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DOJ Refuses To Disclose FBI Activities Prior To “Official” Trump Investigation


The Justice Department and the FBI have failed to meet deadlines for the delivery of specific documents about FBI activities prior to the official investigation into Russian meddling, reports Fox News citing a “source close to the discussions.”

“The DOJ gave the committee some, but not all, of the outstanding documents, so they are not in compliance,” an Intelligence Committee spokesperson told Fox.

If DOJ records reveal that the FBI was actively working against the Trump campaign prior to events which officially precipitated Operation Crossfire Hurricane – especially during the period in which they engaged informant Stefan Halper to conduct espionage on multiple Trump aides, it will have wide ranging implications on the FBI’s version of how the counterintelligence operation began. Without the documents, congressional investigators won’t be able to piece together the timeline of events, or whether the FBI followed agency protocols during that period.

While FBI headquarters authorized the official counterintelligence operation on July 31, 2016 – John Solomon of The Hill reported in June that efforts to spy on and possibly entrap Trump campaign aides began much earlier.

The bridge to the Russia investigation wasn’t erected in Moscow during the summer of the 2016 election.

It originated earlier, 1,700 miles away in London, where foreign figures contacted Trump campaign advisers and provided the FBI with hearsay allegations of Trump-Russia collusion, bureau documents and interviews of government insiders reveal. These contacts in spring 2016 — some from trusted intelligence sources, others from Hillary Clinton supporters — occurred well before FBI headquarters authorized an official counterintelligence investigation on July 31, 2016. –The Hill

Another red flag from The Hill was noted by retired assistant FBI director for intelligence, Kevin Brock, who supervised an agency update to their longstanding bureau rules governing the use of sources while working under then-director Robert Mueller. These rules prohibit the FBI from directing a human source to perform espionage on an American until a formal investigation has been opened – paperwork and all. 

Brock sees oddities in how the Russia case began. “These types of investigations aren’t normally run by assistant directors and deputy directors at headquarters,” he told me. “All that happens normally in a field office, but that isn’t the case here and so it becomes a red flag. Congress would have legitimate oversight interests in the conditions and timing of the targeting of a confidential human source against a U.S. person.” -The Hill

The records were requested by three House GOP committee chairmen; Trey Gowdy on Oversight, Devin Nunes from Intelligence and Bob Goodlatte on Judiciary – while the Friday deadline was set by a House resolution after a subpoenas and letters issued as far back as August of last year failed to do the trick.

The source said House staffers — who reviewed records Thursday at the Justice Department (DOJ) because lawmakers were out of town for the holiday recess — concluded that Justice and the FBI have still not provided information and records about FBI activities before the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 elections officially opened on July 31 of that year. –Fox News

The House Judiciary Committee has been in contact daily with the Justice Department to ensure they produce all the documents subpoenaed by the committee earlier this year,” said a Republican aide to the House Judiciary Committee. “The Justice Department has produced more documents over the past weeks and has requested more time to produce additional documents. This request seems to be reasonable, and we expect the department to comply with the terms of the subpoena.”

Last weekend a Justice Department official emphasized that the FBI and DOJ had advised both chambers’ intelligence committees that records previously limited to congress’s “Gang of Eight” were now available to the rest of congress and cleared staff. They were originally reported to have included documents concerning the FBI’s use of informants during the election.

What put this in motion? And of course, was what put this into motion, was something that is politically motivated, or was it based on legit law enforcement evidence?” said former George W. Bush Deputy Assistant Attorney General Thomas Dupree. “Based on hearing and the back-and-forth we have seen over the last few months, we are in an extremely unusual, and in my view disturbing, situation, where the has been a complete breakdown and a fracture of trust.”

Meanwhile, the face of the noncompliant DOJ is none other than Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein – who recommended former FBI Director Jim Comey’s firing, appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and signed off on at least one FISA warrant renewal for Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

That said, Fox notes that “those who have worked with Rosenstein emphasize he is in a difficult position because it is not routine to provide records from ongoing investigations.”

We’re kind of beyond what’s routine…

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  1. Imeach that bastard Rosenstien already? What are they waiting for? There’s already enough evidence to imprison most of the top echelon of DoJ for malfeasance, if not treason or sedition.

    • Hold Rosenstein in Contempt of Congress and Impeach Him. Expose the relationship Rosenstein has with the Clintons all the way back to WHITEWATER and the “strange death of Vincent Foster”. Awake Americans in an open session of Congress as the lamestream media will never tell the story.

    • Robert, You do know that it takes a 2/3rd vote in the Senate to impeach, which is next to impossible, that is what protects our President. It only takes a simple majority in the house.

      Impeach him in the house and then et the President FIRE him. Let the next person in line either produce the docs or get the same!

      • Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch and other lawyers fighting for those documents that Rosenstein refuses to hand over said that President Trump is the one that can order him to hand over the documents or he will be fired, they said the President has the right and power to fire Rosenstein because he works for the President and Judge Jeanine also said the same thing, I do believe firing and impeachment are a little bit different, one needs votes and the other needs for the boss to say he’s fired and it is done! no votes needed!

    • If Congress will not or cannot take Rosenstein down, by By God we will. This arrogant bastard haa coasted long enough.

  2. Stop messing around with Rosenstein and either fire him or impeach him. Really getting tired of the run around. Give the information needed and requested so the facts come out and those responsible for these crimes can face the justice they deserve.

    • The obstruction of Congressal right to know has reached the end of the American people’s patience. Remove this man from office immediately. He is an employee , not Agustis Cesar and works for US at the convience of his boss to manage a department . His failure to tespond to demands to produce information has gone on long enough. President Trump fire this man and really lace him with an honest man or woman. I’m sure many exist in our FBI. Post script. Give Muller 20 days notice of “shit or get off the pot!”! This man is not competent and we the people have no further patience, Muller needs to be removed along with his team. A “gentlemen get up NOW from your computers, walk out the door turning in your passes;” Your services are no longer required. Replacing this team with honest men and women is necessary to close out this inquisition. Let an IG level under Congress review dclose out the report and finish this task.

  3. have the Sargeant at Arms, arrest them , hol them in a cell ufor contempt of congress leave them there until they are forthcoming with information who do these fing Obamites think they are?

  4. Ok so now what? Anybody getting fired! Anybody getting arrested? If NOT THEN THEY R ABOVE THE RULE OF LAW SO THER IS NO LAW! HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS BS!

  5. Rosenstein is in this up to his earlobes! I’m not sure what corrupt means were used to get him into his position but it is so obvious that he is there to cover for the Deep State BS going on. Lynch, Holder, Comey, Rice, the lovers, the other FBI hoodlums, Hillary staff, DNC criminals, Mueller, etc are all in on this. Time to swing the hammer and lock them all up…including the corrupt ex-president from the neighborhood! This is not about Russia collusion..it is about Hillary and Obama trying to steal an American election that they thought they had already stolen. The Democrats no longer have a party. They do have a cartel full of racists like Maxine and Kamala and criminals like Schiff and Pelosi. No American should be supporting them even if Soros is offering you payoffs!

  6. Rosenstein s/b given an ultimatum; either self-recuse himself or be removed for conflict of interest. He s/b put on administrative leave and have all access to DOJ/FBI computer systems suspended plus have his security clearance suspended. He is a dirty agent who is in this s-t upon to his eyeballs. He is there to control things so the truth does not come out about all the corrupt and illegal things they did.

  7. Well when they stall and willingly , go against, the courts and congress, and withhold information, you know DAMN GOOD an WELL, they are DIRTY an they know they are dirty an just trying to cover their sorry corrupt asses. FIRE THEM ALL , and then HANG-EM

    • THAT is the best idea I have heard. Build the gallows with several noose, and then bring in the camera crews from ALL News organizations and make sure to televise what happens to TREASONOUS TRAITORS.

  8. Since Congress has legal and constitutional oversight authority over the DOJ, how can they be allowed to “refuse” compliance and provide those documents? Seems to me that any DOJ/FBI officials who fail to comply with a congressional request can and should be immediately fired for cause and maybe even prosecuted for obstruction! This has been dragging on for far too long. It is past time that AG Sessions fixes this or is replaced by the president. After all, every DOJ and FBI official are employees of the president who can clean up this swamp.

    • Wayne,
      Congress can not fire, nor can they prosecute, they can only impeach, which takes a majority vote in the House, but a 2/3rds vote in the Senate, which will NEVER happen. That is the same reason that our President will never be driven out of office by Congress.

      The President must let the House impeach Rosenstein, then with the House behind him, FIRE him.

      Then let the next person step up, give them a week, then repeat!

  9. It would prudent to think of J.Edgar Hoover during this investigation! Hoover is why the F.B.I. is NOT a life time job! He had crap on everybody!!!! I have heard anybody ask Rosenstein why HE wanted Commey FIRED! It seems to me that NOBODY has any fear of doing time much less loosing a job!!! IF heads start actually rolling the story WILL CHANGE quickly! But the congress must have a reason they do NOTHING!!

    • They only have5 more months until POSSIBLY the Democrats take the House and all of this goes away! They are trying to run out the clock!

      The President must let the House impeach Rosenstein, which only takes a majority vote, then with the House behind him, FIRE him.

      Then let the next person step up, give them a week, then repeat!

