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Mueller Charges 12 Russians With in 2016 Election Hacking of Democrats

FBI Director Robert Mueller listens as he testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, June 13, 2013, as the House Judiciary Committee held an oversight hearing on the FBI. Mueller is nearing the end of his 12 years as head of the law enforcement agency that is conducting high-profile investigations of the Boston Marathon bombings, the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, and leaks of classified government information. The committee's chairman, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said when it comes to national security leaks, it's important to balance the need to protect secrecy with the need to let the news media do their job. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The DOJ announced charges against 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking offenses during the 2016 presidential election. The indictments were announced by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein as part of Mueller’s counsel probe into potential coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The Russians are accused of hacking into the computer networks of the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, and then releasing stolen emails on the internet in the months before the election. Of course, that probably means that someone at the DOJ has access to the DNC Server which oddly nobody from either the CIA or FBI had asked to see at the time of the hack.

The Russian agents created fictitious online personas during their operation, including the Guccifer 2.0 persona, which was previously believed to be a Romanian hacker, as using cryptocurrencies to pay for various computer equipment, including in the US.

The Russian intelligence officials are also charged with using a third-party (which is not named in the indictment but sounds a lot like Wikileaks) to distribute the information (see reference below).

“The internet allows foreign adversaries to attack Americans in new and unexpected ways,” Rosenstein said. “Free and fair elections are hard-fought and contentious and there will always be adversaries who work to exacerbate domestic differences and try to confuse, divide and conquer us.”

Before Friday, 20 people and three companies had been charged in the Mueller investigation. That includes four former Trump campaign and White House aides and 13 Russians accused of participating in a hidden but powerful social media campaign to sway American public opinion in the 2016 election.

But most interesting was the admission at the end of the indictment, according to which there is no indication that any American was a knowing participant in this activity, and no indication that these efforts altered the vote count in any way.


Of course, that didn’t stop Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer from calling on Trump to cancel the summit with Putin, saying that “glad-handing” Putin after the indictments would be “an insult” after they showed that Putin tried to interfere in our elections (except that the indictment clearly states that the vote wasn’t impacted in any way).

Rosenstein said he had briefed President Donald Trump on the indictment, which strategically comes just a day before Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin. It is therefore no surprise that the Russian ruble reversed its earlier gains following the announcement.


While the timing of the indictments is certainly curious, Rosenstein insisted when asked by a reporter that the timing is purely a coincidence and not the result of political considerations.

Read the full indictment below:


    • all mueller is trying to do along with rosenstein and comey is to cover up what was found on weiners laptop of hillary and huma raping killing a 12yr old girl and also found was a list of names of Washington gov officials involved with obama and Hillary in child criminal acts and child trafficking..as REPORTED IN IG REPORT. IT WAS SETH RICH WHO HACKED DNC RECORDS FOUND HILLARY AND OBAMA CHILD CRIMINAL CRIMES AND SENT TO WIKILEAKS AND DNC HAD HIM MURDERED.president trump and house intelligence knows the truth there was no russian meddling JUST A COVER UP OF HILLARY OBAMA, PODESTA JOHN MCCAIN CLAPPER BRENNAN, PAUL RYAN, AND MANY OTHERS IN CRIMINAL CHILD ABUSE

    • Google “Rep Louie Gohmert drops @ Stzrok hearings bombshell revelation.’ That’s why that crazy little smirk faced Rod Rosenstein announced the 12 Russians supposedly hacking of the DNC. The DNC computers were not even examined by the FBI. The report that Rep. Gohmert is referring to was the ICIG investigation by Frank Rucker. Very informative. Read it. The only reason they didn’t say 13 instead of 12, is because the 13th one appeared in court & won his case. I’m sure these other 12 could as well. Maybe they will after Pres. Trump meets with Putin on Monday. We all know Putin isn’t a nice person, but neither are Rod Rosenstein, Mueller, Stzrok, Comey, Hillary, Obama or any of the rest of them.

