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“He Was Crazed”: What We Know About Suspected Mail Bomber Cesar Sayoc


The suspect in a series of suspected explosive packages sent to prominent Democrats and others, Cesar Sayoc, has a long criminal past which includes a previous bomb threat. He faces up to 48 years in prison if convicted, according to the Department of Justice, which stressed that Sayoc is “innocent until proven guilty.”

According to Miami-Dade County jail booking records, Sayoc, a 56-year-old registered Republican, was arrested in 2002 after phoning in a bomb threat to Florida Power and Light, telling him that if his power was shut off he would blow them up “worse than Sept. 11,” while also threatening a FPL employee.

“I bet if I threatened to blow up your office you’d turn it back on quickly,” Sayoc was quoted as saying by his then-attorney, Ronald S. Lowy, who told CNN that his client had no intention of making good on the threat. Sayoc was sentenced to one year of probation “and allowed to continue with his life,” according to Lowy.

Records show a total of eight arrests, including on suspicion of grand theft, fraud, drug possession, battery and probation violations. He pleaded guilty in 2014 to stealing copper pipes from a Hollywood, FL Home Depot after being charged with petty theft.

Sayoc was also reportedly kicked out of his parents’ house and was living in his van, according to a CNN, citing a law enforcement official. A 2012 bankruptcy filing indicated that Sayoc “lives with his mom, owns no furniture.” The filing listed assets of $4,175 and liabilities of $21,109.

In 1999, Sayoc was arrested in North Carolina on suspicion of possessing a stolen vehicle, however the charges were dismissed according to CNN.

Debra Gureghian, general manager of Fort Lauderdale New River Pizza and Fresh Kitchen where he worked as a delivery driver for several months until he quit in January, said Sayoc was unhinged.

He was crazed, that’s the best word for him,” said Gureghian. “There was something really off with him.”

Sayoc’s now-infamous sticker-covered van was so disturbing that the restaurant required him to park it out of sight.

“It was puppets with their heads cut off, mannequins with their heads cut off, Ku Klux Klan, a black person being hung, anti-gay symbols, torchings, bombings you name it, it was all over his truck,” said Gureghian – who added that Sayoc disturbed his co-workers with racist comments and texts.

“He was very angry and angry at the world, at blacks, Jews, gays,” she said. “He always talked about ‘if I had complete autonomy none of these gays or these blacks would survive.’ He never said he would kill them or murder them or bomb them he just said ‘if I had complete autonomy the gays, the black and Jews would not survive.’ He was very, very strange.”

Descent into madness

Using Google Street View and social media posts, 4chan users found what appears to be Sayoc’s van in a Florida mall parking lot with text in the rear window matching that from Friday’s photos. It is clear that the van was repainted sometime after August 2016. In December, 2017 the van was photographed with full pro-Trump / anti-Democrat stickers:

More on Sayoc from CNN:

• He attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, according to the school’s communications office. He was an undeclared major and played on the soccer team. Sayoc attended for one year and did not graduate.

• Sayoc was a student at Brevard College in North Carolina, school spokeswoman Christie Cauble told CNN. He enrolled at Brevard in fall 1980 and attended classes there for three semesters but didn’t graduate, Cauble said.

• Sayoc was not previously known to the Secret Service, law enforcement sources said.

• He has ties to New York, a source said.

Lowy said Sayoc had “trouble conforming” and “didn’t fit in.” The lawyer said he was not surprised the explosive devices his client is accused of assembling and mailing did not explode. He questioned Sayoc’s ability to successfully devise and execute such a scheme.

Sayoc was embroiled in petty offenses over time. In one case, Lowy said, Sayoc altered his driver’s license to make himself appear younger. Sayoc had remained single and thought his age may be hurting him on the dating scene, the lawyer said. –CNN

“He was embarrassed about his age,” Lowy said.

Sayoc frequented the gym and worked as a personal trainer at one point, Lowy said.

According to Sky News, Soyoc’s LinkedIn page lists him as a promoter, booking agent, owner and coreographer of several businesses, including Chippendales male strippers. “Another photo shows a large advert for unofficial ‘Real Magic Mike’ experiences, complete with images of naked male torsos and flaming guitars, attached to the van US authorities towed away as part of their investigation.”

Soyoc was also active on Twitter:

His most recent activity was a retweet of his own post of photo-shopped images attacking a Democrat midterm candidate and accusing him of being a George Soros puppet.

One of the 12 suspicious packages were sent to billionaire philanthropist Mr Soros.

Sayoc also posted a number of images urging people to vote Republican, including one which stated “Had Enough? Vote Republican” alongside an image of an American Bald Eagle. –Sky

In one tweet Sayoc supported ISIS:

He also called child activist and Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg a “fake phony” paid by Soros, accusing Hogg of never attending the Florida high school attacked by shooter Nikolas Cruz in February.

