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Hillary Slips Up, Tweets Furious Screed Based On Debunked Kavanaugh Smear


Hillary Clinton went on 6-tweet tirade Wednesday against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, citing a debunked fake news story that Kavanaugh referred to birth-control pills as “abortion-inducing drugs.”

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I want to be sure we’re all clear about something that Brett Kavanaugh said in his confirmation hearings last week,” Hillary confidently tweeted, adding “He referred to birth-control pills as “abortion-inducing drugs.” That set off a lot of alarm bells for me, and it should for you, too.”

The rest of the screed, which you can read by clicking on her tweet, condemns Kavanaugh for making it “clear that safe and legal abortion isn’t the only fundamental reproductive right at grave risk if he is confirmed. Access to birth control is, too.”

Except, Kavanaugh never said that… 

And Hillary either didn’t get the message, or is choosing to deceive her 23.4 million followers.

Kavanaugh was very clearly citing someone else in a response he gave to a question by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) – which California Democratic Rep. Kamala Harris’s office then deceptively edited to make it appear that Kavanaugh said the quote. 

Harris’s deception was so egregious that Politifact and several other fact checkers called her out on it after conservative outlets pointed out the lie.

Via Politifact: 

Harris’ tweet takes Kavanaugh’s statement out of context.

Harris cut an important second out of the clip — the attribution. Kavanaugh said, “They saidfilling out the form would make them complicit in the provision of the abortion-inducing drugs that they were, as a religious matter, objecting to.”

“They” refers to a Catholic nonprofit group, Priests for Life. Kavanaugh was answering a question from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, about a case in which he argued Priests for Life shouldn’t have to provide women with the contraceptive coverage mandated by the Affordable Care Act for religious reasons. –Politifact

Watch the deceptively edited video:

In short, Kamala Harris – a Democratic 2020 hopeful, edited Kavanaugh’s response – ostensibly to deceive people, which Hillary Clinton then repeated several days after Harris was called out by multiple outlets. 

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) dinged Clinton for peddling fake news:

What gives?

via www.zerohedge.com


    • Hillary Clinton needs to be relegated to a prison cell. If a conservative said or did half the things this liberal ******* has been guilty of they would life the rest of their life in prison.

    • Yet another confirmation of the bullet the people of the United States missed by her defeat. Kamala Harris is doing her best to be just as stupid and obnoxious. Have you ever wondered why to goodness for America is not as important as some of the Dems political hate for our country.

  1. An LET ME BE PERFECTLY CLEAR, make no mis-understanding here, I,am drunk as a SKUNK, and I love my booze, so I can go on a tirade something I have NO BUSINESS saying a thing about, and I should just go sit in the corner an JSTFU.

  2. Let us all understand. The very same Democrats who are trying to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation including the likes of Feinstein and Clinton whining about some “sexual abuse” he may have been involved with as a teen committing a prank are the same ones who defend a serial rapist and convicted perjurer named Bill Clinton. The hypocrisy of the left is simply stunning. The opposition to Kavanaugh is that they fear he may not rule they way the left would like on some hypothetical case yet to be heard by the SCOTUS regardless of the law. That and, of course, the fact he was nominated by President Trump and they “resist” every single thing this president does no matter how good it may be for our nation. Confirm Kavanaugh now and stop the BS! He is highly qualified for the job.

    • The likes of Maxine Waters (D) Cal, Nancy Pelosi (D) Cal, Diane Feinstein (D) Cal, Boxer (D) Cal, Elizabeth Warren (D) Mass, Hillary Clinton (D) ?, Bill Clinton (D) ?, Barrack Obama (D) ?, Michele Obama (D), Al Gore (D) ?, and of course the money man Geroge Sorros (D) ?, are destroying this nation in an effort to gain more and more power and wealth. When in the history of the USA has anyone ever said, “He’s not my president” after a duly and truly legal election has taken place? When in our history has a group pretending to be the party of the people that had its roots in the deep south, in KKK, in Socialism, in Slavery, ever held such false power to change the way the SCOTUS acts, how the Executive Branch acts, and how the Legislative Branches act? All the realistic and honest poles out there seem to indicate that 90% or better of the Citizens of the USA are fed up with the petty bickering and double dealing that our Congressional Leaders seem to wallow in. Have you ever seen any of the new Congressional people who came to office with little ever leave not being a multi-millionaire? Since even if they never spent a dime of their wages, where did the money come from…..book sales? hahhahaha If they had time to write a book then perhaps their not doing the jobs they took an oath to do.

      • They are winning because real hard working independent Americans are so afraid of offending someone that they keep their mouth shut. The liberal left knows this. If you are tired of the left’s lies and hate then “STAND UP SPEAK OUT”. If you can not do so then accept the left and all their HATE.

  3. By now, anyone who believes anything that disgusting woman says has not been paying attention. It’s not so much that she is a liar, but nothing she says is ever truthful. Everything she says is based on her hatred of the unwashed herd who would not vote for her. Fortunately, Father Time will continue to extract whatever is left of her miserable existence, in that she will never be President. That is the good news.

