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Web site of far-Left Antifa teaches radicals how to hurt police, rob banks, sneak across the border, and more


(Natural News) It’s become clear that members of the Left-wing ‘anti-fascist’ group Antifa are bent on creating as much violence, chaos, and mayhem as they can in the age of POTUS Donald Trump, all while pretending that conservatives and supporters of the president are the second coming of Hitler’s Nazi Party.

In fact, it’s been obvious for years now. During the 2016 election cycle, even Obama’s FBI and Department of Homeland Security labeled the loose-knit group a domestic terror threat, which begs the question: Why aren’t members being arrested when they show up in public to “demonstrate” and their actions turn violent?

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In any event, the group’s members plan even more violence and chaos in the months and years ahead if information posted on what appears to be an Antifa-linked website called Destructables.org proves to be true.

As The Gateway Pundit notes:

Ever wonder how you can injure multiple police officers during a protest and get away with it without anyone ever knowing it was you? How ’bout elaborate schemes to deny banks service to their customers? How ’bout providing an assist to countless illegal aliens who want to sneak across the border?

Most of our readers don’t know how to do those things because you’re law-abiding people who aren’t addicted to the Marxist romance of “revolution” and violence.

These are just some of the information the site offers, including how to injure police officers when they are attempting to restore order to chaotic situations (which necessarily means advancing on object-throwing punks dressed in black like cowards, often with masks).

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A ‘guide’ posted to the site instructs protesters to hollow out a stick that they’re using to hold a protest sign, then fill the stick with ball bearings so that when police move in, the protester opens the bottom of the sign so the ball bearings fall out, causing police to slip and fall when they advance. (Related: WaPo blames $2.6 million white supremacist rally cost solely on two dozen racists while OMITTING Antifa-linked destruction.)

The Left has abandoned our normal political processes

“This simple device can be used as a last line of defense when riot police attempt to charge a line of protestors. The ‘Ball Bearing Poster’ can quickly and easily scatter a barrier of ball bearings on the street making it difficult for police to charge a crowd or a small targeted group,” the instruction reads.

“The bearings are concealed inside an aluminum rod which is surrounded by wood, creating the handle for your protest sign. Slowing down the advancing riot police can give the group a little more time to flee the area without getting arrested.”

What’s laughable is that the instruction claims “peaceful” demonstrations are becoming more violent – as though the people who read the Destructables.org website aren’t affiliated with organizations that cause the violence in the first place (because it doesn’t start with Trump supporters).

Also posted to the site are pamphlets that reportedly came from Mexican government officials showing people how they can successfully sneak across the border into the United States.

Additionally, there are instructions telling people how to flood banks with protestors who, initially, are there to conduct legitimate business but who are, in reality, really there to ensure that other customers cannot conduct their banking business – as a means of costing the bank a lot of money.

“Ever wanted to hold up a bank…and get away with it? Now you can! This model of a fun, peaceful, legal, and effective denial of service tactic can be applied to almost any business in nearly any town or city. But since we think banks deserve it most, we beta-tested it on Wells Fargo. Here’s how you can do it, too,” says the instruction.

It works by flooding bank lines with ‘protesters’ who each have checks they want cashed for just a few cents (now you know why many banks won’t do business with anyone but account holders).

The American hard Left has completely abandoned our political processes. They have decided that since they can’t win on the power of their ideas (Marxism and authoritarianism) they will impose them on us through violence.

Read more about Antifa and its violent subsidiaries at AntifaWatch.news.

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  1. It’s time for all law enforcement to STOP standing down & teach the spoiled brats a lesson tgeybwontbsoon forget. It’s unfair to our heroic law enforcers to stand by, receive possible injuries by this pathetic group ANTIFA. Their babe itself makes no semse/ ANTI FASCISTS. The fact theyre instructimg members how to inflict injuries on our bravest protectors is an oxy moron. Anti fascists are just that, anti (non) fascists. Not exactly what theirvsilly name suggests. I wish Our Commander in chief iverrides local law enforcement leAders and instructs all police officers to STOP the ridiculous stand down orders. I suspect it would take 10 mins or less before these cowards disperse into the nearest basement of grandmas house. Cowards wear masks, cowards use weapons of destruction & cowards destroy property belonging to others. They should change their name to BIG UGLY COWARDS!

  2. It might relieve the violence in demonstrations if the authorities, approving permits for them, would require all demonstrators to be clear faced or without masks, or face arrest. Then all these paid demonstrators would disappear. These cowards would be afraid to show themselves.

    • Nice idea, Bob, but it would have to be enforced without exception even if the use of deadly force is necessary. It’s also time for citizens to arm themselves to protect themselves and their property against this scum and for juries to nullify any charges brought against citizens defending themselves, their property or their communities since their local cnstabulary, in many cases, will not.

  3. Might be that law enforcement has infiltrated the entire movement and is just awaiting the right time to round them up in one swoop. They are awaiting the escalation of their criminality to gather public support so that there is no doubt as to their guilt.
    Like the weather Underground they will be broken up and destroyed as an organization since many of them are college professors and others with jobs and a stake in society they are identifiable and easy to track down.
    They will be an easy target since they will be deprived of resources and their identities will be widely known.
    Jail has a way of quelling revolutionary zeal within the white middle class of radical chic cowards. Those good old jailhouse has gangs that are not little white boy revolutionaries playing games.

  4. As a student of history both US and European the left in this country has taken a page from Hitler/Nazis .they caused so much turmoil, it destabilized the Weimar republic. People were so angry at their tactics, they handed ALL power to Hitler who promptly took over the government and the Nazis took Germany.The left in this country is trying to do the same only they are trying to get the “DEEP STATE”left which includes the CIA, THE FBI, AND THE DOJ, to do the dirty work by destroying Trump. It’s time for Trump to have 20 of the biggest deep staters like Comey,Mueller, Rosenstein and especially Brennan ETC ETC ETC arrested for treason and conspiracy to over throw the government of the US This country is a hairs breath away from a revolutionM(*D


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