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Rand Paul: Why I’ll Fight Haspel, Pompeo Nominations


Since President Trump took office, our country finally seems to be heading in the right direction. In just the past year, the American people have seen enormous tax cuts, more judges appointed who take the Constitution seriously, relief from the massive regulatory state, and an economy rapidly gaining strength and offering greater opportunities for those seeking to turn their dreams into reality.

But when it comes to our place on the world stage, we are at a crossroads. We can continue to build on our recent successes by reaffirming America’s role as a trusted, powerful nation guided by principle. Or we can throw it all away by allowing neocon interventionists to infiltrate our leadership and make America the purveyor of destruction.

For decades, we have failed to bring about real peace thanks to a foreign policy guided by the idea that war and intervention are the answers. “Blow up and rebuild” has been the battle cry of those determined to keep us perpetually in conflict.

It was the battle cry of Hillary Clinton, who supported military intervention in Iraq, Syria, and Libya. I supported President Trump during his campaign because he advocated for less military intervention. He opposed the Iraq War. He acknowledged that nation-building doesn’t work. He understood the damage previous foreign policy missteps have caused, including helping to strengthen ISIS.

I want to continue making America great again. That won’t happen if we give power-hungry neocons the reins to our nation’s foreign policy.

People already distrust the CIA. So why on earth has this administration picked someone to run the Agency who was instrumental in running a place where people were tortured and then covered it up afterwards?

Multiple undisputed accounts have detailed how Gina Haspel not only ran a CIA “black site” in Thailand but also destroyed video evidence of torture.

The retraction of one anecdote from a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter doesn’t absolve her of wrongdoing and certainly doesn’t negate the rest of the facts, which remain the same. Those actions alone should preclude her from ever running the CIA.

Unfortunately, Haspel is just one of many potential neoconservatives being considered to serve in our country’s top leadership roles.

The current CIA director and the president’s pick to become the next secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has defended torture in the past.

Further, he’s been a stalwart defender of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) unconstitutional spying programs and has even written in support of expanding the information government can collect.

I could not support appointing him as CIA director in 2017, and for those same reasons, I will oppose his nomination to be our chief diplomat now.

Just as troublesome are recent news reports that John Bolton is being considered for a senior administration position. Just recently, Bolton advocated for a preemptive strike against North Korea. If he had his way, our nation would be embroiled in dozens of armed conflicts in every corner of the world.

I want to be clear. This issue is much bigger than a simple disagreement over policy – and far more consequential. These are dangerous appointments.

Allowing the failed foreign policies of the past to have a place in this administration, and sanctioning the infiltration of our government by those who eagerly await the next opportunity for war, not only says we don’t learn from our mistakes, it will result in a world with far more enemies than opportunities for stability and peace.

If we are to avoid a future that is war-torn and mired in endless conflicts, we must do better than appointing these flawed nominees. I find them unacceptable, and I won’t support them. I hope the president will reconsider, too.

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  1. OH Rand must you disagree with everything the President we elected wants. You throw a wrench into everything just to get yourself in the media. You were dejected as a possible candidate for President, quit acting like McCain and STOP voting against the people, the President and your party.

    • Amen! Fact is the things Sen Rand Paul criticizes these appointees for impress me as reasons why they should be appointed! The problem is under The Obama we became a loser nation supporting anti-western enemies of the West!
      With supporters like Sen Rand Paul, it is little wonder Pres. Trump has been able to get as much accomplished against the dim, Dem, Deep State Bureaucracy! Trump’s medical reform effort of Obamacare that could have been further reformed later on but would have discredited Obamacare so we could move on from it was stymied by Republicans who wouldn’t close ranks like Sen Paul making us Republicans look like fools who couldn’t accomplish anything hurting our 2018 effort now! There seems to be a real effort within the GOP by the 2012 First Loser, Spkr Paul Ryan and Sen Rand Paul to destroy Pres. Trump who took us across the finish line to victory in 2016 that we absolutely needed to help the Obama backers punish him now for winning! Like RINO Republican Gov of FL, Rick Scott, we Republicans are being stabbed in the back by those who didn’t do much during the dark years of The Obama’s Administration hanging us who fought so hard online against The Obama out to dry!
      Republicans, remember 2016 and how things were before we judge our Pres Trump for what is going on now due to the serious lack of loyalty of so many Republicans in Congress toward our leader who brought us out of the blue rain into some red sun that is being covered by the clouds of their constant disloyalty! Fact is we Republicans shouldn’t give the Dems anything like they tried to do to us and are still doing to us now!

  2. Although Rand Paul occasionally comes up with some excellent conservative ideas, his being a libertarian, which is a self-conflicted combination of liberal and conservative beliefs, and thereby his opposition to Trump’s cabinet choices, dramatically demonstrates why the presence of libertarians in the Republican Party severely undermines the party’s unity and confuses its direction.

    Even libertarians outside the Republican Party work to undermine it, as seen in the recent Pennsylvania election in which a libertarian candidate siphoned off enough Republican votes in a very close race to give the election to the Democrat.

  3. Mr. Paul, you need to leave the Rebublican Party and form your own party, let’s cakk it The Idiots of America Party, we disagree with everything that is the right thing to do if it costs more than a dime and anything the president want we obstruct and oppose it! “We The People” are getting damn sick and tired of the infighting amongst the members of Congress instead of doing the work of what the people elected you to do!


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