Home Politics “Fu*k. You. All. To. Hell”: Google Exec Threatens GOP Over Kavanaugh Confirmation

“Fu*k. You. All. To. Hell”: Google Exec Threatens GOP Over Kavanaugh Confirmation


A Google exec has come under fire after sending a now-deleted tweet to the GOP over the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who became the 114th justice of the US Supreme Court following a heated political battle.

You are finished, @GOP. You polished the final nail for your own coffins. FUCK. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL,” tweeted design lead David Hogue, adding “I hope the last images burned into your slimy, evil, treasonous retinas are millions of women laughing and clapping and celebrating as your souls descend into the flames.”

Hogue, a Google US design lead who has been with the Mountain View, CA company since December 2013, confirmed that he deleted the tweet – and that the opinions expressed in it “are mine personally.”

A Google spokeswoman told Fox News via email: “What employees say in their personal capacity has no bearing on the way we build or operate our products.”

Sounds like a similar answer to the one Google gave when Breitbart uncovered a video of Google executives who are absolutely beside themselves following Hillary Clinton’s historic loss. In the video, co-founder Sergey Brin compares Trump supporters to fascists and extremists – arguing that like other extremists, Trump voters suffered from “boredom” which has, he claims, historically led to fascism and communism.

He then asks his company what they can do to ensure a “better quality of governance and decision-making.”

And according to Kent Walker, VP for Global Affairs, those who support populist causes like the MAGA movement are motivated by “fear, xenophobia, hatred and a desire for answers that may or may not be there.”

He later says that Google needs to fight to ensure that populist movements around the world are merely a “blip” and a “hiccup” in the arc of history that “bends towards progress.” 

Was David Hogue’s hateful opinion of an entire class of people – the GOP – fueled by Google’s internal culture which despises conservatives?

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  1. This life long Democrat will never vote for another Democrat ever. It is unfortunate that I make this claim, but the party can only have themselves to blame. The party has gone too far to the left and is not the party of John Kennedy!
    Bye, Bye DNC!!!

    • You’re not alone in that statement. After 2016 and the crookedness of the DNC and of the actions and attitudes many obedient Dem. elected officials I and many others will effectively be voting AGAINST something for the foreseeable future – against the Dem. Party.

    • For this so-called Exec to make such a statement is not only vulgar, but actually shows the world just how ELOQUENT and INTELLIGENT he is. His vulgarity shows just how cheap he can lower himself to be, and he should pay dearly for publicizing his level of low intelligence. Just because he draws a big paycheck, is no measure of his character or personal values. He also was obviously not watching the drama that I watched, along with many millions of Americans, or, if he was, is just as ignorant as the EVIL DEMOCRAPS that tried to railroad JUSTICE KAVANAUGH with the EVIL, LOADED, ROTTEN ALLEGATIONS THAT DR> FORD made against this fine man! She was lead to the SLAUGHTER by EVIL PEOPLE, regardless of who they were, or their position in life, and she was a victim as was JUSTICE KAVANAUGH in this EVIL DISHONEST VILE attempt to derail his nomination to a position that he has lived his life to attain.
      I have questioned some of the things that the DEMOCRAPS have done over the years, and this is the LOWEST, DIRTIEST, MOST EVIL and CONTEMPTIBLE THING THAT THEY HAVE DONE, and aiming it at such a fine person makes it even more EVIL AND WRONG!!!

    • Just another out of control lefty tweeting from where the sun never shines. This is so typical of the left. They need to control the number of steroids they are taking. Used to like some of them years ago. Now we even have Taylor Swift weighing in on the Tennessee race. She is not even from that state. Soros money has enormous influence does it not? We should have deported him years ago. RVN 68-69

    • I think many People are doing the same thing. I dropped them back in the early 70’s. A coworker who transferred up to Vandenberg from Hunnington Beach worked at registering Voters for the Democrat Party. What turned him away was, the person he was working with went to the Cemetery and started taking names off of Head Stones. He said he told the guy that is illegal. The guy said to him, we do this all the time. Then they went to Rest Homes and took names off of the registry to register. They knew these people were too feeble to care about voting. That is when I quit the illegal Party of criminals.

