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Trump To Override Rosenstein, Declassify Remaining DOJ FISA Docs: Report


After months of dribbling out incomplete document requests made by frustrated GOP lawmakers, President Trump may be about to override Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and use his presidential authority to declassify several caches of information related to the DOJ/FBI’s ongoing Trump-Russia counterintelligence operation, according to former IBD Bureau Chief Paul Sperry.

Sperry tweeted on Sunday that President Trump may declassify: 20 redacted pages of a June, 2017 FISA renewal, “and possibly” 63 pages of emails and notes between “Ohr & Steele,” and FD-302 summaries of 12 interviews – In reference to twice-demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr and/or his wife Nellie, both of whom were working with opposition research firm Fusion GPS to investigate Trump.

As Cristina Laila of the Gateway Pundit notes, Rosenstein and then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe both signed off on a June 2017 FISA surveillance warrant renewal on former Trump aide Carter Page. .

2017 FISA renewal application (screenshot)

Meanwhile, several frustrated GOP lawmakers have called for the full release of the requested documents – with Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) calling for their declassification recently, and Meadows and other members drawing up articles of impeachment against Rosenstein, only to withdraw them shortly thereafter.

In June, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee asked President Trump to declassify key sections of Carter Page’s FISA warrant application, according to a letter obtained by Fox News.

Let’s see if the president will follow suit and declassify documents that could only help his case. Then again, the DOJ is likely to scream “sources and methods!” and claim that the lives of countless intelligence officials will be forever compromised.

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    • The only ones they are trying to protect is themselves and Old OBUMMA himself. He was totally involved in all of this…..He knew EVERYTHING they were doing, because he ORDERED it done!

      • Neither RosenstAin nor Wray is legally competent to perform in their jobs as they have committed serious crimes, including conspiracy to overturn a legitimate U.S. Government, obstruction of a legitimate Congressional Investigation in violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 1505 and Felony Perjury in violation of 18 U.S.C. Sections 1621 & 1001a as well as numerous other felonies under the cloak of supposed government duty. Both will be fired after the November elections and replaced by independent honorable objective respected people.

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

    • F the DOJ. They have had every chance to come clean but they won’t do it because they know they are liars, cheats and criminals. Its time for Trump to step in and declassify. Then we all will know the truth about these lying scumbags. Why Trump hasn’t done it earlier is beyond me but now is good too.

  1. Before being released, every word in the documents should be checked for any way that the word can be twisted, misused or spelled differently by the Democrats to obfuscate the actual meaning and substitute their meaning.

  2. President Trump needs to & should declassify the Carter Page FISA warrant applications & ONLY redact sources & methods that must be redacted. Why has he waited so long to do this??? DO IT NOW!!!!

  3. Of course the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical scum, will whine likely to be lot of them going to jail. Expect to see a lot of them leaving the USA and going to a country that does not have an extradition treaty with the USA.

  4. All of anything redacted should be declassified to bust the cover-up! Declassify everything to do with this bogus Russia case and get Rosenstein, Sessions, and anybody else implicated. They are dirty

  5. For decades these people have used the power of government to further feather their own nest and to establish a government within a government to ensure that they will never be exposed for the criminal intent and actions which they subsequently employed. Destroying countless thousands of American citizens’ lives as they lied and exploited to their advantage and enriched their personal lives through fraud, intimidation, and destructive actions, like killing and/or incarceration of innocent American citizens who proved to be or play an integral part in achieving personal, bureaucratic, or political gain. These are criminals who need to be prosecuted and incarcerated without mercy as they showed no mercy on those they destroyed and the families and children who were left behind to try to overcome the stigma of being branded as the families of convicted felons. Convicted, yes, but never felons. Political prisoners used to gain personal and bureaucratic gain. The time has long since pasted for retribution upon their worthless souls. They must be indicted and brought to trial and judgment must be made accordingly.

    • I trust that with Gods help we stand a chance of exposing the true state of affairs AND we can refocus our attention to making America Great Again AND making Individuals Great Again. Part of the probs were witnessing today stems to the lack of Fathers in the home AND lack of character.
      I’m pumped for an American uprising of Patriots, true Patriots and not these snowflake, hammer carrying bums.

  6. Sometimes the captcha code can be a little difficult to read and I missed it this time. So the idiots that created this website delete the entire comment before allowing a second chance? As a retired IT Manager for a major corporation I would fire any IT staff that obtuse.

