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Heart-Wrenching Photos Of 9/11


Fifty-eight percent of Americans believe the anonymous senior administration official, who Following are 15+ rare images that were taken in New York City on September 11th. The images were obtained from professional and amateur photographers, yet they all have one thing in common: they document an an American tragedy and an event which changed the world for ever:

#1 A Knot Of Bystanders At Park Row And Beekman Street Look Up As The South Tower Begins To Collapse

Credit: Patrick Witty

#2 At Rector Street And Broadway, A Photographer Leaned Out His Window With A Medium-format Camera And Caught The Moment Before The Second Plane’s Impact

Credit: Rob Howard

#3 People Falling From The Towers

Credit: David Surowiecki

#4 As Seen Through A Fish-Eye Lens From An Apartment Four Blocks Away, Smoke Streams From The North Tower Within Minutes Of The First Plane’s Attack

Credit: Patricia McDonough

#5 People Run Down Broadway As A Smoke And Dust Cloud Comes Up The Street From The Collapsing World Trade Center Buildings In New York

Credit: Kelly Price

#6 American Airlines Flight 11 (Visible In The Upper Right-Hand Corner Of The Photo) Approaches The North Tower Of The World Trade Center On September 11, 2001

Credit: Wolfgang Staehle

#7 The South Tower Disintegrates, Raining Debris Behind A Cross Atop Trinity Church

Credit: James Nachtwey / VII for Time

#8 South Tower Of The World Trade Center Collapsing

Credit: Bolivar Arellano

#9 Not Yet Realizing A Terrorist Attack Was In Progress, Architect And Amateur Pilot Isabel Daser, Eight Months Pregnant, Asked A Co-Worker To Take Her Portrait As A Record Of The Day

Credit: Daser Bessler

#10 The Second Plane Flew Directly Over My Head And Slammed Into The South Tower. It Took Me A Few Seconds To Get My Head Together, And This Was The Shot I Took

Credit: Marc A. Garrett

#11 4 Years Old Boy Along The Westside Highway That Morning On 9/11

Credit: AustinSansone

#12 A Lone Man Runs Down Broadway As A Smoke And Dust Cloud Comes Up The Street From The Collapsing World Trade Center Buildings In New York September 11, 2001

Credit: Kelly Price

#13 On A Brooklyn Rooftop Shortly After The Collapse Of The Twin Towers

On a Brooklyn rooftop shortly after the collapse of the Twin Towers, Jenna Piccirillo and three-month-old Vaughan embody innocence and resilience, according to the photographer: “Life continues in the face of disaster . . . despite the horrors we inflict on one another.” Credit: Alex Webb/Magnum Photos

#14 The sight was impossible to look away from

Credit: luke kurtis

#15 Penman Got As Close To The Buildings As He Could, Before Police Put Up A Cordon. But That Meant He Was Right Next To The Buildings When The First Tower Collapsed

Credit: Phil Penman

#16 Smoke Plumes Are Clearly Visible In This Landsat 7 Satellite Image Of New York City Made Early On September 12

Credit: NASA

#17 A Plane Explodes After Hitting The Second Tower Of The World Trade Center As The Other Tower Burns

Credit: Sara K. Schwittek

#18 The Photographer Considered This 9/11 Brooklyn Scene Too Tranquil At The Time. He Decided Not To Publish The Image Widely Until Four Years After The Attacks

Credit: Thomas Hoepker/Magnum Photos

#19 Twin Towers Of The World Trade Center Burn Behind The Empire State Building

Credit: Marty Lederhandler


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  1. Heartbreaking moments…but what followed was how New Yorke’rs and many of the people who came from outside the city to work and help in the recovery..They were amazing and the true spirit of what and why America is Great!!!!!!..God bless them all…..

