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Second Kavanaugh Accuser Emerges Alleging Sexual Misconduct; Feinstein Demands Hearing Cancelled


A second woman has come forward to accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct – this time while he was a Yale university during the 1983-1984 academic year, according to a new report by Ronan Farrow of the New Yorker.

The woman, Deborah Ramirez, 53, claims that Kavanaugh waved his penis in her face during a drunken dormitory party and “caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away.”

For Ramirez, the sudden attention has been unwelcome, and prompted difficult choices. She was at first hesitant to speak publicly, partly because her memories contained gaps because she had been drinking at the time of the alleged incident. In her initial conversations with The New Yorker, she was reluctant to characterize Kavanaugh’s role in the alleged incident with certainty. After six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections to say that she remembers Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away. Ramirez is now calling for the F.B.I. to investigate Kavanaugh’s role in the incident. “I would think an F.B.I. investigation would be warranted,” she said.

Specifically, Ramirez recalls “a penis being in front of my face,” and that despite being inebriated, someone encouraging her to “kiss it.”

Despite acknowledging “significant gaps in her memories of the evening” due to being incredibly drunk, Ramirez then recalls someone yelling down a hallway “Brett Kavanaugh just put his penis in Debbie’s face!”

She recalled that the party took place in a suite at Lawrance Hall, in the part of Yale known as Old Campus, and that a small group of students decided to play a drinking game together. “We were sitting in a circle,” she said. “People would pick who drank.” Ramirez was chosen repeatedly, she said, and quickly became inebriated. At one point, she said, a male student pointed a gag plastic penis in her direction. Later, she said, she was on the floor, foggy and slurring her words, as that male student and another stood nearby. (Ramirez identified the two male onlookers, but, at her request, The New Yorker is not naming them.)

A third male student then exposed himself to her. “I remember a penis being in front of my face,” she said. “I knew that’s not what I wanted, even in that state of mind.” She recalled remarking, “That’s not a real penis,” and the other students laughing at her confusion and taunting her, one encouraging her to “kiss it.” She said that she pushed the person away, touching it in the process. Ramirez, who was raised a devout Catholic, in Connecticut, said that she was shaken. “I wasn’t going to touch a penis until I was married,” she said. “I was embarrassed and ashamed and humiliated.” She remembers Kavanaugh standing to her right and laughing, pulling up his pants. “Brett was laughing,” she said. “I can still see his face, and his hips coming forward, like when you pull up your pants.” She recalled another male student shouting about the incident. “Somebody yelled down the hall, ‘Brett Kavanaugh just put his penis in Debbie’s face,’ ” she said. “It was his full name. I don’t think it was just ‘Brett.’ And I remember hearing and being mortified that this was out there.”  –New Yorker

Meanwhile, lawyer Michael Avenatti – best known for representing adult entertainer Stephanie Clifford – said on Twitter that he represents a woman “with credible information regarding Judge Kavanaugh,” and that his client is not Ramirez.

In response, Kavanaugh issued a statement saying that “This alleged event from 35 years ago did not happen. The people who knew me then know that this did not happen, and have said so. This is a smear, plain and simple. I look forward to testifying on Thursday about the truth, and defending my good name—and the reputation for character and integrity I have spent a lifetime building—against these last-minute allegations.”

Meanwhile, White House spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said in a statement: “This 35-year-old, uncorroborated claim is the latest in a coordinated smear campaign by the Democrats designed to tear down a good man. This claim is denied by all who were said to be present and is wholly inconsistent with what many women and men who knew Judge Kavanaugh at the time in college say.”

Predictably, the entire hearing narrative has now been thrown into disarray, and late on Sunday night, Dianne Feinstein tweeted that “Thursday’s hearing should be canceled in light of a disturbing new allegation of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh. The FBI must investigate ALL allegations.”

Feinstein sent the following letter to Chuck Grassley:

“I am writing to request an immediate postponement of any further proceedings related to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh,” Feinstein wrote. “I also ask that the newest allegations of sexual misconduct be referred to the FBI for investigation, and that you join our request for the White House to direct the FBI to investigate the allegations of Christine Blasey Ford as well as these new claims.”

Her conclusion: “It is time to set politics aside. We must ensure that a thorough and fair investigation is conducted before moving forward.”

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    • I agree. I don’t understand why Republicans are cow towing to this crap. Republicans need to shove this s**t aside and vote. At this point, who gives a red rats ass about optics.

