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Megyn Kelly Out At NBC; $69 Million Contract Will Be Paid ‘In Full’


Update 2: And it’s confirmed:


Meanwhile, Fox News has issued a statement on the rumors that Kelly is in talks to return to the network…

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Update: It appears Megyn Kelly will not be returning to “Today” – not tomorrow, not ever.

That’s according to a story in the Daily Mail, which confirmed on Thursday afternoon that the former Fox News star has agreed to leave the network after she defended the use of black face in Halloween costumes during a panel discussion on Tuesday, triggering an intense backlash that reverberated across twitter.

But while the damage to Kelly’s reputation and career from her brief but disastrous stint at NBC may be irreparable, at least she will walk away with the entirety of her $69 million contract, thanks to the “no-break” deal she reportedly signed when she announced she would be joining the network in January 2017, after declining to renew her contract at Fox News. The timing of her departure announcement is still TBD, but the deal is as good as done, one executive said.

‘Megyn Kelly is done. She is not ever coming back,’ said an NBC executive with knowledge of the situation.

‘We are just working out timing of the announcement but mark my work – she is gone and will never be seen on NBC live again.’

The source then added: ‘Here’s the worst part – her deal is a non-break deal – so she walks away with all that money. It’s disgusting and heads should roll here because of it.’

A spokesperson for NBC declined to comment at this time.

Several NBC executives, who reportedly spoke with the DM under cover of anonymity, offered some scathing quotes about Kelly and the management team that hired her, suggesting that Kelly may not be the only one leaving the network – as everybody responsible for her “$100 million sh*tshow” will likely be shown the door.

At the same, an NBC executive told DailyMail.com that Kelly will not be missed at the network.

‘That hour used to be a ratings hit with Al Roker and Tamron Hall and it was relatively inexpensive to produce,’ said the executive.

‘Now viewers get to witness the greatest example of white privilege on television. She defended blackface. I mean how is this acceptable in any way? She needs to go.’

That same executive was also critical of the decision to hire Kelly, questioning why Andy Lack and Noah Oppenheim had not already gotten rid of the $69 million woman.

‘Andy and Noah need to own this mistake and fire her. There shouldn’t be a place for someone with these views to remain on NBC News,’ said that executive.

‘Andy and Noah both should be held accountable too. They gave her the $69 million and all she has delivered is scandal after scandal. Add production costs and they are responsible for a $100 million dollar s*** show at 9am every morning.’

But while Kelly would seemingly have few options for employment after her departure from NBC, the Daily Mail reported that her people are in preliminary talks for Kelly to possibly return “home” to the cable news channel that made her: Fox News. Its audience, which is notoriously opposed to PC culture, would probably laugh off the black face scandal.

If she does indeed return to Fox, the argument could be made that Kelly actually benefited from the scandal – after all, it’s giving her an excuse to end a relationship that’s clearly not working, keep her enormous pay package, and return to Fox, where viewers will likely welcome her back with open arms.

…It’s almost as if this was her plan the entire time…

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Amid a flurry of reports that “Megyn Kelly Today” is on the verge of cancellation, the former Fox News host skipped Thursday’s taping of her eponymous 9 am show as NBC instead aired a previously-taped episode.  Her absence comes as the one-time cable news wunderkind is reportedly negotiating her exit package from the network, where she currently earns more than $15 million a year (a staggering sum for a host whose show has consistently underperformed in the ratings amid a rash of controversies) as she deals with the fallout of what’s perhaps her biggest scandal to date: Her bizarre decision to defend wearers of black face.


Two days ago, Kelly asked during a panel discussion about inappropriate Halloween costumes “what is racist” about white people wearing black face and black people wearing white face, adding that “back when I was a kid that was okay as long as you were dressing up as a character.”

Her words triggered an almost immediate flurry of outrage, and the next day, Kelly delivered a tearful apology on her show, saying she was “sorry” to have contributed to the divisiveness that is already tearing America apart.

Kelly’s show on Friday will also reportedly be pre-taped, according to Mediaite, as speculation intensifies about when – or if – Kelly will return. Adding fuel to the fire of speculation, Kelly last night parted ways with her agents at CAA, one of the country’s premier talent agencies.

Less than two years after signing with the network and a little more than a year after making her network debut, the network, frustrated by her repeated stumbles, is showing Kelly “no mercy.” Sources close to NBC News President Andy Lack told CNN that “Kelly’s show will be ending” and that “she is unlikely to return” later. Kelly’s move to NBC from Fox in January 2017 was the subject of breathless coverage in the media. Despite coming to public prominence after declaring in 2013 that “Santa Claus is white” during her show on Fox News, Kelly became a liberal media darling (see this laughable puff piece published three years ago in the NYT Magazine) and endured years of speculation that she would move to a more “mainstream” network once her contract with Fox ran out. However, Kelly got off to a rough start at NBC, as her ratings lagged and she became mired in controversy almost immediately after asking an audience member if watching the show “Will & Grace” was how he “became gay.”

