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One Word Has People Convinced That Mike Pence Is Mystery Author Of Scathing NYT Op-Ed


Is Vice President Mike Pence trying to pull off a “House of Cards”-style scheme to undermine Trump and increase his own chances of assuming the presidency?

Apparently, more than a few journalists believe that might be the case. According to the Huffington Post, some believe that the use of a single word – “lodestar” – is a crucial tell pointing toward Pence as the op-ed’s author. During the op-ed’s final paragraphs the mystery author refers to John McCain as “a lodestar for restoring honor to public life and our national dialogue.”

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“Senator John McCain put it best in his farewell letter. All Americans should heed his words and break free of the tribalism trap, with the high aim of uniting through our shared values and love of this great nation.

We may no longer have Senator McCain. But we will always have his example – a lodestar for restoring honor to public life and our national dialogue. Mr. Trump may fear such honorable men, but we should revere them.

There is a quiet resistance within the administration of people choosing to put country first. But the real difference will be made by everyday citizens rising above politics, reaching across the aisle and resolving to shed the labels in favor of a single one: Americans.”
Pence has, of course, categorically denied these allegations and affirmed his loyalty to the president.

Still, one video circulating on twitter shows Pence using the word in eight different speeches dating back to 2001, when he was a Congressman from Indiana.

Others pointed out that the op-ed’s praise for McCain would rule out Trump hardliners like Stephen Miller as the author.

At the very least, there’s some evidence to suggest that the author is a man. As Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs pointed out yesterday, the Times’ official Twitter feed may have inadvertently revealed their gender.

Though Jacobs also reported that several officials have told her that they suspect the author’s “seniority” isn’t as ironclad as the Times implied.

For those who aren’t familiar with the word, Merriam-Webster defines “lodestar” as “a star that leads or guides” or a person who “serves as an inspiration, model, or guide.”

To be sure, the Pence theory isn’t without its holes. Trump staffers have said previously that they pay attention to the idioms employed by others as a defense mechanism when speaking to the press under the guise of anonymity.

“To cover my tracks, I usually pay attention to other staffers’ idioms and use that in my background quotes. That throws the scent off me,” one White House official told Axios.

But online betting markets have put Pence at the top of the list of suspects, with MyBookie currently reflecting 2-to-3 odds on Pence as the culprit, per the New York Post. The favorite right now, at 1-3 odds, is “the field” – i.e. someone not listed among the 18 most likely senior admin officials, according to the Costa-Rica-based betting operation.

Still, at first brush, the theory makes a degree of sense: As first in line for the throne, Pence undoubtedly has the most to gain from the collapse of the Trump presidency. But it’s equally likely that a more junior official could’ve intentionally included these cues to sow discord in the ranks.

As the Trump administration has proved time and time again, anything is possible in the West Wing.

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  1. One Word Has People Convinced That Mike Pence Is Mystery Author Of Scathing NYT Op-Ed

    Though this maybe true, unknown

    Only time will tell if this invisible ??nyt op-ed comment?? truthful merges forcefully or is a deception!!!

    I personally believe that this hateful author is nothing but ploy to fearfully deceive President TRUMP off his game

    and for the corrupt deceptive deep state still try to control President TRUMP agenda narrative

    this is a Truth
    tbis is my TRUMPing Truth!!!

    • What a same that “rawconservativeopinions” have to print what SOROS the USA hater tells them to……..They are doing everything they can to have people think the worst, when we the people know that the Mule-head, Scummer, Pisslosi, Waters, Wasserman, etc. etc., are the evil and corrupt…………..


      If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      • Brenda is a LIB, and they believe anything that the left utters……Too bad that Brenda has the typical liberal empty head that is probably a muslim & illegal lover that likes to see the killings, raping, and robbing that go with the DEM/RINO parties…….

      • You are correct in the fact that Obama covered his ass all the way no matter how you play it. He had a lot of time on his massively expensive vacations to play risk with this country of idiots that believed in him. “Usefull idiots” as stated by Stalin.,

  2. I think I’ll write up some BS, publish it without putting my name to it and tout myself as a Washing “insider”. Amazing that the press puts any credibility to this, but just goes to show you that the press is not about reality or common sense… they are out to undermine the administration and tout things that are bad for America.

