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Report: 452 From Migrant Caravan Made It Into US

Migrants throw a surprise "thank you" party to Leo Olsen, center, a volunteer activist with Pueblos Sin Fronteras who has helped to organize the caravan, but today has to return to the USA, in Tijuana, Mexico, Wednesday, May 2, 2018. Pueblo Sin Fronteras’ third caravan in the last year has grabbed the most attention by far. President Donald Trump says it offers proof that more must be done to secure the border with Mexico. (AP Photo/Hans-Maximo Musielik)

More than 450 people from a caravan that traveled from Central America to enter the United States actually made it into the country, The Washington Times reported Tuesday.

Of the total, 122 were arrested for jumping the border, while more than 330 others showed up at official ports of entry and applied for asylum, officials told the House Homeland Security Committee, the news outlet reported.

According to The Washington Times, the Justice Department announced just 11 prosecutions in California; U.S. Customs and Border Protection said there were a few others in Texas.

The caravan began as about 1,500 people from Central America making their way north through Mexico to the United States. Some got turned back in Mexico, others were granted protections in Mexico, but nearly 600 reached Tijuana, and of those, more than 450 made it into the United States, the Washington Times reported.

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  1. Why did any make it in? There should been none! Next time there will be 2,000 at border and 3/4 of them come in. About 1,500. No. we have millions now. We need no more welfare recipients!

  2. In a sane Country they would have run into the wall. If they choose to go over the wall they would be arrested and ejected, end of story, no lawyers, no liberals.


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