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McCain Unloads On “Reality Show” Trump In New Book


Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) writes in his new book that his battle with brain cancer and his departure from Congress has liberated him, and he can now speak his mind.

This is my last term,” writes the 81-year-old Senator in his upcoming book The Restless Wave, co-authored by former adviser Mark Salter. Portions of the book were posted Monday by Apple News.

“If I hadn’t admitted that to myself before this summer, a stage 4 cancer diagnosis acts as ungentle persuasion,” McCain continues. “I’m freer than colleagues who will face the voters again. I can speak my mind without fearing the consequences much. And I can vote my conscience without worry. I don’t think I’m free to disregard my constituents’ wishes, far from it. I don’t feel excused from keeping pledges I made. Nor do I wish to harm my party’s prospects. But I do feel a pressing responsibility to give Americans my best judgment.

McCain goes on to excoriate Trump – writing that the President “has declined to distinguish the actions of our government from the crimes of despotic ones,” and that to Trump “The appearance of toughness, or a reality show facsimile of toughness, seems to matter more than any of our values.”

The AZ Senator notes that despite the “decline in civility and cooperation, and increased obstructionism” that there remain lawmakers and officials in the federal government “committed to meeting the challenges of the hour.”

“They might not be the most colorful politicians in town, but they’re usually the ones who get the most done,” McCain writes.

“Before I leave I’d like to see our politics begin to return to the purposes and practices that distinguish our history from the history of other nations. I would like to see us recover our sense that we are more alike than different,” McCain writes – pushing Americans to seek presidential candidates whose “humility and honesty commend them for the job.”

In McCain’s ideal world, Hillary Clinton would have won the 2016 election and all of those Syrian Al-Qaeda affiliated “rebels” he loves so much (and flew out to meet in a clandestine face-to-face weeks after Trump took office) would have regime changed Assad months ago.

Perhaps despite all the trash talking in McCain’s book, Trump will gift the Arizona Senator with the most explosive item on his bucket list based on that totally not fabricated, totally verified evidence of Iran’s nuclear program that Germany’s foreign minister wants independently inspected.

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  1. McCain is a Puke! I am a former Marine. I have complete respect for combat veterans. However, this is a guy who released an incendiary bomb on the flight deck of his aircraft carrier prior to take off. The bomb went off on the flight deck burning through several decks on the ship, almost sinking it. It killed over 120 sailors. He was shot down after this incident where he remained a POW. While a POW he turned in several of his fellow captors to the enemy who were plotting escapes. This led to the torture and death of several of those McCain tuned in. After getting out, McCain leaves his wife who was on her death bed fighting cancer to run off with his current wife. McCain is not a Maverick, he’s a self centered opportunist! I believe that he’s actually a border line traitor to our nation! McCain can go to hell!

  2. McCain, Rest In Peace. You lost the election to an unknown Jr Senator. You had your chance and the country rejected you. You then sold your soul to the Devil(Soros). That being said no one in this country really gives a shit about what you think. Not even your constituents in AZ. You’re probably among the top hated people in DC. You’re a jealous old phuck of Trump’s success. Now it’s time for you to Rest In Peace. If your ego wasn’t so damn out of control you’d resign. Resignation is the best thing you can do for the USA!

  3. Never mentioned killing 100 soldiers on the ship being a smart ass! Never mention hurting and killing many soldiers in Hanoi sucking the enemy’s ass!

  4. John McCain just cannot get over the idea that the American people preferred Trump over him. He sees himself as the deserving one and Trump a crude interloper . He is bitter. This idea that he has to give the American people his best judgment shows his massive ego and his total arrogance.

    John McCain needs to get over his sense of superiority ad understand that we did not ask for his best advice.Actually, we rejected it. His book can stay on the shelf so far as I am concerned.

  5. Songbird just keeps on singing. He was a betrayer in Vietnam, an spineless GOP Senator, now just a loudmouth that most non RINOs would not want to be seen with! What a complete waste of space! Go away McStain…..soon!

