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Nike Sales Up 31 Percent Since Start of Kaepernick Campaign


Nike sales spiked by 31 percent since the company debuted its controversial “Just Do it” campaign last week featuring Colin Kaepernick as the company’s new spokesperson, NBC News reported.

Last week the company caused a stir when it revealed an ad featuring an image of Kaepernick and the message “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

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The former San Francisco 49er caused a commotion on social after sharing the ad to Twitter, but the controversy did not stop there.

Nike aired an accompanying commercial that featured Kaepernick during the broadcast of Thursday night’s official NFL opener on NBC.

Critics have since called for a Nike boycott, with President Donald Trump at the helm of the movement.

“Nike is getting absolutely killed with anger and boycotts,” Trump tweeted. “I wonder if they had any idea that it would be this way? As far as the NFL is concerned, I just find it hard to watch, and always will, until they stand for the FLAG!”

However, market observers said the public outrage may have drawn more attention to Nike and boosted its sales.

“Controversial endorsements tend to generate a lot of hype,” said Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst of market research firm The NPD Group, according to NBC News. “These kinds of statements and brand partnerships make for a big impact on brand selling.”

Online sales of Nike products increased by 31 percent following the release of the campaign, which is nearly double the 17 percent increase over the same time period last year.

“Consumers who are most likely to shop online, and shop athletic apparel and footwear, are very much in tune with the movement and the willingness for a mega-brand to stand up against the establishment,” Cohen pointed out.

Hetal Pandya, co-founder of Edison Trends added that Nike focused on younger generations and expanding its market, and “this ad did that for them.”

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  1. Democrats finally spending their own money? WOW. Nike endorsing the Democrat agenda, murder cops, resist, racism, etc. using Colin as a symbol. A kneeler, expressing fealty to false scenarios.

  2. My belief is that this is complete and utter BS! Other than a few liberal morons, I have not heard one positive comment of the stupid business decision to use a hated figure as the face of Nike!!!

  3. Nike says it increased their sales by 31%, but I hear that there are a lot of people are quitting the usage of Nike products, so one of those things I hear or read about Nike is correct and the other thing I hear or read is wrong because they can not both be right and both can be wrong, so which is correct? ? ?

  4. The “However” says it all. The lib reaction is not surprising but sustaining it is not what they do! And one should remember more that 65% of buyers are the ones who detest the shame of kneeling and disrespect to the flag and our military vets.

    • Neither will I. Did not buy their shoes, as they do NOT make my size- I refuse to pay Big Bucks for shoes that don’t fit correctly! But I have purchased some of their sportswear in the past. No longer.

  5. “Stand up against the establishment”? Really? That’s not what the bonehead Kap is protesting. He’s protesting RACIAL and SOCIAL injustice….which arguably only worsened when Obama was in office. The “Establishment” is the American way of life – like it or not, there will always be social and racial injustice. Every one of us is ‘classified’ in some way every day even if we don’t realize it.
    To those of you who want to protest this, 1. do it on your own time, and 2. do something positive about it, and 3. if you’re not satisfied with the way our country is run, you are welcome to leave it for a better place. Try Afghanistan or Iraq.

  6. First of all, we don’t know this # is 100% true & accurate – who puts these #s out? Next, where is their stock price today? Last I checked they were down $4 billion. I’d hate to be the poor schmuck that has to face the board of directors with this tremendous loss!
    If their sales are up, it’s juat the dishonorable left going out and propping them up. This will fade, there is no honor among the corrupt, lying leftists in the world.
    Personally, I won’t buy it own anything NIKE or other brands they own. One thing is for sure, they sure have a skewed view of what a real hero is! In their minds, Booker and his so called “Spartacus” moment would qualify as a hero!! We all know that’s not true.

  7. They may get an initial spike in sales from the on line Nimrods, but boycotts of non-perishable goods are not reflected for about six months. I know Nike’s golf line will suffer even with Tiger’s resurgence because golfers are conservative by and large.

  8. Still would not buy Nike if you paid me. FYI they also cater to Muslims for Nike Pro Hijab. So not surprised at this fake as usual reprobate culture shock. Right up BO & MO alley, huh?? Nike wallows in the mire w/pigs!


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