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“I Don’t Have An Attorney General”: Trump Blasts Sessions, Says FBI Is A “Cancer In Our Country”


Ever since Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to recuse himself from overseeing the DOJ’s probe into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia back in the Spring of 2017 – a decision that set the stage for the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller – President Trump has subjected his AG to an unceasing wave of public abuse and belittling comments, all the while suggesting that Sessions might soon be cut loose thanks to his immense disloyalty to his boss.

But Trump outdid himself on Wednesday during a freewheeling interview with the Hill where he declared that “I don’t have an attorney general” and added that he’s “not happy” with Sessions’ performance on a number of fronts beyond the Russia probe.

Trump went on to speculate that Sessions’ “very poor” performance during the nominating process went on to impact his performance as attorney general. Though Trump said Sessions’ performance is especially disappointing in light of the senator’s early support of the Trump campaign.

“I’m not happy at the border, I’m not happy with numerous things, not just this,” he said.

Trump suggested he had a personal blind spot when it came to nominating Sessions as the nation’s top law enforcement officer.

“I’m so sad over Jeff Sessions because he came to me. He was the first Senator that endorsed me. And he wanted to be Attorney General, and I didn’t see it,” he said.

“And then he went through the nominating process and he did very poorly. I mean, he was mixed up and confused, and people that worked with him for, you know, a long time in the Senate were not nice to him, but he was giving very confusing answers. Answers that should have been easily answered. And that was a rough time for him.”


The president suggested Sessions’ experience going through the nominating process in the Senate may have impacted his performance at attorney general.

“He gets in and probably because of the experience that he had going through the nominating when somebody asked him the first question about Hillary Clinton or something he said ‘I recuse myself, I recuse myself,'” Trump said.

“And now it turned out he didn’t have to recuse himself. Actually, the FBI reported shortly thereafter any reason for him to recuse himself. And it’s very sad what happened.”

Shifting from Sessions to the much-maligned FBI, Trump said the agency was “a cancer” and that uncovering deep-seated corruption in the FBI may be remembered as the “crowning achievement” of his administration, per the Hill.

“What we’ve done is a great service to the country, really,” Trump said in a 45-minute, wide-ranging interview in the Oval Office.

“I hope to be able put this up as one of my crowning achievements that I was able to … expose something that is truly a cancer in our country.”

Moreover, Trump insisted that he never trusted former FBI Director James Comey, and that he had initially planned to fire Comey shortly after the inauguration, but had been talked out of it by his aides.

Trump also said he regretted not firing former FBI Director James Comey immediately instead of waiting until May 2017, confirming an account his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, gave Hill.TV earlier in the day that Trump was dismayed in 2016 by the way Comey handled the Hillary Clinton email case and began discussing firing him well before he became president.

“If I did one mistake with Comey, I should have fired him before I got here. I should have fired him the day I won the primaries,” Trump said. “I should have fired him right after the convention, say I don’t want that guy. Or at least fired him the first day on the job. … I would have been better off firing him or putting out a statement that I don’t want him there when I get there.”

The FISA Court judges who approved the initial requests allowing the FBI to surveil employees of the Trump Campaign also came in for some criticism, with Trump claiming they used “poor Carter Page, who nobody even knew, and who I feel very badly for…as a foil…to surveil a candidate or the presidency of the United States.” Trump added that he felt the judges had been “misled” by the FBI.

He criticizing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court’s approval of the warrant that authorized surveillance of Carter Page, a low-level Trump campaign aide, toward the end of the 2016 election, suggesting the FBI misled the court.

“They know this is one of the great scandals in the history of our country because basically what they did is, they used Carter Page, who nobody even knew, who I feel very badly for, I think he’s been treated very badly. They used Carter Page as a foil in order to surveil a candidate for the presidency of the United States.”

As for the judges on the secret intelligence court: “It looks to me just based on your reporting, that they have been misled,” the president said, citing a series of columns in The Hill newspaper identifying shortcomings in the FBI investigation. “I mean I don’t think we have to go much further than to say that they’ve been misled.”

