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Georgia Investigating Democrats For Allegedly Hacking Voting System


Two days before the Nov. 6 midterm elections, Georgia Secretary of State and Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp revealed on Sunday that his office is opening an investigation into the Georgia Democratic Party on allegations that it attempted to hack the state’s voting system, including allegations of possible cyber crimes.

Kempe, whose office announced the investigation in a Sunday morning news release, didn’t reveal any details of the probe, which comes on the heels of a court victory by Democrats, who successfully challenged the state’s attempt to de-register 50,000 voters under the state’s “exact match” voter ID law, according to the Daily Caller.

“While we cannot comment on the specifics of an ongoing investigation, I can confirm that the Democratic Party of Georgia is under investigation for possible cyber-crimes,” Kempe press secretary Candice Broce said in the release. Both the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have been alerted.

The state Democratic Party has called the allegations “100% false” and “an abuse of power” by Kempe. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a computer scientist and attorney who are currently suing Kempe said that the lawsuit is “an attempt to distract from a report about vulnerabilities in the state’s voter registration website.”

The “vulnerabilities” could potentially allow anybody to access the voting records of individual voters.

Poll numbers between Kempe and his opponent, Democrat Stacy Abrams, have tightened to within a two percentage point margin as Abrams has benefited from several celebrity endorsements, including the support of Oprah Winfrey, who joined Abrams in knocking on doors last week.

The Daily Caller quoted Abrams as saying the lawsuit was a “desperate attempt” to sway the vote in Kempe’s favor ahead of the election.

“I’ve heard nothing about it, and my reaction would be that this is a desperate attempt on the part of my opponent to distract people from the fact that two different federal judges found him derelict in his duties and have forced him to accept absentee ballots to be counted and those who are being held captive by the exact match system to be allowed to vote,” Abrams said.

For many Georgia voters, news of the investigation will not be taken lightly. According to a poll conducted by the AJC and a local TV station, many voters in the state are concerned about the integrity of its elections, including fears about tampering and ineligible voters casting ballots.

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    • When you’re a Billionaire and a Hollyweird LeftWit, you automatically assume that your knowledge of what is good (enuf) for everyone else WILL be accepted as true. This is also the same person who intro’d a lot of aspiring young starlets to visit Harvey Weinstein(sp?) to advance their career.

    • Pop ups keep appearing on the screen interfering with posting here. Socialism is NOT for the USA. Socialism is the front porch entrance to communism. NO to Okra Winfrey and Stacy Abrams the other plantation owner wannabe.

    • If you’re a old white man, she wants you to die because you’re a racist. See her interview on YouTube in which she says that for racism to end, a lot of old white people will have to die.

    • I agree 100%, if someone is that dumb to have Opra or any one tell them who to vote for then that shows how America has been in hell for years before Donald. GOD help AMERICA.

  1. Exact match means integrity of our voting. It is crucial to keep election fraud at bay. Corrupt judicial system owned by dems. They have been abusing our judicial system for years for political gain and power, with nothing to give back to the people but empty promises.

        • Andis some places they actually pay people to go to the polls and then they pick them up and take them there. Such activity should be a felony.

          • I disagree with you Shelba but I ask why three black guys in Philadelphia wearing fatigues, jack boots and holding billy clubs threatening white voters are not serving time in prison for their illegal activities at the polls when Barack Obama was illegally on the ballot. Hmmm?

  2. Funny how exposing the truth really pisses the liberals off. The silent majority has let them run, the tide has changed though, now truth and justice will prevail. KAG

  3. Have the Democrats committed any crime or engaged in election fraud? I don’t know, but given their history and the philosophy that the ends justify the means, I would guess that yes they did. There is no honesty or ethics in the Democratic Party today.

  4. REMEMBER, DUMMYCRATS live by the DEPLORABLE DOUBLE STANDARDS. What they see you better go along with them or
    They will order an Investigation Probe against you. And the Election
    Committee Chairman and a Republican that the DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY had hacked the Election Systems in GEORGIA. Election Officials and the Republican that has a Pair of GRAPEFRUITS
    to go forward and Investigate the DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATS for VOTER FRAUD. VOTE the ” RED WAVE ” in 24 hrs.K L

  5. The Dems are desperate and will do anything at anytime to get and maintain power that helps them push their social agenda irrespective of what laws are on the books.They assume that every black. brown and sexually screwed up person in America is a natural Dem and wants the same thing. The blue wave of LGBT people and those living in their parents basement and need even some education about morals, as well as a dose of reality. No one cares about their sensitivity to facts or their tender feelings about a harsh life.

  6. Dope-prah gave us Obumer, we need to run in the opposite direction of what she tells us to do and who to vote for! She was so dramatic when she kept repeating to him “are you the one, are you the one”? He should of replied “HELL NO”!

  7. I just pray God will continue to bless our country and guide President Trump. I agree with everything said 100%. The President has exposed their deception and they are unhinged. I pray the republicans will prevail and maintain the House & Senate.

  8. you are so right – oprah has no worries and doesn’t associate with the real world so why does she care if the wall is built or who comes in the country etc – she is protected by walls – hmmm

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