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“We’re Going To Unmask You”: James O’Keefe Set To Expose Deep State With New Investigation


Authored by Joseph Jankowski via PlanetFreeWill.com,

Investigative Journalist James O’Keefe is set to make public a new investigation that will “unmask” and “put a face to the individuals who seek to disturb the fabric of our Republic.”

The investigation was teased in a 30-second trailer released on Friday under O’Keefe’s non-profit organization, Project Veritas.

According to O’Keefe, the investigation will be viewable for the public sometime next week.

“What we’re releasing next week… we must expose them in their own words. We’re going to make the hidden deep state individuals internet famous,” he said Saturday.

In a Friday post previewing the investigation, O’Keefe would write.

When we release our series of stories, we’ll give you the names and show the faces of those who choose to “resist” while being sustained by patriotic taxpayers. When the subject of our next video, an employee in the Executive Branch, says, “Resist everything. Every level. F*** s*** up;” you’ll be able to see his name and his face. You’ll also see his title, direct employer, the movement of his lips, the cadence in his voice, his demeanor, his arrogance, his lack of introspection, and ultimately, him bragging about how nobody will ever hold his comrades nor him accountable.

When an employee of the executive branch gloats about targeting private citizens in an effort to “… go against the Constitution of America,” how could we NOT publish his name.

There is a deeper philosophical reason we do this.

Transparency is required of those that govern. Privacy belongs to the people that put them there. – Project Veritas

According to The Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft, who was able to preview the “upcoming bomb” O’Keefe is about to drop, “The Democrats should be very worried.”

Turn Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, who was also able to preview the investigation, says that the information will “change the midterms and the entire conversation about the deep state.”

“He has multiple deep state high ranking government officials explaining how they undercut @realDonaldTrump from within,” Kirk tweeted.

In his Friday post, O’Keefe continued:

Project Veritas must unmask and show you the faces of representative members of the Deep State. Government exists with the consent of the governed and that consent cannot be manufactured by the masked and subversive. This truth must be pursued at all costs, including going undercover.  Project Veritas’ main goal is to deliver ‘Veritas to the Vulgate’ or ‘Truth to the Masses,’ which we believe is the core of journalism. Opinion and anonymity are available in abundance, but the truth is sometimes scarce but always paramount.

We’re going to expose these people to hinder their efforts and because it likely will deter others. We are confident Americans are going to do the right thing if they have the facts. They simply don’t have transparency to what’s going on. They have no idea.  The executive and legislative branches of government may have to buck up and do their jobs and institute sweeping reforms. Perhaps there will be a restoration of the separation of powers and equality before the law.

So, we’re going to expose them…


We are finishing the search for every rotten, crooked, law-breaking individual in this Deep State. We and others are going to find you.

We’re going to unmask you.

We’re going to make you famous.

One can’t help but think this investigation could have the potential to be equally as important to the upcoming midterm elections as the Podesta email leaks were to the 2016 presidential election.

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  1. God bless all of the real journalists out there who seek the truth. The MSM networks should take a hint and start doing their jobs. Maybe some of them will be exposed? Thank you James O’Keefe and staff, Turning Point USA, Sara Carter, John Solomon, Sean hannity, and all of rhe others digging for what is really happening despite death threats, harassment, etc… Truth shall set you free. Let’s pray that’s true for our nation.

  2. Why announce this prior to releasing the information? Doesn’t that just give “the deep state” a chance to destroy him and all of his associates and the information they have. Since the deep state people seem to be so powerful why would you warn them before hand? I do pray for a better government and I pray that congress and the senate would get behind Pres. Trump. Can you imagine the good that could be done if that were to happen? We need to stop this 2 party fighting for control and join as a nation for the good of all. If James O’Keefe has the information now then he shouldn’t wait till next week. He should release it now.

  3. There are many dead bodies of those who announce ahead of time. Exposing the left that I can no longer refer to as Democrats, because they have long ago given up that reasonable moderate title! They want to destroy America and make it a third world country along with the whole world. It will be dangerous, depressing & disastrous! Believe your gut!

  4. I hope this is not all bombast and conspiratorial ‘outing’ with little or no proof backing it up. (His video is almost a joke–a cheap trailer for a B movie!). Just ssay’en


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