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“Lifelong Friend” Of Kavanaugh Accuser Denies Attending Party Where Alleged Sexual Assault Occurred


A woman believed to have been one of five people at a party some 35 years ago where Christine Blasey Ford claims she was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh has become the fourth person to deny any recollection of the event.

In a Saturday night email to the Senate Judiciary Committee also received by several news outlets, Leland Ingham Keyser – a “longtime friend” of Blasey Ford’s said through her attorney:

“Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford,” said Keyser’s attorney Howard Walsh, who has been “engaged in the limited capacity” of corresponding with the committee on behalf of Keyser, according to Politico.

Kavanaugh and Mark Judge – the other teenager allegedly in the room during the alleged sexual assault – have both stated that they have no recollection of the incident, while a third man who Ford claims was at the party – Patrick J. Smyth, also denied any recollection of the event, telling the Judiciary Committee last week in a statement: “I understand that I have been identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as the person she remembers as ‘PJ’ who supposedly was present at the party she described in her statements to the Washington Post,” Smyth wrote in his statement. “I am issuing this statement today to make it clear to all involved that I have no knowledge of the party in question; nor do I have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh.”

Smyth added: “Personally speaking, I have known Brett Kavanaugh since high school and I know him to be a person of great integrity, a great friend, and I have never witnessed any improper conduct by Brett Kavanaugh towards women. To safeguard my own privacy and anonymity, I respectfully request that the Committee accept this statement in response to any inquiry the Committee may have.”

On Saturday night, a tentative deal was reached for Ford to testify publicly on Thursday, according to the New York Times.

After a brief call late on Saturday, the woman’s lawyers and aides to Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, the Republican chairman of the Judiciary Committee, planned to talk again Sunday morning to continue the halting negotiations over the conditions of the testimony, according to three people familiar with the call. Aides to Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, the committee’s top Democrat, were also involved. –NY Times

The Times notes, however, that Leland Keyser’s statement “seemed to eliminate any chance of corroboration of Dr. Blasey’s account by anyone who attended the high school party where she says she was assaulted.”

If no deal is reached for Blasey Ford’s testimony next week, Sen. Grassley will be left to decide on Sunday whether or not to move ahead with a scheduled vote to confirm Kavanaugh on Monday.

Grassley has engaged in a back-and-forth with Ford’s legal team, allowing them to miss several deadlines to continue negotiations. While Grassley may be trying to avoid the appearance of the Judiciary Committee panel of 11 men bullying an female victim alleging sexual assault, many conservatives have expressed frustration at the Chairman’s acquiescence to virtually every demand Ford has made.

Also potentially damaging to Blasey Ford’s claim is a theory presented Thursday by Ed Whelan,  a former clerk to USSC Justice Antonin Scalia and currently president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC), a conservative think tank. Using entirely circumstantial evidence which could certainly ruin the life of the man at the center of the new theory, Whelan suggested that Kavanaugh’s high school doppelgänger, Chris Garrett, may have in fact been responsible for Blasey Ford’s recollection of the alleged incident.

Brett Kavanaugh (left)

Whelan apologized for publicly naming Kavanaugh’s look-alike hours later, perhaps to provide legal cover, however he did not retract his theory that Ford may be “misremembering” the incident.

Professional help

Also casting doubt on the timing and purpose of Ford’s 11th hour claim against Kavanaugh is the Friday revalation that Ford’s current political adviser – former Obama and Clinton White House official Ricky Seidman, had allegedly been working on Ford’s situation since July – outlining a plan on a newly released audio tape to use the allegation as political fodder to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and if unsuccessful, at least politically harm Republicans during midterms.

“While I think at the outset, looking at the numbers in the Senate, it’s not extremely likely that the nominee can be defeated,” says Seidman. “I would absolutely withhold judgement as the process goes on. I think that I would not reach any conclusion about the outcome in advance.”

What’s more, the recording makes clear that even if Kavanaugh is confirmed, Democrats can use the doubt cast over him during midterms.

“Over the coming days and weeks, there will be a strategy that will emerge, and I think it’s possible that that strategy might ultimately defeat the nominee… whether or not it ultimately defeats the nominee, it will help people understand why it’s so important that they vote and the deeper principles that are involved in it.

Meanwhile, over 200 women have defended Kavanaugh’s moral character, including two ex-girlfriends who vouched for the Judge.

He was always a perfect gentleman, and I vouch for him completely,” Maura Fitzgerald said. “Brett Kavanaugh and I have been good friends since high school. I dated him in college and he was and is nothing like the person who has been described” by Christine Blasey Ford.

He always conducted himself honorably with me at all times when we were together,” Fitzgerald explained.

Another woman who dated Kavanaugh in high school, Maura Kane, agreed with Fitzgerald.

