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Mueller Scrambles To Limit Evidence After Indicted Russians Actually Show Up In Court


Special Counsel Robert Mueller is scrambling to limit pretrial evidence handed over to a Russian company he indicted in February over alleged meddling in the 2016 U.S. election, according to Bloomberg.

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Mueller asked a Washington federal Judge for a protective order that would prevent the delivery of copious evidence to lawyers for Concord Management and Consulting, LLC, one of three Russian firms and 13 Russian nationals. The indictment accuses the firm of producing propaganda, pretending to be U.S. activists online and posting political content on social media in order to sow discord among American voters.

The special counsel’s office argues that the risk of the evidence leaking or falling into the hands of foreign intelligence services, especially Russia, would assist the Kremlin’s active “interference operations” against the United States.

“The substance of the government’s evidence identifies uncharged individuals and entities that the government believes are continuing to engage in interference operations like those charged in the present indictment,” prosecutors wrote.

Improper disclosure would tip foreign intelligence services about how the U.S. operates, which would “allow foreign actors to learn of those techniques and adjust their conduct, thus undermining ongoing and future national security operations,” according to the filing.

The evidence includes thousands of documents involving U.S. residents not charged with crimes who prosecutors say were unwittingly recruited by Russian defendants and co-conspirators to engage in political activity in the U.S., prosecutors wrote. –Bloomberg

Mueller also accused Concord of “knowingly and intentionally” conspiring to interfere with the election by using social media to disparage Hillary Clinton and support Donald Trump.

And Concord Management decided to fight it… 

As Powerline notes, Mueller probably didn’t see that coming – and the indictment itself was perhaps nothing more than a PR stunt to bolster the Russian interference narrative.

I don’t think anyone (including Mueller) anticipated that any of the defendants would appear in court to defend against the charges. Rather, the Mueller prosecutors seem to have obtained the indictment to serve a public relations purpose, laying out the case for interference as understood by the government and lending a veneer of respectability to the Mueller Switch Project.

One of the Russian corporate defendants nevertheless hired counsel to contest the charges. In April two Washington-area attorneys — Eric Dubelier and Kate Seikaly of the Reed Smith firm — filed appearances in court on behalf of Concord Management and Consulting. Josh Gerstein covered that turn of events for Politico here. –Powerline Blog

Politico’s Gerstein notes that by defending against the charges, “Concord could force prosecutors to turn over discovery about how the case was assembled as well as evidence that might undermine the prosecution’s theories.”

In a mad scramble to put the brakes on the case, Mueller’s team tried to delay the trial – saying that Concord never formally accepted the court summons related to the case, wrapping themselves in a “cloud of confusion” as Powerline puts it. “Until the Court has an opportunity to determine if Concord was properly served, it would be inadvisable to conduct an initial appearance and arraignment at which important rights will be communicated and a plea entertained.”

The Judge, Dabney Friedrich – a Trump appointee, didn’t buy it – denying Mueller a delay in the high-profile trial.

The Russians hit back – filing a response to let the court know that “[Concord] voluntarily appeared through counsel as provided for in [the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure], and further intends to enter a plea of not guilty. [Concord] has not sought a limited appearance nor has it moved to quash the summons. As such, the briefing sought by the Special Counsel’s motion is pettifoggery.

And the Judge agreed

A federal judge has rejected special counsel Robert Mueller’s request to delay the first court hearing in a criminal case charging three Russian companies and 13 Russian citizens with using social media and other means to foment strife among Americans in advance of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

In a brief order Saturday evening, U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich offered no explanation for her decision to deny a request prosecutors made Friday to put off the scheduled Wednesday arraignment for Concord Management and Consulting, one of the three firms charged in the case. –Politico

In other words, Mueller was denied the opportunity to kick the can down the road, forcing him to produce the requested evidence or withdraw the indictment, potentially jeopardizing the PR aspect of the entire “Trump collusion” probe.

And now Mueller is pointing to Russian “interference operations” in a last-ditch effort.

