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FBI Election Meddling: Trump Rips Strzok, Page After New Report of Leaks


President Donald Trump again blasted former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, saying newly revealed text messages between the two are “a disaster and embarrassment.”

His comments came in a pair of tweets Thursday morning. They follow a Fox News’ report   that said text messages between Strzok and Page reveal others were “leaking like mad” in the run-up to the Trump-Russia collusion probe.

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A December 15, 2016 exchange between the two appears to reveal a possible leak operation for “political” purposes, according to the news network.

Trump made his feelings known about the report on Twitter.

“More text messages between former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are a disaster and embarrassment to the FBI & DOJ,” he wrote.  “This should never have happened but we are learning more and more by the hour. ‘Others were leaking like mad’ in order to get the President! …….

“…..’It is a cesspool of corruption, and the people who did this need to be brought to justice.’ @GreggJarrett

Trump quoted Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett in the second tweet. Jarrett had made his comments Wednesday night during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

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  1. Mr. President stop complaining an fire and replace Sessions, Rosenstein, and Wray. People are getting tired of the tweets regarding this subject in light of the fact you are not doing a damn thing to correct the problem.

    • Everybody kept telling Trump to fire Comey too, and when he did, they accused him of trying to influence the investigations. He’s damned if he DOES, and he’s damned if he DOESN’T.

  2. The cesspool is the Trump administration. Now all of a sudden two FBI employees are an embarrassment???? Trump is the embarrassment not just to the US but to the world. Worried about leaks and their meddling, but he’s not worried about Russia meddling. What a hypocrite – he talks out of both sides of his filthy mouth.

  3. Pat Hanson are you asleep? The whole Trump/Russia meddling fiasco is one big set up job by the establishment swamp/deep state designed to take down a duly elected president. It is obvious from the use of the phony dossier to illegally obtain a FIBA warrant to spy on Trump to the blatantly biased Strzok_Page email exchanges. Wake up and smell the coffee.


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