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Watch: Chaos Erupts As “Caravan” Of Illegals Scales US Border Fence, Cheering “Gracias Mexico”


Scores of migrants gathered at the U.S. border began scaling the San Diego “wall” while shouting “Gracias, México!” presumably to thank the Mexican government for allowing them to travel from Central America to the U.S. border in the hopes of obtaining asylum from the Trump administration.

Some 200 migrants, many traveling with children, attempted to apply for asylum at San Diego’s San Ysidro border crossing – approximately six miles inland from where the fence is being scaled – only to be told that they port of entry is at capacity.

“At this time, we have reached capacity at the San Ysidro port of entry for CBP officers to be able to bring additional persons traveling without appropriate entry documentation into the port of entry for processing,” Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said in a statement. “Those individuals may need to wait in Mexico as CBP officers work to process those already within our facilities.”

Despite being told that the San Ysidro port was at capacity, around 200 migrants began walking towards it.

They have been well aware that a caravan is going to arrive at the border,” she said at a news conference. “The failure to prepare and failure to get sufficient agents and resources is not the fault of the most vulnerable among us. We can build a base in Iraq in under a week. We can’t process 200 refugees. I don’t believe it.”

As we reported yesterday, the approximately 400 migrants about to cross into San Diego have been refusing the advice of immigration attorneys, who say the asylum-seekers risk a lengthy detention, or being separated from their families, before eventual deportation back to Central America.

Kenia Elizabeth Avila, 35, appeared shaken after the volunteer attorneys told her Friday that temperatures may be cold in temporary holding cells and that she could be separated from her three children, ages 10, 9 and 4.

But she in said an interview that returning to her native El Salvador would be worse. She fled for reasons she declined to discuss. –AP

After crossing through Mexicali earlier last week, the migrants been gathering in Tijuana on Tuesday. So many reportedly showed up that the shelter they were occupying was overflowing by Wednesday. Most members of the group are from Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras, and are fleeing their homes, they say, because of death threats from local gangs, or political persecution.

That, according to many, is worth dealing with US authorities and deportation for the small chance they might be granted asylum.

If they’re going to separate us for a few days, that’s better than getting myself killed in my country,” said Avila.

As Reuters pointed out on Thursday, the timing of their arrival could sabotage NAFTA talks after President Trump repeatedly threatened to scrap the deal if Mexico doesn’t do more to stop Central American migrants from traveling through its territory.

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  1. Send ALL their ILLEGAL asses BACK into Mexico and see how “excited” they are to be TRAPPED THERE. WE LEGAL AMERICAN citizens do NOT need more welfare recipients and “new” diseases being introduced into this country.

    • They have the gall to expect America to gear up to accommodate their invasion.

      Entry gets them ADOPTED by you. FREE food, clothes, healthcare, housing ALL AT YOUR EXPENSE.




    • Just start shooting them and they will stop coming!! Wish I had been there with my AR-15 they would have made great target practice!!

  2. when will calif. grow a pair …. shoot those bastards, bola de putos, mexico shoots thier trespassers at thier southern borders, why shouldnt we ??

  3. So tired of this s–t going on. Why are WE legal citizens of America accepting all this? They are in fear for there lives, OKAY,All males and females of age go directly to boot camp of the military,Learn to protect your space and your people. We have fought everyone elses battles and lost thousands of our own families. It is good that NOW we have someone who has a backbone so we are not the doormat to so many immigrants to come and take what our families have worked so hard for. My grandparents were immingrants yes, but they worked hard and respected the land and the rules and they may never had been millionaires but they were proud to be american italian,irish,german…whatever,what is so hard to do it by the laws?

  4. Why don’t they seek asylum in Mexico?
    It seems a lot easier since they are already there, and Mexico would provide them a much better life.

  5. Someone paid for bus fare, food and necessities for these people to come here. I belie it was Soros, Hillary and Obama. Let California pay for them and keep them in California, they will turn beautiful California into a 3rd world state. Don’t use Americans tax dollars to support them. Sick of this crap!!

  6. From the videos and pictures…there appears to be ten times more men than women and children combined. Let them stay in their own countries and FIGHT for THEIR freedoms. If they REALLY want freedom, then FIGHT for it in your own country, for your selves and for your countrymen. They certainly are not coming here to help OUR freedoms. Don’t bring your ” I can’t do for myself” attitudes to spread poverty in the US. We have ENOUGH of it already. We can’t feed and house our own, without adding a few million more. Let them know WITH FORCE if necessary, that they can not come here illegally.

  7. Notice how the vast majority are fighting age men. Very few women and children. Let all the bleeding heart and open border supporters adopt them. They can feed. clothe, house, and provide ALL their needs. No tax dollars allowed. American Veterans living on the street while foreign nationals are given “free” (tax payer) housing, medical care, and social security retirement, Something is seriously wrong when Veterans go to the back of the bus while foreigners get a “free” ride.

  8. You’re So right, Kiki. The soros, clinton, obama, etc. team have been “romancing” the Guatamalans in order to go forth with their plan of GLOBALIZATION! The “plan” would enslave ALL of us, including the Russians. Had killary won the Presidency, she was going to release this “plan” in sugar coated words! They DON’T believe in GOD as the POWER! They’ve put their faith in “interplanetary” RULE! Oh yes folks, it’s an UGLY plan and they’ve taken advantage of the LESS intelligent & naive to lead us down (UP?) a path of SLAVERY. I won’t go any further, because it’s something that NOT everyone’s ready to intellectually digest! However, that’s the dumbocrats plan headed by “soros” & the SWAMP!!!

  9. While in the Navy we spent a week in Hong Kong. While I was there a few of us took the ferry across to Kowloon on main land China. The Chinese man with us took us up to the border to what was known then as communist Red China. At their border about every 50 feet were 2 Chinese soldiers on a 50 caliber machine gun and in front of them there was rolled concertina wire. The Chinese man told us if you get within 50 feet of that wire they will blow you to pieces. Now why don’t we do that. One time of seeing some illegals get blown to bits and all illegal immigration would stop. Sure there are a lot of people who would riot and complain but once they learned that would win you a free trip to Gitmo that would stop also.

  10. Fellow Americans; Other countries set up guidelines that clearly state people wishing to migrate must show ability to support themselves, a trade or field of expertise to warrant their entry. They are not allowed to even ask for welfare, health care, assistance in housing or food. If they even ask for any of these things they are immediately sent back. They are also refused if they have any criminal record. If we did this we would not add to our over whelmed welfare system and stop gang members and career criminals from entering our country. How many of these people, though I feel sorry for them, can show a method of support? NONE OF THEM. We do not want more people to support.

  11. Let California house and feed them . Let the liberal dems let them live with them. Do not let them vote as they are not US citizens. Turn them back and send them back.

  12. I think it may be time for Border Patrol to start shooting.
    These freeloaders are unwilling to wait their turn and do
    things legally. That makes them lawbreakers!!

  13. Trump will let them all in, transport them to the cities they want to go to, set them up with food stamps, subsidized housing, electric, cash and give American companies tax breaks in exchange for hiring the new immigrants before Americans. What do you expect?


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