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Federal Judge “Shocked” To Find Obama State Dept Lied To Protect Hillary From Email Server Lawsuits


The noose appears to be tightening further around the law-less behaviors of the Obama administration in their frantic efforts to protect former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from lawsuits seeking information about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server and her handling of the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

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As Fox News reports, the transparency group Judicial Watch initially sued the State Department in 2014, seeking information about the response to the Benghazi attack after the government didn’t respond to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Other parallel lawsuits by Judicial Watch are probing issues like Clinton’s server, whose existence was revealed during the course of the litigation.

The State Department had immediately moved to dismiss Judicial Watch’s first lawsuit, but U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth (who was appointed to the bench by President Ronald Reagan) denied the request to dismiss the lawsuit at the time, and on Friday, he said he was happy he did, charging that State Department officials had intentionally misled him because other key documents, including those on Clinton’s email server, had not in fact been produced.

“It was clear to me that at the time that I ruled initially, that false statements were made to me by career State Department officials, and it became more clear through discovery that the information that I was provided was clearly false regarding the adequacy of the search and this – what we now know turned out to be the Secretary’s email system.”

“I don’t know the details of what kind of IG inquiry there was into why these career officials at the State Department would have filed false affidavits with me. I don’t know the details of why the Justice Department lawyers did not know false affidavits were being filed with me, but I was very relieved that I did not accept themand that I allowed limited discovery into what had happened.”

In a somewhat stunningly frank exchange with Justice Department lawyer Robert Prince, the judge pressed the issue, accusing Prince of using “doublespeak” and “playing the same word games [Clinton] played.”

That “was not true,” the judge said, referring to the State Department’s assurances in a sworn declaration that it had searched all relevant documents.

“It was a lie.”

Additionally,  Fox notes that Judge Lamberth said he was “shocked” and “dumbfounded” when he learned that FBI had granted immunity to former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills during its investigation into the use of Clinton’s server, according to a court transcript of his remarks.

“I had myself found that Cheryl Mills had committed perjury and lied under oath in a published opinion I had issued in a Judicial Watch case where I found her unworthy of belief, and I was quite shocked to find out she had been given immunity in — by the Justice Department in the Hillary Clinton email case.”

On Friday, Lamberth said he did not know Mills had been granted immunity until he “read the IG report and learned that and that she had accompanied [Clinton] to her interview.”

We give the last word to Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, who was present at the hearing, as he pushed the White House for answers.

“President Trump should ask why his State Department is still refusing to answer basic questions about the Clinton email scandal,” Fitton said.

“Hillary Clinton’s and the State Department’s email cover up abused the FOIA, the courts, and the American people’s right to know.”

Perhaps the deep state remains in control behind the scenes after all (consider the recent back-pedal on declassifying the Russian probe documents)?

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Full Transcript below:

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  1. Let’s hope now,that sometime soon,that there’s some justice to be had and hope that we will learn the TRUTH behind these email(s) that the corrupt clinton and obozo will soon be answering to and for these cover ups and lies that we have had to put up with since 2012. I would LOVE to see those two arrested cuffed prosecuted and put in prison for the rest of their miserable lives. Both corrupt clinton and obozo need to pay for their heinous crimes,and hope to see that happen soon.

    • Also find it amazing that in 2007 HC & BO hated each other………Obammy stated at that time that HC was not CIC MATERIAL………(that’s the truth)…….Then they turned out to be best buddies……..She must have given part of the Uranium $$$$ (Russian money) to BO, and Bill gave some of his Russian speeches $$$ to BO as well….

      DEMS figure that $$$$ talks and BS takes a walk……

  2. If the judge is “shocked” by lies from the group trying to prevent “justice” being done in the case of the Rodham woman, then he is too naive to be a judge. Get some people into the judiciary who are part of the real world and also understand the law.

  3. It seems like an almost impossibility to EVER get CROOKED HILLY’S truth exposed to the public so that she can be properly charged, along with the BIG ZERO, HORRENDOUS HOLDER, and the entire CROOKED CLINTON CARTEL, that is STILL creating chaos for, and deterring the WELL-MEANING and HAND-CUFFED HONEST INDIVIDUALS that are trying to get the TRUTH out before the public, so that THOSE RESPONSIBLE can be BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!
    I, for one, am completely disgusted with the NETWORK OF EVIL that is ERODING OUR AMERICAN JUSTICE AND CIVILITY, and IF NOT STOPPED, it well make GEORGE SOROS THE HAPPIEST MAN ON EARTH!
    One of the most recent atrocities was the JUSTICE KAVANAUGH hearings, that were turned into a NEAR-LYNCHING of the man and attempted RUIN by the DEMOCRAPS! THE CRIMINAL way that they ATTACKED and ATTEMPTED to RUIN this man and what they put his family thru was a sure sign of CORRUPTION in the DEMORCAP party!
    GOD HELP US, PLEASE, before it is TOO LATE!!!