“One of the things I’m disappointed in is that the judges in FISA didn’t, don’t seem to have done anything about it. I’m very disappointed in that Now, I may be wrong because, maybe as we sit here and talk, maybe they’re well into it. We just don’t know that because I purposely have not chosen to get involved,” Trump said.

Trump continued the assault on Sessions during a brief conference with reporters Wednesday morning. When asked whether he was planning to fire Sessions, Trump replied that “we’re looking into lots of different things.”

To be sure, Sessions has managed to hang on thus far. And if he can somehow manage to survive past Nov. 6, his fate will perversely rest on the Democrats’ success. Basically, if they wrest back control of the Senate (which, to be sure, is unlikely), Sessions chances of staying on would rise dramatically. But then again, how much abuse can a man realistically endure before he decides that the costs of staying outweigh the benefits of leaving?

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  1. President Trump, All right thinking Americans support you and understand the need to fight back the embedded traitors. We know the greatest danger lies in the islamic drumbeat of corruption that has infected all levels of our government.
    Sincere thank you President Trump for the sacrifices you are making to save America.

    • Leeza (sessions wrote anon NYT article): Considering how much sessions has done visibly, I have to doubt he would do anything, although recusing himself from any responsibility IS his trademark!

  2. While the President has a tendency to exaggerate some things, Jeff Sessions has been a big disappointment and was very wrong for not informing President Trump before he accepted the position that he would have to recuse himself from the Russian investigation. That dishonesty on Sessions’ part led to this entire sorry witch-hunt. As far as the FBI and DOJ is concerned, I think there are many good people there but some of the biased politically-motivated trash in management are a disgrace and should be fired just like Comey, McCabe, and Strzok. They topped the list but there are more. Rosenstein appears be one that needs to go.

  3. Talk to x congressman He clearly states Sessions refused to do his job . Thank you for helping us. Follow your best instincts stop listening to those who got us into this mess. If we win mid terms try and change the no fire rule with public employees. I hope you were talking about Sessions and not u taking too much abuse to stay. I bet Melania says that daily to you . If you go we are toast. Thank you for all u do

  4. This is one of the biggest mysteries of the Trump administration. I seems like Sessions is a part of the conspiracy although at times he acts otherwise. It does not make sense that he allows Rosenstein to screw everything up. The deception of Rosenstein’s selection is another joke. He is as made as Strozk!

  5. This would be interesting IF Trump and Sessions were playing possum and at some point a number of indictments and arrests were to come down in a LEGAL purge of Deep State operatives. The charges would range from treason to obstructing government administration dn everything in between.
    Would be a great day for America and the swamp would be crippled for a time. But the swamp will NEVER be fully drained without them limits.

    • They are ALL guilty of a coup – and THAT IS TREASON ON ALL OF THEM !
      Not to forget that they also are all ESTABLISHMENT and that means they are all pedophiles ! ALL of them. They all should have gotten a pink slip on day one and Pres Trump needed to start over with real good honest pro-America people – we’d have a different America today had he done so !

      It was a strong suggestion I sent him at the beginning that he ignored.
      He said this would be a gov’t of the PEOPLE – yet he will not listen to good advice from we people. He listens to the wrong people without his best interests in mind instead – that is why he’s got all these monsters around him.

      I was really upset when the Globalist Democrat Kushners and Pence set up Flynn to get him out of the WH – and that is one man Trump should have had at his side all along !
      The Globalist Dem Kushners saw to it that all of the pro-Trump people were pushed out and replaced with Dem Deep State Swampers.
      And then made themselves Trump’s top senior advisers, pushing the real advisers aside.
      They know nothing about how to run a country or a govt, yet they took over !
      And since they are Trump’s favorite relatives, no one could say a negative thing about them !
      Many things would be so much better had the Democrat Globalist Kushners not moved themselves into the WH and to take over as they did. They plan to be in govt from now on and for their own future. Heaven help us !