      • There were many unhappy Americans during the Obummer years, but I have never seen such horrible, despicable behavior as now. These hateful, immoral screamers are not even human. In fact, not even animals behave this way. What has happened to mankind?

    • Praise God! Good for you! I pray, more lifelong Dems will change their vote to vote Republican all the way! Shame on this “exec”. He should be fired! Is that all Dems can do; find a bunch of loud, hateful, slimy rioters to bang on State Capitol doors to scream. In fact, they’re taught what and how to scream and don’t even know what they want. They really don’t have a cause. All they know is that they’re paid to create havoc and upset. If you talk to a rioter, they can’t even tell you what kind of a government they want. I pray to God it is the end of mainstream media because this is all they air. What a waste of energy and time!

  2. So was this guy’s account deleted or banned for his hate speech? All some people did was ask what the meaning of “is” is!!!!

  3. I have received two of these from Google. I do not spam anyone and Google wouldn’t even tell me what I wrote that was objectionable to them. I really can’t get away from Google, since I have a ChromeBook, using the Google operating system. Love the laptop, don’t like Google censoring me.

    Dear SandyT,
    We’ve determined that your comments may be in violation of our User Content and Conduct Policy.
    Spamming, including sending unwanted promotional or commercial content, or engaging in unwanted or mass solicitation, is not permitted.
    Continued violation of our policies can lead to the loss of your ability to use some or all features of Google+ and other Google services. Learn more
    The Google+ team

    The only thing I could figure is, they don’t like it that I’m very conservative and don’t mind saying so!

  4. This person should be investigated immediate by the federal authorities and hopefully sent to GITMO and wear an orange jump suite.

  5. DISGRACEFUL!!! As most democrats are now. This guy spits hateful scum from his mouth and needs to be FIRED! If they keep him no one will respect Google. Roseanne got fired for less.

  6. As I rightfully predicted, the left wing, homosexual loving, socialist moronic democrats would blow their to when Kavanaugh got confirmed and show their colors for exactly who & what they are, and now we have the rest of the story! No one, at least no American will ever vote for a retarded idiotic that will try with any means necessary to shut up other American’s by flushing them down the toilet. All that will ever accomplish in this country at least is, it will force both democrat leaning to join with Republican’s, who swear by the Constitution and the American way of life, meaning everyone has freedom of speech. Just go on ahead, you morons and try to shut us up, we’ll join together and smash you like the cockroach that you are and splat your guts all over the floor! So, you go on ahead and run your mouth, try your best, and the American people shall rise up and smash you, which you so richly deserve!

  7. There is no need for that language and he should be removed from his position with Google. I respect everyone’s opinion , although the way it is conveyed should be a bit more professional. For example what in his record does he have disagreements with, and what would he want to change in the Judge’s opinions?

  8. It is unbelievable that ANY REPUTABLE CORP. would employ ANY ONE who expresses their opinion in such a crass,uneducated use of the english language. MORESO, that they would continue that status after this childish,belligerent ,thoughtless outburst.
    HE and GOOGLE should be SHAMED and DISCARDED.—-NOTE I have entered the CORRECT code 5 times ,BUT the message is —ERROR. Apparently the system is MALFUNCTIONING

  9. Hogue should do a little study instead of running his mouth foul first. If you slide to the left on the scale of government you will find Democrats, Socialists, Fascists, Communists and finally tyranny under absolute rule such as what the people of North Korea “enjoy”. This side of the political scale has many who worship the all-knowing, most-benevolent, all-powerful god of Big Government. Every aspect of your life is controlled by the government and the subservient media. If you slide to the right of center, you get less and less government until you have no government or anarchy which is no better than absolute rule. An example of this is the days of the Wild West where there was no law except for the gun on your hip. Instead of courts of law, you had lynch mobs. Your family and property were safe as long as you could guard them 24/7.

    Hogue has shown everyone you can be highly educated and still not be very smart at all. The enemies of our constitutional republic and way of life walk among us, but it isn’t the GOP.

  10. Unbelievable, this people wanting to control our country through media…………they don’t like my conservative comments that’s for sure!!!! They take the important comments down and leave just the stupid ones.

