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Ted Cruz And Wife Chased Out Of DC Restaurant By Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters


Senator Ted Cruz, a supporter of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, was verbally assaulted by a group of protesters at a DC restaurant Monday night while trying to dine with his wife, as seen in a video posted by twitter account Smash Racism DC.

The protesters, chanting “we believe survivors,” blocked Cruz’s wife from exiting the restaurant at one point, prompting the Texas Senator to ask them to “let my wife through.”

In another clip, a woman claiming to be a survivor of sexual assault approached Cruz and his wife accompanied by her backup chanters, asking to discuss Brett Kavanaugh, “I know that you’re very close friends with Mr. Kavanaugh. Do you believe survivors sir? We believe survivors. Senator, I have a right to know what your position is on Brett Kavanaugh. I’m a survivor of sexual assault. There are now three people that have come forward and said that Brett Kavanaugh attacked them. Have you talked to him about that?”

Smash Racism says that they were unpaid, and that “most of us would do this for free any night of the week if we could.”

(h/t Cassandra Fairbanks @ Gateway Pundit)

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  1. This whole process is disgusting, the Dems. are showing their real selves as disingenuous creeps acting likes sharks after the prey. After watching this despicable display we have to wonder why any Democrat is considered worthy of political office. in addition the MSM slants the news or fake news to support the negative and untrue narrative against Judge Kavanaugh

    If that isn’t enough build a protesting group of anarchists by indirectly monetarily supporting their actions.
    Shame on the Dems. for their ruthless pursuit to destroy a fine man and a great potential Supreme Court Judge!

    • I would like to know where their body guards were?……….Aren’t they supposed to be with him when he goes out anywhere?

      GOD BLESS Kavanaugh and Cruz……..The LIBS are going to lose and they are wetting their britches because of their stupidity……….

    • Maybe these jerks should ask the scores of Black man who were lynched on the word of a single woman without evidence. If he were alive Emmet Till might weigh in on their totally stupid idea that “all woman” should ibe believed.

      This out of control political movement has jumped the share a long time ago and has poisoned where own well by allying with scummy lying politicians. The mingling of politics with sexual assaults has totally devalued the stories of many woman. The utilization of leftwing activist lawyers and politicians of this movement for politics is a toxic brew that will KILL this movement DEAD in its’ tracks.

      Can’t blame anyone BUT leftwing zealots who have hijacked this admirable movement and made it a political weapon. They will undo any good that might have come from the movement for short term political advantage.

      The ideology of the left usually wrecks anything it touches and it will be so with the #me too movement.

      • That is the way Venezuelan and Cuban government harass their opponents no respect. I feel sorry for the USA a great nation under attack by international socialism.

      • Have you seen the many Democrats women have accused of rape, domestic abuse etc? The same woman lawyer defended Bill Clinton. She ridiculed Paula Jones, and also defended Al Franken ” He was an entertainer ” No! Al was a Congress man. BTW George Soros is good friends of Ford, he is paying her lawyer. All this accusations are nothing but a “card” Democrats have been using each time they fear the opposition might win. #Metoo, unless you accuse a Democrat, then is #NotYou

    • This is another blot on our present day activities that is paid for by FRENDZOFDEMZ, and I, for one am appalled by this action! We can thank WATTERMOUTH for this type of action! She is a SCAB on the knee that is being scratched every time she turns around! She could walk upright under the belly of a snake, wearing a 12inch hairpin and never tickle his belly! Her loud mouth ranting and raving to “IMPEACH 45” shows just how intelligent she actually is, and unfortunately, there are the ignoramouses that will follow anyone that hollers loud enough and long enough! Unfortunately, we, as law-abiding citizens must put up with her 2nd Grade Banter, and even pay her too much to do so. I have a very earnest wish for you, Lady Foul-mouth,, Do the job that you were voted into office to do, and leave the garbage to TRASH HAULERS,,,My APOLOGIES TO THE TRASH HAULERS, DIDN”T MEAN TO LIFT HER LEVEL IN LIFE UP SO HIGH!!!

