

If you owe more than $20,000 in credit card debt, I have great news for you! This proven debt relief program can resolve your debt with no requirement of loans. In fact, profiteering credit companies hate the fact that many seniors became debt free in just 24 – 48 months. If you’ve been struggling to pay your credit card or other debt, then click here to find out how you can become debt-free!

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3. Have you been dreaming of making improvements to your home?

The amazing government mortgage program Pays Out Up To $35,000 For Home Improvements. Unfortunately, not many know about it, but if you have been dreaming about remodeling and/or repairs to your home, this is exactly what you have been looking for!

Remember, these are free programs and there is absolutely NO COST to see if you are eligible. Click here to check if you qualify and find out how much you can claim. It’s an easy way to put cash back in your pocket!

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4. Save Hundreds On Your Car Insurance

Many seniors have no idea how much they can save on their car insurance… It depends mostly on their age and driving record but other factors could you a huge discount on car insurance. See here how you could save up to $734 on your car insurance on each installment.

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5. Cut Up To 70% On Life Insurance Payments

Rising life insurance policy costs can add up significantly, with most seniors paying 8-10% for each year they age. Many have a hard time qualifying for new policies altogether.

This amazing website will let you compare quotes from multiple insurance companies and is totally free! They have a huge database and it’s simple to use! Just enter your information through and it will automatically find the best life insurance policies available for rock bottom prices. Some had their life insurance payments slashed by as much as 70%.

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6. Slash Medical Bills For Free

Healthcare coverage is one of the most hotly discussed and debated topics in the country. There are millions of Americans who are not covered by health insurance. Rising costs and other factors are preventing individuals and families across the country from receiving the health care they need. Low Income Medical Help is a 100% FREE guide which offers consumers valuable information on obtaining quality health insurance along with information on how to find government programs, treat current medical conditions, and manage medical costs.

Also, many seniors may not know this, but they may be eligible to get extra benefits out of their medicare insurance plan.

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7. Save $950 On a State Of The Art Home Security System Discount!

Did you know that your house is 2.5 times more likely to be a target for intruders if you have no security system installed! Horrifying, isn’t it? ADT, one of the best alarm system companies, is currently giving away over $850 in equipment plus a $100 Visa gift card with $99 installation and purchase of monitoring service for our senior readers.

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8. Eating Out Discounts

If you don’t feel like cooking be sure to turn to these places for good senior dining deals. From fast food to steak restaurants, our compiled restaurant list will definitely help you make your choice.

Keep in mind that deals may vary at participating locations and can change without notice.

  • McDonald’s: discounts on coffee and beverages (55+)
  • Whataburger: free drink with purchase of a meal, depending on location (55+)
  • Wendy’s: give free coffee or other discounts depending on location
  • Piccadilly Cafeteria – 10% discount with “Prime Time for Seniors” card
  • IHOP – 10% discount (55+) and a menu for people aged 55 and over at participating locations
  • Golden Corral: Senior discount varies by location
  • Krispy Kreme Senior Discount: 10% off (50+) (age and discount varies depending on location)
  • Perkins Restaurants: Fifty-Five Plus menu Offers special deals (55+)
  • Subway: 10% off (60+) varies by location
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory: Spaghetti Factory “Senior Menu” offers a discounted list of menu items
  • Uno Pizzaria & Grill: “Double Nickel Club” 25% off on Wednesday (55+)
  • Sizzler: Offers “Honored Guest Menu” (60+) varies by location
  • Papa John’s Senior Discount: check with your local stores (no standard senior discount policy)
  • Old Country Buffet: Daily discounts for seniors (55+)
  • Friendly’s Restaurants: 10% off meal w/ free coffee at breakfast or free small Sunday during non-breakfast hours
  • Fazoli’s: Join “Club 62” for special senior menu items (62+)
  • KFC: free small drink with any meal depending on location (55+)
  • Country Kitchen: Great Senior Menu (55+)
  • Burger King: 10% discount on purchase depending on location (60+)
  • Long John Silver’s: 10% discount or discounted beverage (55+)
  • Taco Bell: 10% off (65+)
  • El Pollo Loco: 10% off senior discounts varies by location (55+)

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