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Trump has only one path to save America from a deep state takeover


(Natural News) In the months ahead, America will either fall to deep state tyranny, or patriots like President Trump will be victorious in taking back our constitutional republic from the nefarious grip of the swamp (in collaboration with the left-wing media that’s now run by the CIA).

Today I’ve published an emergency alert video that warns Trump has just one path to save America from a deep state takeover. The full video, shown below, discusses tech giants’ censorship, the coming false flag attack to be blamed on Alex Jones, and how Trump can save America by initiating the arrest and prosecution of deep state criminals such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The full video is available now at REAL.video:


See more video commentary at the HR Report channel on REAL.video.

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  1. I have been saying for a very long time he needs to bring Hillary and Obama down. When he does that the rest will back off knowing they will actually go to prison if they break the law too. These two are traitors and if they can not be brought down the rest think they can not be brought down either. It is time to bring them in. If this was me I would have been arrested a long time ago sit in jail waiting to go to court. They have the evidence to bring them both down for treason in a few different cases. I would suggest the President get someone in place of sessions that will do their job and quit worrying that we have never done this to an x president and x secretary of state. I do not care about their title they are not above the law.

    • For the “CLINTON CARTEL”, the BIG ZERO. HORRENDOUS HOLDER, and the “NON-AMERICAN” NINE that signed to allow the sale of the URANIUM to Russia, and the CROOKED CLINTONS for accepting the $145,000,000.00 from a RUSSIAN DONOR, to their FOUNDATION!!! The Clinton Foundation should be extensively audited and investigated by persons dedicated to TRUTH AND HONESTY! How can a foundation spend $7,000,000.00 on transportation in one year?? How can a foundation spent $70,000.00 on Chelseas wedding, and not get audited for it??? C’MON PEOPLE<<<GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER!!! "DO YOUR JOBS"!!

  2. Pray for our Great President, he will face grave danger as he exposes the deep state players & they won’t go down without a fight. The Clinton Cartel will be the key to most of this but I’m sure there are many whose names will not be recognized that are just as involved. If there is any real justice left, tge Clintons, their cronies, all those already exposed & many more will be indicted, tried & sentenced.

  3. I believe that he will go after the ring leaders of the deep state after the mid terms. I think we will not only keep control of both houses, we will gain some and that will enable President Trump to bring them down. That’s why Obambam is out there whining about what’s happening.

  4. Attorney General Sessions, Deputy AG Rosenstein & FBI Director Wray are the greatest threat to President Trump. These individals must be fired an replaced with component individuals that will prosecute the crimes orchestrated within the Department of Justice, CIA, State Department and the FBI. Our Constitution & Rule of Law must stand at all cost.

  5. shut down the FBI-scatter the agents of the FBI throughout the government sectors where they will have no power. Restaff the FBI with actual patriots.

  6. everyone needs to be calling their congressmen/women to make their outrage known over censorship. at the same time let them hear you want the office of the president to be respected and do something about the Maxine Waters of the congress. Also, please do not buy Apple products and stop patronizing the HollyHood radical left who take your money and uses it against you. The entire Entertainment Industry is part of the extreme left who support the Deep State. Elites are running us and this president is our last chance. God bless America.

  7. This poor guy is being attack relentlessly from all sides except the patriotic Americans that elected him, like you and me. We really need to support him and attack those who continue to attack him. If your congressmen is a Democrat you need to write them and call them relentlessly to either leave him alone or support him to get the job done that the American people elected him to do. Even if you have to threaten them with being voted out of office. Which seems to be the only thing they understand. The majority of Americans support Pres. Trump and he’s doing a great job Making America first again.

  8. I can’t wait for Hillary, Bill, Barrack, Lois, and Eric, Comey, Mueller and the rest to be arrested, charged, indibted, tried, found guilty and sentenced. Sessions was a mistake to begin with and is gutless. He’s part of the swamp and we know that his gravy train existence will end if President Trump does drain the swamp. Remember….all of these bastards in the House and Senate have lots of people they hired who will also be out of work. That’s why there’s such a Deep State. Cut their salaries and staffs.


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