Home Politics Obama Condemns Trump, “Nazi Sympathizers” In Fiery Speech Warning Of “Dangerous Times”

Obama Condemns Trump, “Nazi Sympathizers” In Fiery Speech Warning Of “Dangerous Times”


Former President Obama jumped into the political fray on Friday, lashing out at Donald Trump by name in what appears to be his first crack at energizing Democrats for midterms.

Trump says he fell asleep.

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I’m sorry. I watched it, but I fell asleep. I found he’s very good — very good for sleeping,” the President said during a Fargo, ND fundraiser.

While giving an acceptance speech for the Paul H. Douglas award for Ethics in Government at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Obama said that President Trump is simply capitalizing on discontent whipped up over many years, while asking “What happened to the Republican Party?” while adding that Americans have “moments” when people who are “genuinely, if wrongly, fearful of change” have pushed back against progressive American ideals.

“You happen to be coming of age during one of those moments,” Obama said. “It did not start with Donald Trump, he is a symptom, not the cause. He is just capitalizing on resentment that politicians have fanning for years. A fear, an anger that is rooted in our past but is also borne in our enormous upheavals that have taken place in your brief lifetimes.”

Perhaps fanning a few flames himself, Obama then said “we sure as heck supposed to stand up clearly and unequivocally to Nazi sympathizers,” asking “How hard can that be, saying that Nazis are bad?”

“When you vote, you’ve got the power to make sure white nationalists don’t feel emboldened to march with their hoods on or hoods off in Charlottesville,” Obama said.

This hasn’t sat well with conservatives:

Obama also pushed back against the controversial New York Times op-ed allegedly written by an anonymous White House official claiming to be part of an internal “resistance” within the administration.

And by the way, the claim that everything will turn out okay because there are people inside the White House who secretly aren’t following the president’s orders—that is not a check. I’m being serious here. That’s not how our democracy is supposed to work. These people aren’t elected. They are not accountable. They are not doing us a service by actively promoting 90 percent of the crazy stuff that is coming out of this White House and then saying don’t worry, we’re preventing the other 10 percent. That’s not how things are supposed to work! This is not normal. These are extraordinary times, and they are dangerous times.

The former President then made his midterm pitch, telling the audience “In two months, we have the chance—not the certainty, but the chance—to restore some semblance of sanity to our politics. Because there is actually only one real check on bad policy and abuses of power, and that’s you. You and your vote.”

Obama then took credit for the economic progress made under the Trump administration, saying “let’s just remember when this recovery started. I mean, I’m glad it’s continued, but when you hear about this economic miracle that’s been going on, when the job numbers come out, monthly job numbers, and suddenly Republicans are saying ‘it’s a miracle!’ I have to kind of remind them—actually those job numbers are the same as they were in 2015 and 2016. Anyway, I digress.”

One might argue that the recovery started when Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke held a gun to Congress’s head in September of 2008, during the Bush administration, when they described how the US economy would implode if they didn’t urgently apply taxpayer dollars to fix decisions facilitated in part by Bill Clinton’s repeal of Glass Steagall. But we digress…

Trump responded to Obama’s economic diss, telling the Fargo crowd “He was trying to take credit for this incredible thing that’s happening to our country,” adding that Obama presided over the “weakest recovery in the history of our country.

Obama also hit Trump on tax cuts for wealthy Americans, claiming: “With Republicans in control of Congress and the White House, without any checks or balances whatsoever, they’ve provided another $1.5 trillion in tax cuts to people like me, who I promise don’t need it, and don’t even pretend to pay for them,” adding “It’s supposed to be the party supposedly of fiscal conservatism… Suddenly deficits do not matter.”

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    • Just when I think I’ve heard the last of this Muslim/Enemy of America, there he goes, pops up his ugly head and vitriolic lies against our President hoping to take over America. Sorry BO, you and your co conspirators may have fooled the ignorant, but the silent majority of this country has been on to you and your REGIME since the beginning. We want you OUT of our country, out of our lives, and we don’t ever want to hear your lying, deceiving voice again spewing lies against the best leader this country has had. Do you honestly believe the majority of this nation isn’t satisfied with the tax plan that put money back into AMERICAN’S POCKETS instead of giving everything to illegals who hate the country but love the benefits? You D’s are so desperate you have to import D voters otherwise you would never win another election. Shut up, and go back to Kenya where you came from!