Kelly will be the second “Today” host to leave the show in the past year (after Matt Lauer was felled by a #MeToo controversy in late 2017) and is set to prove, once again, that for many alumni of Fox News, building a career after leaving the cable news giant is much more easily said than done, as the Ringer pointed out.

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  1. I hope FOX doesn’t take her back. I, for one, will not watch any show she’s on. Maybe CNN or MSNBC? They love Trump haters and their ratings are already in the tank.

  2. Those idiots paid her 69 million dollars over a Black Face comment? That’s the stupidest thing I have heard all week. On the BS level of PC Crap, that takes the cake.

    • By the time her lawyer and the tax man gets through with her that 69 mil will shrink considerably.At least half or more

    • Ya this is insane to pay her that much money !! I will never watch NBC again !! Who ever is charge of this station should be fired too !! PEOPLE stop watching NBC !! If you felt you had to fire her, then you fire her ! NOT say oh by the way here’s 69 million dollars for a gift..ALSO, this black and white thing has gone way to far .. You black and white people who makes stupid comments about racism are the problem to our Society ..I heard what Kelly said, and really I don’t like her, but what she said, every word was about Halloween !! It wasn’t racist at all, but you fuckers just had to pull your BS I’m so sick of you people always have to start BS over nothing..You took something innocent and made it ugly .. Good job ASSHOLES !!

  3. Her NBC show was horrible…silly, sophomoric fluff. Reminded me of those terrible outside weather updates: “And where are YOU from? Are you enjoying your trip to NYC? What was your favorite part of NY?” Meanwhile we see idiots jumping up & down in the backgroud, waving & screeching as they try to get on TV. Unwatchable!

  4. I for one do not care one way or the other. I cannot remember the last time I watched a network or cable “news” program. I only watch local, until they have some national spot. But, my real comment is when was the last time you saw someone in black face? I am 67 years old, grew up in New Orleans, and other than some TV shows in the 1950’s I do not know if I ever saw that. Jeez people can we all just grow up and stop watching this “news” garbage on TV.

  5. This is no dumb blonde.
    Even if you do not like her politics etc. we have to admit she made more money being fired from her last batch of jobs than many newscasters do in a life time.

  6. Like so many others; I never got Megyn Kelly, but firing her was not consistent with a news organization when she was reporting the story not making a direct commentary about the fact that “Black Face” was used for Halloween and in stage plays… I’m sorry, but if that was racist then they better fire Samantha Bee, and all the others that have said worse remarks than Mrs. Kelly; and I better never see another Black Comic put down his or any other race with a so-called Joke, eh?

  7. Kelly thought going after Trump would make her the media darling of the left and a chance to break into a new media sector, daytime. Well, they initially rewarded her on NBC. But, the left’s underlying intolerance for her, because she was not a leftie from the beginning, was Kelly’s undoing. The left’s love affair with Kelly as a traitor of the right, was short lived. Her daytime media flame has essentially been snuffed out. Plus she burned her bridges on the right too. Her only option now is to be a book writer…from home.

  8. Any agency that would pay her 69 mil should be shut down immediately. The executives cannot have sense enough to run a lemonade stand in the Gobi.

  9. ALL BS
    She is obviously being targeted for being white, the media again ruins another reputation over nothing.
    Megan, Take their money, “Laugh at them all the way to the Bank!”

    Soak up the sun and live large!

  10. I think she needs to wander in the woods with Hillary and just go away. Her arrogance turned me right off from the beginning. She felt her defecation had no odor!!

  11. Ok, I am a conservative, and a Trump supporter and I have never cared much for MG. However, after watching the clip multiple times, I found nothing offensive in which she said and looked innocent enough to me. If you look at the audience while she was talking, I didn’t see anyone looking offended. If anything, the other lady on the panel who made the Michael Jackson/Diana Ross crack, was more offensive.
    Political correctiveness is overtaking everyone’s lives. We should just stop talking. There is a difference with blatant and deliberate offensive talk and a simple unintentional “misspeak”. Those with thin skin should stay out of the sun!

  12. Its hard to see how Kelly can recover as a TV news personality. But she has made a huge amount of money leaving FOX and now NBC (in addition to what she was paid while actually working) so she will probably be fine financially.

    She could probably find some internet or talk radio niche if she is interested, or possibly “see the light” and try a run as a “born again conservative” on a crusade against political correctness and campus snowflakery.