  6. McCain’s sedition is ceaseless, goes all the way back to his father and the USS Liberty and himself with the USS Forestall and Vietnam POW. The man is the Grand Patriarch Of ISIS – so what is all this nonsense he is now writing? Seems that all the psychocriminals in his orbit do this self righteous “memoir thing” for the forgiveness of future generations who are cultivated to be ignorant of the past. ps: I served on the Forestall’s sister ship the Saratoga. We learned some new flight deck disaster control protocols from McCain’s psychosis!

  7. Now that he has departed from Congress? Well, it would certainly have been nice for him to let the good people of Arizona know that he has departed so that the governor could appoint somebody until the election.

  8. Do us all a favor John, retire NOW! We have had enough of your RINO politics. Retire, go on your book tour and play a Jim Comey wannabe!

  9. I voted for your sorry a__! Now I ask GOD ALMIGHTY forgiveness for ever doing so you lying evil excuse for a human being! John why were you pictured with ISIS fighters? What is the McCain Foundation really? What was up with that boot? Why is Lindsey Graham turning on his handler(YOU)? What else are you hiding? Where are the children John? How did you get millions in net worth on a senators salary John? It’s ok they (Q and POTUS) have it all John and you will go down for your crimes!

  10. So disappointed in you John McCain. So sorry for your illness that seems to have turned you into a sad, jealous man who has bought into the trashing of a president fairly elected by the people of this country. You have acted as a traitor to this county in your stubborn hate of a man trying to do his best. So sorry you will have lost your legacy after you are gone. You will only be known by your mean and unfair comments about Mr Trump and your betrayal of your party.

  11. I knew John Mccain prior to his capture in Vietnam and he was always a smart Ass show boater. He was responsible for two disasters aboard two different Carriers performing HOT starts on his aircraft.
    He was always the Admiral’s son and protected. His father would turn over in his grave if he knew how his son has conducted himself. There will be rejoicing when you leave.
    ( a retired Naval Officer)

  12. What a legacy worst Naval disaster by nearly burning down the USS Forestall killing over 100 men daddy the Admiral has him flown off the ship abandoning the crew to the USS Oriskany. While the crew of the Forestall are fighting and dying to save the ship McCain goes on R&R in Saigon drinking and chasing whores.
    Captured and sent to the Hanoi Hilton he turns traitor and sells out all the other men and the country. Comes home and has daddy Admiral seal all of his service records so he can lie and make believe he’s a hero. Goes to Washington DC and as a politician continues his betrayal of Veterans by consistently voting against them. This lowlife piece of trash can’t be gone fast enough in fact take your sister Hanoi Jane Fonda with you.

  13. Such a shame that McCain is retiring, then dying, but that’s how life works! I’m sure he will be comforted by the likes of Hanoi Jane, and other evil celebrities from Heathenwood CA, and don’t forget about the Keating Five, which John McCain led to cheat lots of people. He never mentions that, either. Just go away, Mr Evil McCain. Don’t worry, God will have a special place in Hell for you, already reserved and paid for!

  14. O M G i can’t believe how many people feel the way i do about his loser. shut your mouth , go away and play cards with your buddy harry Reid .

  15. We know where his loyalties are, no. 1, himself and will die a bitter and jealous old man.
    Hopefully a decent person will take his place and look toward helping instead of hindering the elected President. Mc Shame, you’ve done all you can to mess up this new government now just fade away and take your lousy book with you and all its lies.

  16. Senator John McCain will one day stand in judgment before the God that, by his actions, he has denied. He has been intellectually dishonest with many throughout his career, and his hatred for duly elected President Donald Trump is obvious. He has “played” the game, and he has come up wanting. So sad! Perhaps he’ll wake up before he succumbs to his malignancy!