  1. Mr. FORMER President.
    You miss an opportunity to show America that you RESPECT the office of YOUR president. Instead, you sow negativity which only begets more negativity. Shameful. Does your ego demand public rhetoric that much?

    • Phyllis, that’s because he was the enemy from within, he hated America and was H*LL bent on changing every aspect of this great country into a Communist nation. Remember this, his dad was a Muslim Communist, his mother and her parents were Communist, his mentor, and the man many people think is his real father was Head of the Communist Party of America, Frank Marshall. When BO was a student at Occidental, (on foreign aid mind you,) he happened into the auditorium where he heard, for the first time, Cloward/Piven and fell in love, his first love as a matter of fact. He was smitten by their ideology and never looked back. Both Killary and BO LOVED Saul Alinsky, the Marxist who wrote Rules for Radicals and dedicated his book to the “LUCIFER, the first, great radical!” Now having been brainwashed from as early as one could remember, by Communism, do you honestly think that he loves Christianity, loves America, loves a Republic and Capitalism. Not only no but H*LL NO!

  2. Obama was a pathetic joke that was forced on America. After Bush let his old boys network rob the finance district in his last months of the Presidency, no way was a Republican candidate would be elected. Everyone forgets that, Obama the dumbest Democrat since Carter was guaranteed the office. The country was angry over Bush’s debocial. Fact of life, and Obama almost destroyed this country.and is still hating America with his same rhetoric, trying to make the young minds to also hate the U.S. and believe they are not great.

    • Sad but I now
      Believe that the Bucsh’s Were and are in league with the socialist globalist! I think the whole bunch from H.W, Clinton, G.W. To Obama were planing for socialism and it might have worked were it not for the wannabe king Obama showing his arrogant smug face to the world!EVB4

    • I didn’t vote for him either time, I saw right through what a two faced silver tongued DEVIL he was after the Rev. Wright fiasco. Admitting he sat in that racist building, posing as a church for 20 years, listening to the wailing sounds of the ignorant Blacks who don’t realize it was the Democratic Party that was the RACIST PARTY and wanted to keep slaves down on the plantation, while Republicans opposed slavery, was enough to see how evil BO and REGIME was. The Left is sure trying to get Trump out. They believe their lies about our President will be enough to win the Midterms. The Demoncraps are so stupid, they don’t even realize those lies have only infuriated nearly every good citizen of this country, as President Trump’s approval ratings rise weekly and now, his Black approval rating, because of the Black unemployment being lowest EVER, it starting to soar as well as the LEGITIMATE (THOSE WHO ARE CITIZENS AND LEGAL TO VOTE!) is rising as well. Words mean nothing, and that’s all the Demoncraps have, they are masters at spinning, and lying, but while they are busy finding new ways to discredit our President, he proves them wrong by accomplishing every, single promise he made to Americans, and for the first time, this leader comes through MAGA, while AMERICANS are thrilled with the progress in just over a year, to rebuild our country from the disaster that the REGIME turned it into. BO is so arrogant, I believe he honestly believes that Americans love him. Got news for ya BO, only the Marxist Media, the Socialist/Communist/ illegal aliens, criminals, drug cartels, MS 13 gangs, rapist, murderers and felons love you because you are a no good African enemy of America! The vast majority of this country, we call the SILENT MAJORITY, voted President Trump into office, and will vote straight RED at Midterms. No one in their RIGHT mind would ever want our country put through the Communist “wringer” AGAIN. MAGA!!!

    • Buhrak Osama was not guaranteed the Presidency, until Juan Muhkane sold out America in favor of the Muslime terrorist, and campaigned for Osama.

  3. Mr. FORMER President, You missed an opportunity to show America that you RESPECT the office of YOUR president. Instead, you sow negativity which only begets more negativity. Shameful. Does your ego demand this much public grandstanding?

  4. Obozo is so arrogant and narcissistic he believes his own BS. Enlightened Dems are leaving the party in droves because they finally see he did nothing for the people in his attempt to bring the country under the NWO slavery while Trump has done the opposite and only the stupid blindly follow the jackass.

    • I’ve listened to Rush and Hannity, they have people calling in. Nearly every day a life time Des calls in, those who voted for BO twice, and said NEVER AGAIN! They have seen what President Trump has done for this country, and all the improvements he has made since BO nearly destroyed America along with his Deep State, and we are NEVER going back.