  11. Being 66, I WAS a lifelong democrat since I 1st voted in 1970. If would have been up to me, Reagan, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama would have been one term presidents. So I consider myself a moderate that occasionally leans left.
    As of November 2016, I am no longer a democrat. The dems have moved too far to the left for my comfort, at least that is what the media is providing in the past 2 years. In my eyes, the democrat leadership has allowed the radical leftists to be the current voice of the party. I hear no voice of reason at the top of the dem organization. This recent Kavanaugh hearing has confirmed my 2016 decision. I may vote for a moderate dem now and then locally in the future, but the repubs seem to be the only reasonable party in D.c. at this time.
    I hope the dem leadership rights the ship before its too late.


  12. I don’t understand this! Who is Dave Hogue? I’m a woman and he is definitely not my spokesperson!
    Why is he using women to send this hateful message to the GOP? I don’t get it. I used to be a Democrat, but the party has gotten so ugly, I have to distance myself more and more from it every waking hour!

  13. Some friends of mine, 6 of them, 3 with BS degrees and 3 with Masters degrees can’t believe that I vote Republican. I’m brown skin, and according to this very well educated group of people, I have to vote Democrat as Republicans are “racists”. It doesn’t matter to them the fact that there are only 2 directions for our country:
    Democratic Republic with its Constitution, freedoms and unalienable rights like no other country in the world.

      • College Degrees these days, only mean that indoctrination was carried out well, by the socialist institutions. You understand that it is wisdom that allows you to see what your friends don’t, THE TRUTH. I left the Republican Party over 20 years ago due to their socialist leanings. The D’s are what I call the Democommunist Party. Look up the 1963 communist Party goals for the USA. https://americasenemieswithin.blogspot.com/2011/02/45-goals-of-communist-party-1963.html The reason we don’t hear much about the communist party USA anymore, is because the democommunist party is them. God Bless and continue explaining to your indoctrinated friends. Share the KJV Bible with them if possible, that is the winning hand.

    • Snafu, your friends have bought into the idea you vote as a member of a group and you should be expelled if you venture off the reservation. They don’t understand intelligent people such as yourself prefer to think for themselves and vote accordingly. Going with the flow is to act like a sheep rather than someone well versed in critical thinking – a mortal sin to the Left. Of course, I have run across a few people who don’t like to think for themselves. They are like, “Oh, I hate to think because it makes my hair hurt.”

      Have an awesome day! 🙂

    • I use Startpage.com which is a proxy to Google. This keeps your searches private. Check it out for yourself. It’s free and there’s no sign up.

      As for GMail, I really don’t have any reliable alternatives.

      Have a great day!

      • I still use AOL, mostly. Will not use google or googledocs or chrome though it is loaded onto my laptop. Aol for email, and for searches. Perhaps not the fastest of most efficient, but they have never blocked anything I have to say.

    • Charlie,
      Use duckduckgo as your search engine, and get Thunderbird for your email then set it up like your Internet provider should have instructions for. You can configure your email so it is not saved on the corrupt cloud. DuckDuckGo is a no track search engine.
      https://duckduckgo.com/ go here to read about the search engine.

  14. Screw this David Hogue show me an ounce of evidence against a really good man … I’ll be waiting because you will not find it. There isn’t any. However; you can find plenty of evidence on the 3 accusers for being quite dishonest and shady to say the least and that’s by their own family and friends too. Dr. Ford is a Sexual Abuse AGENT for theCiA that is someone who blackmails/or frames someone with sexual abuse allegations for them. Also she did a paper with a group on How to do self hypnosis to CREATE Artificial Memory. Ya don’t say… Look it up you aren’t going to find it on mainstream media they are feeding you the Foolaid stop guzzling the Foolaid man. At least Maga supporters aren’t drinking the blood of babies, raping, torturing and sacrificing them to the Satanic World Order like your party is. Don’t believe me look that up as well and stay on there and educate yourself on reality. Wake up or get out of the way. So go F yourself… Congratulations though you have Now become what you HATE! haha FUNNY OLE WORLD… KARMA DOESN’T DISCRIMINATE AND IT ALWAYS KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE…. WHAT a legacy to leave your kids too…. they must be so proud daddy’s a hypocrite Jerk! Everything you said about Maga supporters is exactly what all of you are. everything you accuse everyone else of you are all doing that’s a classic yet historic move straight out of history from Hitler himself. Look that up too or crack a book or something you are looking like a Fool Punkin. Get some help

  15. Everything that these people say about Trump and the Republican’s and EXACTLY what they do themselves. Their the ones that promote all of the fear, crime, hatred, etc. It’s people like Dave Hogue that are responsible for all of the evils of today. His day is coming, it’s just not coming soon enough.