    • These people are not dems…they are communists, plain & simple. This is the behavior of communists. They silence you, they threaten, they harass & they beat you!

      • I live in AZ and I CARRY!! I’ve had to pull my gun on two so far.. I was wearing a MAGA hat & my shirt!! One I cocked back the hammer on!!

        • The commies are out of control? What about this rapist that you morons want to ram through and on to the Supreme Court. Rape is ok, but standing up for victims is not? Wow. Get a grip, you gun toting lunatics!

          • Even in her most lucid moments Dr. Ford has NEVER even intimated that she was raped. Leftwing loons like you can’t maintain their grip on reality. Your hatred of Trump is so overwhelming that you become a sick, putird individual spewing your bile on good decent individuals to achieve political ends.

            Please check your mirror and you may see the loathsome monster you have become.

          • Where is your proof that he’s a rapist? You are an unhinged loon with no facts to present. Why don’t you attack the REAL rapists such as Clinton and women beaters such as Ellison where in both cases there is heavily documented credible proof by women to substantiate their accusations. In your mind it’s ok to dehumanize women who can legitimately prove assaults by dem men, but you support women who cannot whatsoever prove credible assaults by repub men. WAKE UP !!

          • You are out of control. Who in the hell said rape is O.K.? I would like to see some proof before he is nailed to the cross. Or should we just hang him and be done with it?

          • You are insane! The allegations have been cooked up by leftists intent on ruining the name of a good man! Be careful! It can happen to anyone! There are too many liars out there!

          • Jill Grayson – Wow, your comment is an absolute reflection of the unhinged and out-of-control Left. Guilty till proven innocent. And I’m guessing you’re one of those who didn’t have a problem with William Jefferson Clinton when multiple women came forward with accounts of sexual harassment and abuse against him. If women like Juanita Broaddrick were in the #metoo movement today, they would be ignored as they were then just because they don’t carry pro-choice signs. She didn’t wait 30 years to report the rape and she had plenty of evidence to support her claim. Thank the Lord, things are flipping and truth is finally beginning to prevail as more and more citizens see who really stands for them and who in the political arena has just been using them as pawns.

          • Who has been accused of rape???? And, how do you know someone was raped unless you were there, maybe the rapist, or you have undeniable proof that it actually happened? You are being fueled by the stupidity of Democraps. Why don’t everyone just wait until after the hearing to see what proof is presented, or is that too simple?

          • The liars have NOT accused Kavanaugh of RAPE, you dolt. These women are socialist liars, hired by George Soros, to help destroy capitalism in America.

          • Hey Jill, I remember when you raped my neighbor. Your guilty because I said so! I am just using your logic and lack of common sense back at you. She can’t remember, year, date, location, or who was there. None of her people she claims to know- know anything and said they never were at this so called party she put together in her head. But remember Jill, you RAPED my neighbor because I said so!!! I didn’t even wait 35 years to nail you with that !

    • It’s cowardice for those people to protest anyone during such activities.
      It if happened to me there would be some blood spilled, and not mine.

      F.U. democraps and litards!

      • Stand your ground does mean I can shoot someone who is physically blocking, or threatening me or my family. When these left wing lunatics put their hands on MY wife, they will suffer the consequences. I might not shoot them to kill, but they will have broken bones, unless they have ANY kind of weapon, then they get shot. LEGALLY!

    • Wow, you must feel like such a big man. People who are proud of pulling their guns on others are usually overcompensating for a tiny or defective penis…which is yours, tiny or not functioning?

      • Most people who feel it necessary to pull a gun on anyone are protecting their lives, property or another person. They get to live another day in some cases.

        Attacking their motives without knowing the circumstances is a usual leftwing method of devaluing a persons judgement and independence thought processes.

        Guns for better or worse are part of tis nations DNA and will be for the foreseeable future. The so called call for “reasonable” controls is a big redherring since ALL the cities with draconian gun control laws are the worst places for violations of those laws by criminals. Turning law-abiding citizens into criminals by enacting crazy gun restrictions solves little but does empower those who don’t care about laws and will continue to carry and use guns illegally.