  5. The real Nazi sympathizers were lovers of Islam, Hitler paled around with one of the leading Islamist of those times. Obama did the same. He received a “Ethics” award from a Illinois University, What A Joke. The only thing Obama ever had going for him was his mouth, which was like his rectum, always spouting feces.

    • Nazis started as : The Nazi Socialist Party. You can still find it in wikipedia but they have now changed it a bit saying that the nazis were far right….wikipedia did not say that LAST WEEK. It said the nazis were socialists. The public can pay a fee and write anything they want on wikipedia. AND they are.

  6. The fraud and usurper barack husein obama was NEVER a LEGAL sitting US President and the US Congress , US Supreme Court knew it from the get go January of 2009 . The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama was placed in office because of his RACE and for no other reason . The US Congress and the US Supreme knew well Article ll Section ! Clause of the US Constitution did not allow barack hussein obama to be US President . The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama was NEVER a NATURAL BORN US CITIZEN .

  7. The “Destroyer From Within” blurts out more divisive lies and has the balls to make himself responsible for Trump’s enactments. Nov. 6 The People will speak.

  8. This is an interesting statement by Obama, saying that Trump is not the cause. For once, he is telling the truth. Obama and his policies were the CAUSE. Trump is working hard to eliminate Obama’s policies that are killing our country. The truth is, as history has shown time and time again, Marxist/Socialist/Communist policies look good on paper but in practice, they are a DISASTER!!! I know first hand, having spent time in the FSU.

    • First Hand: Ask the Americans in the heart land of this country. They are the ones who lost their jobs to outsourced manufacturing. Outsourced customer support. Outsourced technical support. Obama and Bill signed nafta allowing their buddies to take their jobs to Asia where it costs pennies an hour for labor and NOTHING to bring finished products back in the states to sell to Americans. That is what democrats did.

  9. What a joke! Every American tax payer benefited from the Trump tax cut. I have yet to receive ANY tax cut under Obama; for the unfortunate 8 years under him, my taxes consistently increased. He’s a liar from the father of lies! Those who are Bible savvy know who I’m referencing!

  10. I wish Obama would just go away. He
    was the most devisive President in history
    pitting blacks against whites, old against
    Young, straights against gays, Democrats against Republicans etc. He personally
    Set race relations back at least 50 years.
    He was the second worst President in
    My lifetime. Carter was worst but he was only
    Incompetent. Obama was and is dangerous.
    True Trump is clumsy and not Presidential
    acting but his policies are spot on.
    Go away Obama we don’t need you to
    Stir things up any more.

  11. Why don’t you just say it, it is so easy to say it, just say it I am a Muslim and I want to make America Muslim also. I don,t care about anyone but myself. Even the democrats running for office , do not want my help!!!

  12. ObamASS said “Discontent whipped up over many years” This can not be President Trump’s problem, HE HAS NOT BEEN IN OFFICE FOR MANY YEARS, BUT OBAMASS WAS. ObamASS is doing a great job encouraging people to get out and vote, Conservatives appreciate his help in encouraging ALL PATRIOT AMERICANS TO VOTE AGAINS SOCIALISM.

  13. Sick and tired of advertising popping up in my face. I’m unsubscribing. Only way for you to learn that we are not your pawns.

  14. Obama has always been a left-wing ideologue who is a gifted orator with little intelligence. Obama sold image alone with underlying policies destructive to the nation he never liked, based on his own rhetoric since long before he became president, which is why I have always despised him. Essentially he is a mouthpiece for George Soros.

  15. Obama is the biggest liar the Presidency has ever had. He is also the most destructive force against our constitution and the Amendments we ever had. He is the most divisive president we ever had. He has done nothing for the American people, white, black, Brown or yellow. NOTHING but redistribute our wealth to other nations, particularly the Muslim nations. I will be glad to have the opportunity to piss on his grave someday.

  16. Obama did everything in a slick, but sickening way—tried to fire people up against the police, failed to protect American citizens against criminal illegals (from south America and other countries)by not upholding immigration laws, failed to build a wall, didn’t do much to help American vets (revamoing the VA that Trump is doing) to assist them in getting housing,medical care(to wit:many are living in the woods here)obstructed the fast and furious hearings by refusing to send the requested documents , spending many millions on his family trips at taxpayer expense, and etc;he was unmotivated I guess because he felt superior in his “role” but didn’t have the pulse of many American people who were disgusted with his “performance”!