  16. He is such an ass for thinking his opinion makes a crap to anybody but himself. I’m sure no one wants to work for him. He probably has too much money to be able to think like a human much less an American. His principles are in the tank, he supports losers, and the women that matter would not stand and shriek like banshees in front of our Supreme Courthouse. They are an embarrassment to Americans. First of all, no one believes that idiot Ford. She couldn’t remember anything except what Feinstein paid her for. No one should just accept a loon’s statement with no proof and ruin another, even if you are a fool Democrat. The problem with Dems on the West coast is they have too many plastic straws up their rears! They have no other plans but bitch.

  17. We have been lead to believe that we the people are now living in the Information Age. However when searches are steered to sources that lean in a direction that is tainted by a globalist or leftist version of the truth and unbiased definition or observation is negated or suppressed then the minds of the masses can subliminally be shaped to accept a predetermined overall philosophy. We are now in the age of selective information via the biased media platforms and leftist controlled social media outlet such as google and Facebook. Change how enough people view the world and gradually the world will be changed by generational indoctrinazation to the socialist/globalist mindset. Our constitutional republic is in great danger.

  18. David Hogue personifies the very reason the democratic party is failing so badly. No morals, no class, no ideas, no compassion, just plain self-interest at any cost.

  19. Fire him! Democrats leaving the party like a house on fire. The blowback from how they treated Kavanaugh will not soon pass, and they will lose elections like craz next month. They did it to themselves!

  20. Does Google actually condone such behavior, with its executives, as they bash the very foundation of our country. Is the ability to reasonably hold political discussion out the window? Is the only way that the extreme, which I consider very dangerous from either the right or left, unable to bring themselves into a normal debate over anything without vial attitudes, hateful statements which include threats of harm, to unacceptable posts due to foul language the new normal of he day? If that is so then what have we as a society set as our limits of decency, and what example are we passing on to our children who are our legacy?

  21. Funny isn’t it, how these leftists suddenly believe Ford just because she’s a woman? The GOP gave her more consideration than she deserved. She was proven to be an outright liar and committed outright perjury on several occassions, not including the ever changing story that not one of her ‘witnesses’ would collaborate.
    She would have been torn to shreds in a court of law by even an incompetent defense attorney, yet no halfway intelligent prosecutor would even try such a weak case.
    Where was all the outrage over Bill Clinton’s abuse of women? Lets go back and investigate the rape of Juanita Broaderick, it has much more crediibility than this lame case.
    I just hope enough Americans wake up and realize that the Democratic party has become the enemy of this nation. They want to destroy our rights and pursue their dreams of a global socialist world with no borders and everyone equal to sing kumbaya. I got news for them, they are the useful idiots who history has proven are ALWAYS the first to die when they achieve their goals and are no longer useful.
    Screw this clown from Google and screw google. They too will push enough that alternative platforms will emerge, just as alternative news sources have pretty much replaced the propoganda MSM arm of the DNC.

  22. Does this jewel of virtue know how may sitting Democrat Senators voted against Bill Clinton’s impeachment for sexual abuse and perjery…….? You remember him, his wife who protected him for the past 30 years from his sexual escapades derailing THEIR political career was the Democratic candidate for President 2 years ago.

    7, the number is 7….FEINSTEIN, SCHUMER, LEAHY, MURRAY, and 3 others………….https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impeachment_of_Bill_Clinton

  23. And now for my own personal opinion: fuck you. I don’t want you burning in hell. That would be too good for you. So just: fuck you.