Of note, Facebook VP of advertising, Rob Goldman, tossed a major hand grenade in the “pro-Trump” Russian meddling narrative in February when he fired off a series of tweets the day of the Russian indictments. Most notably, Goldman pointed out that the majority of advertising purchased by Russians on Facebook occurred after the election, were hardly pro-Trump, and they was designed to “sow discord and divide Americans”, something which Americans have been quite adept at doing on their own ever since the Fed decided to unleash a record class, wealth, income divide by keeping capital markets artificially afloat at any cost.


  1. The witch hunt should never have started. It’s all fake news and mueller should be charyfor falsely accusing Trumpster and everyone involved with bs

  2. Sad and alarming when you have reached a point that you have lost considerable confidence in our nations Dept. of Justice, FBI and the Mueller witch hunt. Low point in American history. If only Mueller could hire more Democrat Lawyers he might track down Hillary’s 33,000 deleted e-mails on her private server!

  3. Guys like Mueller have to have a really deceitful mindset.
    I am talking about how it was the Clintons and the Democrats who conspired to sell Uranium One to the Russians.
    I don’t think that I, for whatever reasons could ever go on national TV with such a falsehood.
    The guy needs professional help as do the people who believe him.
    And why do the Russians need any more Uranium?
    They already have 6000 nuclear weapons to our 4000.
    If all those were fired at once, all life might die on this planet except for the Cockroaches.

  4. Typical Mueller. Again he is manufacturing evidence to bolster his witch hunt. Trump should assign a Federal Judge to determine the constitutional basis for establishing the committee in the first place. Democratic party principals are being employed: Make sure the evidence presented supports our agenda and if not successful point the finger at the other party and stall, confuse and distort. Gary

  5. The left has leaned so far they might fall over. In other words, the left has become the “New Communist Party”. How do you like it so far?

    • I totally agree, I definitely believe the Democratic party is leaning towards communism, either that or Muslim culture, because Obama was a Muslim. And he practically ruined America, and if Hillary had won in 2016, she would have finished the job. Obama claimed he had no scandals during his administration, but in reality his whole 8 years was nothing but a scandal, he just had the crooked fake media that would hide it, but we Americans are not blind or stupid, we saw it all.

  6. You left off Pelosi, Waters, Warren, Schumer, Reid and a host of other Dems who are worse than cockroaches and would survive as well!

  7. When is this dog & pony show ending?????Mueller had enough time to prove if President Trump had a secret meetings with Russian….. All this because the CORRUPTED one LOST……Ppp

  8. Mueller and his army of hateful, anti-trump henchmen led by his 13 most highly tax-payer paid democrats should apologize to our country and serve jail time. Just look at the lives he is ruining and throwing into chaos as the victims loose work, reputations and all their assets against that evil probing and false charges.

  9. While we sit and stutter !
    This is/was not some prank by the little kid down the block ! It was deliberately sought out, created, and paid for by the campaign to elect the “Bit*h of Benghazi” !
    Why are we standing around like a bunch of farm boys, saying “Aw Shucks”, and scuffing our toes in the dust ?
    Now that PRESIDENT TRUMP has made inroads to No. Korea, it’s time to do some corner scraping and step sweeping.
    I we don’t have the people to do it, THEN GET THEM !

  10. a true jackass sets up a fake evidence and now can not find the fake evidence…afraid his methods will be exposed to who the american courts system and the whole fake Russian hoax. It was fake from day one and now we are out 18 million dollars we the american people….

  11. If any companies should be charged with propaganda and smear tactics to influence the election it should include CNN CNBC ABC Yahoo Washington Post Huffington post et all

  12. Do not forget OBAMA’s words to Putin’s Representative when he thought he was OFF MIC: “Tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility after the election”! So how did he know he was going to win? Looks to me like the Obama Adm. & Russia working together against Trump- no Russia interference! Obama destroys evidence! Pay attention Congress. Rosenstein protecting that fact?

  13. By the expression on Mueller’s face , makes him look like he is trying too take a major dump. A lot of the population of America, hopes his actions during this so called illegal and agains’t the constitution, investigation, turnes around and bites him right in his a-s!!

  14. Agree with Will Harden Cockroaches would probably survive a nuclear exchange, but other lower forms of life – Jim Acosta at CMM and Ditzy Debby two-names of the Clinton Cartel come to mind – would probably be around to annoy any survuvors.