    • Prominent Black Lives Matter activist to attend Obama meeting | TheHill
      Jul 13, 2016 – “We are at the @WhiteHouse right now for a 3-hour convening w/ President Obama re: the recent events in #BatonRouge & across the country,” …

  17. That is very ironic coming from the president who enabled islamists and illegals to murder our citizens and he did nothing but lecture us that we have too many guns in this country.

  18. We have to remember that Obama’s mentor, probably all his life, was none other than Soros, a true nazi during WW2 and still professes that ideology today. He also became a switcher to something when the writing was on the wall that Germany was going to lose so he became a sympathizer and spy for the west of course for financial arrangements and for an American citizenship and passport.And since then has made money by secretly promoting the downfall of nations. Nice guy, huh? His imperfect way of overthrowing a nation being passed on to his protege Obama and teaching him his best attribute, propaganda and how to blame others for your developments, like arab spring, Ukraine, chem weapons use in war racism, open borders, and Obama’s favorite, refugee overthrow of a nation, all of soros pet areas.

  19. Obama aka Berry Soretoro will soon be going to prison for good when the U.S. finds out about his secret “PROJECT PELICAN” where he is bringing in muslim missle launchers in to a Florida port and placing them in parts of our country to ready for a sharia law war. Obama did nothing for America but weaken it for an easier attack by his Muslim brothers. They are in regular corragated shipping containers you see on trains and trucks. This MUST be stopped!! Mueller might go down for being involved too. Must see this clip NOW! https://youtu.be/0Z6cstiuu4s

  20. Well there we have it obama what do you think of comments on here!
    It is You The great Deceiver that concerns me the most.
    I was wondering how long you could keep your Damn mouth shut, in truth it hasn’t stopped since your ass left the White House. Don’t forget when comes to Washington Corruption, and what you taught the HILDEBEAST BITCH always accuse your adversaries of what it is you are actually doing.

  21. Vintage Obama. Bragging up his tremendous jobs record. But just think, when you are bleeding thousands of jobs during and coming out of a recession, it’s called bottoming out and the recovery starts. So as the correction settles, the U.S. business sector does what it does best. Manages assets, focuses on new strategy, right-sizes it’s business model and forges ahead. So when you hit zero, the only place to go is up. Making something out of nothing is OK but hardly as good as you are making it out to be. When you overlay your brilliant idea to enforce the biggest tax increase in 25 years AKA Obama Care onto an economy less than 18 months out of a recession, ANY job increase that happened was IN SPITE of your leadership not because of it. Every economic and financial expert has stated that your economic recovery from the recession was the worst on record since the depression. But then to take an economy that, as you say, was as good as it was going to get, to new highs and being sustained and projected to be sustained, would and is much more difficult and dependent on factors like reversing some anti-business regulations from your time in office. You also forgot to mention that your economy was so weak and fragile that it retracted during a fiscal quarter in your second term. The definition of a recession is two consecutive fiscal quarters of economic retraction. You were half way there. Referring to Trump supporters to Nazi sympathizers while not admitting that you would never call Muslim terrorists for what they are. Never before in this country has more Muslims become radicalized and carried out a violent attack on our soil than during your terms in office. Your sympathy and appeasement towards Muslims was glaringly evident. Your greatness regardless of what you think, only lies between your ears.

  22. Obama crawled back out from under his rock because he is afraid that he and his cabal will be prosecuted for their treasonous crimes if the Democrats cannot steal the midterms. They must be getting scared because the head Demonrat who has been hiding just outside the Whitehouse in his walled in multi million dollar fortress trying to still be in charge running the deep state operatives still in the Trump administration is showing his face again.

  23. What an egotistical, supercilious, lying, pile of crap, who single-handedly did everything he could to bring down the USA! For Obama to face an audience and make the statements he did, only shows how, “Delusional” he really is! The American people are aware of his, “Failed Presidency,” him getting on a stage and, “Proclaiming” that he was responsible for today’s, “Booming Economy” Is the height of, “Narcissism! If he really believes his, “Rhetoric,” He’s “Certifiably Insane!”