  24. Who the hell cares how about some Bay Area Yuppy asshole has to say about conservatives the biggest problem workstation today it’s this two party system that are playing in a sandbox and as soon as one of them takes a toy away they go crazy it’s a total disgrace on how our political system is nothing more but a bunch of kids fighting for the power just so they can continue to abuse it and line their own pockets at the taxpayers expense they seem to think that all we want to do is work to pay them to act like a bunch of kids it’s pathetic we need to eliminate all the incumbents and put some fresh blood in Washington definitely drain the swamp and the only reason why teach other countries tolerate us is because we’re a big joke to them you people in Washington and Silicon Valley need to focus on the people in this country that made you have what you have today show grow up and start doing the right thing I know that’s asking a lot but it’s really not that difficult and actually doing the right thing it’s much easier then doing it wrong but you seem to think that you’re going to profit from doing wrong

  25. How anyone can vote for a Dem at this point is beyond me. They are totally absent of any moral, ethical, civil, or respectable attributes. That’s because there really aren’t any Democrats at this point – they just use that name as people would not vote for them if they said what they really are: Communist, Fascist, etc… Anyone who threatens others should be arrested. Anyone, including politicians, who incite violence should be arrested and removed from public office. Anyone found to violate the law in trying to promote their agenda should be arrested. Sessions – where are you? We desperately need an AG who will do the job!

  26. Unlike the democrats I cannot abide hate, but I do feel disdain for the many democrats that do express hate and vileness. I am concerned, for this country, because there are too many democrats how are truly hateful and vile.

  27. If you FELT EUPHORIA over Trump’s WIN in 2016! If ‘WINNING’ is you new Drug! If a Booming Economy, Record Unemployment, Record Consumer Confidence & the Defeat Of Globalists Cause you to wake every morning with a NEW SPRING IN YOUR STEP, then you MUST BE OVERWHELMINGLY ECSTATIC & CHOMPING AT THE BIT TO VOTE IN NOVEMBER! If you LOVE this new Drug Of “WINNING” then you MUST VOTE!!!! The DIMM WITS are going to every cemetery to register their voters! They are encouraging College DIMM WITS to register at school & at home so they can vote twice! ILLEGALS & FELONS ARE BEING REGISTERED IN RECORD NUMBERS! They are fighting to defeat any Voter ID requirements! IF YOU LIKE “WINNING” & you don’t VOTE, you DESERVE the WITHDRAWALS you are about to go thru when your New Drug Of WINNING is stopped by the DESTRUCTIVE PARTY OF DIMM WITS! SO GO AND VOTE! YOU MUST!!!! OUR COUNTRY IS DEPENDENT ON YOU!!! VOTE RED! RED TSUNAMI!!

  28. David Hogue is scarily reminiscent of Theodore Kaczynski, better known as the Unibomber. This sick, crazy person should not be in a position of responsibility with any responsible company. With his known instability, when he goes over the edge and commits felonious actions, it will go back on the company. Has Google become an antisocial danger to the world?

    • It has. Computers are a godsend for these nerds — they wouldn’t find employment in any other lucrative sector. Not only anti-social but totally untrustworthy. They are the new Ma Bell which you may remember everyone loved to hate.

  29. Bet he takes it in the hiney and is a Feinsteri, Pelosi, Hildabest fan. Why don’t he just take a valour trip to Viet Nam with Blumenthal….his idol

  30. David Hogue, Right back “atcha” dick head! You about as intelligent as a block of wood! You’ll rot or be sawdust soon!

  31. The problem our government has, is career politicians. The senate, the house of representatives, and all government office should have a maximum term of no more than 2 terms that should not exceed 8 years. Our President can only serve 2 terms why not the elected governmental jobs be the same. Career politician has no need for the concern of the people they serve only the people they work with. Many time the only time you here from them is during election time or they were caught doing something wrong. Trying to see them in their office can be a nightmare, most of the time you can not see them and if you do get a chance to see them they try to rush you out so very quickly not giving you a chance to explain the reason you request to meet with them.

  32. so so sorry democrats but AMERICANS do not want to be part of a 1 world community. we dont want just anyone coming into our country we are already being invaded with threats of taking us over. what we want is our laws followed by all no matter if you the common person or someone in power. we want Illegals out of here and the end to chain migration. we want to stay AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, not become America the sh* Hole.

  33. Google has got to go by the wayside and that scumbag needs to be gone with extreme prejudice, if that is what it take. I for one am going to dump Google from all my devices including my Android phones.

  34. ” . . . it is difficult to argue with ‘the stupid’, since they tend to have so much more experience at being ‘the stupid’.” (jimmie on other site)

    Semper Fi . . .

