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McCain: Trump Leadership on Cybersecurity Is ‘Weak’


Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., slammed the Trump administration’s leadership on cybersecurity as “weak,” The Hill reported.

His comments came at a conference on cybersecurity at Arizona State University. And they follow Trump’s attacks on McCain for casting the decisive vote killing the GOP healthcare bill, the Hill noted.

McCain was critical of Trump for not producing a plan to fight cyberattacks within three months of taking office.

“Unfortunately, leadership from the executive branch on cybersecurity has been weak.,” he said. “As America’s enemies seized the initiative in cyberspace, the last administration offered no serious cyber deterrence policy and strategy. And while the current administration promised a cyber policy within 90 days of inauguration, we still have not seen a plan.”

The Hill reported Trump signed an executive order in May regarding the strengthening of cybersecurity. However, McCain remained critical of the administration’s efforts.

At a rally in Arizona on Tuesday, Trump made veiled complaints about McCain’s vote against the healthcare bill without mentioning him by name, ABC News reported.

“We were just one vote away from victory after seven years of everybody proclaiming ‘repeal and replace,'” said Trump. “One vote away.

“I will not mention any names,” he added. “Very presidential, isn’t it? Very presidential.”

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