“I’ve been friends with Brett Kavanaugh for over 35 years, and dated him during high school,” Kane explained. “In every situation where we were together he always respectful, kind and thoughtful.The accusations leveled against him in no way represent the decent young man I knew.”

Kane concluded, “We remain good friends and I admire him as a husband, father and professional.” –PJ Media

Meanwhile, Ford has been backed largely by people with no knowledge of the situation, such as celebrities and non-public figures who simply believe her story.

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  1. Is there ANY honesty in anyone on the left? I don’t see how anyone can cast a vote for anyone on that side at this point. They are nothing but power mongers whi want absolutely control over rhe population. God bless all good people who go anywhere near politics. The left is despicable, disgusting, and out to destroy any person who loves me our constitutional republic by any means necessary.

    FYI to this attorney: Obama abused his office more than Trump ever dreamed of. Lies to get to tour dystopian Utopia.

  2. This whole mess is one big LIE!!! All they are doing is stalling for time..Call a vote on Monday and be done with it.They have given that dreamer too many chances to show up. Either show up or shut UP !!! so many so called dumbocrats,don’t know what the party even stands for anymore.they think socialist is the way to go.BUT IT HAS NEVER WORKED ANY WHERE BEFORE OR NOW>THere is no free ride anymore

  3. The accuser was counting that the alleged incident was so far back in time that no one would be able to refute her story but then there is no one to confirm it either. This isnt about fact its to through a chill into the process to cause the weak kneed politicians to run for cover. If we had strong leaders in Congress this would only harden their resolve knowing its a lie and a setup. Its also exposing the who the deep state is because they are being forced out in the open to fight these battles now. The boundaries of the deep state are becoming clear enough to start drawing the battle lines. This is part of President Trumps strategy to expose who the Deep State is so they can be taken down finally.

  4. I hope all children, like junior high through college age, are listening to this story and asking, “What does this mean for me?” I think it means it is important to keep your record clean and to associate with friends who will encourage you to do the right things. Don’t let some stupid idea lead you to try things that can come back to haunt you in the future, whether it has to do with sexual activity, with trying alcohol, reacting to a dare. I list goes on!

    • That is your take on this bullshit? REALLY? How about the fact that our democrat politicians are willing to do or say anything, even ruin somebody’s life, to win. These people have no boundaries. They have no conscience. If they will do this, every single person who has participated in this charade should be thoroughly investigated. They are capable of anything.

  5. Six years ago in 2012 Ford related to a therapist an incident that supposedly happened during a summer sometime between 1981 and 1985. She couldn’t remember the exact year. She was at a party with four boys that she couldn’t identify. One of the boys allegedly assaulted her. It was later reported that there may have been a second unidentified girl at the party. This past summer she claimed that there were only her and two boys at the party whom she conveniently remembered being Kavanaugh and his known friend Mark Judge. She claims that it was Kavanaugh who assaulted her. Then she remembers the name of a third boy Patrick Smyth that was in high school with Kavanaugh. She now remembers the second girl as being her own friend Leland Keyser. The trouble is that none of these people remember being at such a party or know any thing about the alleged incident. Ford asserts that their memory is faulty. But she herself can not remember what year the incident occurred, how she got to the party, where the house was located or who owned it, or how she got home afterwards. So whose memory is faulty and why?

  6. How can this accuser after nearly 40 years finally tell such a wild and outlandish story so centered about one person who in High School she say attacked her, but no substantial evidence exists except what she has in her mind. Was it a dream, was she a jilted female, was she confused as to who was was who? First there were w people then four, then six, but nobody has been willing to step up and say yes this did happen or not. At first witnesses said yes, but then reported later on that they only heard rumor about it. No evidence after all this time, statute of limitations exceeded, countless people say his character is not like that. Come on lady, your as nutty as a pecan pie. Now you want the whole US Government to readjust their schedule to fit yours, provide you with transportation, and make accommodations for your Washington vacation? Not hardly. Do a video conference, good enough for business, why not for your lies. The timing of this sticks like fresh dog poo, and to be honest, it has the same consistency. You say you are receiving death threats? I didn’t know you were a threat to the Clinton’s but what the heck, they are through in their untouchable way of getting rid of bothersome people in case you haven’t figured that out yet.

  7. These constant delays by the attorneys for this woman are so incredibly transparent that for the Committee to allow even this last delay to Thursday is beyond the pale. Republicans…get a backbone before you melt yourselves out of existence! Who cares if you’re all seen as bullies…there comes a time when a bully is needed to smack the lily-livered politicians back in line! Call the vote – MONDAY!! And the rest of us will write down and keep in mind those who did not vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation!

  8. The further this sorry debacle goes the more it looks like a political hit job, perhaps even paid for, and only to assassinate the character of an excellent judicial candidate because the left fears he may not rule the way they wish. One wonders what the left would have done had conservatives played this despicable tactic against Sotomayor or Kagan.


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