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Brett Kavanaugh’s Testimony Leaves Senators With A Clear Choice


Although she stumbled at times, Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony before the Senate on Thursday probably marked a net benefit for her cause. But Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony boosted his own cause by leaps and bounds. 

Only a small number of people will ever actually know the truth about what happened, or didn’t happen, between Ford and Kavanaugh in the early 1980s. As the hearing into Ford’s allegation of sexual assault against Kavanaugh unfolded, the limits of our ability to conclusively asses the veracity of her story were apparent. 

The takeaway, then, is that there is no certain truth to actually take away. Absent conclusive evidence in either direction, the hearing allows us only to assess the witnesses’ believability. 

That brings us to another opening for gray area. It’s possible that both Ford and Kavanaugh came across credibly. This is a 36-year-old allegation. Perhaps each is convinced his or her position is truthful. Perhaps one of them is simply doing a great job at lying. When all is said and done, and the vote is called, such an impasse may be entirely unavoidable.

But sufficient as Ford’s testimony may have been, Kavanaugh’s fierce sense of righteous indignation will be seared into the nation’s political memory. Ford claimed with “100 percent” certainty the incident happened; Kavanaugh categorically denied it. But Ford produced no corroborating proof, and no further evidence outside her own memory. For both their passions, the fact remains that not one person Ford said was present at the alleged party remembers it.

That leaves us with a decades-old accusation, one person who insists it happened, one who insists it didn’t, and all those alleged to be present with no memory of the gathering during which it was said to have taken place. It is hardly enough to conclude guilt. Indeed, tellingly, as the hearing wore on, Democrats on the Judiciary Committee seemed more interested in pushing for an FBI investigation than adjudicating Kavanaugh’s guilt. 

Ford’s inability to produce a shred of hard evidence other than her ostensibly sincere and emotional testimony may be justified because the allegation is old and involves a traumatic memory. But that doesn’t make Kavanaugh guilty, and if it did, just about any allegation repeated under oath could sink just about any man.

There are political calculations that will complicate the moral ones for members of the Senate. And certainly we must have confidence that our nine Supreme Court justices are of the highest character, given their duty to the country. But the question for fair-minded senators now boils down to this: Does an unprovable and uncorroborated allegation that Kavanaugh did a terrible thing as a teenager— conduct that stands in contrast to what we know about his character today— disqualify him from sitting on the Supreme Court?

Given the media’s opposition to him, Republicans’ slim Senate majority, and Ford’s emotional testimony, Kavanaugh’s nomination seemed to be in great risk after his accuser left the chamber. But his defiant performance left senators with a choice about whether to set the precedent that a vigorously denied and credibly refuted claim from a nominee’s teenage life is disqualifying. 

Emily Jashinsky is culture editor at The Federalist. You can follow her on Twitter

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  6. While neither side provided silid and hard PROOF of what they say is true, they BOTH sound credible and could be true,
    There were a couple of people that came forward and CONFESSED that they were the people that were up there and tried to RAPE her and from what I heard it sounds like the DEMONrats did not want to believe them because they did not want Kavanaugh to become a SUPreme court Judge at almost any cost to their agenda and their control of America.

  7. Judge Kavanaugh rocked it! He came out with a determination to prove his innocent beyond ANY reasonable doubt. He did that & far more.
    This man spoke with such conviction and he owned the lying Dems, every one of them. He pulled no punches, he faced them, looked then squarely in the eye and he spoke directly, firmly and at times he even
    Stunned them with his ability to stand up to them and not allow them to try & make him the party “guilty until proven innocent”. That is not how we operate in this Country. It is the obligation of the accuser to prove that guilt. It is not the accuseds job to have to prove his innocence. However, he did prove his innocence. She did little to prove anything.

  8. After yesterday’s diabolical slander circus by the SCAMocrats, how in hell can anyone in their “right” mind come to a conclusion in favor of someone who could not be precise on ANYTHING, and whose very key witnesses (ALL OF THEM!!!) “denied” any and all of the FALSE accusations?!?!?!?! Because of ALL THE IRREPARABLE damage and slander and TOTAL SMEAR campaign by the SEWER RATS in the SCAMocrat party, Judge Kavanaugh AND his entire family should be allowed to take these SCUM to court and the courts should hang them out to dry…or at least tar and feather every single one of them. I, myself, would love to do a hell of a lot worse to the pathetic BASTARDS.

  9. Christine Blasey Ford made multiple inconsistent statements during her testimony.
    Ford said that she met with Rep. Anna Eshoo’s (D-CA) staff on July 18 and later met with Eshoo on July 20, which contradicts her written testimony in which she claims she met with Eshoo’s staff on July 11 and met with Eshoo on July 13.

    Christine Blasey Ford originally claimed the incident happened in her late teens and never named Kavanaugh but claimed it included 4 boys. Years later she now says she was 15 and their was 2 boys. If any idiot can’t see she is changing her story to try accuse Kavanaugh of something that would have happened to her after Kavanaugh had already left for college.

    She does NOT remember how she got to the party or how she got home.

    She has made her claim, there are no corroborating witnesses. No one else can place the two of them together at the party — not even the witnesses she has identified. She is inconsistent or forgetful on a number of key points. She can’t identify who brought her to the party or who took her home. Kavanaugh denied the claims. That’s thin — very thin — evidence of sexual assault.

    36 years after the fact. She doesn’t remember the date, the day of the week, the location, how she got to and from the party where the allege crime took place. All 4 of professor Fords witnesses claim they have no knowledge of alleged Kavanaugh assault against Ford. All 4 of her own witnesses under federal penalty of perjury have given sworn statement deny that any such crime occurred! That means this has been investigated! That includes professor Fords friend Ms. Keyser. Her statement “simply put Ms. Keyser does NOT know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has NO recognition of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present. with or without Dr. Ford.” And yet somehow we are suposed to believe her when she says she is “100% positive that it was Bret Kavanaugh that covered her mouth and climed on top of her?”

    Thank God we still maybe live in a country where we are inocent until “PROVEN GUILTY!”


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