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Zero transparency: 6 questions that tech giants refuse to answer about the Infowars ban


(Natural News) (Article by Allum Bokhari republished from Breitbart.com)

Alex Jones and InfoWars have been top Twitter trends for hours, and even some left-wing journalists like Michael Tracey are decrying Silicon Valley’s Masters of the Universe appointing themselves the arbiters of free speech on the web.

But Apple, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube have offered, at most, only copy and paste explanations for why they banned InfoWars content from their platforms — or why, after months of pressure from the Democrats and CNN, they all came to the same decision on the same day. Questions about transparency have a much broader scope that just the case of InfoWars and Alex Jones. Beyond the banning of other individuals such as Tommy Robinson, the same questions apply to a whole host of actions by the Masters of the Universe, including partnering with foreign governments to shut down accounts, shadowbanning users to limit the scope of their engagement, and mass user purges.

Breitbart News sent the following questions to Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple earlier today, and have yet to receive a real answer for most of them. Apple and YouTube chose to provide the same canned statement they provided to all other media outlets who contacted them, while Facebook and Spotify ignored our request entirely.


1) What content specifically from InfoWars/Alex Jones was found to be”hate speech” and otherwise rule breaking?

InfoWars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson confirmed to Breitbart News that none of the tech giants that targeted InfoWars and Alex Jones over the past 24 hours pointed to specific content that violated their terms of service.

2) When was the decision to ban them made? What changed over the course of a few days from when you defended not banning Infowars content?

Just a few weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg defended InfoWars in an interview, saying: ” “The approach that we’ve taken to false news is not to say, you can’t say something wrong on the Internet… Everyone gets things wrong, and if we were taking down people’s accounts when they got a few things wrong, then that would be a hard world for giving people a voice and saying that you care about that.”

So what changed, why suddenly, and why concurrently with most other major platforms?

3) Who made the decision to take down Infowars? 

It’s unlikely that the decision to ban InfoWars was taken by a rank-and-file content reviewer.

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  1. Again and again…these people slam down on bringing out into the open {We the People} what is really going on here. Instead, they bring out hate mongers, militants, socialist, their little PEEK -A-BOO You think {JUST} possibly that it will show and bring into light and restitution from them on just exactly what they did. Boy, would that turn this country on its ear. PEEK – A – BOO !!! Hey, wait a minute…I didn’t see or why Julian Assange was banned from twitter. That courageous man of men. And, why was Cohen indicted., all his files at his home taken. What you hiding ???

  2. No better use of the word(s) collusion and tampering.
    Cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, microsoft, apple, google, amazon, ny time, la times, the post and the list goes on.
    Every one of theses side with the liberal agenda, agencies side with open borders, guaranteed health and welfare.
    Lets see how many left liberal accounts get banned from said accounts before the election, bet it is 0.
    By banning right conservative republican accounts, these agencies are in fact censoring the right and therfour bias and stopping on the first amendment.

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