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  1. This wacko registered as a republican in 2016, less than two years ago. He has a criminal record for minor crimes and does not seem intelligent enough to have conceived this plot. The so-called “bombs” did not seem configured to detonate so they were just a ploy so the dims could draw attention from the mob ruled caravan moving toward the USA. I think it was concocted by pro democrat(s) as all of the bombs were sent to people that were nit home and none went off.

  2. Heard on the news this morning that our President has some responsibility for this character’s hatred for Dems. REALLY? Did anyone blame Bernie Sanders when a crazed fan opened fire on the Republican baseball team with the intention of wiping them away? Scalise was a victim, and he nearly died, is still having problems with the attempted massacre. No one, not one person blamed Bernie Sanders, and no one should, it wasn’t his fault no more than this was any fault of President Trump. For the news and Dems to say he is the one that uses vitriolic verbiage to incite crazies to attack the opposing party is absolutely ridiculous and anyone who has a brain and common sense can see this. Maxine Waters, continually calls for violence against President Trump and his supporters, Republican candidates have been battered and one lunatic on the left tried to stab a Republican candidate. Satanic, soulless celebrities who actually believe the world waits for their every move have blatantly said they would burn down the White House with President Trump in it, carried severed head of our President dripping with fake blood, said heinous and evil things against his family, Peter Fonda comes to mind. “Barron should be ripped from Melania’s arms and tossed into a cage with a pedophile!” When the photo the failed actor is referring to came from the BO REGIME when he had protestors at the border and the kid in the cage was a child of one of the protestors and was simply doing what the protestors wanted him to do, a few minutes later, he was out marching with his mom, yet, did anyone clear that up? No! The Marxist Media continues to lie, spin and do everything possible to make the best leader this country has had in decades look like an inept imbecile when that was actually the BO MUSLIM REGIME, with a Kenyan, Muslim, Communist at the helm and Muslims, our enemy, destroying every aspect of a great nation! The Deep State is our enemy, the Deep State is the Demoncrappy Socialist of America, vote straight RED in Nov. We can’t allow Dems to take House or Senate. To vote D in this day and age, is to vote for Communism/Socialism.

    • I can say you are 100% correct in your post Nancy. However, you may have hit upon the reason for all these lies and innuendoes from the oppressive socialists/communists poising as democrats. When you said “For the news and Dems to say he is the one that uses vitriolic verbiage to incite crazies to attack the opposing party is absolutely ridiculous and anyone who has a brain and common sense can see this.” Of course that is fact but those who pose as democrats will never admit they are wrong. That is the way propaganda is. If lies are repeated frequently enough they become believable. Obama was a master at that! Still is!

    • When They Go Low

      “When they go low
      We’ll go high,”
      But Michelle really knew
      It was just a lie
      She was telling to the camera
      For #optics
      Like she did so many times
      On many topics.
      Shamefully now,
      That old lie is coming to a head
      As top Democrats
      Fuel uncivil dread
      With Hillary and Holder
      Suggesting to the base
      “We must not be civil.”*
      And “our boots they’ll taste.”*
      But now the shoe is on
      The other foot so to speak
      Based upon a study revealed
      Just this very week.*
      Analyzing only legacy news
      On ABC, NBC and CBS
      And completely ignoring
      The cable outlets of lib bias,
      The study found more than nine in ten
      Stories on Trump were negative
      Despite great economic news for everyone
      Breaking records in the positive
      On nearly every front
      Which amounted to only .07%
      Of their “news” coverage?!*
      And while Trump’s approval climbs,
      The public grumbles with umbrage
      Over the obvious partisanship
      That even 53% of Democrats recognize
      Not to mention the percentage of
      Independents and Republicans who despise
      The overwhelming spinning of all
      Their left leaning lies.
      So it seems Michelle was right-
      As the media’s approval gets lower
      Trump’s is climbing out of sight.


  3. It is really sad when people do crazy things in the name of elections. NO matter what party they are with it should not be allowed. I am a rep. but do not condone what he did. I also don’t condone what Waters is doing to and shouting for the world to attack Trump people. I will continue to vote for the republican party no matter who the President. In 2020 that will be Mr Trump.


    • Good points, why is Trump being blamed when there are so many Dems that are so much more guilty of really literally inciting violence. I hope this guy gets all the due process he should have and not become a scapegoat. I’m wondering if these bombs were actually set to ever explode. How does anyone know what time they would be delivered or received?

  5. such a farce. this guy is sayoc is your living breathing crazy right wing republican nut. his van tells it all. along with his criminal history and the bombs. he is a typical republican voter. so own it.