  3. You’re quoting Huff Post, REALLY? Their liberal bias is well known ! I think it’s time all admin. staff take lie detector tests. I’d start with all Obama holdovers!

  4. I had read something a year or so ago that said that Pence would be Brutus to Trump’s Caesar. Pence is a weak leader. This was evidenced by his caving as soon as there was some resistance to his trying to protect christian business owners in his state. I never liked him as the VP pick and don’t really trust him, but I pray this isn’t true… (Honestly, I’d love to have it end up being Woodward or Bernstein or one of their cronies as a way to promote Woodward’s trash book…)

  5. How does anyone without “Real Knowledge or Positive Proof “dare to point fingers at anyone in this ? This Smacks of a distraction that Schmuck Schumer or Mad Max might create to alleviate pressure on the Damned Dems

  6. If The VP was the culprit what would he gain by writing such trash. He will become POTUS automaticly if Trump gets kicked out of office. VP just needs to sit back and let justice take it’s course. I think the media is just playing with US.

  7. Lots of morons in this world, even more in politics. I do not think VP Pence wrote the slam piece in the flailing NY Times but rather someone who has studied anyone close to the Pres..
    So sad to see the left & rhino establishment sink the such swampy lows. I love to see their comfy lives upset by our Great President. If he weren’t such a threat to the status quo, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to discredit him. This behavior cements my support for Pres Trump, the finest President in DECADES!

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you. President Trump is being attacked by satans minions…satans tools. I pray the good Lord continues to wrap His arms around President Trump and continue to protect him. Gd Bl sis President Trump….MAGA!!!!

  8. In my opinion, I think anonymously, especially anonymous slanderous articles, penned to any news outlet ought to be wide open to a libel lawsuit. This is nothing but an attempt at defamation of one’s reputation and character to unjustly destroy their life and career. It’s wrong for any news outlet to print heresay and unfounded truths.

    Once again, the FAKE NEWS rears its ugly head. Shame on the New York Times for being played like the broken fiddle they are and well deserve.

    Hope this administration sues the crap out of the NYT!!!!

  9. For absolute certainty, that word was planted so after the initial storm, they can make headlines again and try to split the most devote partnership that ever existed between a VP and POTUS.
    . God is not done with the media’s evil cabal that has never produced a pro editorial for our Republic’s Constitution, the amendments, Bill of rights, or for the Biblical defense as found on the “1 page Evidence” at http://www.godauthoredbible.com

  10. This is just another example of the left and their allies grandstanding to eliminate the possibility of a second term for MAGA. Corey Booker is a disgrace to his political aspirations to his office and doing a disservice to America. This whole fiasco is many times worse than the Nixon probes with less evidence of wrongdoing. We as a country, deserve better from our elected officials than loose cannons and meaningless rhetoric. RVN 68-69

  11. This “Tell” could be a false flag to implicate Vice President Pence. The left is very cunning. It is the age-old tactic of “divide & conquer.” I don’t believe anything the MSM writes, says or sells anymore. I don’t believe that Mike Pence is a traitor. The left is traitorous, anti-American and all lies. They think their tactics will work because they believe their own lies. Please pray for our President, Vice President, their families & our nation.

  12. ANYONE can use that word!!!…and don’t you think that a person writing a piece of trash like this op-ed would want to make it sound like someone else wrote it? Our VP for instance??? and get he and Our President at odds with each other? WON’T WORK….and you will be found out…too bad you threw your career away.

  13. Where the hell would the press be today, or even the Democratic party, if the law banned using quotes from anonymous sources! There was a time when the press could be trusted to use off-the-record information wisely and corroborate everything. But enough formerly trustworthy publications are no longer trustworthy because they gave their “journalist” fiction writers license.

    In this day and age, when the end justifies the means, people will lie and others swear to it, just to get it out to a gullible public.

  14. This is just another piece of garbage planted by the left. Vice President Pence would never do this. He is an honorable man. You don’t think the author knew Vice President Pence used this word? They are trying any way they can to undermine the President. If they can cause him to mistrust his closest allies in his cabinet they have succeeded in a small way to rattle him. I pray he is strong enough to withstand this orchestrated onslaught by satan himself. Stay strong President Trump, God is with you.

