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ABC Regrets Firing Roseanne; “We Didn’t Think It Through Properly”


ABC executives regret their “knee-jerk” decision to fire Roseanne Barr, and now believe that the network’s spin-off series The Conners will fail under the weight of its own politically correct hubris, reports the Daily Mail, citing two anonymous execs.

“We didn’t think it through properly. What Roseanne did was wrong but we shouldn’t have rushed to fire her. It was almost a knee-jerk reaction by Ben [Sherwood] and Channing [Dungey] who should have launched an investigation,” said one insider, who added “This would have given them more time to listen to the public, advertisers and cast members to determine the best decision.”

The Roseanne reboot – which quickly became ABC’s #1 top-rated series in April, was quickly derailed after the network suddenly fired star Roseanne Barr after she compared former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to if the “Muslim brotherhood & Planet of the Apes had a bay,” comments which were condemned by Dungey as “abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values.”

Barr, 65, was fired before a single advertiser pulled out, just three months into the show’s return. Her co-stars immediately turned on her, publicly shunning Roseanne for her tweet.

Roseanne immediately apologized:

Many conservatives at the time pointed out that while Roseanne was fired, MSNBC host Joy Reid was allowed to keep her job despite making anti-gay, anti-Muslim blog posts several years ago over a sustained period – and then lying about it. 

The vastly different treatment of the two TV personalities has once again raised questions over the treatment of conservatives in Hollywood.

Although many applauded the network for taking swift action against the actress, the cancellation marked a premature and unfortunate end to the revival which had been considered an overall success.

Prior to Barr’s tweet, however, the show had already received criticism for Roseanne’s portrayal of a Trump supporter and its attempts to confront social issues involving race and politics.

According to one source, ABC was aware of what they ‘were getting’ when they hired the outspoken actress and rebooted her show, but the inappropriate tweet was the last straw for Dungey, despite Barr’s desperate attempts to save face.

They could’ve suspended her from the first few episodes without pay and had her return later on in the season. I mean the season finale saw Roseanne going to the hospital for knee surgery,’ the source added.

‘While they worked out her fate, her character could have faced serious complications and fought for her life, while simultaneously making Roseanne fight for her career with a national apology tour. –Daily Mail

ABC will now attempt to run The Conners on October 16 sans Roseanne – which execs now fear may not go so well.

“When we greenlit The Conners we thought that the public would tune in to see the family return but what we’ve discovered is that people want Roseanne – they don’t want the family by themselves,” another source told The Mail.

The marketing and publicity teams are horrified as no matter what promotional material is released – and let’s be honest it’s been limited for a show that launches next Tuesday – Roseanne’s fans come out in force stating that they won’t watch the show.

The comments on social media tend to skew in favor of Roseanne and slam The Conners and the cast members who came back. Even dedicated fans of the Conner family feel conflicted about supporting a show that so swiftly eliminated the show’s matriarch and creator.’ –Daily Mail

“In the end the ratings are all that matter – and there are many people at Disney and ABC who are worried that firing Roseanne will see their Tuesday night ratings drop substantially. And should The Conners flop, Channing and her team will have many questions to answer.”

“The whisper across ABC is that they will not even be a quarter of what Roseanne achieved last season.”

An ABC spokesperson told the Mail denied that the network is concerned about the success of the Connors.

To hear more about her firing, supporting Trump, and much, much more, check out Roseanne’s Thursday appearance on the Joe Rogan show:


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  1. Hey Fox, I have been blogging and tweeting just what you should do! Pick up Roseanne and cast her as a widow. There are so many situations she could explore from infants to elderly groups. From nurseries to nursing homes. Give her a couple of sidekicks and the sky is the limit. She can create the comic, poignant and political moments as only she can. Cal it “Roseanne’s Revenge”. Instant hit! FOX PAY ATTENTION!

  2. Too bad ABC didn’t check out the Communist American destroyer slum lord before they crucified Roseanne! Jarrett is not a victim, she is a victimizer and still working to take down America with Obama and the Deep State all working for One World Government with us the poor workers as they live high on the hog from our labors. If you care about your children you need to vote Republicans, small government and freedom in at a majority rate so President Trump can count on getting things done for “we the people”! God Bless!

