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GOP Must Now Move Against Democratic Smear Machine


To sustain the American recovery and protect due process under the law, the GOP must now strike back against Democratic smear campaigns like the one used against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

These smears, including one by a girl who claimed the bookish justice was a “gang rape mastermind,” relied heavily on the overthrow of due process, which represents just a sample of what’s to come if President Trump’s enemies gain power.

That’s why it’s time for the GOP to emphasize that the smears against Kavanaugh were part of a politically-motivated fraud meant to torpedo the U.S. recovery under Trump.

In short, Trump allies must get on the offensive politically, just like they were during the 2016 campaign.  It shows weakness to stay on the defensive against accusations backed by zero evidence – and staying defensive won’t sustain momentum for Trump.

His supporters must make a campaign issue out of the fact that Democrats are engaging in mob rule and bullying tactics, which won’t stop if they come back into power.

On the contrary, the SJW Dems will escalate their tactics into a relentless fever pitch until Trump is impeached or unseated from office – and until the First Amendment and due process are eradicated.

With midterms only a month away, it’s now more critical than ever to push for a red wave to sustain the American recovery.

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  1. Start first by prosecuting Ford for perjury and all the rest who were under oath and lied. Feinstein, if found to have leaked that Ford letter, she should be prosecuted too. Republicans need to get smart and get the upper hand on their corrupt agenda.

  2. Now that Republicans have won this key battle, I agree they need to counterattack aggressively to wipe out the key leaders of the Deep State or they will continue this tactic until they win a key battle. They wont quit. They have a long term strategy to take down the USA and turn it into socialist power. They cant just be allowed to persist at a low level until they regain their strength. The Republicans need to go for the throat or the deep state will resurge.

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