      • It’c called STANDING YOUR GROUND, not being a passive piece of $**t. You liberals act so high and mighty, until someone pushes back, then you’re all like WAAH WAAH, you’re mean. Get a clue Jill, you liberal NUTCASE!

    • Personally I am fed up with the radical left. We have stayed out of the fray far too long and it is time to act!! We need conservatives to shadow our representatives into these restaurants and when this crap happens. Clean house, one way or another, whatever it takes. besides, your guilty now anyway until proven innocent according the lefts new laws!!! It is time to take them out. Another thing is we need a PAC to collect dollars and hire some of the best investigators money can buy and target the ELITES and the Democratic Socialist and all the other far left groups and RUIN their lives!


  2. What I don’t understand, is why didn’t Sen. Cruz and his wife simply call the police about a disturbance of the peace and let the police cart the protesters off? I would do that for myself and this is a Senator and his wife??? What gives here?

  3. a bunch of sick left wing corrupted democrats that started this bull shit. Please stand by your guns Ted Cruz and don’t let these scumbags get the best of you. They are morons who i am sure will soon pay a big price for there loud mouth unethical behaviors. Screw their Sexual assault survivors or anyone else. We don’t give a damn anymore how many of these morons flap their big mouths. We the people are getting sick of these morons and carrying less and less about the stupid meetoo movement and the morons behind it. They are disgusting people. We insist you all vote to confirm the judge.

    • The old Democrat Community/Alinsky Organizers, KKK, OWS, Antifa, BLM, DNC, LGBTQ+ ,ISIS, etc., tactic of intimidation and hate on display. They never fail to maintain their image, do they?

    • You are absolutely correct. This crap has already gone way to far. There is no proof whatsoever that these assaults ever happened. Of course, the dumbocraps reverse the Constitution whenever they consider it to their advantage. Perfect example-guilty until proven innocent!

  4. It would seem that TDS is now in the terminal stages. These “activists” are going to cause a tragic event if this is not stopped. You probably can pin most of the blame on morons like Maxine Waters and her merry band of sycophants. This has been a set up on Kavenaugh from the start. Ms Ford is being run by democrat operatives and if anyone actually believes the creepy porn lawyer, they need to seek mental assistance ASAP.

  5. These idiots are all being paid handsomely by the left.! Everyone knows all these stories are false that’s why they have pay people to abuse decent Americans! It’s a no-brainer! The only way to hit them back is at the ballot box! ( unless they cheat & have the machines tampered with) wouldn’t put THAT past them. They’re all criminals and belong in jail!

  6. You notice these fools always get there five minutes of fame, what these IDIOTS don’t get is that
    average American doesn’t like this BS …….

    You notice that when an average American get s in there faces, they cower like the cowards they
    are, as they will get the S kicked out of them !!

  7. I seriously doubt ANY of those women were “survivors” of a sexual assault! DAMN I am SO disgusted with this left wing BULLSHIT!!

  8. Seems the public is judge and jury. So this is how low Americans stoop to today. The dumpocraps well not stop until the get their way. Vote Red people Vote Red or our country is doomed by it’s own stupid people.

  9. That might be a tad extreme, but yes they need some stern reminder that in America we are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN, WITH SOLID, VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE, guilty.

  10. As I’ve said many times, it’s really too bad we closed the mental institutions in 1955. Now they walk among us and verbally assault people in restaurants. John F. Kennedy must be rolling in his grave over what his party has morphed into, thanks to the progressive cretins.

  11. Protesters can’t even keep their lies straight long enough to make a statement. I guess Soros needs to pay them more for better quality jerks! It isn’t an issue of believing women. It is an issue of believing liars making up false charges and trying to peddle it off as a real occurrence. The Democrats have sunk to a new low and are making themselves fools of the worst kind. It just may get them hurt!