  24. Obama says Donald Trump is a Nazi. The problem with that is Nazism ended in 1945 after the depression in Germany. Except for a few small groups of idiots who really don’t believe in the cause, there is no Nazism. However, Islam has multi-millions of anti-American extremists hoping they can one day eradicate Americans and all christens throughout the world. Obama is a Muslim sympathizer, he’s gay, anti-American, born in Kenya, smokes dope and is married to a tyranny, just to name a few of his nefarious traits. He should just spend the money he stole from America and stay out of our presidents’ way.

  25. This lying retard knows a lot about Nazism he is one!
    Typical Nazi trick accusing someone else of being a nazi!
    This guy should have been removed along with half of Capitol Hill 10 years ago!

  26. But somehow he is fine with emboldening groups like Antifa and BLM. After all, antifa is just fighting and keeping us free from the dozen or so Nazi sympathizers and BLM just wants cops dead so they can keep doing what they do.

    By the way, Raw Conservative Opinions, your capcha system stinks!!

  27. Obama predicts dangerous times. Well they will be dangerous for people like him as well, borderline traitors. In dangerous times Nationalism spikes and the tolerance our country has shown for sedition will end. Prison terms and charges of treason will increase. Obama and others will likely end up in prison at least. Some might be hung if conspiracy can be proven.

  28. Did he have to read his remarks from a teleprompter? It’s ironic that the worst president in the history of the United States (yes’ worse even than Jimmy Carter!) would criticize one with the potential of being the best president ever. This low life scumbag has the audacity to try to claim credit for all the good that President Trump has done for our country when so much of that good has come from reversing Obama’s stupid policies and bad laws. How many major corporations returned to the US during Obama’s 8 years? How many left? The media liked to say “Obama leads from behind”. Translation: He’s was not a leader at all. Trump leads from the front and has accomplished more to benefit the American people in 2 years in the face of unified democrat opposition and traitors in his own party, than Obama did in 8 years of playing golf and taking lavish vacations.

  29. This is rich….. The phony calling supporters of President Trump supporters Nazi sympathizers .. This beast who tired to destroy this great country ( he still is trying ) We The People predicted you would be a traitor to this country …you sure didn’t disappoint you were and still are an THREAT TO AMERICA & The PEOPLE!!!!

  30. I’ll swear, if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is!
    Hussein Obama must be squirming in his seat, he knows the corruption HIS administration was & is involved in. We’re all now seeing the crimes committed by him, Killary, DNC & all those in the FBI, etc., that interferes in a Presudential election. They’re still attempting to interfere in a presidency, a DULY ELECTED PRESIDENCY!
    It’s good to see ole Hussein out there, his lying silver tongue rambling on & on. He is a louse, he was the worst Pres ever & HE created more division in our Country. Go away Hussein, you may want to soak up your freedom while you still can. If there is any real justice in our Country, he and a whole lot of others will be in jail!

  31. The phony assed slime Obama- or whoever the hell he really in oozes into to town to lie. He calls President Trump who works with Israel a “Nazi Sympathizer” yet Obama takes his money and marching orders from George Soros a KNOWN NAZI COLLABORATOR. Hillary Clinton once said that she “loves Democrats because most are not very educated and they are easily manipulated” – of course that was not her original thought – Bill Clinton’s chief strategist during his presidential campaigns – James Carville had said that years before – she was parroting him – oddly enough James Carville also called Hillary Clinton “boring”.
    I wonder what the California “eco-warriors think about the hero – Bath House Barry planning to cut down all the trees in a Chicago public park to make room for his Barack Obama Center – https://chicago.suntimes.com/opinion/obama-library-jackson-park-presidential-center/
    If he is the environmentalist that he claims to be WHY not tear down some abandoned and desolate buildings and revitalize the area complete with a park – with trees and safe places for the kids in Chicago to play – answer – EGO – he has to steal prime real estate even with the environmental cost to Chicago citizens. Of course the left wing loons in California are as phony as he is so they don’t care.

  32. Why don’t Obama shut up and leave peacefully like the other presidents did. Obama is destroying the Democratic Party. SHUT UP AND LEAVE. DISAPPEAR.

  33. “You happen to be coming of age during one of those moments,” Obama said. “It did not start with Donald Trump, he is a symptom, not the cause. He is just capitalizing on resentment that politicians have fanning for years. A fear, an anger that is rooted in our past but is also borne in our enormous upheavals that have taken place in your brief lifetimes.”

