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Suspicious Packages Sent To, Obama, Clinton, CNN


The White House condemns the actions in a statement.

During a live taping Wednesday, CNN’s anchors Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow went to a commercial break early due to a fire alarm going off in its New York offices.

CNN is reporting the New York offices were evacuated due to a suspicious package.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this story included reporting from CNN that a pipe bomb sent to the White House had been intercepted. Secret Service issued a statement late Wednesday morning that CNN’s reports were incorrect.

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  1. SHOULD HAVE BEEN RAT POISON………Maybe they would take the hint and save the USA from any more of their comments or having to look at their faces.

  2. who the hell are we trying to fool here , if you dont beleive the dems are behind this then you are full of shit . fake news , fake investigations , fake pipe bombs , illegal caravans all part of demo-rats plan hoping somebody is going to feel sorry for them and give them a vote . my ass

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