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Will Russia and Iran Attack Israel?


On February 9, 1988 President Ronald Reagan met with White House chief of Staff Howard Baker and National Security Advisor Colin Powell. Many would consider the subject of the meeting strange: The Middle East and war between Israel and Russia.

In his book Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan, Edmund Morris-the president’s official biographer-revealed that Ezekiel was Reagan’s most feared “book of prophecy.”

“When it comes [Ezekiel 38-39],” Reagan explained to his senior staff, “the man who comes from the wrong side, into the war, is the man, according to the prophecies, named Gog, from Meshech, which is the ancient name of Moscow“.

This is not the first time Ronald Raegan officially mentions Ezekiel in a public meeting. In 1971, Reagan-then governor of California-attended a banquet to honor State Senator James Mills.

“In Ezekiel says God will take the children of Israel from among the heathen [where] they’d been scattered and will gather them again in the promised land,” Reagan told Mills. “Ezekiel says that . . . the nation that will lead all the other powers into darkness against Israel will come out of the north. What other powerful nation is to the north of Israel [besides Russia]? None.”

Why Was Ronald Raegan So Certain of A War Between Israel And Russia?

In chapter 37 Ezekiel says:

“The hand of the Lord was on me […]and set me in the middle of a valley; it was full of bones. Then he said to me: “Son of man, these bones are the people of Israel, my people.”

If you have ever watched a documentary on the Nazi death camps, you would have seen the terrible crimes committed there as over 6 million Jews were executed in cold blood, their bodies thrown away into mass graves creating real valleys of bones.

He then tells Ezekiel to prophesize that out of this valley of bones, the Jewish people will be reborn and will form a nation of their own:

Ezekiel 37: 17-22: This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land. I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel.

Word by word, the prophecy made by Ezekiel 2600 years ago came true: the people of Israel were reborn as a people after the horror of the Holocaust and came together from all around to world to form one single nation.

What is in Ezekiel 38, the Chapter Reagan is Quoting?

Chapters 38 verses 1 to 7 describes a military alliance of countries that comes to the borders of Israel.

Ezekiel writes that the leader of this alliance is Gog from the land of Magog. He’s also known as the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal (Ezekiel 38:2).

Bible scholars agree that Gog is not an actual name but a title. He is the ruler of the land of Magog like a king or a czar.

So where is the land of Magog? Ezekiel himself says Gog will bring his armies from “the extreme north” (Ezekiel 38:15; Ezekiel 39:2).

This statement, like most in the Old Testament, is made in reference to the nation of Israel. This is why President Raegan was convinced that Magog was Russia.

But this is not the only clue Hesiod, and Herodotus Greek historians, using the name Magog for the people that lived in Russia in the 7th century BC. Furthermore, long before Russia became a world power, the land north of the Black Sea was identified as Rosh, the land of the tribe of Magog. And Mesches and Tubal?

In Assyrian and Greek histories, Meshech appears as Musku, Muski or Mushki—all names related to the Russian spelling of Moscow, as you can read in the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia.

What about Tubal? On the eastern side of the Ural Mountains lies the city of Tobolsk,. Tobolsk is basically considered Russia’s Asian capital.

So, Gog the price of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal is the leader of Russia or Rosh and Magog, plain and clear and he is not alone.

The other major nations Along with Russia are: Persia, Gomer and Togarma.

Iran has been known as Persia for much of its history, during the time of the prophets  and beyond. It only changed its official name to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1935.

The historian Flavius Josephus references Togarmah and Gomer as the people that lived on the territory of present day Turkey.

Therefore, the Gog alliance is composed mainly of Russia, Iran and Turkey.

As we look at the headlines today, we see Bible prophecy unfold before our eyes.

5 years ago, no one would have suspected Russia to be at Israel’s doorstep, yet right now, the Russian military is firmly established in Syria answering the call of Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad.

3 years ago, no one would have expected Iran to be at Israel’s border, yet right now, close to 200.000 Iranian soldiers are fighting in Syria.

2 years ago, no one would have thought Turkey would become close to Russia and Iran, yet even that has changed.

After the failed coup attempt, Turkey has become increasingly hostile to NATO and the United States.

Aggressive declarations coming from their President, the removal of NATO troops from bases in Turkey, the conflict over arming the Kurds in Syria, all have drawn Turkey to side with the Russians and Iranians.

In fact, right now, the Turkish army is in Syria, fighting to defeat the rebel forces. Make no mistake, the Biblical alliance prophesized in the first verses of Ezekiel chapter 38 has already been formed.

Now Things Are About to Spiral Out of Control…

Ezeckiel in chapter 38 verse 2 talks about a “hook to the jaw” the starts the greatest war in the history of mankind and draws the Russian, Iranian and Turkish alliance in conflict with Israel.

Ezekiel does not speak of this event but you can find it clearly set in the writings of two prophets, Jeremiah and Isaiah who speak of the Syrian war.

According to Isaiah 17:1 “Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap”.

And in Jeremiah we read that 49:24-27 we read that “Damascus has become feeble” as her people “turn to flee” as “fear has seized them”.

Does this sound like what is going on right now? Over 5 million Syrians has left their country and are now refugees, frightened by the carnage and destruction going on in their homeland.

In the same verses, Jeremiah writes that “her young men shall fall in her streets”. This is yet another prophecy being fulfilled as young Syrians are fighting one another and the war has claimed the lives of more than 240.000 soldiers. 

But Jeremiah predicts one more thing that has not happened yet: the palace of Benhaddad will be burnt.

Jeremiah 49:27 And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it shall consume the palaces of Benhadad.

Who is Benhaddad? Well, Benhaddad is not an actual person but a title. Just do a simple search online and you will discover that Benhaddad is the ruler of Aram-Damascus.

While it is clear that Bashar al Assad is the current ruler of Damascus, Aram is a region in Syria known as Aleppo.

The city of Aleppo was just recently recaptured by the regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad with the help of Iran and Russia.

Isn’t it striking how accurate the terminology used is?

As you can imagine, Assad very rarely leaves the most secure place in Damascus which is his huge building situated in Damascus. And Jeremiah says that soon his palace will be burning.

How does this happen? Look no further than the headlines of recent months and you see time and time again Israel calling for the assassination of the Syrian dictator.

The political situation has never been tenser: Israel has helped the rebels wishing to end Assad’s rule and they are losing badly because of Russian and Iranian intervention. Turkey has switched sides and is now also helping Assad destroy the rebels in the north of the country. The coming assassination of Assad will be the catalyst for the Gog alliance to enter into war against Israel.

Again, like with the description of Damascus, Isaiah Chapter 17 paint a vivid picture of the magnitude of destruction that will befall Northern Israel:

And in that day it shall come to pass, that the glory of Israel shall be made thin
It shall be as when the harvester gathers the grain,
But the harvest will be a heap of ruins
In the day of grief and desperate sorrow.

The prophecy states that 2/3 of Israel will be destroyed in this coming war and those left in the holy lands will face grief and pain and hardship.

So, are we seeing Biblical prophecy unfold before our eyes?

Was President Raegan right, but just early in his warning?

Only time will tell…



  1. God is in control and will destroy all who cone against His People Israel all who condem Israel will be destroyed God is in Jeruselum seek Him part Ge will answer knock and the door will be open praise His Holy name

  2. God will destroy all who come against Israel His people and all who criticize Israel God said prayI will hear and give you seek and you will find knock and the door will be open look upHe is at our finger tips thank Him for the abundance He gives us God Bless America and us praise Him


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