  4. I wonder why he was in shock, everyone knows how devious deceptive and lies is normal for the Democratic party and could you and aol quit bring this up I’m tired of hearing these Dems crying all the time.

  5. I wonder why he was in shock he should know by now how devious deceptive and lying the Democratic party always try to avoid anything that doesn’t make them happy.

    AOL could you change the topic because I’m tired to always reading about those numb nuts has been.

  6. And there is supposedly a “Blue wave” coming in the mid term elections? Boy you folks better vote red or you will never know the truth. Get the red vote out!!!

  7. Corrupt FBI…Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, CATH0L1C tra1tor retired, Replaced by Bowdich.
    Comey, CATH0L1C tra1tor in FBI, Strzok, CATH0L1C tra1tor in FBI.
    Robert Mueller, CATH0L1C tra1tor in FBI.  A lacrosse teammate and classmate at St. Paul’s School was future Massachusetts Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry.[13], CATH0L1C traitor.
    [David] Bowdich, CATH0L1C tra1tor also has ties to Mueller. He was picked by Mueller in 2011 to handle the transition to a new FBI director after Mueller’s 10-year term expired. But that role become irrelevant after Mueller, [Christopher] Wray August 2017, was confirmed as FBI Director,, [Christopher] Wray began his legal career as a clerk for Judge J. Michael Luttig [CATH0L1C traitor] of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. 
    ex-FBI agent John Guandolo. Guandolo [CATH0L1C traitor] resigned from his position with the Bureau in December 2008 after he was caught engaging in a sexual relationship with a key confidential source in the midst of a corruption investigation of a Louisiana politician. 
    There is not one AMERICAN on the SCOTUS. Almost all are CATH0L1C traitors. The rot is within. Vote for ANY CATH0L1C and you vote for a traitor.

  8. Obama deserves to be in prison as well as Hillary and the rest of the treasonous minions of the Democrat party. They lie about everything from healthcare , taxes, immigration, pollution, their own stealing from taxpayers, and want to dent their own voters of self defense provided by the Constitution. It is time to vote them out of office and existence!

    • OK they lie. So does Trump and his minions. Like where is the Healthcare plan he said he had for “DAY NE” that would COVER EVERY AMEICAN and be cheaper. Where is the CHECK from Mexico to build the wall? Where is his taxes that he said he would release after the audit was done? How do we know if his policies with the Saudis is NOT because of the $500 Million dollar loan his son in-law just got from them? Do you really want to go one by one of the Hundreds if not Thousands of Lies that Trump has spewed over the last 2+ years? He has been caught lying MULTIPLY times and his Press secretary has covered for him by explaining WHAT the PRESIDENT REALLY MEANT! So when it comes to LIES Trump has been a master for over 40 years here in NY. You are just blinded by Right Wing BS from Rush, Fox and all those other self proclaimed expert Pundits. Se us NYers have seen and heard all of Trumps lies for decades. Many hardworking NY Tradesman like my self have seen him screw over Unions and violate contracts. When he hired 200 ILLEGAL Polish workers in the 80’s for demo work. Going against a contract he had signed already. He was sued by the Reagan administration for those workers. That’s why he supported Bill Clinton and held fund raisers for him in NYC during the 1992 Elections. So get some education and Knowledge before you spout off about things you are ignorant of or are too blinded to admit.

  9. There is in the Bible about “Bearing False Witness”. I suggest all Should look up the penaltys for such an act.

  10. So now the judge has learned what most of us already knew. You can’t trust Democrats with anything. What is the judge going to do about it? Or, doesn’t she mind getting played for a fool and getting f _ _ _ e d over like the rest of the honest people in America?

  11. Hey DemocRats, time to #Walkaway!

    Congress = Republican = WINNING!

    U.S. Senate = Republican = WINNING!

    U.S. Supreme Court = Republican = WINNING!

    Trump = President of the U.S.A. = WINNING!

    Since 2008 under Obama Bin Stupid DemonRats have lost 1029 seats!

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    2010 DemocRats = Lost the U.S. Congress!

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    2017 DemocRats = Lost the ability to reason!

    2018 DemocRats = Lost what was left of their sanity!

    DemocRats = Lost the opportunity to place 2 more Commie socialists to the U.S. Supreme Court!

    2008 – 2016 DemocRats = Lost 1029 seats under OhomoObozo”

    = all DemocRats are 100% LOSERS HA HA! ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)

    I haven’t seen you “tolerant” libtards this upset since Republicans outlawed slavery and abolished segregation! I LOVE your tears of unfathomable sadness….. Delicious! #Walkaway!