  13. This is the most ignorant thing caused by the so called “politically correct” A-holes yet. I am not saying one way or the other if I am a fan or not of Megyn Kelly. I am saying that this stuff has gone way to far. If some white kid wants to dress up like a black star I would call that, for the most part, a good tribute to the star. What about a black kid dressed up like Wonder Woman or Superman, using something to make their face look white or wearing a white mask? Should I be offended by that? Should this be blown out of proportion like it is a national issue?
    The news media making a national issue out of this proves again that the left liberals are looking far and deep for anything they can turn around and raise hell about. What is it going to take to stop all this bull and put our Country back together? Maybe the left wing liberal democrats along with their leaders like Schumer, Pelosi, Warren, Feinstein, Clinton, Obama are looking to start a civil war which would probably be financed by Soros. This would turn the U.S. into a complete turmoil of which I am beginning to believe that this is their goal!

  14. I dont really understand why they would fire her!! What about the waylons brothers that mad a whole movie playing two white women, they were black and painted their faces white, What was done to them again? Exactly, double standard. I will not ever watch NBC if they let themselves be bullied into firing Meghan Kelly. Shame on you!!!!!!!!

  15. We Have The “Left In America” (Fake News Network) trying To Erase Americas History During Americas Civil War. We Have The ‘Left’ Ignoring The Souths Contribution To Americas Greatness.(They Fought Proudly In Americas Wars For EUROPE And Others) We Have The PC Crowd Trying To Pander To The Blacks In Americas Day To Day Lives. I’m Sick Of The PC Crowd And The ‘Suc-Up’ Crowd To Pander Every Day To Black ‘Hurt’. This Is America’! We ‘ALL Have’ Had Slights And derogatory Remarks About Our Ethnic History. (White People) Mr.Obama A Mulatto, Did More To Encourage Hate Between ‘Whitey’ And The Black PC Crowd (Black Lives Matter) They Loved The Mulatto. And Hated President Trump. The PC Crowd Loved Mr.Obama. I Did Not’!

  16. REALLY???? I never watched her show when she was at FOX. And I don’t watch NBC period. SO, I really don’t care…..Maybe CNN will take her….

  17. If it’s true that people project feelings of self worth outward, then there is a massive amount of unhappy liberals who make up the PC Police;)

  18. Talent is talent and Megyn Kelly is a talented woman even though her judgement is sometimes suspect. I thought she was wrong to attack Donald Trump while she was on Fox News and I thought she was wrong to go to pathetic NBC Television and leave her Fox followers behind. I think Fox would make a brilliant move by taking her back. People would watch her just to see what she has learned from her NBC experience.

  19. Well said and I agree. They are determined to destroy our country and it is spearheaded by Soros. I heard today high schools are telling students to “steal” their parents guns and turn them in at the school. They are brainwashing our children at every level and through chaos and division they hope to create enough divisiveness to truly have a civil war wherein they can declare marshal law and confiscate our guns. Right now our vote is more important than ever while the voting process is still relatively honest. If we do not win the mid-terms it will embolden them and will turn uglier than we can even imagine. Vote RED… please, do not walk, run to the voting booths and vote 100% Republican. Pray for godly candidates but vote RED 100%… this is the only thing that will give us a fighting chance. and PRAY. Also beware of Christian ministers who are wolves in sheep clothing planted by Soros. He knows know limits.

  20. I have never been a fan of Megyn Kelly but for NBC to terminate her for the reason they did. it is ridiculous. The fact that they are paying her $69M tells you there may have had something else going on behind the scenes (“69?”) and maybe the black face thing was used to justify this enormous payout to shut her up.

  21. I see nothing wrong with her – if the idiots want to give her all that money then so be it-more power to her!!!!!!!

  22. Another person fired for their stating their opinion. Really…WHO did she hurt? America has become a country of crybaby wusses who are offended by EVERYTHING.

  23. know a lot of people fired thru downsizing , some had to get by on unemployment compensation not 69 million , so dont feel sorry for her

  24. She made a good deal to be paid in full if fired. $69M proves she is a smart women for hiring excellent lawyers.

    It is a shame that political correctness overrides common sense.

    Even “IF” what she said was wrong…would it not be better to use that as a learning process. Please explain why it is wrong and offensive, let us learn another point of view and not teach a lesson to just avoid or surprese topics. Putting a topic away in a safe place does not deal with the problem.

    Ms. Kelly will do fine, NBC will do fine…the losers are the American people who were just taught that a lack of political correctness very well mean your lose of job…and you may not have that same $69M package.

  25. For us old folks we remember Al Jolson and there was never any complaints about is looks, many a black actor at that time respected this man for his abilities acting as a black man


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