  17. It’s a sad thing to watch a man at the end of his life discover that he’s been irrelevant and turn to criticism of a man that only spoke the truth about John. When Trump said McCain wasn’t a hero that was like shining a bright light on the truth. John has lied to himself and Americans for so long he almost believes his own bullshit. What a putrid little man he is. Look at how one sentence from Trump has consumed his life, it’s almost as though Johns life goal is on a crash course. As though he feels the need to destroy Trump before he dies. A true hero would have just blown it off. But Not John the Shipwrecking Jetcrasher. No… Johns last days will be wasted on hating a man that is actually trying to fix a few things around here. John will make himself even more irrelevant before he’s done. Thank you, John, for showing everyone you truly are a useless piece of Catshit!!!

  18. Mr. McCain will you please just go ahead and die and relieve the rest of us of your blather,you say it will be your last year in office,I long for that day to come,better yet,why not go ahead and resign,you are no longer wanted or needed if you ever were to start with,your Son and law can also stick it up the exterior of his posterior when he calls people heartless souls,we have had thirty years of John McCain and that is enough for anyone,the last two years have been pure crap on his part,we will not miss the sorry SOB.

  19. McCain is the Cancer of our republic and history has shown his intentions very well… He should be charged with treason along with Obama, Clinton, Holder, Lynch, Rosenstein, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Powers, McCabe, Strozk, Page…. I may have left out a few treasonous rats but the list is disgusting to look at given the full scope of their abuses that happened!!!

  20. The only people that like John McCain live in Arizona, and they are welcome to him, he really wasn’t a Republican, he’s always been a RINO and always voted with the Democrats, he is a disgrace and I’m glad he’s retiring from politics, and can’t understand why the Arizonians kept voting for him, I guess his voters were really Democrats, and didn’t know any better.

  21. After postng my comment, I went back and read all the other comments, and I didn’t see one positive comment, that man was really despised, what a surprise, LOL.

  22. Professional jealousy is hard to overcome especially after a lifetime of being a career politician, including his years in the military. It’s unfortunate such a self-proclaimed successful career would end in such disgrace and lack of integrity.

  23. Unfortunately, the comments on this site are just plain cruel. Many of us will always regard John McCain as one of the most decent politicians to serve. A most fearless, and honorable man. The people making such cruel remarks shows me why I should never be a republican again. Shame on all of you.

  24. Having read all these comments, I think I may need to rethink my position on him. Anyone who can recognize the present president as a complete looser must have some good thoughts left. Anyone who can follow this lying president and still think he has anything but his own best interests, and that of wall street, big banks and big wars yet to be fought, must be listening to his talk instead of his actions. Must be the toxic poison of receiving those big tax breaks for the middle class that has resulted in such conclusions being drawn. The swamp has only got deeper with the added sewage of appointments that have been made across the board. That is unless you are more interested in de-regulation of everything from the environment to wall street, topped off with the continued con of trickle down economics is a good thing. Maybe the latest try, in the making now, to give the president even more singular power to do what ever the office holder wants, is thought to be a good thing versus a growing concern on the part of those who still believe in the constitution and separation of powers.

  25. John McCain says he is freer to express himself now as he is no longer running for a government office. So, what McCain is saying is he no longer has to lie, cheat, steal, sway, rig, corrupt or do anything else it takes to convince Americans to vote for him because he is dying. Other politicians, however, just still resort to these unethical acts to convince voters to re-elect them to office.

  26. McCain, you should neer gotten in politics. You have done a big disservice to this country. I have no respect for you whatsoever. You didn’t want to become president but you ran to give the election to a democrat. I’m glad you are leaving maybe we will get a replacement such as you described as you were not it.

  27. John McCain is a sneaky, sly little imp, with no moral compass! He loves himself to death, he is almost as disgusting as John Kerry! They will all praise him when he dies, talk about his lifetime of public service,
    and his pow heroics, but make no mistake about it, he is part of the swamp, that needs to go! He is a backstabbing, trouble-maker because he, got beat by a reality show host! President Trump knows how to run a business and he’s done more good in his short time being POTUS than obama did in eight years of being a fraud!


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