    • also:

      Soros looks ill, he is not seen often, not sure what he is taking to stay above ground, but it wont last forever. his color is fading, so my guess its soon.

      bill Clinton looks like pow and what’s with the sores, gaping stairs and red face? too much partying is catching up with him? probably, he does not look well either.

      Maxine repeats like a drugged up parrot. She appears to be clown like and she is the one on you tube who said she will confiscate your companies, that’s communism- right?

      Hillary, falls, watches balloons like a white jacket loon- woaaaa, she also cant sit upright, and needs medical attention, she has been falling fast, last 2 yrs. just compare its becoming more frequent. what’s she got? whatever it is, its consuming her fast, those big jackets, and devises cant be hid by scarves.

      Pelosi, looks like she rolled out of bed, hair is greasy, uses wrong words and appears not stable, she’s got something too. My dog in back window of my chevy in 1973 bobbed less than Pelosi.

      Bernie, old as dirt, and a socialist, how did a democratic party let a socialist on their team? no one asked that for decades? helllooooo!

      Biden, old and so touchy feely- he cant hide that much longer- full moons follower? who knows but its odd for sure.

      Hollywood freaks are getting locked up in mass- for major perversions and assaults, so they need that money for legal fees no money for socialist dems. too many to list.

      even the socialists followers are asking for more money to march, the novelty is wearing off.

      snowflakes are getting disowned from families and all those faces on internet are showing up-giving identity (that’s for life, so I suggest we add name to face), and friends, family and co workers are distancing themselves from these disturbed nits.
      People, this crazy town and in the 70’s actions like that were put in rubber rooms or they drank the jim jones Kool aid!

      let me ask:

      who doesn’t know where to pee? you knew where to pee at age 2-3 but entered liberal college and you don’t know where to pee or your gender?

      you don’t know your gender just stick hands in pants, there are only 2 genders no matter how much you bark at the moon

      kids rock back and forth, screaming in rage and fits, banking on doors and cars, this is not normal people, crazy town.

      kids are easily gathered to be slaves of socialists, telling them where to stand, what to say and pay them to do it. These people do as told they are slaves to the socialist masters who use them because they are easily manipulated and stupid.
      Do these kids know that they are useful for this cause but not useful very long?

      then we have grown women stripping naked (I puke a little in my mouth after I saw that- they should not do that!),
      wear pink hats on head as if they are 2 yrs old, and some wear vagina hats, I really don’t get it, we know you have a vagina, we don’t need to see a 6 ft. one on your body.
      Not sure what that even means.

      whats the fixation with perversion, porn and other freak stuff, I don’t get that earthier. you got someone making a fake show of the first lady, weird. what does that even mean? other than the left is always immoral and freakish.

      we have micheal moor making a movie on how bad capitalism is, but he financially capitalizes on capitalism and he still gets the stupid to follow. how stupid are these freaks?

      then Hollywood said “we are nasty” yes we know you are nasty and perverts, and your movies are not that great, you go after young girls and boys and your freaks!

      the democratic party has been turned into the socialist party.

      socialists don’t make it too long, eventually their people starve and other ailments occur, look at Venezuela, they have been eating out of dumpsters for 2 yrs. from socialist ideology. trash munchers because they followed freak leaders.

      then we have Ginsberg, she is too old, I think we need to put a mirror under her nose to see if she is actually living.

      then we have people aborting children and saying its a choice? talk about mental! your gifted with a gift of life and you send in a knife in your vagina and cut fetus up alive -while you body is feeding this precious gift and then you laugh about it. You are sick and the devil really wants you because you are not fit to be walking the planet. Some even pour in saline that chokes the fetus to death (abortion waterboarding) and or burns off fetus skin for a slow death as the fetus screams to be saved, but comes out red burned to death slowly- while the mom goes for a latte.

      and we have the left claiming they are communists and socialists, well America is neither so your violating your oath (when your running for office or in office) and should be imprisoned for these actions. that’s not freedom of speech that’s not following our constitution and laws of THIS nation.

      freaks who are Attacking American people, property and our Nation, is not sitting well with Americans.

      IN fact that is why I think to date in 8 yrs. you lost 1200 seats because of your behavior.

      soon you will lose 100 -200 more, all over this fabulous nation.

      No one likes evil and evil needs to be extinct, evil people end up dying alone and no one cares your gone. good riddens

  12. There is no justice until justice is served. It is high time justice was served, and all evildoers reap what they sowed. The People demand their voices be heard, and that evil be purged from our government. Let those that had knowledge of the law and willfully chose to violate reap the full punishment they so richly deserve. Spare them not, but hold them fully accountable.

  13. That’s pretty sad that a judge took this long to wake up since we’ve known it all along. Sounds like the judge shouldn’t be a judge.


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