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Clueless anti-gun student marchers FAIL: They can’t even define “assault weapons”


(Natural NewsThis article is part of a series of short, philosophical observations about the recent anti-gun hysteria and media PSYOP that exploits children to demand  authoritarianism.

None of the people who oppose gun rights can seem to define “assault rifle”

According to the media and the hate-filled anti-gun Left Cult, the problem with gun violence in America today all comes down to so-called “assault rifles.”

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In truth, nearly all gun homicides are carried out with cheap pistols, but the anti-gun Left never lets facts get in the way of their irrational, fact-challenged rants, often parroted by children who are coached on what to say.

During the recent anti-gun student march, led by a “Hitler Youth” fascist front-man named David HoggCampus Reform took to the streets to ask participants to define the term “assault rifle.” Not surprisingly, none of them could:

Truth: There’s no such thing as an “assault rifle”

The reason the term “assault rifle” is so difficult to define is because it’s a fictional term invented by Democrats to try to make guns sound mean and scary. This was openly admitted by none other than The New York Times, in a September 13, 2014 article. (h/t to AWR Hawkins)

Rifles are not manufactured with special features that give them “assault” status. In fact — and I don’t expect anti-gun libtards to have any clue about this at all — the No. 1 use of a rifle in the military is to view something through the optics, not to even fire a shot. Rifles are actually “spotting tools” for observing enemy positions, more than anything else.

From time to time, soldiers will “assault” enemy positions, but they carry fully automatic weapons (and grenades, and flashbangs, etc.) to accomplish that. None of that hardware is available to civilians, by the way. So the oft-heard liberal claim that “weapons of war” are on the streets of America is utter nonsense. The rifles that American citizens / civilians have are intended as tools for self-defense, property defense or livestock defense.

I have multiple rifles, for example, to use as tools in defense of my free range chickens and goats. People who don’t live in rural areas seem to have no awareness at all that every predator imaginable is trying to eat your livestock on a daily basis: Coyotes, foxes, owls, raccoons, birds of prey, snakes and more. Without rifles, farmers and ranchers simply can’t function. Rifles are essential tools for rural living, and they double as defenses against mindless mobs that always try to overthrow free nations to roll out an authoritarian regime.

Part of the purpose of the Second Amendment, in fact, is to make sure individuals who hold minority views can physically defend themselves against majority mobs engaged in authoritarian tactics to try to strip away individual liberties and rights.

The very fact that the anti-gun Left is now trying to take away gun rights in America proves beyond any doubt why it’s so important to never surrender our guns under any circumstances whatsoever.


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    • Well, what I see is a bunch of kids brainwashed by their teachers. After the Union took over, so did the Communist, they started infiltrating our school systems and universities. These kids should be shown, and taught the REAL HISTORY of the World, countries, like Germany, Russia, who managed to confiscate guns from citizens, then turned into a police state. After Hitler was able to confiscate guns from German citizens, the 3rd Reich began. Hitler also used kids to make citizens feel guilty and they handed in their guns. The Constitution outdated?! That is clearly a statement coming from the mouths of babes who have been brainwashed by their liberal teachers. What these kids need, is another side to the story, not just this side, show them why we are so lucky to have the most brilliant document authored by the most intelligent group of men that ever stepped foot into our country, and saved generations of future Americans, from living in oppression ruled by a dictator or a Monarchy. These kids do NOT speak for millions of Americans. If they don’t know what an assault weapon is, why are they protesting it? Liberal Logic