  35. I was once told that the Democrat Party was that of the working man. This is no longer true as I see they going to the extreme far left that they no longer stand for any working person. Unemployment and high taxes seem to be all they are able to accomplish over the past years along with a radical way of expression. Violence at protests have over whelmed the media as we watch groups burn cars, break windows and doors of our businesses and college communities all because they don’t want to hear someone else’s point of view. This is America, this is what makes us so much better then other countries. We can discuss our views and LISTEN to the other side coming to understand one another and work towards a better world for ALL of us. It seems that there are some with a lot of money that want to turn us into a Socialist country. They dangle a carrot in front of our youth saying this should be FREE. NOTHING is free. You pay a price at some point down the line and a much higher price at that. Look at what they are selling you, look at Cuba and countries like Venezuela who now live under Socialism. Venezuela, once a wealthy country with their oil to pay for its needs. Then they fell for the free story of how things should be paid by the government. The working people are the government. When they lose their jobs and expenses from all that free stuff you want can no longer be paid for your life has changed for the worse as you can’t even buy toilet paper or have enough food to eat. Socialism doesn’t work. Your quality of living just continues to go down. Need proof, just look around the world and look at the whole picture of thes countries. They say free health care but compare theirs to here. You wait on a very long waiting list, the quality of health care is so poor you dog gets better care here then they have. Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it. In the mean time Democrats, if your unhappy with the direction the party has gone, then make a change because the Democrat party you belonged to for so many years is no longer that party.

    • THANK YOU…..hope he has enough marbles to live on when we become VENEZUELA TWO….the rest of us will just starve to death….

  36. Democrat proposals and visions are a lot closer to Venezuela ( a doomed economy) then Republican proposals. Socialism has never worked, not even in Russia.
    People are much more productive with incentives to work then they are with handouts.

  37. Tweet the POS and let him know how you feel….and why doesnt Raw Conservative post the google account so we can email, tweet them too?

  38. Thank you David…….Being an ignorant, disgraceful. low-life moron with the rant of a teenager…you have reconfirmed this entire family of 12 voters, made the correct decision when we walked away from the insane Democratic party, never ever to return. Sick, sick, UN American idiots. You have committed suicide in full view of the country. RIP.,,,,crazy liberals.

  39. The downfall of democracy as it was set up by the original America is falling apart with the left remaking America. The truth is no longer fact it is whatever a person wants it to be ie the accusations of something that happened 30 some years ago with not one bit of evidence and it becomes a fact that ALMOST destroyed a good man. However he overcame the left and will now be a great Supreme Court Justice. Thank you GOD. Most extremist left wingers do not believe in GOD. I wonder who defeated that on this Brett issue. Not believing in GOD I wonder how they believe in hell…I shall continue to pray for them…

  40. WOW, that EXEC really has a gift of words…….Me must have graduated from one of those F.U. colleges……..Seems he never learned how to articulate and show some class……NOW WE ALL KNOW that he is nothing but a muslim dicktator lover, and an alcoholic pant suit adultress killer lover…..

  41. Unfortunately this guy is not the exception to the rule but seems to be the rule itself now. The dems can’t seem to be able to cope with differing opinions and just attack anyone who has a different opinion than theirs. That’s a shame as we all should be able to have intelligent conversations about issues and be able to listen to both sides of the issues. Unfortunately that is not the way most liberals think.

  42. Just how does the appointment of a S.C. Justice provoke such wild eyed rabid responses in people who consider themselves intelligent and civilized? the man was heretofore a pretty unknown Appeals Court Judge whose opinions, while a bit conservative, were rather unremarkable and followed most others pretty closely.

    Suddenly he is thrust into some political whirlwind, set upon by Senators, lawyers and accusers from 36 years ago. Most of it is pretty obviously just tripe. Dr. Ford’s memories seemed enhanced by partisan friends and lawyers with radical leftist views.

    A national “trial” is held and by most standards the matter is inconclusive at best and a et up at worse. The legal role of the Senate is concluded with a vote for his appointment.

    Suddenly people who ignored the Supreme Court and its comings and goings are risking their careers, threatening to kill others and just loosing their minds over something that two years ago they would not even have seen fit to lift an eyebrow over. Does the actions of a Donald Trump really have the effect of driving usually sane individuals to the brink of personal suicide and foaming mouthed rabid behavior?

