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Leftist Group That Harassed Ted Cruz Vows: “You are not safe – We will find you”


The leftist group that harassed Ted Cruz and his wife at a restaurant in DC last night vowed on Twitter, “You are not safe. We will find you.”

Cruz and his wife Heidi were confronted by a mob who chanted, “we believe survivors,” as they tried to block the couple from leaving.

After the video went viral and began trending on Twitter, the group behind the stunt, Smash Racism DC, tweeted the following;

“This is a message to Ted Cruz, Bret Kavanaugh, Donald Trump and the rest of the racist, sexist, transphobic, and homophobic right-wing scum: You are not safe. We will find you. We will expose you. We will take from you the peace you have taken from so many others.”


The tweet is clearly a violation of Twitter’s rules on targeted harassment, which state, “You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so.”

Alex Jones was permanently banned by Twitter for being rude to a CNN reporter. I was suspended by Twitter for posting a video of the confrontation.

If Twitter deems that to be “targeted harassment,” the actual harassment of Cruz and the follow up tweet vowing to harass others clearly violates Twitter’s rules.

The group also tweeted out a phone number purporting to belong to Gavin McInnes, which is clearly an example of doxxing.


The Smash Racism DC’s banner image features an Antifa flag, a group that has been designateda domestic terror organization by the DHS and the FBI.


Will anything happen to Smash Racism DC’s Twitter account?

Don’t hold your breath.

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  1. Senator Cruz, I urge you to contact me at this post or wait there will be a letter arriving in your home within the next few days If you need additional security, contact me, we can arrange for enough volunteer security to make sur ethat you are safe.
    We wiould be happy to break few faces for you and if they want to get rough we would be happy to shoot them.
    Come to think of it, my hand to hand instructor always started his hand to hand classes with the same remark.
    if you must fistfight, the best way to win is with an M 1 Garand from 5 hundred yards


    • ARREST THEM Hell, If one of these PUNKS would have Blocked my Wife. I would have SHOT the SCUMBAG right in the BALLS. Its TIME We STAND up to these LOWLIFES and show these Pieces of GARBAGE we have had Enough.

    • This is out of hand Arrest them but thyere sorry selfs in prison they are crazy maybe on drugs Dam this is a free country if you act like a sane person other wise maybe they need some shock treatments to clear their thinking

  3. Inevitably this situation will escalate to a point where someone will be hurt and probably neither of the two antagonists but an innocent diner with a family outing. Then there are the Jerry Hughes of the world that think brutal force resolves all problems…this is a matter for the restauranteur to discuss with their local constabulary to prevent or shut down such infantile attempts at notoriety.

    • This restaurant had to let this large group in. Cruz should sue the restaurant and every diner should be comped their meals. If the restaurant claims the group pushed their way in, then the restaurant should press charges and sue the protesters for the lost revenue after comping the meals and the loss of future business. Sue them individually in civil court.

    • All conservatives need to take classes to learn how to handle a gun and shoot. Then apply for a concealed carry license and start carrying. I don’t feel safe going out in public anymore, why? because I live in a liberal state! WE NEED TO DEFEND OURSELVES AGAINST THESE LOONEY’S. Down the road they could be coming to our homes when they find out we are conservatives to harass and threaten us.

  4. Wow… Like rugrats on the playground, just get childish, bratty, intolerable, and just plain dumb. Did no one tell these overgrown Dem Supporters that “Democrats” are SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT “EVERYONE HAS RIGHTS TO Vooting, Opinions, etc??

  5. Don’t forget,Far Left,You are Not Safe either.A lot of us Veterans haven’t forgotten what it means to stand up for what one believes.Be careful we know where Hollywood is.We might just take Waters suggestions and take it in our own hands.Again,be careful.Don’t ask for what you cannot defeat.We as Veterans ,if we all get together look out.

  6. Wow…look at the press! They have been told this was going to happen. They are there filming. But regardless, because the threat was made, all republicans should carry pepper spray or any other non kill type of weapon to protect themselves. The restaurants that allow this type of thing to take place, should be boycotted and the people who happened to be there should have their meals comped. Cruz should SUE the restaurant and the people who did this individually and as a group. Tie them up in court AND when he wins the cases, have them investigated for any money they receive for the rest of their lives until the judgement is paid.

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