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George Pataki Says Political Division More Dangerous Than Terrorism


Modern-day political division in the United States has former Gov. George Pataki, R-N.Y., more worried now than a potential terrorist attack did before 9/11, he told Sunday’s “The Cats Roundtable.”

“Let’s stop thinking as Republicans or Democrats; let’s start thinking as Americans,” Pataki told host John Catsimatidis on 970 AM-N.Y. “If we do that, these should be the most optimistic times in a long long time. The economy is doing well. The country is strong.

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“But our internal divisions are what worries me almost as much, well, more than I was worried about a possible terrorist attack before it happened on Sept. 11.”

Pataki ridiculed political division as “our greatest enemy,” adding “we just can’t act civilly because we happen to disagree on a philosophical or political question.”

“One of the lessons of Sept. 11 is that it’s easy to point fingers of blame; it’s harder to come together,” Pataki told Catsimatidis. “We came together as a state, as the city, as a nation, like I’ve never seen before. God, you look at the political scene today, and we’ve got to start to understand, as we did on Sept. 11, we’re all Americans, we’re all in this together.

“Stop the shouting and finger-pointing. Let’s just try to find common ground and move forward as a country.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee hearings this week on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh have unraveled under “partisan hatred,” Pataki lamented.

“In Washington, you have hearings that are more like a circus or a clown show than the deliberative attempt to understand the philosophy of the person who has been appointed,” Pataki said. “You can’t have a democracy like that. You have to respect each other.”

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  1. Good Governor but a little too simplistic in his evaluation of the problem and also his solution. He’s missed the basis of the divisions affecting this nation. Among the short list he failed to address is the ideological beliefs that have been taking hold for more than 50 years. That factor has resulted in a lack of American ideals. The education system has been the incubator for the ideology that has gripped the Left and the Leftists. Our history from the time of Columbus through the present has been revised to emphasize the negatives of out past. The mainstay of our very unique form of society, the Constitution, has been relegated to a document that is now considered by the Left and Leftist population as one that can be changed to meet the ideas of a particular philosophy in which they believe. The idea of protecting our borders and identifying the alien people who enter our country is now abandoned. Out politicians who were once moderate in their actions have adopted the ideas of the Left and Leftists and cater to their ideas for their vote. Out former President , Obama, created the schism between the minorities and the majority. I said this was a shortlist. I am sure your readers will add more.


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