    • William, it sounds like your ignorance of the liberal Democrats vile antics is very apparent …. Stop drinking their Koolaid, do some homework on their history and see their agenda for America is completely self-serving, fueled by greed for power and money. They have in the past, present and future will stop at nothing to gain power in the White House and will pay off/bribe anyone (which is pretty easy, we can see that) to lie, cheat and be a puppet in their hands. Look closer, do your homework on both sides and see what their true purpose is …. to get votes. They have their hand in every rich liberal pocket in America and around the world to achieve just this. They don’t give a rip about the American citizen trying to make a better life for themselves ….. WAKE UP and get your head out of the sand

  6. There are 325,000,000 people in the US. We always talk about mental illness being such a problem. Of course we have 1000’s of crazy’s here in the US. Plenty of left, right, and middle. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and non-committed. This has nothing to do with Trump. I contend that the left has become so unhinged it causes a negative reaction. Look how Antifa or whatever the name is of those masked rioters is are allowed to riot while mayors tell the police to “stand down”. I do know that under Trumps administration state and federal authorities caught this wacko quickly who didn’t make a single bomb that could detonate. That’s the end of him. He’ll spend the rest of his miserable life in the slammer.

    • Absolutely correct, Leif. And ‘unhinged’ is a very poignant description for the Left …….. very sober description of them. When a group becomes unhinged, it makes one wonder just how low they will go to achieve their self-serving goals. My trust is completely in the God who made the earth and its people. He is fully aware of everything going on and the hearts of the people. There are very sick people out there. I have hear President Trump address this several times and that is what needs to be concentrated on …. knowing who these individuals are, getting them real help and keeping them safe and out of harm’s way to themselves and others.

  7. I’m just waiting for CNN and the rest of the Left media to paint ALL Republicans as bomb-making kooks like Sayoc. To the Left, one example of a nut case makes a majority.

  8. 1question; Who gave him the packages and the money to mail them? He was homeless, unemployed, and living in his van. He wasn’t smart enough to put this together. It dosent take a rocket scientist to figure that he was paid to do this.

  9. If in fact he is a convected felon and I understand he has been convected on three felony charges, not just one, how is it he is registered to vote in any party. When he was convected as a felon he lost that right in Florida. I understand that law may change November 6, effective in 19, but for now it is in effect. U/H5M

  10. Completely unhinged! BUT~who got him to do something like this? SOMEBODY had to have the brains to figure out how to do this. And, if he’s a REAL republican, no way is he associated with the KKK, nor any of the other white supremist groups. Muslims also hate Jews, gays, & blacks, so maybe there’s some of that in him? He definitely needs to go to a mental hospital for a LONG, LONG, time. I’m just glad that nobody got hurt from this things. And, if he’s as crazy as they’re saying, if he was assembling REAL pipe bombs, he’d have blown himself up. No way is he smart enough to do this on his own. He had HELP. Maybe they’ll find other DNA & prints on the packages & stuff to track down the others. And, not ONE of the people the things were sent to, is a candidate in any of the races. They’re all former politicians. I don’t like any of the people he sent them to, but no way do I wish any harm to them. I wish they’d all go start their own country somewhere else, & leave us be, but that’s not going to happen. Our differences is what makes life interesting. As long as the discourse is civil. But, no matter WHAT party this guy is claiming to be with. there’s NO excuse for this. He may have just cost us our majority in the House & the Senate. I pray not, but people are funny about things like this & tend to blame the President, & on down the line. Get out & vote, people!

  11. The package to CNN didn’t have US postal stamp on it. I would like to see the film footage of him delivering it. You know there are cameras everywhere. Someone hand delivered it. Yes, to complex to be done by him alone. Just registered republican in 2016? Hmmmmm. Wonder if he was ‘manipulated’ by c.i.a.? So easy for low IQ . Are there more out there ready to be used when the time is right? They will do anything! At this point they have everything to loose, they know it. Going down kicking and gasping at every turn. Vote!

  12. The package to CNN didn’t have US postal stamp on it. How did it get there? I would like to see the film footage of him delivering it. You know there are cameras everywhere. ‘ Someone ‘ hand delivered it. Yes agree,, to complex to be done by him alone. I don’t believe he could have gotten all those address himself. Just registered republican in 2016? Hmmmmm, turned ‘fanatical ‘ quick. Wonder if he was ‘manipulated’ by c.i.a.? So easy for low IQ . Are there more out there ready to be used when the time is right? Everyone must realize will do anything at this point , they have everything to loose, they know it. Going down kicking and gasping at every turn. Vote! Educate others.

  13. Just what Libtards are HOPING we would think. He should be called the “Manchurian Bomber” since this will turn out to be all a left-wing staged setup. Anyone who isn’t a Trump-hating moron can see this!


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