  12. I seem to be a minority in this day and age since I believe in the old adage “Innocent until proven Guilty ” The two tier justice system is thriving and it seems as though the media is trying most conservative accusations as truth before trial ! How is it that Billy Boy gets paid big $$ for speeches after all his sexcapades and his Wifey gets away with the sale of our Uranium and escapes jail after various other treasonous acts

    • Excellent questions Vinnie. It just goes to show you the more crooked you are as long as you are a dumbocrap, the wealthy you can get.
      It is time our Citizens open their eyes and start realizing what is going on here.

    • Excellent comment and good questions vinnie. Thanks. However the two you mention are anti-America and anti-Christian so what can we expect. Got Bless our great nation.

  13. We all need to know the name of the restaurant so those that are tired of this bs can boycott this one as well as any other that allows this type of activity.

    Thank you Maxine Waters for encouraging and inciting this type of activity! If it happened to you it would be racist right!

  14. The protester were paid by someone to be there, they do not appear to have the means to afford that restaurant. They are disturbing the dinners. They should have been ejected from the private restaurant.

  15. So, first this had to be organized, they had to somehow know where he and his wife were going to be, and they were prepared to be uncouth, uncivil, and generally without few human redeeming qualities. Liberals are NOT LIBERAL at all. It’s their way or no way and they are simply bullies to
    do things like this. And, as for unpaid ? They had to get there, assembly etc which takes organization. I truly don’t buy that this wasn’t a paid protest – gee by i wonder who ????? No one
    seems to take names and do follow ups on these things which is also a great job of “reporting”

  16. Why did not the restaurant call the DC PD immediately and why did not restaurant staff force these non-paying thugs out? Complicit? This thuggary is going to lead to bloodshed. Oh, apparently the DC PD was too busy hunting down the murderer of Seth Rich, no doubt.


  18. These people are disgusting and should be charged, arrested, and brought before a criminal court for inciting a riot, threatening violence, as well as other illegal activities, and once convicted of their crimes sent to prison where they can protest all they want. Now if the legal system does not, or will not protect the citizens of this country from this violence, perhaps Stand Your Ground would be a viable option. I would hate to see that happen. It is time for the this violent leftist behavior to cease. This is exactly what the Nazi’s did to the jews, and it was unacceptable then and is unacceptable for a civilized nation to stoup to this level now.

  19. You can thank people like Maxine Waters for this kind of garbage. Show no respect for anybody. Get in their face and call them out, Tell them they are not welcome. This is rediculious. If I was the owner of the restaurant, I would have thrown out the so-called protesters, and called the police on them and filed charges against them. This is going to continue as long as they can gety by with it. It’s hard for me to believe that same, intelligent people would vote for someone like Waters. Pelosi. Shummer and some of the other Democrats to represent them in Congress. These people are idiots. They have no place writing the laws we have to obey. Throw these idiots out. If we don’t, it’s only going to get worse.

    • Breaker 19 intelligent people never vote for the kind you list above. Only the uneducated uncivilized ghetto mentality do.
      The restaurant owner should have called law enforcement and had the intruders arrested and charged with trespassing because they were not there to place orders and dine. Their purpose was to disturb the peace which is an offense making them subject to arrest.

  20. The only way to stop this behavior is MELT THE SNOW FLAKES.I am quite sure that if Mr cruz was not with his wife there would have been some knuckle sandwiches handed out .Mr Cruz has tremendous self control.ps Mr Cruz please start carrying , next time you may not be so lucky.Lead poisoning is a great deterent!!!!!

  21.  Kav confessed to treason! Kav is just one more CATH0LIC traitor…. NO Cath0lic is an American. Cath0lics have allegiance to the Vat1can, a foreign, hostile nation that is at perpetual undeclared war with all other nations. Cath0lics put the bi-babble above the Constitution, which is the law of this land. Yep. Treason. Now there is not even one AMERICAN on the SCOTUS! Almost all are CATH0LIC traitors.