  7. Back to my original comment. This needs declassified and released unredacted. I have read a significant amount on this subject and it appears that the FBI/DOJ are simply covering up a lot of malfeasance. Rosenstein’s past includes some involvement in the Uranium One travesty a few years back and misleading the FISA court to get the warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, and the DOJ did that multiple times. Rosenstein appears to be part of the swamp, and this needs cleaned up with the light of the truth being focused on it.

  8. I am sick to death of the clandestine, one sided investigation going on that is eating up our tax dollars. If this investigation was also delving into hillary with the same exuberance as they are going after Trump, then,it has my blessing. But, it is very one sided, and enough is enough. This is all a distraction from our real issues, and if they are not going after hillary, barry, eric, loretta, etc., then end it. Don’t waste our tax dollars trying to squeeze manafort or anyone else. Mueller seems to have no conscience about destroying innocent people’s lives and families to accomplish his goal….to discredit the president and get him out of office. We the people, voted for Trump…NOT mueller.

  9. Pres.Trump should declassify”ALL DOCUMENTS”Congress wants & need TODAY! Obama & All His Admin. Leaders Are Walking Around Like They’re Untouchable,Everyone Of Them Are Federal Criminals(SOLID PROVEN EVIDENCE EVERYWHERE)! When Pres.Trump Declassifies Documents,Put Giuliani & “Freedom Caucus”In Charge Of Prosecuting Them! “SWAMP”Would Be Fined Heavy Or In Prison In Less Than A Year!!!!

  10. The FBI and DOJ under Obama have abused the ‘protection of sources and methods’ criteria. This does not apply to superiors and the president as they are not intelligence sources.

  11. Let the compromised be promoted or retire but the redactions now our compromise or Republic’s Constitution and the taxpaying citizens.

  12. Good comments. This needs to be brought to an end soon. If Obama and his minions are exposed, TOO BAD. Mueller has spent millions looking for something that isn’t there!! So now he’s squeezing Manafort for something from 2014 that the FBI DROPPED due to lack of evidence?? An astonishing display of partisan politics by the Deep State masquerading as a search for TRUTH and JUSTICE. It would almost be comical if it wasn’t so disgusting behind the scenes. I thought better of Mueller, but he’s as partisan as the rest of them. He just hides it better

  13. Hallelujah! It’s prob an ominous position to be in for the Pres.. On the one hand, it’s clear the American People deserve the truth. On the opposing hand, he prob needs to refrain from overstepping his authority because of the left, MSM, Never Trumpers and all those who believe that he has done something criminal.
    I’m just elated that he may very well override Rotten Rosenstein – I can hardly wait for that Twit to break out in hives, sweat bullets & crap his panties all at one time.
    It’s apparent that Rosenstein thinks he is far superior to any of us and intellectually, light years ahead of us “common folk”.
    It’s about time we run Mueller out of town & his band of crooks!

  14. What took so long? The leadership at the DOJ and FBI have proven themselves to be crooks and unworthy of their jobs or the right to receive a government pension.

  15. The Demo-Socialists are quick to try pinning “Dictator” on the President, because that’s what they hope will stick to him. Chances are that Russia, always suspected of working against the interests of the United States, is less a threat to our nation’s security and status than the Demo-Socialists with their obsessively bitter agenda which is active by them 24 hours per day, every day of the year. So sad that they’re satisfied if what they hope for (they don’t pray…that’s religious)which is Trump’s presidential failure is more important to them than the lives of some 320 million Americans, the total population including any political parties. It is so obvious that its the old adage being willed to work by Demo-Socialists, which is “Cutting off their noses to spite their faces.” That says it all, except for the ones who swore they’s leave U.S.A. and seek refuge in Canada. I suppose no trains, planes, or bus lines go to Canada anymore…the bitter, nasty, Demo-Socialists are still here and the election for President was in Nov. 2017. Perhaps they decided to be Americans anyway.

  16. Getting very tired of all the chaos and lack of law and order. Ready to take a break from TV and Computer. God Bless President Trump. He just presses on and goes with the flow. Books are being written about the crimes committed by the FBI leaders Comey, Rosenstein, and Mueller plus…. many more. Yet no action has been taken to charge these people or stop Mueller’s Special Counsel Investigation. How much of the taxpayers money have they spent? 25-30 million? More? And it is still on going. When is enough enough.

  17. Redact it all, let us know all, these people need to face us and be held accountable for the crimes they have committed, and punished accordingly, treason, corruption, fraud lies ec.

  18. Thanks President Trump. I think all their pay checks stop for the Congress, Senate, FBI, Judges and who ever applies until all the documents or anything else is cleared. Everyone knows That Obama and Hillary are behind for all the screw up that America has been in since he became President.


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