    • Pat Gregorini, I was thinking it and you said it. Kavanaugh was 17 when he supposedly messed around with that Ford woman. Perhaps someone can tell us how many high school boys haven’t tried to take some touchy feely liberties with a girl. Then the one from Yale says she tried to push Kavanaugh away. Where are the witnesses? So far there are none. No doubt Feinstein will come up with about a thousand or so who should be put on a polygraph when questioned. Booze was apparently involved in both cases, and I think just about anyone will agree that when that stuff is involved a person’s judgement flies right out the window. That should be considered. And what the hell was a bunch of 17 year old’s doing with the stuff in the first place. One event took place 36 years ago and the other 34 years ago. And those women just now came forward? The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

  1. Perjury is a crime! Lying is a sin! Put the accusers under oath. This is once again obstruction and a delay tactic by the democrats. The accusers will continue to delay in order to not perjure themselves.

    Let God will be done!

  2. All BS. Dummycrats have no ethics. Why don’t they investigate Ellison. The woman he abused and sexually assaulted has a video. Double standard to the core.

  3. I knew it. Knew their would be other accusations. 2nd one as the first she was drunk too. Fuzzy memory. There will probably be more till Dems get what they want. Of course FBI investigation because they know there are still multi anti Trump FBI who will make sure Kavanaugh found guilty even if he is not!

  4. Put these Senators under oath and ask if they know if any of these allocations are staged or rehearsed. Ask Feinstein why she chose to not console with Chairman Grassely

  5. HABITUAL LIAR and HABITUAL LIAR Conspirator Congress Women FRANKENSTEIN need to start down playing this PHONY PLOY by her and the HABITUAL LIAR DR.FORD, and the DEPLORABLE DUMMYCRATS !

  6. Feinstein wants to set politics aside? She should have thought of that before she held on to information for months. The first witness needs to testify. The second witness “doesn’t think it was just Brett”? What? NONE of the people that were named by Ford remember this incident and deny it happening. She doesn’t remember who/what/when/where, but we’re supposed to believe her? The second woman was also drunk and has no specifics. There’s a third woman being represented by someone as soon as Avenatti?

    Just follow the money and the political views and you’ll see this for what it really is – a smear campaign designed to keep hold of power in the supreme Court. It is ONLY political and is a slam to all real victims of sexual assault. How about the 65-75 women who have come forward to state what they know Kavanaugh to be like (respectful, honest, etc…)? No, only these women, who have no one corroborating their stories and are represented by liberal activist attorneys in Soros’ pocket, are accusing him. The people who really knew him have nothing but good things to say about them. The communists were losing and are willing to destroy everyone in their way. Truth means nothing to these vile people.

    God bless this country and expose ALL of these corrupt people for what they really are.

  7. So it’s ok for people to run around hysterically wearing genitals on their heads, while SOBER nonetheless, and obstruct, defame, and rebuke the country they supposedly stand UP for… but somehow we’re supposed to stop everything, last second, for this same group of misfits, based on allegations that are over three decades old, with no other witnesses, and an admittedly “fuzzy” recollection on the part of the accuser because it was at a party?… And to top it off, we’re supposed to believe We are insensitive to the issue because a political slug like Feinstein, who’s been sitting on the “allegations” for months, takes this SO seriously?
    Once again, liberal progressives openly attacking the core principles of this country – As we see with the FBI and DOJ holdovers from the great back-stabber himself, this goes from the top of Obummer’s administration, straight through the core of the DNC, and disseminated outt through “news” organizations and Hollywood hacks to their brainwashed minions – Obstruct, attack, and provide no assumption of innocence, unless you’re a brain-washed automaton, ready to jump at the first sign of a Facebook-organized “resistance march”. They can’t move to improve their communities, but they can sure jump to spit on people that DO.
    This scum of the earth pat themselves on the back in congratulations, as they claim anti-fascist goals, while openly practicing fascism. 2016 was nothing short of a coup attempt, that should be obvious at this point to anything with a lick of common sense.
    Round them all up one by one, and let them embarrass themselves one final time – Before shipping them off to the countries of their choice – A lot of them already made hysterical claims that this country wasn’t worth staying in, why the change of heart?… Simple, they have minions that worship their every move, no matter how pathetic they are. Spit on their country and then claim tit’s because hey’re the true supporters of democracy – Hitler had nothing on these clowns

  8. Forget the hearing – The democrats will keep this going on and keep digging up more women who will say anything for the money (Soros). In the meantime the lies and rumors will destroy a brilliant man. The accusations and lies will somehow go away after the mid-term elections when these women’s memories miraculously return to the truth. Cancel the hearing and go forward with the confirmation vote.

  9. Well the germs are coming out of their holes now, they didn’t succeed to much with the President now they’re attacking his nomination to the supreme court. Another drunk woman who wouldn’t know times dates or faces. The demorats are trying everything they can to thwart Trumps agenda even as this country has improved so much over the last almost 2 years. When this fails what will be next? As they have already stated this is not an FBI investigation, why didn’t they follow through on this when it happened not over 30 years later. Nothing but politics and money. It’s a sure bet. God help this country cos the libturds are not.

