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As ‘Caravan’ Crosses Mexico, Trump’s ‘Temporary’ Tent City For Migrant Kids Balloons In Size


new report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) shows President Trump’s temporary tent city for unaccompanied alien children (UAC) at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Tornillo, Texas Land Port of Entry (LPOE) has dramatically expanded its capabilities over the last several months.

Tornillo’s tent city was designed to temporarily house 450 children under the supervision of HHS in June, when Trump’s zero-tolerance policy separated over 2,500 migrant children from their parents.

Now, the temporary shelter has 3,800 beds for UACs between ages 13 and 17, 1,400 of those beds are on special reverse status.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and HHS said the expansion of the facility was imperative due to the influx of immigrant children arriving at the Mexico-US border without family members.

The official in charge of Tornillo’s facility told NBC on Friday, “there is no question whatsoever,” that the rise in migrant children being detained by the CBP is due to the “extra precautions” the Trump admin is now preparing to match children with family members, including their biological parents, if possible.

The official said that as of Oct. 12th, 826 out of the 1,500 children in Tornillo were awaiting background checks before they could be transferred to family members or homes within the US.

Children at Tornillo stay an average of 59 days, up from roughly 30 days under the Obama administration, according to HHS.

Federal officials have been strict with journalists on tours of the facility; there are no cameras, recorders, and or cell phones allowed inside.

The official notes that children have access to legal services, medical care, outside activities, cable television, and religious services.

DHS and HHS released new footage last week showing a rare glimpse inside the Tornillo facility:

NBC KTSM  spoke with a 16-year-old female from within the facility on a recent tour; she said she spent several months in a shelter in Miami and has been in Tornillo for about a month.

She is praying that she will be released to family members in Texas.

The girl said her parents live in Guatemala, and she made the decision to travel to America for a better life and education. NBC KTSM said there was sadness in her eyes when asked if she would return to her native country.

ACLU lawyers have argued against separating families at the Mexico-US border and sending migrant children into government-run camps.

Child welfare groups warn that the facility is not open to state inspection because it resides on federal land. The Tornillo official said the facility exceeds state standards when it comes to ratios for childcare, medical and mental health workers.

Trump’s migrant camp for kids is expanding in size but seems to be absent from news flow, until now. With the US midterm elections drawing closer, and thousands of migrants ‘caravanning’ across Mexico on route for the US border, the mainstream media could turn the Tornillo tent city into the next news cycle’s “crisis” as bomb-the-Democrats-gate fades from the headlines.


  1. ACLU lawyers argue against separating families at Mexico-U.S. border and sending migrant children into government run camps. Lets see this 16yr old chose to leave her parents and travel on her own from Guatemala to the U.S. and the ACLU feels its wrong that she is confined to a bed, bathroom, clothes, food able to watch tv, recreation etc… Maybe the ACLU should contribute and open there doors and homes to “ILLEGAL ALIENS” and cloth, feed, educate and most of all take responsibility for their actions. STEP UP ACLU instead of bashing a complex situation put your money where your big fat mouth is.

  2. An invasion is an invasion. Storming our borders is nothing less than this. Why have ALL government applicable laws been ignored on our southern border?

  3. These “children” (13-17) need to be returned whence they came as soon as possible. When you go to another country, no matter what the reason, you need to do it in the legal way provided by the country you choose to get to. Starting out as a criminal is not the best way to start a new life. These “children” are criminals when they come here illegally. Why are we going out of our way to accommodate them? They need to be sent back as soon as they arrive. If we fail to make clear that we are not an open door facility that allows every illegal invader to come here and start taking benefits, we will immediately be flooded by thousands of illegal immigrants and the country will fall. Oh, wait, that’s just what is happening now. The caravan is on the way. Will we stop it? Or will it contribute to the downfall of this nation?

  4. All Americans now know that the Democrats are behind all these attacks and other incidences including the caravan and the bombs and its pissing them off and will cause more of them to vote Republican. I myself will only vote Republican from now on and will vote no for any propositions that originate with the Democrats. When it comes revenge against the Deep State will be sweet indeed and it will come. Mark my words.

  5. Return all these children’s to their parent or KEEP them together so YOU can send them back as soon as possible! I don’t want to continue paying for this abuse to me and the citizens of USA, WE WILL END UP IN RUINS if this is not taking care of, I ‘m getting very ungry, PRESIDENT TRUMP, send them back as soon as possible, we got your back, so returnst all. The people are with you which is about 3/4 of the population


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