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Former Prosecutor Klayman: President Could Pardon Himself


ormer federal prosecutor Larry Klayman says President Donald Trump is accurate in proclaiming he could pardon himself if he is charged with crimes by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“There’s no question that the president can pardon himself,” Klayman, director of the government watchdog Freedom Watch, told hosts Miranda Khan and John Cardillo on Monday’s “America Talks Live” on Newsmax TV.

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Klayman also said Trump should eventually grant pardons to his former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, his ex-campaign chair Paul Manafort, and onetime campaign deputy Rick Gates – all who have been charged with crimes by Mueller.

“What Mueller did in terms of indicting them was far beyond his mandate . . . These are illegal indictments,” Klayman said.

Trump tweeted Monday morning:

In another tweet, the commander in chief added:

Klayman predicted Trump himself will not be indicted, convicted, or impeached.

“But we’ve got to get him on with the affairs of business right now,” Klayman told Newsmax TV. “. . . Right now the president needs to take action on his own. He needs to pardon these people around him, just cut the legs out from under Mueller.”

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  1. I would love to see President Trump to go ahead and PARDON FLYNN, who was set up, and Manafort, COHEN if there are any charges and stop this witch hunt today!! In Manafort’s case, this went back to 2005! This is beyond the scope of what this investigation was supposed to be all about, but clearly is not. It is not anything criminal but ALL POLITICAL in order to find something on Trump to impeach him–period!

  2. Why is this even a matter of discussion at this time ? President Trump should not even bring this up when there are so many other things which are much more important and should be addressed.
    He has done nothing wrong except to allow this Charlatan of a lawyer waste 17 million dollars of taxpayer’s money on a “Supposed” investigation that has caused much pain for several people who had nothing to do with Russia and suffered the loss of their homes and money defending themselves against phony charges that are totally unrelated to the campaign or funds from it !
    What will it take to get the Clinton Cabal investigated by a competent investigator ? There are plenty of misdeeds and offenses that have gone without as much as a slap on the wrist happening !
    How does an FBI Agent who was supposed to be heading up the investigation get to change the terminology of Grossly Negligent to “Careless Mishandling” ? ( A non-chargeable offense)This same agent is still privy to top secret and confidential information even after he was found to have communicated with his mistress as to an “Insurance policy” to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the President (which had him removed from the investigation by “Herr Mueller”)demoted to HR desk job…………AMERICA Wants to Know Why ??


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