    • My thoughts exactly Joanna!! The Socialist keep trying, they are not American Patriotic citizens, they want to change every aspect of this great nation and that’s the reason Killary was voted OUT and President TRUMP IN!!! The lies and deceit goes on and on and on, only liberals would fall for this stunt! It is obvious, after having nothing for over a year, just before President Trump meets with Putin, this indictment is read by yet, another of the Deep State, Rosenstein. President Trump should have fired these Killary and BO Regime supporters and in their place, put those who are not BIASED, who can conduct themselves professionally, and who refuse to pander to either party. This is a farce, and no one is buying it. I love how the most corrupt people in Congress are now calling for President Trump to call off his meeting with Putin. Well Shummer, Pelosi, Waters, Warner and the rest of the Deep State that wants to change our Republic to Socialism, it isn’t going to happen so save your precious energy, you’re going to need it when you are kicked out of the swamp.

  1. Yeah right…where is the evidence…you can indict a ham sandwich…but conviction is another thing.
    Now let move ob to why the government was spying on the Trump campaign…right?

  2. A big fake show – Mueller making things up to justify his non-worth – just right when Trump has talks with Russia. A total BS job – to satisfy the leftists

  3. Mueller has had more than a year to indict Hillary, 0bama, Holder, Lynch and Comey, and he hasn’t even started yet. What’s taking so long. Most of his work was done for him.

  4. So it is not just Killery looking to blame every/anything for THE LOSS IN 2016. The Mudillier has indicted 12 Russians and says that they brought the loss. I would like to see The Mudillier go to Russia to arrest them.

  5. This sounds like another charade cooked up by Mueller and Rosenstein. Since the DNC has never allowed the FBI to even touch their servers just how did these hacks become known. Sounds bogus. If the FBI had examined their servers most of the DNC would be in jail!

  6. This would have been discovered a lot sooner if the DNC and DCCC had been willing to let the FBI have their computers at the time the hacking was first discovered. What did the DNC and DCCC want to hide from the FBI at that time? Why report the hacking 2 years ago if they did not intend to give their computers over to the FBI to investigate at that time? It was just whining to the FBI and a way to get sympathy from the masses (didn’t work). All the money and time wasted for Mueller to “indict” non citizens. More proof that the Democrats don’t care how much waste of taxpayers money they cause as long as they can cover up the truth. Another reason to not vote Democrat.

    Another ‘carrot’ thrown out by the DOJ’s DAG and the Mueller investigation. Not biting. No one will be brought to justice. Just innocent Americans will be harassed and entrapped.

  7. and none of these things are actually against the law if done by an american lets hope the rest of the world does not cataloging all the interfering in their elections up to and including arming rebels to effect regime change done by the US

  8. Quoting from another article: ” The enormity of the situation is that Mueller violated the unwritten rules of counter-espionage, which were forged through many trials and errors over thousands of years. One of these unwritten rules says the detected spy no longer poses a threat. It is not necessary to arrest, or indict, or imprison him. ” So, to sum up this Mueller Kabuki theatre now costing US Taxpayers hard earned tax dollars (US$20 million and counting), DOJ, FBI, ALL Intel Community, SWAMP, and yes DEEP STATE are deeply politically BIASED (destined to go past November Elections). That is what came out of This Friday the 13th, hastily, surprise, “Russian Indictment.” Proves to every American Citizen of this Constitutional Republic, there is a very disturbing, visible modus operandi underway to insure a sitting, duly elected, President Trump is IMPEACHED…for whatever reason this “Dark Force” can trot out…that is what is REALLY happening. US House Representatives are merely “nibbling around the edges.” ALL DARK FORCES are solidifying their organization to usurp everything US Constitution…follow the money and then pay very, very close attention(big money involved). “DARK FORCE” is a very real threat. Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. Psalm 128 (10 Commandments must return)

  9. More bullshit indictments from Mueller, when the hell is this guy going to be fired and how much of our tax money is being spent on this fishing expedition!