  10. If things go bad with complainant #1 just dig up #2, What BULL $HIT . Republicans, stand up and be counted as in confirm the man already!!!

  11. I am so disgusted by these women. This women admits she was drunk and participating with the group. She wasn’t forced into anything. 35 years ago coming from a drunk. Go ahead and confirm this good man to the Suoreme Court.

  12. Mr. Siemens, here is the wonderful part – it is only perjury if the ‘prosecutor’ can prove the accuser knowingly lied. Again, in a ‘she-said~he-said’ situation, all you can normally prove is the accuser’s version of events is “Not Credible”, not that they are outright lying. This same legal principle is why so many allegations of rape which do not follow through to trials also don’t end up with charges of Filing a False Police Report’ aka ‘False Rape Claims’.

    Ms. Ramirez is highly unlikely to ever have a perjury charge leveled her way. She already has ‘covered that base’ by claiming to be incredibly drunk when the alleged incident happened. Now, under anything approaching normal circumstances, the eye-witness testimony provided by an individual involved in a drinking game (where alcohol can be consumed very rapidly ~ thus people get drunk very rapidly) to the point they were no longer able to stand (she claims to have by lying on the floor) wouldn’t be admissible. Regular memory is tricky enough. Claiming total recall when you were ‘falling down drunk’ inebriated it much, much harder to believe.

    What I find about this scenario which makes it even more unbelievable:
    (Beyond the capacity of anyone to be absolutely sure about some the ‘damning’ explicit details from a drunken revelry 34 years ago)

    I. She claimed raised ‘devout Catholic’ … yet here she is her Freshman year (18~19 yrs old) playing a coed drinking game … where a sex toy is present and being used as a prop. This begs the questions of ‘what was she doing there in the first place’ ~ even devout Catholics know what alcohol is and know if you drink too much you get drunk ~ and ‘how drunk was she? ~ which we will NEVER have the answer to as in we can’t go back in time and check her Blood/Alcohol Level of her teenage self.

    *This is NOT ‘Blame the Victim’. This is putting the alleged crime in context. No woman deserves to feel unsafe. This is not the same as ‘woman can do whatever they please without risk and consequences’. Women get drunk and make dumb decisions. So do men. Your best bet is to not drink (or only in moderation) and not hang around people who drink (unless they also drink in moderation). Less stupid stuff happens that way. This is called ‘Common Sense’. Thousands upon thousands of young men end up in the hospital, or the morgue, because they refused to exercise their common sense, choose to drink alcohol instead, took those risks and ended up paying those painful consequences for trying some stunt no sane, sober individual would even consider.*

    Back to the context: how drunk she was is terribly important because those trying to find the truth in this matter need to know ~at what point was she incapable of determining the difference between a dildo and an actual penis. At what point was she incapable of placing faces to names? At what point was she incapable of understanding words being spoken to her and around her?
    The witnesses – from 34 years ago – need to recall how much she drink in what time frame. You can calculate that plus her body weight (if Yale has those figures) to determine her Blood/Alcohol level. This helps you determine how drunk she was.
    Now you have to do the same thing for EVERY witness as well as Mr. Kavanaugh.

    II. ‘Brett Kavanaugh just put his penis in Debbie’s face,’

    A) This would imply both that EVERYONE knew which Debbie was being referred to because there was one and only one Debbie plus there was more than one Brett present,

    B) Or, perhaps, Debbie participated in those drinking games enough times to be notable as the Debbie who did that kind of stuff and Brett was relatively new to that circle,

    C) Or … I really don’t know why else someone would use one person’s full name while using another’s first name in one declarative sentence. To partially cover her sensitivities? Debbie is playing a drinking game in which a bunch of the guys feel comfortable enough to whip out their dicks … so … I’m not buying them violating campus rules, acting vulgar and yet protecting her identity in any manner while loudly declaring the identity of one of their own …
    In my college career at NCSU around the same time frame I was either referred to by my first name (James), or my last name (because my first name is rather common while my last name is anything but ~ Dosher [pronounced: “Doe-sher”) – but very rarely both and those few times by teachers.

    Yes, my account is anecdotal, but it backed up with research on how we prioritize data in our minds. The use of a person’s full name, or honorific plus last name, is authority driven while people on the same social strata use only one name. Your boss is Mrs. Cromwell while your co-workers tend to be ‘Tom’, or ‘Lydia’. People with power over you can truncate this by either using your first name (as their prerogative – you need their permission to do so to them), or removing your honorific (no ‘Mr., Mrs., or Ms. for you, ya prole!).