  15. What I want to know is what accountability does Muller and those that engaged him will have when the truth is finally presented, “no collusion”? I would very much like to see the justice system levy the burden of the cost of the investigation on those that insisted on it. That would be justice served.

    • I agree, why should we the American people have to pay for an investigation that we don’t back and are venomously against.

  16. I am wondering, how long would keep his “investigation” going, his gold mine of tax payers money was shut down. I am very angry that my tax money is used to pay that that bunch of thieves

  17. I no longer recognize our DOJ as it seems each day shows more corruption. Mueller has gone so far off base of the original investigation; he grasps at straws to bring down President Trump where in reality he is showing more and more of the Corruption of Obama and his Administration the 8 years of that he was in Office. Now it all is very pitiful as well as expensive this ?Russian/Trump Campaign has become.

  18. I believe anything they can do to delay so the election can be more of the Democrat’s plans (if they actually had any) and then Nancy Peabrain could be the Speaker of the House. That is one of their plans, and of course, Mueller is a Democrat, as are so many of the evil ones wanting to take down our country, the President first. My true wish today is: President Trump would FIRE: Sessions, Rosenstein, shut Mueller down, shut Nancy and C. Shuler up!! Make sure Hillary lands in Federal Prison, along with B. Obama and G. Soros….big time. All in a days work for such an energetic man !

  19. I think their should be a STUDY to find out what gene is going haywire or entirely missing within
    these people and just why something so obviously insane can be taken as gospel by so many. Pelosi who can only fumble through sentences and rant without organized rational, Schumer obviously more in control of his faculties in verbage however grounded reason is not present and therefore of no value in its nature. These are the examples of the future of our youth sadly. There must be some kind of disability impairment or something is just not working correctly in the minds of ALL of these people. Whores, queers and promiscuity are of more value than good morals and a commitment to God almighty. Madonna, DeNiro’s and late night madmen who no longer stand for anything good. I feel its disgusting and if something isn’t done with all the folks who in my mind plan secret combinations in evil deeds against the good, creating for themselves a Coo (SP) to overthrow our Great Country. Somewhere along the line of Treasonous behavior one needs to think of what used to be and how traitors were very publicly taken care of. This generation has made men weak. Feelings….spare me. No child left behind….(no matter how irresponsible or stupid you might be or just plain apathetic). What makes a person think they are on the correct side of truth, history or betterment. Who is right and who is wrong? A time of revolt is in the forecast. They have penetrated the interior of our youths minds and of our Government. Leaving behind the precepts and principals this Country was built on. It just makes me sick!

  20. The level of deep corruption in our nation, since Kennedy’s murder, would bring most people to their knees. Rampant abuse of power and evil perpetrated against children is of epidemic proportions, yet look how they treat the only man willing to try and change things. Merkle, Trudeau, both NWO players. Paris Accord, I believe is behind all the chemtrails. Trump is the ONLY president, not bought, bribed or blackmailed, yet willing to take them on and drain the swamp in spite of all the biased criticism. If Christ were alive today, I am sure the deep state players would have had him crucified in half the time. We have one last chance here people…If Hillary won, NONE of the truth that is now being exposed would have seen the light of day.

  21. Well, well. Now it seems Robert Mueller will HAVE to show his hand in court regarding the alleged “evidence” he gathered for the Concord Management & Consulting firm indictment. I am sure he had no idea that this company, or any of them, would step up for a “face off” in court to answer his “Trumped Up” charges of election tampering. I hope the Reed Smith Law Firm sustain this court battle just to show that this Special Counsel has been en entire WASTE of resources. Judge Dabney Freidrich could see the writing on the wall when Mueller filed a motion to NOT TURN OVER EVIDENCE to the legal reps of Concord. IT DIDN’T WORK, you want to INDICT Mr. Mueller, ??? SHOW YOUR HAND! All this Special Counsel MONEY COULD HAVE GONE TO HELP FUND THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE SOUTHERN BORDER WALL! This entire Special Counsel ideology is RIDICULOUS AND LUDICROUS!


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