  15. I just dont believe it. Pence is the ultimate Dudley-do-right. To do this kind of thing even if well intentioned plays into the hands of the Deep State. I think this a false flag by the Deep State to fragment the administration and create doubt right before the election. President Trump I thought was a superior judge of character from his CEO experience but he seems to have left the backdoor open out of misplaced kindness. He needs an intel team to root out the embedded traitors or these surprise attacks will continue and get worse.

  16. Now the left is attempting to drive a wedge between the President and the Vice President. Nice try assholes, but it isn’t going to work. It’s just an update of “Teenage Logic”, It sounds great to a teen, but never doesn’t fool Mom & Dad.

  17. That is insane, I repeat insane to suggest that Vice President Mike Pence is the author of that op ed. Then he denies it. He has never once in his public life indicated that he is anything but ethical, honorable and always tells the truth. His credibility would be totally finished it were ever determined that he was the author. What completely stupid unbalanced person would suggest that he was the author. Hiltler is still alive and living in South America.

  18. You remember that Chuck Todd said the media needs to fight back on President Trump. Well this is just one instance, this op ed written by a New York Times journalist. And I use the term journalist here because this is what they have become fabricators and liars. If you hear it or read it or watch it from the major media you know it is a lie. Look elsewhere for the truth.

  19. Just like the name of this newsletter, I’ve been a fairly “raw” conservative all my life. But there has not been a conservative since Ronald Reagan that had a spine in the swamp of DC. I’ll take actions over words any day. There has NEVER been a man in DC with a bigger spine than TRUMP. I knew it from day one. So to all you ideological raw conservative never-Trumpers out there, until you can walk the walk, I’ll loathe you as weak losers as much as the crazy leftists. Trump is governing like a conservative. It’s just too bad you do not like his style. I’ll drink your whining tears. Times have changed since Reagan. Trump is the right guy for the times. The person who penned this op-ed is a neutered cowardly male, probably gen X, but behaving more like a millenial. He is NO senior level staff. That’s a “loose” word by Bob Woodward, who has a book coming out. This whole thing is soaked and dripping with the ugly SWAMP … the timing, the intent, the jealousy, and the personal greed. Bob Woodward has felt left out since his “glory days” of Watergate. He’s infected by the SWAMP and is looking for another major hit. The so-called “anonymous” source is trying to have it both ways. He’s saying that the “resistance” is protecting the bad things (and just what are these bad things?) from happening, while at the same time saying the “resistance” can take the credit for the good things that have been accomplished. What a load of narcissistic delusional horseshi*.
    True Americans will unite behind our POTUS and not even continue to chase this work of fiction. That’s part of the intent.

    • Yep don’t you just love Obama taking credit for this economic boom he is a loon in the first order. Problem is these Demonrats and Rhino just weren’t counting like a Trump to bring this out. We are trillions in debt and what do we have to show for it???? I say where is the money lets make these lifers in congress show their accounts and then we will see. I think they have been bilking us for a long time now wonder they are kicking and screaming all the way. NO ACCOUNTABILITY. You don’t get as wealthy as they are serving in congress by being honest. Crazy Bernie never had a real job and neither did Obummer. Its time these loonies open whats left of their gray mass and use it if they can. McCain took 9 million from Soros so do you really think he cared about this country. A total sham in the first order.

  20. Bullshit. You dont think Deep State isnt smart enough to mimic Pences writing style. This is the Deep State that convinced everyone that Oswald assassinated JFK when we now know that’s highly unlikely.

    • I was going to write the very same response as you-I totally agree and if people are too dumb to see that this country has a serious problem with stupidity.

  21. This is probably the older trick ever, and the most effective. The Roman tactic; Vini Vidi Venci In other words, if you cant fight it from the outside, fight it from inside. We all have few words that have especial meaning in our life and we use to re-affirm and help us to increase the meaning of the paragraph. Is easy to use that word and blame the user. Pelosi was the first one to accuse VP Pence… she is not that smart but is mean enough to orchestrate such echeam. There is no question that P. Trump have more enemy at his arm reach tham friends, but I don’t think VP M. Pence is an enemy. The swamp, the extremely deep state had many years to build themself, no body know how deep and dark is, we only know, that Rome fall for the very same reasons. Italians still regret today that day.


