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Watch Antifa Storm Portland City Hall, Smash Security Guard In Head


Black-clad activists stormed Portland City Hall on Wednesday to protest the city’s crowd control techniques used by police during last Saturday’s counter-protest of a conservative march. The group assaulted one security guard with a megaphone and scuffled with several others, reports Oregon Live.

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Some of those who say they were injured by officers dressed in military gear and wielding batons or non-lethal munitions were on scene Wednesday, trying to speak with city officials.

One demonstrator, who was masked and wearing a baseball helmet, smashed a security guard over the head repeatedly with a megaphone. The guard was seen afterward clutching a bag of ice, a bruise beginning to form on his cheek. –Oregon Live

City Hall chief of security, Dorothy Elmore, reports being struck in the arm by a protester, while an unidentified bandana-clad man who was found sprawled on the floor outside the mayor’s office was arrested and carried out by his arms and legs. Also arrested was 67-year-old Diane Keeauve, according to Portland police spokesman Sgt. Chris Burley.

Each of the protesters face second-degree trespassing charges, said Burley.

The demonstration started on a less rowdy note. A few dozen protesters converged near City Hall’s east portico beginning around 9:30 a.m. to rail against police brutality after riot cops injured multiple people at Saturday’s downtown protests.

Among them were those who say they were physically harmed by officers as police attempted to clear the rally against the right-wing group Patriot Prayer. –Oregon Live

“I should be home recovering from the pain and trauma I’m suffering. But I’m also suffering from complete outrage and powerlessness,” said Michelle Fawcett, who lives in Portland.

The 52-year-old Fawcett sustained third-degree chemical burns after being struck by a flash-bang grenade fired by police.

civil disturbance was declared at Saturday’s march, after police say Antifa counter-protesters threw projectiles at them.

Portland police chief Danielle Outlaw said on Monday that the bureau had temporarily suspended the use of flash-bang grenades, which they refer to as “aerial distraction devices,” until they determine of they are working correctly after at least three people were hospitalized Saturday according to the activists.

Leo Lacroix said he was injured when a non-lethal projectile fired by police grazed his head. He showed a reporter photos of his bloodied forehead and a scab from the small wound.

“I’d like to know why I was shot in the head by the cops,” said Lacroix, 28. –Oregon Live

The Portland city council meeting began on Wednesday with little disruption, however after a man was escorted out of the building for swearing at council members, people in the audience broke into chants of “end police brutality,” which mayor Ted Wheeler admonished them for. When they would not stop, he called a recess to the session and reconvened with city commissioners in a conference room outside of his office – where the meeting was conducted despite muffled chants of “shame on you” from protesters outside.

Commissioner carried on through their agenda despite muffled chants of “shame on you” from protesters outside.

“What’s happening downstairs?” Commissioner Amanda Fritz asked during a break between hearings.

“Well, there’s actually a gentleman laying on the floor right outside,” replied Matt Grumm, chief of staff to Commissioner Dan Saltzman.

Grumm turned to Commissioner Nick Fish: “Jumped on an e-scooter yet?”

Fish replied that he had not, but that they “seem to be everywhere.”

Though the meeting went on in ho-hum fashion, with discussions of property liens, eminent domain and parks bonds, the atmosphere outside was anything but. –Oregon Live

At that point, the protesters broke in and began assaulting city employees, only to stop after they were threatened with arrest.


  1. They act like a bunch of wild out of control animals and should of been dealt with better then that. Hitting police is never and should never be allowed. Breaking the law should never ever be allowed. Why weren’t they arrested for disorderly conduct? These people are getting away with to much be and need to stopped. This is just ridiculous that the mayor and police allow this violence from these protesters to continue without punishment of any kind.

    • You are so right. Unless they are arrested it will get worst. They are not entitled to harm other people or their property. We are losing law and order and when that goes so goes our country!

  2. They are a wild, out of control, bunch of animals. Protesting is a right in this country for sure but violence should never ever be allowed. The first officer they touch should be reason enough to put all of them in jail and give them a police record foor the rest of their stupid lives.

    Truth is, they don'[t even know that they are protesting about when you get right down to it.