  10. So much for having a Constitution that applies to Americans but not the DOJ and the FBI. Start by firing ANYONE in Government hired during the Obama years. The alone would help.


  12. Well put. It’s more than obvious that the oversight committee is not going to follow through with their threats of contempt or impeachment, and they sadly are, as Judge Jeanine Pirro stated, “impotent”. What a sad day to discover just how useless the Congress is. The DOJ, FBI, CIA & the OIG, run the country and do so without any oversight. Our great Constitution is no longer. The only hope now, is that our President demands all unredacted documents needed.


  14. WE THE PEOPLE are getting tired of the “line drawn in the sand” keep moving . They have been told MANY times what will happen IF they don’t comply. NOW is the time to DO SOMETHING . IMPEACH , arrest , fire !!!!

  15. Impeach Rosenstein And where the hell is Jeff Sessions ? Get rid of him too. I thought the president put him the head of the DOJ, He could not oversee my dog. Please Mr. President clean house !!

    • First, he should let the House impeach Rosenstein, which only takes a majority vote, then with the House behind him, FIRE him.

      Then let the next person step up, give them a week, then repeat!

  16. Rosenstein, Wray and the others need to go. They should all be charged with holding evidence and so many other crimes its hard to count them all.

  17. President Trump should just order Rosenstien to release the documents in their entirety. That would solve the problem and if he does not he should fire him. Simple.

    • I like that idea, but first, he should let the House impeach Rosenstein, which only takes a majority vote, then with the House behind him, FIRE him.

      Then let the next person step up, give them a week, then repeat!

  18. Enough is enough . Fire or Impeach Rosensteine now . We are loosing our very rule of law that has kept our nation No 1 for over 200 yrs . There The evidence speaks for its self and is undeniable , yet it continuse apon a few people serverting our inthre republic . This wont stop untill all of those responciable are held accountable . Top of the list Rosensteine because we need to get to the real slave masters and he is standing in the way . Top of the list Clinton and her foundation 2 Obama and his minions 3 Sorros 4 Mueller 5 replace Sessions after Rosensteine if impeached and imprisoner

  19. It is obvious Rosenstein has made this personal for what he feels is an attack on him personally during current election 2016 skulduggery investigations. With the power he has at hand he has sent his goons after Senator Jordan.

  20. Its time some charges were filed against Hilliary Clinton and Company for fraud in trying to frame President Trump and costing the American People millions of dollar in a corrupt Special Counsel investigation.

  21. Arrest the lot for sedition. All who were involved in trying to take down a sitting President. That includes Clinton and Obama.

    • You do know that it takes a 2/3rd vote in the Senate to impeach, which is next to impossible, that is what protects our President. It only takes a simple majority in the house.

      Impeach him in the house and then et the President FIRE him. Let the next person in line either produce the docs or get the same!

  22. impeach or fire rosentine already already !!!!! he should of been gone a long time ago !!!!! they need to tun over all the documents and fire everyone who is responsible for trying to bring down donald trump. This has turned out to be such a witch hunt on trump, and maybe trump needs to get involved and shut this whole down once and for all. The american people are getting tired and frustrated over the whole thing, end it already !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. The President must wait until the house impeaches him, which only takes a majority vote, before firing him. He MUST have the House on his side!

    It takes a 2/3rds vote in the Senate to impeach, which will never happen, which is why our President will never be impeached, so the President will need to fire him once the house impeaches him!

    Then let the next person step up to produce the docs or face the same fate!

  24. With Rosenstein not giving the rest of the information that the House judicial committee needs for further questioning points to only one thing and that is he is hiding things that could bust many Democrats and possibly find him involved in corruption also! There is no other reason valid for not handing over those documents, just like Judge Jeanine said about Rosenstein “Who the hell does he think he is the President” that he can disobey orders from the House Judiciary committee, they have every right to see all documents! Rosenstein is trying to keep stalling until after midterms hoping the Democrats win the house and then they can throw all investigations on the Democrats right out the window as we were told by political experts!

  25. Rosenstein and Mueller are only out to cover Hillary and the New World Order agenda that they support. They are not out for justice just at least to get in the way of anything Trump does to tear America away from the control of the SWAMP Establishment – which presides over the DNC and RINO’s. The NWO is not interested in freedom or America at all except to control and manipulate us and the world and establish global control over humanity.

    This is power play at the worst – Dept of Injustice (all due respect to those who have to work under these traitors), RINO’s trying to run the RNC as their comrades run the DNC, controlled media on a rampage, socialist liberals in Hollywood lying and hateful more than ever, etc etc. They want Trump to look like the problem as well as US if we don’t subscribe to the NWO agenda. This is warfare THEY CAUSE because Trump is not one of them and is an enemy of the NWO.


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