  22. There is not even one AMERICAN on the SCOTUS!…….
    Kav is just one more CATHOL1C tra1tor to be put in the highest body in the USA.
    There is not even one AMERICAN on the SCOTUS!…….Almost all on the SCOTUS are CATHOL1C TRAITORS. No Catho1ic is an American. They are CATHOL1CS. The Vat1can is a foreign, hostile NATION that is at perpetual undeclared war with all other nations. Vote for ANY Cath0lic and you vote for a traitor to the USA

  23. These are perfect examples of the hypocrisy of the Left when they accuse the Right of being fascist! Think about it: should anyone who believes it’s okay to interfere with the rights of anyone else to have a quiet dinner with his family sit in judgment of one who is to make decisions about people’s rights?

  24. I”m in my mid 70’s and I’ve never been so ashamed of the voters – uneducated untaught manipulated voters in America and their political parties as I am today. We are worse than the uncivilized barbarians that roamed the seas and invaded lands of Genghis Khan’s era killing and maining w/o regard to decency, empathy, or anything else. and “we” are called Democrats…..activists….Progressive Liberals. College should be closed all across the land for a period of 10 or 20 years and people should have to “work” for a living……instead of behaving like feral monkeys being led around by collars around our necks. Only them could the “institutes of higher learning” be re-established one grade at a time teaching Conservatism, the Constitution, and Judeo Christian beliefs our country was built on.l

    I dunno – maybe we really do need a revolution………hang onto your guns. The REAL Facists are coming.

  25. WTH is wrong with this picture? Don’t these restaurants realize they’ll lose business for this crap? What would happen to ALL restaurants if everyone started cooking & eating at home? Stupid people!!

  26. This is exactly what the left will do if they gain power! The “Ruke of Law” and “Innocent until proven guilty “ go out the window ! Their view of the Constitution is utterly different then that of our founding fathers . Our economy will tank. Inflation will go unchecked, our taxes will go up, a lot and we will not have borders much less border enforcement! America will be rendered impotent on the world stage and those of the Deeo State will continue their anti-American actions unchecked!

    • At this point if they succeed in getting Brett disqualified, they will only up their agenda and the harassments will get worse. The lying and bringing false testimonies will be the norm.

  27. I totally agree with you. This all started with Maxine Waters and her stupid foul mouth and all these protesters getting paid by George Sorors. It is getting to the point where any republican that goes to dinner or just out, needs an armed guard with them. What is happening to our country? We need every republican including all the sleepers that came for the 2016 election to oust the democrats out of the senate and house! It is alright for a democrat to abuse or fondle a woman (Keith Ellison & Cory Booker) but when a republican is accused of something, the democrats find them guilty with no collaboration or hearing. What is wrong with our republican party that they let the left walk all over them. It is time to STAND UP and fight against them. Hit them with the red wave in November, if we can’t do that, we will be a finished and gone party!

    • Maxine Waters broke House Rule 23, Clause 1. This is a call for immediate impeachment or as Senator Hirono says “Shut up and do the right thing”; step down. BTW Hirono, do the same thing,

    • Not just a finished and gone party but a finished and gone country. This is really scary, I never thought I would live to see something like this going on in America.

      • In the 1880’s we had NY gangs then the mafia and MS13 and now this. These dinner crashers are not ordinary citizens. They come here from out of town for a price-get paid.

  28. We can only pray the republicans will vote him in or I’m afraid they will feel the backlash in November. Common sense seems to have gone out the window so people won’t realize they will be doing the wrong thing and will suffer the terrible consequences.

  29. When will liberals quit acting like a bunch of little, spoiled, babies, and grow up!! Ted Cruz and his wife have just as much a right to eat there as you do!! So, ALL YOU CRYBABY LIBERALS, IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE SUCKING ON YOUR TEESERS, FINE, BUT LET THEM EAT IN PEACE!! WHAT A BUNCH OF LITTLE BLOWHARDS!!!5yk

  30. I would have pepper sprayed the morons and while they are on the ground writhing in agony call the police ,have them arrested, and press charges. This is harassment not protesting….start killing them

  31. The ‘Left’, the Communists, the Socialists, The Globalists, the Liberals, the Antifa, the MeToo, the WW II National SOCIALISTS (Nazis), the Democrats are all the same people. The names are simply methods to lure lost people in to their cages where they will do whatever the ‘leaders’ tell them to do. The people at the top of each of these semi-groups are ALL looking to become the person that was desired to become from the very beginning of this ideology: The Czar. THIS is what is and has been hidden from the poor souls who become entrapped in this sick ideology.