    Could he have been any more vague if he was trying? I really don’t know what he’s talking about? Only the words “fear” and “anger” appear relevant to what he’s trying to stir up.

    “Perhaps fanning a few flames himself, Obama then said “we sure as heck supposed to stand up clearly and unequivocally to Nazi sympathizers,” asking “How hard can that be, saying that Nazis are bad?”

    About as hard it is identifying “Nazi sympathizers”, from real Nazis, because they rarely go around wearing Nazi uniforms, wearing Nazi armbands, or waving Nazi flags, for fear of being assaulted by members of Antifa. Which makes it convenient for them to call anyone that’s not them, Fascists or Nazis, whether they are, or not. Ironically, it’s Antifa that wears masks and hoods, and dress all in black, like SS Stormtroopers, who people had real reason to fear.. In the early days of Fascism, they normally wore brown, and clearly declared who they were, because they were proud to be who they were. It was only after they lost the war, and were charged with war crimes, that they felt some shame.

  34. I wonder why Obama thinks he is so smart now ,When in just 8 years he ruined our country. He had absolutely nothing to do with the way our economy is today except it would be better today if he had never been President. When he was first elected he made the statement that he would never respect our flag until our country was down equal to the third world countries. He almost got it there.

  35. Obama is a pathetic AFRICAN weasel………..He wanted to destroy the USA, and he is still attempting the impossible…….BO has destroyed the good blacks and he DOES NOT CARE…..

  36. Now who, beside a senseless, brain dead, fact ignorant Dumbascrap Party voter would believe anything that passes between Barry Soietoro’s Kool Aid-stained purple lying lips????

  37. This is just an example of the little kid whose parents gave him a spanking for lying and destroying their house. Perfect example of the lefties on steroids. Thanks for nothing for the prior last eight years who only helped illegals and far left extremists. RVN 68-69

  38. I’m from a generation when liberal vision and conservative pragmatism respected one another and recognized that trying to get along with one or the other was like trying to clap with one hand.

    Until now, I’ve worked at critical thinking, maintaining an open mind about the political scene and seeking the best in both sides of the discussion. But I’ve moved off top dead center and have come down solidly on the side of (what I called “Compassionate”) Conservatism and dead against the progressive left. They are more hypocritical than the average religion, professing to “fight” fascism and Nazism—when it is they who dispatch Antifa and hooded thugs to silence free speech, deny people their rights, incite racial violence and intolerance, and promote destructive resistance to the rule of law.

    While I have never Trump to be articulate or particularly erudite, I have to credit him with having the chutzpah to take positions on the national stage that we should have taken long ago, instead of the fey, academic, dotted-line in the sand postures by which we have invited adventurism abroad.

    A psychiatrist once told me that neurosis is building dream castles in the air; psychosis is living in them. By the same token Progressivism is imagining a world where there is a free lunch, we are the only world power that isn’t imperialistic, and where all good deeds are rewarded. The Left that is trying to unseat a duly elected president (because they don’t like him), and which is in the process of dominating the Democratic party, is living in that dream world. And they’re just as nuts!

    Much as I have a personal distaste for the Trump character—the brash New Yorker who says whatever is on his changeable mind at the moment and doesn’t do that very well—I owe him my support. For our country, we need to try to make him a better president, not embark on treasonous efforts to dispose of him. He is very much a man for our time and an appropriate leader of the “Ideocracy” we have created with our own greed, apathy, and propensity to take all that’s good in our country for granted.

  39. Obama is a Liar and a Racist. He goes after the young folks and tries to sway them with nothing but racism and lies. Young people often buy into the rhetoric and broken promises made to them by the Democrats. Everything they promise never comes to reality. Why, because the Dems can never pass such radical laws. There will never be Free College or Free Medical Care. If so, then I want a Free House paid for by the taxpayers. You buy a home, take out a student loan or need to see a doctor, then you will pay for that. A loan is a loan. It is not free. I want Free Food, Free car and life insurance. Free gas for my car etc. Folks, wake up. Nothing is Free and never will be.

  40. president in the office cannot be sued, go to jail for making a bad judgement call. Barrack Hussein Obama left office he can be sued and go to jail.the first year in office Hussein open the door for 3000 muslims.some of them were terrorist. last year in office his wife and Hussein made it clear they hate the whities .he said, something wrong about you sues him!