    This leads me to believe the use of both first and last names by someone in the same social strata as Mr. Kavanaugh to be ‘unnatural’ – especially among a group of people comfortable with one another to the point they would be drinking alcohol on campus with an underage woman (Ms. Ramirez was 18, or 19, at the time) and brandishing sex toys. I am not suggesting this ‘closeness’ would have been justified, or even wise, only that if it existed, the people would have behaved in a certain manner.

    III. Her timing is, of course, horrible for Republicans and seen as heaven-sent by Democrats … suspiciously so. Having an understanding victims of sexual assault often don’t want to directly confront their attackers, or even those memories, for days, months and even years, does not excuse this late hour ‘revelation’. She had months to report to someone in Congress about this – and didn’t.
    If something like this did happen to her, I feel sorry for her … but she has missed her opportunity to publicly rectify this alleged crime. If the name Brett Kavanaugh bothered her this much, and with this amount of certainty she considered him a drunk and an abuser, there have been numerous previous FBI investigations into the man for both his Federal judgeship as well as other posts he held in government. Hell, if she had brought this up when he was firs nominated for the SCOTUS, it would have still been reasonable to consider her plea.
    Now … after the Sub-committee hearings have already finished and the vote is about to be moved to the Senate … too late. Too damn late. We cannot stall the nomination process every time such an accusation arose in this time frame. No one would be confirmed to anything if this was allowed to continue. This sets a horrible precedence if we stop the nomination process once more, over Ms. Ramirez’s accusation.

  13. IF everything in this article is correct and even then it should not affect the outcome of the today action unless there was a simulor actions that has occured that could confirm that Kavanaugh has a history of doing something like that every so often.

  14. I say go with the vote of the full senate to confirm. Screw the Democrats and their stalling tactics. Nothing that has been alleged can be prosecuted and there are so many holes in the story(s) of these women that it’s ridiculous.
    If Susan Collins and any of the other GOP turncoats want to break ranks, let them know full well in advance that they are now joining the democrats in saying screw the constitution, the man is guilty without a trial, there is no presumption of innocence and either admit it or shut up and go with the vote.
    NO ONE with half a brain buys these stories. All they are are smear tactics. Never in our legal system has a ‘victim’ ever been able to dictate terms of testifying. If this happened and she wanted to get the word out, she would jlump thru hoops to testify.
    But.. given the circumstances, she deleted all her social media accounts, is a well known left wing activist just tells me this smells to high heaven and she is attempting to hide either her promiscuity or comments she has made about getting rid of trumps ussc nominees.

  15. Just another paid assassin. This really shows how desperate the left is and how fearful they are in the appointment of a Constitutionalist. The law be damn, I want it my way is the way the left’s position. Like Obama said, “the constitution is an outdated document.” The very document that has made this country great and many nations have adopted many of its elements, the left feel it gets in their way to control the nation.
    Confirm Mr. Kavanaugh now and stop this madness.

  16. Bonnie: Why didn’t these two women who are accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault come forward at the time of the incident and report it to authorities and inform their parents. Why now? I think this is an attempt by the “dirty Democraps” to ruin a good man’s reputation. And why did Diane Feinstein not reveal this information until the last minute before Kavanaught’s confirmation?! We, the voters, need answers now!

  17. i think diane frankenstien should be arrested an sent to prison, this bullshit is insane i dont understsnd how kavanaugh had time to do anything as far as school becaue if you believe the dems he was a mass rapist a prowler. hope they realize what go’s around comes around dems suck

  18. The disgusting liberals have no shame. They will say or do anything to prevent brett from becoming a judge. Just makes it so much more important that he get confirmed.

  19. One more libturd, brain dead, twat waffle comes forward; I figured this would happen, that is why the leftists kept stalling in dealing with the first low life, they had to have another accuser and get the story written up and the bitch properly prepared. This crap will continue until the Republicans prove it wrong and set laws governing these outlandish accusers. Any of them found to be liars should face grave consequences of high dollar fines and long jail sentences.

  20. This is becoming a stupid farce. Where were these people when the real investigation transpired? Democrats will keep coming up with last-minute allegations in order to delay the nomination. No evidence, no corrorboration, no proof, just more unfounded charges promoted by leftist Democrat operatives. This completely stinks.

  21. They need to hold all of these people in contempt and charge them with perjury including every newspaper person who pays them to come forward and every senator and congressperson who is involved in their bringing accusations to cause interference with a vote.

  22. Oh yes, another delay, just what the Dems wanted. The more lies that are told, the longer it will take for the voting, just what they waned so Chuckie Schumer could have his day in putting his choice on the court. Whoever believe all this crap doesnt have a brain. or is complicit.


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