  4. Ever notice the old democrats never go away and just retire. They just hang around for years and continue to meddle and stir up BS. Carter, Gore, Kerry, two Clintons, BTW whatever happened to the Rodham name Hillary was so proud of at one time, two Obama’s, shriveled up old ladies Palosi and Feinstein, etc. They never shut up! Whatever happened to retiring into the sunset? Where are all the old Republican activists? Feinstein is running for a 6 year reelection at 85! Her opponent is more liberal than her if that’s even possible but I’m voting for whomever is running against her. Voting Republican is the only way to save our beloved USA. Dear God, please help us survive.

  5. I believe that any Politician,currently in Office,that either lies or slants the truth for their own purpose should be made to Publicly apologize.Too many politicians get away with Slander,Deception and taking Out of Context critical values held by their opponents.

  6. Killary already knew the truth BEFORE her tirade. She also knows that a debunked claim, a flat out lie, it will never be corrected in the minds of many of her pathetic followers. Much like a judge who strikes a comment from the record, that seed has already been planted and irregardless of it being struck down, one can’t strike it from their frontal lobe.
    Killary has no problem killing unborn babies, much like she has no problem offing those who get or got in her way. Big difference, the unborn murdered babies are truly innocent. I can’t say the same for those who choose to get cozy with the Clinton Cartel!

  7. She can’t get anything right and she wants to be president. She killed enough people when she was in the Obama mess and as president she could kill many more and then lie about it which she is a master at.

  8. Just “ain’t (sic) it funny how the Dummycrats can do no wrong. I seem to remember one
    Ted Kennedy who, drunk, drove off a bridge in a ’69 Oldsmobile, leaving Mary Jo Kopeckne to drown. The sum**** got away with it and served in the Senate for years without punishment. O, how we do forget, MR. Dummycrat Demogogues!

  9. There has to be some “legal way” to shut the murderingbitchofBenghazi and her slime-ball twin, schmarmy harris, down and “put them away”! They should both be sued out of existence for libel, slander, character assassination and a hundred other criminal actions. I can only dream – – –

  10. Impeachment should be mentioned to oust ALL the elected legislatures that omit, change the wording, make up untruths or using unverified anonymous letters ( elected legislatures are to support the CONSTITUTION everyone is innocent until proven guilty.)
    Their oath was a lie based on their actions. Therefore they should be impeached for that crime alone.
    There is enough video to prove these crimes.
    Booker needs to be impeached for his Spartacus rant.
    While he knew the documents were unclassified his INTENT was obstruct justice. The majority of people did not know they were unclassified. By his own admission he said he was breaking that law.
    This has gone way past as sickening.
    The President should fire the entire Justice Depart they are corrupt.
    You can’t expect a corrupt police department to conduct an investigation on them selves.
    The people deserve better.
    Mr. President make that move asap.
    The people will support you.
    Walter H

  11. Here is what God Almighty says, ‘
    “Vengeance is Mine, and recompense;
    Their foot shall slip in due time;
    For the day of their calamity is at hand,
    And the things to come hasten upon them.’
    Deuteronomy 32:35

  12. God knows the democrats ONLY stand for political spin, the truth never matters to them. Taking statements and manipulating their words. It appears once again that they can’t handle that their favorite most corrupt, conniving, dishonest, angry, hateful, contempt, power hungry, narcissistic, greedy, lack of conscience (Benghazi), a zero record of accomplishments (unless she thinks Benghazi was successful), no remorse, guilt or shame (again Benghazi), entitled, no empathy, manipulative woman in politics. Those were her good personality traits. For her everything seems to be a conspiracy against herself and the media still keeps looking for new answers as to why she didn’t win, who to blame (the irony here is their lack of fair coverage of both candidates both positive and negative), who cheated (they did as more evidence comes to the surface in the states where there was a recount challenge), It doesn’t seem to dawn on them that most sensible, logical Americans know she’s a pathological liar and don’t trust her or her satyriasis husband Bill “I didn’t lay a hand on her” Clinton.
    They’re a disgusting group of evil people, who seems to enjoy degrading and disparaging other people, while you play very dishonest, dirty, sleazy, corrupt political games and at this time, they have NO REDEEMING QUALITIES nor a soul or a conscience. Seriously? Since 2016, ALL THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS have only shown us is HATE, VIOLENCE, RIDICULE AND INTOLERANCE. It’s the democrats who need a lesson in love and acceptance. Congress needs to accept America’s choice for President. There is a huge reason Americans rejected Hillary, as she’s a malignant narcissist and psychopath, who seems to fear being forgotten or becoming irrelevant to the political climate. Hillary is pathetic and still can’t phantom why she lost. It’s all the things and issues listed above.

  13. Lock her up so that she can shut up! She needs to change her tooth paste because she has real bad breath – you know what I mean.


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