  3. Yes, you jumped too quick, just because she is a Trump supporter.. , not for what she said. If she was a Trump hater, this would never have happened. You allow other horrible things said on your other shows, that I refuse to watch, because it is too political the other way… I will watch Fox any day over yours… I hope your whole network fails…. You Trump haters will learn one day….

  4. I suspect the media will never learn. So I refuse to watch their obvious political bias…period. Big Bang is smart to make this their last season-they are no longer funny, they are pathetic-Sheldon learns nothing, showing “genius” something not to be desired-and the orgies they undertake are disgusting-Penny sleeps with anyone who will buy her a drink, Raj is too much a lady, and Bernadette is a total bitch. Not funny, people, not even close-not relevant or entertaining. Should have called it quits when Howard got married. Young Sheldon is another of the shows that strive to show that parents are stupid, church going people are addle brained, and the children are wiser than anyone. Again, not funny-rather sad. And we wonder why young people have no respect, no morals and no dignity!

    • Who said they think? Amatrons don’t think for they are programed & you can’t change the program or the Amatron dies . . .

  5. Rosanne isn’t even a Conservative. Just plain wrong to fire her over something so stupid. PC culture and censorship of free speech at their worst. Get rid of PC speech. Should be able to voice your opinions without being punished. This is not Communist Russia, China or Cuba yet. At least I hope not. But we seem to be headed in that direction. Fight back by saying what you think and to Hell with the PC Police.

  6. Jarrett does look like the Planet of the apes creature, not a thing racist about the observation except to fellow racist. Roseann should never have apologized!

  7. If Rosanne was showing liberal bias and she had said something negative about a conservative nothing would have been said by the network in fact they would have applauded her spirit. But since this was a comment about a liberal, well how dare you Rosanne YOU’RE FIRED! I can’t wait to see their new show The Conners fail and fail they will.

  8. The bias of the networks needs to be exposed PROFESSIONALLY. By that i mean a respectable, non partisan entity needs to study the different networks, tally up the bias of the left AND the right, determine if it so biased that it is in an attempt to brainwash the viewers and then report the findings in a way that everybody will be able to view them…..I am guessing that CNN will be considered a brainwashing attempt. I believe NBC, ABC, CBS will not be far behind.

  9. Too little, too late ABC. I for one will not watch the Connors or support your network. Compared to what the women of the View say every day about our President and his family and the comments on Murphy Brown and things I have heard on other shows and the network news, Rosanne was not bad. Still her apologies were rebuked and she was ostricized and as far as I can see, her comment was not far off the mark.

  10. Nice try ABC, but as long as you keep the “View” on the air, it’s pretty clear that your network knows exactly what it’s doing.

  11. ABC cannot lose me as a viewer because I do not watch any TV at all. But, having said that-SCREW ABC-Leftist/vile/dishonest, if you ask me.

  12. The Bad Thing In All this last 34 months I think we are heading to Civil War 2 & like the last one they will start it. But fear not they can only pay for an armed insurrection for a bit of time because 2 things work on the hired thugs

    1) Hey we’re getting shot at, bob over there just got shot & is dead that fast, they don’t pay that good to die for there commie lies . . .

    2) How can I sneak away get home & secure my family from this nightmare. If I get home can I then get my family over to the RIGHT side so we are safe ?

    3) they will use great fortune on it, It is after all money they ripped off from the country Treasury and they can’t last long when the world declares the American Dollar to be worth ZIP because we have no more government . . .

    Ok Ok I gave you 3 but they are all in play right now & they can’t call in the military besides in all even the Military has had it’s fill of the Commie BS & I say about 87% will turn if ordered to fire on AMERICAN Citizens the only slime balls are the 20 + year flag ranks who are Demon Kraut Ratz in the JACK ASS PARTY ( think J. Kerry, J. McCane & turn coat for O’BamYa Gen Powell . . . In all what would AMERICA Be like when it comes to that ? )

    In addition how will they do anything and keep the suport up ? I give you the losses of the Jack Ass Party and the white house after Ruby Ridge & Wako when W.J.B4Th/C & J.Rino opened fire on AMERICAN citizens because of lies told to them by other Amatrons . . . The only thing you can be sure of is there lies will get you killed for they have showed you before that they are very willing to send the goons to kill you but will not do so themselves . . .


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