  41. someone should remind the Kenyan, muslim pretender that he ain’t president anymore and thank God, he won’t ever be again. Go home to Kenya.

  42. Somebody should tell ex-president Obuma to put cake and good things down his Pie-Hole and Stop talking.I just can’t take it anymore and God Bless us all,I don’t have to listen to that Crap anymore.What a Grand Bull S==t Artist.I use the word artist very,very loosely.I pray that the forces will make this Donkey and his cronies eventually GO AWAY!

  43. Read how the National Socialist took over Germany after WW I. The plan is going forward in the democrat party. They will use anyone who will help them achive their goal. Blacks especially, using phony racism. The Jews were lead down a path that lead to their near disruction. I grew up in post WW II Germany and learned many lessons from People who lived it. Jews and Christians, both! Obama and his Ilk Are using the same that.

  44. Sorry, which you are Obama, but you put our country into the deepest debt which turned out to be more that all the prior presidents combined! Also, you did practically NOTHING for the American people. What you did was mostly for YOUR OWN benefit. I now believe is has been proven that your country of birth was NOT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, but KENYA, as you stated when you were last in that country. Finally, you are doing treasonous things after your presidency which most all other presidents did not do. You organized and directed protest groups to disrupt President Trump’s public appearances before and after this past election. Also, you are directing several of those who remain in Washington to secretly cause problems for President Trump who is trying his best to do the job he was elected for and what he said he was going to do. YOU NEED TO BE ARRESTED AND PUT IN JAIL AND SENT TO GUANTANAMO WHERE SOME OF YOUR MUSLIM TERRORIST BUDDIES ARE. You would get along very well there. Also take your wife with you as SHE WAS THE WORST 1ST LADY OF OUR COUNTRY EVER, THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID EVER! STAY OUT OF SIGHT AS WE DON’T NEED ANY OF YOUR SHANANIGANS ANY MORE! AND STOP USING TAXPAYERS MONEY FOR YOUR BENEFIT.

  45. obama is one DUMB SOB and why is he still sucking air? And why is he still in America? If the news media would just not follow him around 24/7 we would not hear anything from the scum bag. I also think that most of the trouble in America is the mews media stirring the pot with fake news to keep people up set, so news media try something new tell the truth not lies and fake crap and get your nose out of obammy mammy south end and come up for air. V N Vet 68-69

  46. I am sick and tired of having this repulsive, repugnant, self-serving, self-centred asshole o-bama shoved in my face at every turn. o-bama was a frigging joke as ‘president’. He and his jack-boot minions caused irreparable damage to this country with all their hatred and race-baiting. o-bama’s attempt to liken the Tory/Republican party to Nazis, ehm, me thinks that smacks of the ‘pot calling the kettle…’. This asshole o-bama needs to shut his gob and crawl back under the rock from whence he came once and for all.

  47. If you listen to liberals talking about Obama, one might think he could fly too! With his head sometimes in the clouds, he would lecture us about the Constitution and about global warming. Yesterday, Howie Carr was talking about how smart President Obama was as a Constitutional and an environmental scholar. He just spent eight full years he is a better environmental engineer than anything to do with the U.S.Constitution!

  48. Obama let a Nazi guard live in New York for 8 years, Trump kicked him out!! He is NOT a Nazi sympathizer. Obama is trying to start riots and revolution in this country.

  49. Obama should never have been President of our great country. He did everything in his power to tear our country down, ruin our way of life and to destroy our independent points of view. He was a totally negative influence for which we continue to pay, and pay dearly. He is an absolute low life.

    Obama should have no standing to spout any more of his vitriol. Let him go back to Kenya or wherever the hell he came from and just shut the hell up! His lovely big-butted wife too!

  50. The only nazi sympathers I see are in the DEMOCRAT party; the party of suppression, regression and outright HATE of all things associated with freedom, responsibility, honor, decency and everything else that has made America great.

  51. There is no doubt in my mind that OBAMA would have been this country’s first “DICTATOR ” if he had four more years in office. This individual absolutely should be tried for his crimes regardless of back lash from individuals who share his illegal & corrupt agenda. The rule of law and our Constitution must stand regardless of cost.


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