  3. OMG!!! Why weren’t the police called immediately when these AntiFa thugs first showed up on the scene? AntiFa is a very VIOLENT TERRORIST ORGANIZATION that MUST be dealt with IMMEDIATELY. Wherever they show their covered cowardly faces, you know they are there for one thing…to do damage to people and property.

    It’s high time that those who show up with covered faces and weaponry be immediately arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law…even if they haven’t instigated anything to that point, as these thugs are there with the INTENT to cause chaos and havoc. NIP IT IN THE BUD!!!

    • Antifa is a very VIOLENT TERRORIST ORGANIZATION and I am in favor of giving them 5 years in prison just for claiming they are Antifa and showing up at any public event. I would give an additional 5 years on each count that relates to any damages that arise from them, Another 5 years for each count relating to someone getting hurt. If one does a crime then all should face charges on a crime.

  4. Well isn’t that interesting the liberal dem bloodsuckers in the government thought that the protestors were on their side.
    Stay in Portland liberal scum, come out in the real world, some one will put 50 cal round through you.
    Promise you, you won’t protest anymore after that

    • Jerry, A 50 cal round is too expensive for this vermin. Use a vermin caliber like a 410 or 20 gauge=== Too bad that there are no more chain-gangs (or are there?). These people must be treated harshly…simple jail time isn’t enough!

  5. Do you know how you get a bad and corrupt law enforcement? You harass every single officer who is doing the right thing. So then you end up with only the lower scale of people to do a job good people will not do. The quality of the law enforcement in those areas that continue to have issues like this will go down. There is not enough pay to attract well-qualified people, so the standards in the future will go down. Then you will really end up with the wannabe Cops, They will have serious badge ego and smash your head because they do not understand the laws or care. My main concern with this whole issue is that ATINFA is allowed to dress in their homebrew tactical gear, Yes what they are wearing is a form of tactical gear and they bring weapons. They cover their face. They come in force and Shall be met with force. No person shall be allowed to cover their face to prevent their identity during a crime. They should be charged with crimes for being in tactical gear and possessing weapons. They are only doing a test and waiting for a time when they outnumber Cops so they can riot and destroy. They are checking response times and numbers. They are just feeling the system out. At some point, Soros and Hillary will issue a big amount of money to this group for an all-out attack on law enforcement and there will be deaths. They are only sending small skirmish units out right now to harass and intimidate waiting for just the right time when there will be little to no response time from law enforcement. ANIFA is a terrorist organization ran by Soros, Hillary, Obama and a few more sorry pieces of dung. ANTIFA needs to be treated as a terrorist organization and be investigated as such. Find where their funding is coming from. Every time they gather Special groups from the National Guard should be used against them. There is not enough law enforcement to handle the numbers they will be bringing in the future. They are waiting for the right time to hit. Why not hit them with a full out Terrorist investigation. Investigate every known ANIFA member and supporter and convict them as the terrorist against the government?? But no nothing will ever be done because the people in charge in the areas where this is happening is part of the problem. They either directly or indirectly support ANTIFA. THERE IS YOUR PROBLEM.

  6. The security guard who was hit over the head repeatedly had cause to draw and fire his weapon. His life was endangered. What made him hesitate??

  7. They should be arrested. The tapes should be shown in court. Throw the book at them. This is not a protest, this was a riot.

  8. You ever take a look at these losers, the ones who don’t cowardly cover their faces, heads & bodies, that is. You don’t have to see their faces to watch their bodies & how they move. Aside from the small percentage of old hippie types, nearly all are young people. Hmmm, wonder if Soros is still paying them the same hourly wage or if he has given them a raise yet? It seems few to none have real responsibility, prob either profession students OR still living in Mommy’s basement playing video games when not rioting. One thing is certain.. they all have a muddle finger, know how to use it & they all can say the F word but may not know how to spell it… They’re good at destroying OTHER PEOPLES property too. Aside from those 3 things, they’re just little minded digits that don’t count for much. I relish the thought of them doing what they do around here… We don’t tolerate foolishness & we do protect our families and belongings. One of these days, they’re going to act a fool in the wrong place with the wrong people, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. Hb


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