    • Sad, these are young adults and can’t even speak good nor relevant English and have no clue about our Constitution and Amendments because people today are the same as people of that time, you idiots!. We are not allowed to buy assault weapons either as were banned decades ago. They haven’t a clue about any gun obviously but trying to take the $300 dollars to protest and exhibit their ignorance because of education teachers, both socialists and communists, brainwashing their brains. Unfortunately, their parents were also in those 6 decades of Communist DNC taking over the education system so the parents are also as ignorant and ill-educated as these ignorant young adults. Don’t even know how to research what they think they don’t like or learn anything about weapons. Irrelevant? Yes, that are you idiots who are irrelevant to think we will ever let the 2nd amendment be removed or amended! Go live in the EU, or the ME, or Cuba, or Venezuela and then come back and complain about nothing. By the way, hammers, pressure cookers, knives, heavy objects are all acceptable however? Yep, thank God for those who have had homeschooling and would not be involved with these cretins (literally cretins) and now thanks to Trump real parents can teach at home, or register in good Charter Schools, etc. and avoid the brainwashing in the public school system and I also include the once great Catholic schools which have become non-Catholic against America as well. Send them to Hillsdale for a great education and not brainwashing. Then they will be able to get really good jobs/positions and not be a canchor on my butt for being so ignorant, ditto those who procreated them.

  1. Those people in America who are educated as to what happened in the 20th century know better then to relinquish their second amendment rights. Here are some of the factual results of gun control(s).

    During the 20th century somewhere between 170 million and 250 million people were murdered by mass murderers. This number does not include victims of the many wars.

    However, those mass murderers were the governments of these citizen victims. This happened in many dozens of countries around the world. Mostly in Europe and Asia. First they convinced the people to registered the guns under the guise of keeping guns out of the hands of people who should not have them according to their judgement.

    Next since the people (much like these children who know little or nothing about what government(s) have done in the past) demonstrated demanding the government restrict or confiscate the guns so no one can murder again. Never again right! So someone in government supports that stand and government finally does confiscate the guns. But that is the beginning of a much more serious problem. With no way to resist further restrictions government becomes tyrannical within a matter of a few years or decades. Now the people have no way other then pitch forks and stones to fight back against an armed government out to eliminate those who do not agree with their idea of government rights. Individual rights no longer exist they have vanished along with the guns. Many hundreds of people are systematically rounded up and marched to open pits and shot execution style. Or perhaps since government now controls everything even the food people are cut off from the food and starve to death. Some were even hung in public. Because the people no longer have a way to fight back against such tyranny. This happened in every nation once the guns were gone. Many times in just a few years and in other cases a decade or two.

    This scenario played out over and over in dozens of countries. They all became socialist/communist or fascist dictatorships. Government controlled everything including the citizens right to life. People were murdered for just having to much education and/or wearing glasses. No reason is needed is an all powerful dictatorship. The more people these dictators kill the more people the think they have to kill because the more paranoid they become and the more fearful they are of a coup.

    In all cases every when this happened when the guns go freedoms also disappear. And government no longer listens to the citizens. The citizens become subjects of government. Our founders knew this and acted accordingly applying the second amendment to the bill of rights. That second amendment is a right we must never relinquish even if it means war. Perhaps especially if it means war!

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  2. I’m basing what I say on what I know. Our Country’s biggest threat has evolved into the Democratic Party. I have family members who become unhinged with those who don’t share the same idealology. The Left are driven by so much hate & anger all they do is obsess about how they can impeach or destroy Trump. It scares me to know how desparate they are & what they are capable of doing to take control in the fall?? On a high note, I watched a clip regarding trade with China. They do not want a trade war & were confident China & US will work it out. China started whining & said Trump was harsh with them & accused them of breaking the law & not paying us billions they owe us. It was too funny, The China News woman jumped in & pointed out to China, Trump was right & why.

    Who do you think supplies mass quantities of guns capable of shooting 100s rounds per min to terrorists, dealers, murderers, gangs, etc. The Dems are so messed up. They are concerned with the guns law abiding citizens have to protect us from those who shouldn’t have guns. Dems have no business talking about what they know nothing about. Ignorance is going to bring much blood to our Country. People don’t know. what goes on, Media only shows lies & negative on Trump. Google is going too far! Supreme Court made the bakers make a gay couple their wedding cake. I would think they would tell Google they can’t do that.


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