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Flip-Flop Flake “Still Having Issues” With Kavanaugh Despite “Thorough” FBI Report


Elaina Plott of The Atlantic reports that GOP Senator Jeff Flake (AZ) – the key holdout in the Kavanaugh confirmation, and retiring lame duck – is “still having issues” despite calling the FBI report that he insisted upon “thorough” and agreeing that it did not corroborate claims made by Kavanaugh accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.

How has Flake flip-flopped throughout the Kavanaugh confirmation process? Plott counts the ways…

Flake’s waffling is undoubtedly troublesome for Republicans, however if GOP Senator Susan Collins of Maine still votes “yes” as was implied by comments she made earlier Thursday, and/or the vote is otherwise tied, Kavanaugh could still be confirmed by Vice President Mike Pence.

Meanwhile, after a 15-year career on Congress – will Flake be remembered as a Democratic shill?

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  1. Flake has been bamboozeled and hornswaggled by Soros- Is Flake that stupid to think any of this Kav protest bs is organic- all paid for by the globalists, who are in a panic on loosing the SCOTUS for generations, There plan was to destroy the USA from within- they have the schools indoctrinating, the courts were going to schred the constitution.

  2. Soros is now dumping a bunch of money into this through MoveOn.org in what he calls “direct action in Washington” that means Flake could be getting a cash payout for a nay vote, sad but true.

    • Sorry. That meeting was between Flake, Manchin, and Collins. They were all smiling. Flake was standing. Collins was seated. Manchin was squatting. It all fits. I am 100% certain of this FINALLY.

    • political prostitute is who he is. he is only leaving because he was told he couldn’t get reelected. same reason harry reid all of a sudden left. and why that female idiot from north dakota is voting no. her voters are about to dump her too. so she decided to flip off her whole state. amazing trash we let run this country.

  3. flake should probably stay in politics. I cant think of any real successful company that wants a person that cant make obvious decisions quickly and move on to the next problem. airline pilot is definingly out!

  4. How could such a weak person become a US Senator ??
    This senator should put on his big boy pants , or panties, and vote for this good man.

  5. Hopefully, the republicans can work around this traitor. Regardless of what happens, Flake should be remembered as a swamp dweller with no gut. He is absolutely disgusting.

  6. Flake is a big nothing, a McCain protege. Calls himself a Republican but sides with the Dems. So happy he is retiring. I hope his conscience, if he has one, causes him sleepless nights for the remainder of his natural life.

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