  6. Sessions is the biggest disappointment of my political life…I too thought he would be an aggressive dynamo of an AG…instead he apparently was compromised by the FBI and has allowed Rosenstein to run the show while he hides under his desk looking for his go*ads.
    Every once an awhile he pops up and says something about marijuana which no one cares about and his refusal to allow a 2nd special counsel to investigate the corruption in the FBI and the DoJ (sic) was the last straw for me.
    I hope he will cooperate with the President’s instructions to release the now unclassified documents requested by Congress. Anyone with one eye and half sense can see that we have a two tier system of justice and that corruption is rampant because our President has exposed the true shadow government.

  7. I think the term “ceaselessly” is being thrown about rather loosely. Trump hasn’t said nearly as much about Sessions as I would have! I think he’s been too easy on him for too long! I had hoped for much better from Sessions!

  8. In politics as in life, it may take time to separate the “wheat from the chaff”, as so it has been for Trump. He keeps going, and is unafraid to tell us what he is doing and why. If he keeps things under wraps awhile, it is so as not to show his hand too early.

  9. President Trump is correct in spite of this article being very negative towards the President.
    The President is right, though a bit slow in getting rid of the bad guys as he even said he should have and we out here also told him to. If he had none of what has been dragging us all through the past year woudl have never been able to happen – face it Sessions set that whole thing up step by step. Session begged to be AG so he COULD set this mess up and protect Hillary at the same time.
    Question is why did Sessions even bother to jump up to support Trump to begin with if this was the plan to take Trump down with the Deep State in the end – THAT is what Sessions set up ! Has Sessions secretly been Deep State all along in his entire career ?

    For a man who was known for his fast “You’re Fired !” President Trump was totally slow on that draw all along in his administration. When this is the time he needed to be even faster !
    I even suggested to him at the very beginning to issue pink slips to all the DOJ and FBI and start over again with real good honest pro-America people. He didn’t do that unfortunately.
    I also told him he needed to get new and better advisers ! Family members who never handled govt issues before and are on the other team , are not the best choices !


  10. President Trump is correct in spite of this article being extremely negative towards the President.

    The President is right, though a bit slow in getting rid of the bad guys as he even said he should have, and we out here also told him to. President Trump is just too trusting of the wrong people ! If he had, none of what has been dragging us all through the past year would have never been able to happen – face it, Sessions set that whole thing up step by step. Sessions begged to be AG so he COULD set this mess up and protect Hillary at the same time. He constantly protected Hillary ! THAT seemed to be his top priority !

    The entire thing that is still going on, seemed to have been planned long before President Trump’s inauguration ! The sequence of events and putting the Democrap criminals in place in order to have this happen, just was too smoothly in its accomplishment for it not to have been planned well ahead.


  11. We may never know if Kavanaugh ever did anything wrong, or why Jeff Sessions is disloyal and refuses to do his job, or why America’s mainstream media (except for FOX) has become just as “fake news” as the “tabloids”. All I know for SURE is this: Our POTUS needs this extra Judge’s (Kavanaugh) vote in the Supreme Court for his Agenda, and here’s the MOST important thing to remember: Donald Trump is the ONE and ONLY “gift” and the “last chance” this country will EVER have to get back on her feet! If our incredible President doesn’t complete SIX MORE YEARS, Mike Pence (who has neither the drive, the ability, the independence or the “b—s” to fight the Deep State) will most probably NOT be elected, and this country will finally be RUN by Communists for the next century. And Communists – once they’re IN control – do NOT LET GO. Please — EVERYBODY who wants to to keep our great country No. #1 and on her financial and military feet for our children and grandchildren — Get out there and VOTE REPUBLICAN across the board in these Midterms. It’s absolutely THAT crucial.

  12. The President has to be careful with Jeff Sessions, it like keeping your enemies close to you. Jeff Sessions has shown he loyal to Mrs. Clinton, and Obama. He had two chances to get both of them but told the party who brought the documents to Sessions for his review, told him both documents were to close to Mrs. Clinton and the other would show how weak Obama was on National Defense, and protecting the nation from Muslims getting into the U. S. all who had shown bad intentions. This knowledge is likely the reason President Trump keeps a close eye on Sessions, and admits he has no Attorney General, he knows he cannot be trusted and has shown this numerous times when people who brought Sessions issues and he told them it was getting to close to Mrs. Clinton. Need I say more!

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