  2. 9/11/01 was Bill Clintons fault! I learned all I need to know about the Satanic religion of Islam on 9/11/01 if we do NOT talk about the mistakes of the past and put blame on the responsible party “DemocRats” we are doomed to repeat them! 9/11/01 AND 9/11/12 NEVER FORGET IT WAS MUSLIMS NOT CATHOLICS BUDDHISTS OR CHRISTIANS THAT DID THIS!

    Thank God we NOW have a President that will fight radical islamic extremists and call them what they are TERRORISTS!

    All Visas for all 19 9/11/01 Muslim Islamic terrorists were handed out by liberal democrats under the Clinton administration!

    They all learned to fly under the Clinton administration and told the instructors they “did NOT care about learning how to land the plane!

    Liberals don’t care if another 3000 American are murdered on U.S. soil by Muslim Islamic terrorists again, as long as they can hurt President Trump that is all that matters to them!

    Obama has let North Korea develop Nukes and gave Iran 170 billion in cash so they could do the same and finish off the USA! There has never been a president who has hated America more than Ohomo!

    “Rocketman” became “Rocketman” and developed nukes under “Ohomoman.”

    Bill Clinton gave North Korea 4 billion dollars so they would NEVER devolop nukes!

    Bill Clinton let it happen 9/11/01 Was Clinton’s fault! The Sudanese government in 1996 offered to hand Bin Laden to Bill Clinton he said NO! Bin Laden was also responsible for the first trade center bombing and he did nothing He was too busy getting oral from Monica Lewinsky to care.

    Need I say more? Okay Bill Clinton was also president back in 2000 when Bin laden put a bomb on the USS Cole exterminating 17 US Sailors “AN ACT OF WAR” and he still did nothing!

    If he had gone after and took out bin laden way back then 9/11/01 Never would have happened and the twin towers would still be standing and those 3000+ American people would still be alive! ! Too bad you are a stupid liberal otherwise you would know this!

    Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize!

    All 19 learned to fly and did not want to learn how to land under the Clinton administration! These Muslims were already in the country when Bush took office!

    Bill Clinton: ‘I Could Have Killed’ Bin Laden Michael Kroger plays a tape of Bill Clinton explaining why he didn’t have bin Laden killed – recorded 10th September 2001.

    • Hate to tell you but Foreign Muslims nor bin Laden nor Iraq had anything to do with this. It was both Repubs and Dems that did this and had it planned for over 10 years. The Bushes and Cheney were the main ones , but all Elites were in on it. The Muslim college students they used their pictures and names to accuse them if this within an hour of the attack, had nothing to do with it and they didn’t even know this happened or why their names and pics were used as the “hijackers” . They were in class in Arabia at the time. Only Atta was in on it but again was just a scape goat for DC. They used him and he is still alive and well. There were no planes – those were holograms.

      The entire thing was a deadly False Flag done my the US Govt ! And it’s not the first time
      the US govt has done a deadly thing like this to get a war going and more freedoms and rights taken from we the people. Every war has done just that. Lives mean nothing to DC Elites as long as they can get closer to their Satanic OWG.
      Pearl Harbor was the same thing and set up.


  3. We are so very blessed to have the heroes that tried to help save lives that day we’ll never forget. The men and women of the NYFD who lost loved one’s and gave their lives to go up into that firery staircase. How do we say thank you. We will remember this day forever, and try to be kind to our neighbors. We need to become the nation that once was before our parents were born. My grandparents came here from Italy on a boat. They were so excited to become citizens, my grandmother told me she cried herself to sleep after she received her papers. That’s the way to do it. God bless all of us and God bless America.

  4. Rick,
    I wish I could buy you a beer. You and I are 100% on the same page and I feel the exact same way as you do. Thank you for the post.



  5. Will Americans ever know the truth of this tragic event? I doubt it. No more so than we learned of the assassination of JFK in 1963! God has been forgotten in our country!

    • Trump is trying to bring GOD back into the equation, and he’s exposing a lot of truths that were concealed from us. And THAT’S why they’re trying so hard to take him out of office.


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