  10. “…there will always be adversaries who work to exacerbate domestic differences and try to confuse, divide and conquer us…” Yes! That is a true statement. And the ONLY people who are doing their very best to do exactly that are the slimy rats in the DOJ, the slimy rats in the FBI and the slimy rat democrats in both chambers of the congress … and the miserable fools who elected them.

  11. I personally do not trust anything that Mueller does. These stupid and meaningless “indictments” are indeed like indicting a ham sandwich! And it had to be one of those liberal, activist, America-hating “judges” and a grand jury comprised of slobbering idiots who approved and granted this bogus indictment. Those Russians are in Russia, and unlike Mueller’s stupid civil action, these Russians will no doubt NOT be coming back to play into Mueller’s idiotic little play-act indictments. I wish to Christ Trump would FIRE Mueller and his entire team of Hillary sucking democrats AND Rosenstein and get it over with. NOBODY who matters will care!

  12. This will teach those Nasty Russians! Oh, hope they don’t hire a U.S. based lawyer and show up like the Ukrainian company.

  13. It is part of the Great Game of nations spying on each other for financial or military or corporate information. and attempting to influence affairs beyond their borders. Mr. Mueller could indict any number of Russians or other nationals any day of the week. The flip side, or course, is that other nations can do the same thing to us. It is possible Mr. Putin will indict or deport a comparable number of American military and intelligence officials in retaliation. The timing of the indictments is probably political, in an effort to hobble Trump. Ironically, Trump had just dunned deadbeat NATO nations to beef up their militaries so they could prevent Russian aggression.

  14. Wow! After spending over a year and millions of the taxpayers money, all Mueller can come up with is indictments for a handful of Russian hackers? Is this the sort of thing he’s going to use to pad his resume–his investigation was a success because he indicted some Russians who will never see a courtroom in regard to this matter. They will never be arrested or convicted. So, apparently, this whole thing has been a complete waste of time and our money. With all of his birdwalking in different directions from his initial mandate and his efforts to destroy the lives of Trump’s friends and colleagues, he’s come up with nothing worthwhile except the interference and criminal activity of his fellow liberal progressives, i.e. Strzok, Page, McCabe, Weinstein, Comey, etc. all in an effort to insure Trump’s political demise and Hillary’s escaping the cell she deserves. If this fiasco has taught me anything, it’s there is no equal justice under the law. If you have followers who are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and perhaps even murder to keep you from facing the justice you deserve, all while betraying the American people to whom they should owe their loyalty, then there is no justice anymore and the law means nothing.

  15. Rosenstein is a bare ass, bald-faced liar. So is Mueller. As that old commercial about hamburgers said, “where’s the beef” so where’s the evidence to prove what you are saying is true?? The answer; there is no evidence. Mutton-Head is doing this at this time because he is trying to goad Trump into firing him. Memo to Mutto Head: God put Trump into the WH and only God can remove him. All of your efforts will come to naught. You and all the other Trump haters are really God haters. An God says the following about Trump: No weapon formed against you Shall succeed, And every tongue that contends with you at law You shall defeat. Such is the lot of the servants of Hashem, Such their triumph through Me —declares Hashem.” (Isaiah 54:17)

  16. If these guys have diplomatic immunity, they could come over, testify and leave.
    It would be seen as a goodwill gesture from Russia.
    Maybe Trump will ask Putin to do that
    I’m sure Robert Mueller was hate that!

  17. The DOJ made this a big thing, but was it! We have known the Russians were hackers for a long time. It wasn’t very important to the DOJ or FBI that Hilliary Clinton was receiving classified E-Mails on her home computer/server. They did not indict her, but chose to indict 12 Russians they can’t prosecute or convict because they do not live here.

    17+ Billion dollars has been spent on an investigation to frame our President. It is hurtful to think about the financial ruin many members of the Trump team have suffered because of the self serving actions of the Democratic Party.

    Going forward…how can the DOJ, FBI, or the Democratic Party expect trust and respect from the American People. I know I am bewildered by the lies, the hate, and corruption that has been exposed.


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