  32. Nah don’t shoot them that just them more reason to whine and cry like the incompetent babies they are. Just pepper spray them and then laugh in their face. That way you can call the cops and say we were assaulted and we defended ourselves with pepper spray


  34. These Commie Creeps will keep it up until they are Voted OUT. I have a way for getting even with these creeps, IF i am there when it happens, easy and effective, it will be months before they can walk again.

  35. I find it hard to believe that a group such as this has the right to harass anyone. I wonder what their reaction would be if people of this caliber were to harass them during their off hours. This is not freedom of speech. I don’t recall anything in our Constitution that states that we have the right to harass others!!!!

  36. I’ve noticed the ” believers of survivors” didn’t have the same belief in the 80s & 90s when BILLY boy was accused of “RAPE” & ASSAULT” by many women. Those ” LADIES” were called “LIARS & TRAILER PARK TRASH” by morons, who today are so worried about women claims.

  37. A good case for open carry firearms is being made by the radical liberals who refuse to accept the results of a legitimate election.
    It’s just a matter of time before someone gets harmed and the left wing is asking for trouble.

  38. Most of these “survivors” are, and were, the instigators of the “event” . . . and only use the timing to address, as their bi-polarity progresses, the incident as an excuse for their own failures in life, profession and relationships. As we all can see here with their overt expressions in quasi-violent outpourings. They all took Psych-101 to find out . . . “what’s wrong with me” . . . in their own muddled morality (lacking). Then they spend boku $$ with shrinks . . . resolving nada, but becoming ‘activists’ in ‘Anything Sex’.

  39. He should have called the police and told them he was being harassed and threatened by a bunch of lunatics and he wanted then arrested. Then stood there and waited to see how long it took the DC police to show up.

  40. Isnt there a law against that type of harassment? Why didnt the restaurant call the police? I think the restaurant should be sued for allowing that type of harassment to take place. Why wasnt the police called?

    • THAT is MY question also. (unless the owner is also a DEMOCOMMUNIST and called this rabid a-holes) The MAIN response is…FOLLOW THE MONEY and WHO provided it.
      DNC, SOROS, OBUNGHOLE, HITLERY , SCHUMER PIGLOSI, and ANYONE with a “D” after their “title” The DEMOCOMMUNISTS are getting DESPERATE and will do, say, hire anyone and anything to push their CORRUPT COMMUNIST AGENDA.
      PEOPLE, remember this in NOVEMBER and VOTE REPUBLICAN, or expect to go back to OBUNGHOLE YEARS of higher taxes, more regulations, and your “crumbs”(bonuses) RETURNED back to the communists that want to get back their CONTROL, POWER and YOUR MONEY.

  41. Well now you would have to have an “accusation” that would be provable. wouldn’t you????
    Or you don’t concern yourself with actual truth–right? You couldn’t be bothered
    YOU Phoney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. We are headed to a war of the sexes, a civil war between the Reps and the Dems, and none of it will be pretty. This belief (females) that women accusers of rape are to be believed implicitly and men are to be considered guilty, lack of proof or credibility be damned, can and will damn this nation into total chaos if it is allowed to stand. If only Reps can be held accountable while Dems get away with everything and anything they want will ultimately end in many dead bodies. There are laws, precedents, rules and procedures that apply in these situations, if the Reps do not insist/demand that they be followed in all situations we as a nation will be in turmoil forever. It should start with these rape accusations and follow through with senate/congressional censures of all who obstruct proceedings, call for violence and harassment of individuals. Removal of all appointees not following legal/constitutional procedures, investigating and prosecuting all current and former politicians suspected of wrong doing. It needs to be done now and continue until the swamp in and outside Washington is eradicated of all the vile/corrupt individuals that brought us to this point. New laws governing accusations of rape, defamation of character, etc. need to be instituted that carry fines and jail time. Please vote for our future, red all the way.

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