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Trump Hits Putin With New Sanctions Over Skripal Nerve Gas Attack


On the same day that Russian assets plunged after the text of the proposed “crushing sanctions” contemplated by the Senate was leaked, sending the ruble, Russian stocks and bond plunging, the Trump administration announced it was hitting Russia with new sanctions punishing Putin’s government for the March 4 nerve-agent attack on former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the U.K.

While Skripal and his daughter survived the attack attributed to the Russian nerve agent Novichok, a British woman died and her companion became gravely ill after coming in contact with the substance just miles from the site of the March attack.

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The State Department said in a statement that under the 1991 Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act, Russia was found to have “used chemical or biological weapons in violation of international law or had used lethal chemical or biological weapons against its own nationals.”

No public evidence confirming Russia’s involvement has yet been released, and instead UK and US authorities hope the public will accept the conclusion on faith alone.

As a result, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed off on a determination that Russia violated international law by poisoning Sergei Skripal and his daughter in March. Although the U.S. joined European countries in publicly blaming Moscow within days of the attack, the Trump’s administration had never issued the formal determination that triggers automatic sanctions under a decades-old U.S. law on chemical weapons.

This was the second US response to the alleged Russian nerve-gas attack: in March, the US expelled 60 Russian diplomats as part of a joint response with allies to the novichok attack. Russia responded by ordering an equal number of US envoys to leave.

The State Department said the sanctions are expected to take effect around August 22 but didn’t immediately say what they would entail. According to separate press reports, the sanctions would come in two tranches:

  • the first tranche of sanctions would ban licenses for export of sensitive national security goods to Russia.
  • the second tranche could then downgrade diplomatic relations, suspend Aeroflot’s ability to fly to the US and to cut nearly all exports and imports.

The ruble extended its decline on the news, plunging over 3.3% on the day.

As NBC adds, “the decision could bolster President Donald Trump’s claim that despite the noise of the Mueller probe that he calls a “witch hunt,” his administration has been tough on Moscow in practice and has hit hard when needed.”

Actually, scratch the “could”: by greenlighting the new sanctions, Trump hopes to endear himself to either Mueller, or the US public, as the US president who has launched wave after wave of crippling Russian sanctions, thereby demonstrating his innocence.

One almost wonders if Trump did not warn Putin about precisely this in the letter he delivered to the Russian president through Rand Paul

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  2. You stupid libtards have ZERO COMMON SENSE, LOGIC OR HIGHER REASONING SKILLS….The “coward” Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack Husain Obama remember his fake Syrian red line or should I say his fake yellow line?

    If he a pair and enforced his ‘red line: Russia would NOT even be in Syria right now stupid! Nor would they be in Crimea/Ukraine!

    Obama has emboldened our enemies showing them there is nothing to fear and there is nothing worse than an enemy with nothing to fear.

    Trump has fired about 125 cruse missiles into Putins ally Syira! OhomoObozo fired ZERO!


    Trump closed down Russian embassies and expelled 60 Russian diplomats. President Trump killed hundreds of Russian forces in Syria.

    President Trump…Call to double NATO defense spending. President Trump Sold 90 billion dollars in weapons to the Ucraine. President Trump just made the largest US military budget of $700B.

    Trump placed many sanctions against Russia for the annexation of Crimea. And President Trump had N.A.T.O Exercises right off the border!

    The notion that Trump is not tough on Russia is a myth manufactured by the president’s political enemies. And believed by stupid libtards everywhere!

    Mitt Romney…”Our GREATEST geopolitical foe is Russia.”

    OhomoObozo ““The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”

    Cue a bunch of clueless stupid liberal laughter!

    And a few months into OhomoObozos second term Putin then annexes Crimea! And lets NOT forget Obama and Hillarys stupid plastic misspelled Russian reset button that reset the Cold War! Also ANY COLLUSION THAT HAPPENED, HAPPENED UNDER OBAM NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP! AND THE COLLUSION WAS BETWEEN HILLARY CLIINTON AND RUSSIA!

    Bob Mueller should BE CHARGED With Conspiracy against a sitting U.S. President Trump!

    Trump Rejects Putin’s Proposal to Let Russia Interrogate US Citizens!

    July 19, 2018 President Trump Rejects Putin’s Proposal to Let Russia Interrogate US Citizens President Donald Trump “disagrees” with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offer to allow the U.S. to question 12 Russians accused of interfering in the 2016 election in exchange for permitting Russia to interview Americans the Kremlin accuses of unspecified crimes, the White House said Thursday.
    Trump is tougher on Russia than Obama ever dreamed

    Liberals ALWAYS WRONG! But damn proud of themselves….

    Obama Said Once That He Bent Over Backward To Accommodate Some Issue. With Putin, It’s Pretty Evident That He Bent Over The Other Direction.

    Trump has been tougher on Putin than Obama ever pretended to be!

    Obama was more concerned about being “more flexible” for Vlad than tough.

  3. the President should not blame Russia… Confirmed FACTS: Russia helped Syria use chemical weapons on their civilians. Russia has attempted to infiltrate and take control of Americas infrastructure. (look it up) Russia has and is using the internet to inflame Americans against each other. AND THE LIST GOES ON. Russia is in fact attacking the United States. Not just other nations. I am glad Trump did this. YOU are probably Russian.


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