  43. wow……another extremely low IQ Zionist ape -CEO of Google just show his true face. Fuck you , too smelly Hebrew criminal . Pieces of shit like yourself along with many ,many more smelly deep state ‘s criminals such as Bitch Rosenstein, Dickhead Blumenthal, Schmuck Fuckerberg of Fuckbook, Adam Schiff , smelly George Soros and many ,many more must be investigated and prosecuted immediately for crimes against American people along with your prostitutes such as Obama, Holder, Waters, Booker ,etc. Nowadays anybody who speak his minds become a racists , bigot and white supremacist while true supremacist & evil keep sucking blood of American or European people in countries occupied by extremely smelly zio-swamp !

  44. I have voted democrat for 42 years until Obama showed up and couldn’t prove his citizenship. I shall never vote for another Democrat ever again. They are the biggest idiots I have ever seen.

  45. Raised Dem but will never vote dem again. Love Trump. He cares about the country …
    women lie and I’m a 75 yr old one. Dems lie. I want better for my country. Women’s lib is rediculous and has prob done more harm for women. MAGA!!
    God Bless America and will pray you cha

  46. Hogue is definitely not very intelligent and ignorant of the true situation unless he is also evil and corrupt and part of Deep State Bilderberg puppets. If he supports war , child sex trafficking, media manipulation , reducing people’s rights, and creating global world slaves then he is acting correctly and advertising who he is as did the Nazis in the past.

  47. That’s why they write algorithms to detect or censor those that they choose to deem as hateful, or acting contrary to their standards. How convenient and very politically biased.

  48. A Google spokeswoman told Fox News via email: “What employees say in their personal capacity has no bearing on the way we build or operate our products.”

    I call absolute BS on this statement. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that google is 100% for the liberal/progressive/socialist new world order. It’s disgusting. I have witnessed firsthand how they skew search results and block conservatives. And their news feeds are just as biased as CNN and MSNBC.

    I recently started switching the home page and default search engine in all my browsers to duckduckgo. Screw google. Nothing but a bunch of evil elitists trying to push their agenda on the world.

  49. This is an open letter, and an open encouragement for people to vote democrat.

    If you truly believe in and support, a woman’s “right” to kill her unborn baby as a
    method of birth-control, right up to (and into) the third trimester, VOTE DEMOCRAT!

    If you truly believe in and support, the concept of open borders, sanctuary states, and
    sanctuary cities (maybe even free health care for MS-13), and giving the right to vote
    to illegal aliens, you should VOTE DEMOCRAT!

    If you truly believe in and support, the idea of “special” rights for all manner of sexual
    perversions, and allowing men (dressed in wigs and women’s clothing) to share your
    daughter’s rest-rooms, dressing-rooms, locker-rooms, and showers, then by all means,

    If you truly believe in and support, your United States Senators, and members of the
    United States House of Representatives, constantly lying, making false accusations,
    and obstructing … not only justice … but all manner of procedures, and the entire
    legislative process itself, then please, VOTE DEMOCRAT!

    If you truly believe in and support, the efforts by liberals, to abolish the 2nd amendment,
    and the confiscation of all privately owned fire-arms, thus giving violent criminals their
    free reign throughout this entire country, VOTE DEMOCRAT!

    If you truly believe in and support, the idea that all accusations of sexual misconduct,
    that were alleged to have happened ten, fifteen, twenty, and thirty-plus years ago (or
    more), should always be taken seriously, and the accusers must “always be believed,”
    even if the accusers have zero evidence what-so-ever, then, VOTE DEMOCRAT!

    If you truly believe in and support, the concept that everyone who has been accused
    of a crime (without any supporting evidence or witnesses), must be required to prove
    their innocence, then you will surely want to, VOTE DEMOCRAT!

    If you truly hate this country (and every decent American family value), and you truly
    want the United States to more like Europe, then by all means, VOTE DEMOCRAT!

    C.L. (Chuck) Troupe
    Your Neighbor and
    Fellow American

  50. This is a reflection of his stupid! Well, it seems that no one in the company has the Ba–S or should I say back bone to fire the SOB and send him down the road. Take your severance pay and 401K and go look for a job. You don’t deserve this Company!

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