  23. After listening to Obama’s rant today I thanked God that President Trump is my President. The swamp is deeper than I imagined but our President is slowly slogging his way through and will eventually make incredible progress relative to his agenda. MAMGA. peace

  24. I really think it was that woman that worked for Trump, the one who use to be on Trumps tv show.
    She for awhile was on every tv show and media telling her tale, then faded. I think it was her that went to the NYT as anonymous because her spotlight was fading. She would have known that Vice President Pence used the term Lodestar. This woman you can tell loves the limelight, but because it faded, I think she was the one.

  25. I believe the only way to really knock this Democratic Leftist ‘Trump Begone No Matter What Movement’ in the head is by a total defeat of all Democrats during the mid-term election show in November 2018, and if the ‘undercover coward’ does not disappear then ‘WE NEED TO TOTALLY DRAIN OUR OWN SWAMP’ simply to be able to identify the coward for what they may be.

    From the readings, news, interviews, etc., from around the country, I am of the opinion
    that ‘We The People’, the majority of American Citizens, are really fed up with the ‘actions’ and the ‘non-actions of all our elected people in Washington.

  26. Believe me. VP Pence is not foolish enough to compose or have his writer compose an op-ed using his common vernacular. Some coward has studied this & decided to TRY & put a wedge in between the VP & Pres Trump. One of the oldest tricks of war in the book, DIVIDE & CONQUER. Besides, VP Pence is the type that WOULD sign his work & WOULD tell the American public if OUR GREAT PRESIDENT were not fit to serve.
    One thing is certain, the dirty, rotten, corrupt & criminal wrongdoers on the left are running scared. They know Pres Trump is a real & present threat to the status quo. They also know that as soon as he declassifies all the documents, the WORLD will finally see the truth. There won’t be any room for excuses for what the FBI, DOJ, HRC, DNC, Page, Strzok, Mueller, BOTH OHRS, McCabe, Mueller, Rice. Jarrett & Hussein Obama himself did to interfere in an election AND continue interfering in an Adminustration.

  27. Vice President Pence is not the type of character that would do this sort of thing. I am sure he knows that even if the president were removed (which he will not) and he were to become president, the media would treat him the same way they treat President Trump. What makes the president seem so bad is that he takes up for himself. The media has not let him rest since 2016 when he started to campaign…and they cannot let go that they lost so they are trying to destroy him. Can you imagine being harassed, lied about or criticized every day to the world for 3 years? Certainly the way the president speaks is not your usual manner or even terminology of a president but majority of presidents never get beat up like he does.

    The sad thing is that he seems to have no support in Congress, certainly no Democrats and very few seemingly supportive Republicans and he is fighting the battle on every front. Look at the way the Democrats have been acting…for years… and the way they talk. AND tell me again why THEY criticize the president for the way he talks??? The president is not worse that the Democrats because they want to destroy the Constitution, the American traditional way of life, and want to tear down everything that was the foundation of this country. Democrats on the whole not only want to destroy this president but this country, its values, and certainly the fiber of the family. They cut God out of their platform, all their rulings, all their voting, and gave in to the devil in the way they support and try to legislate. Is it any wonder that all the evil doings and talking and fighting against this president is occurring? It is the majority of the good people who allow the evil of a few (led by the media) to destroy civility and rightness. There IS A RIGHT AND WRONG. They don’t want that.

    Unless the decent ones in the Democrat Party and the Republicans take the blinders off their eyes and see this as a battle …spiritual as well as personal…(not all his fault) and fight back against evil actions of the left and never-Trumpers, they will go down as being part of destruction of this country. Even if they do not like the way the president leads or talks, they need to work with him for the good of this country. If he were hurting the country it would be different, but he has his own way of doing things but he gets the job done. And Republicans should do their job (for the country’s sake) because after he is gone most of them (unless they give up) will still be in Congress. We don’t need SPARTACUS….we need STATESMEN.


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